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Cné Nov 2017
Rise and shine, first thing in the morning walking past the mirror.
Avoiding its reflection, not wanting to see its reflective picture.
Kneeling in the shower, hands pressed tightly to her ribs.  
Who is this frightened child?  Does she even exist?  
She took a step back from the world, no one knew she was alive.  
Now she’s grasping at her life, just trying to survive.
A tainted childhood in shame now fragile bones from self abuse,
don’t blame her though, she was only a child confused.  
How did this happen?  When did this begin?  
She seemed so happy, or was that all pretend?  
She had started at 130, or so,
but felt as if she had lost control.
What happened to this dear sweet innocent child?  
Her idea of beauty and perfection had driven her wild.
Minus 25 later she was so close.  
Almost 100 without any clothes.  
No one would touch her, they thought she would break.  
She told herself she was content with that trade.
I was 18.
I’m much better now in my adult discipline
eating healthy 3 meals a day purely for consumption.  
Yesterday, I skipped dinner in lieu of drinking wine.
Today at noon, hovering over my breakfast, I resign
Some days I struggle. Some days I am not fine.
But ...
I will eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner.
And paint my pretty pictures.
This was a therapeutic write.
Ivo Yankulovski May 2014
A word is there for your expression.
Is it time for your confession?

The night is dark and full of horrors.
I wear my mark to seek my honors.

No one sees the divine in me.
All is dead and waits for me.

Gods regret about the light.
I will vanish from your sight.

A Dream exalts upwards this world.
The others lead us mostly swirled.

True words wind off my mind.
I will never leave you blind.

A code is there for me to find.
Deeply hidden and always undefined.

Everything appears one of its behind.
But shatters your illusions once combined.

Stand up and break this truth in parts.
Create a world made of arts.

No one brings the pain aside.
You better take it as your bride.

There is no second paradise.
Drop your eyes and do this sacrifice.
MalakF Jul 2018
I feel the need to apologise for the way that I am.
I have no control, as if I was a computer programme.
I’m sorry that the slightest thing can completely shift my mood,
I’m sorry I can be impulsive and have a bad attitude.

This inappropriate anger is not intentional
and I swear to god
I know it’s unacceptable.

My friendships are a rollercoaster,
it’s practically bipolar.
One second I’m all lovey dovey
and the other second it will be as if you were never my buddy.

This is who I am and I hate it.
I’m sorry I’m like this,
I’m sorry I see no bliss.
Jeff Stier Jul 2016
My avid gaze
spoke to the rosary
of your flesh

My heartsick tremors
marked me as a wanted man
and burned the villages
of my ancestors

I was a refugee
from time
a friend to no man

My tears washed the blood
from my hands
my eyes withered
the tender bud

So when did I read poetry
on your lips?

Did your mountains fracture
and disintegrate into
sparkling shards
as mine did?

Was the moon an egg
in your basket
as it was in mine?

Little do we know
of the other
when first we clasp hands
and agree

In time
and with luck
we learn.
I tried to write a poem in the style of Pablo Neruda.
vanessa herrera Sep 2018
why is it that i promote body-positivity for others
i hate looking at my own ***** body.

why is it that i say everyone's beautiful
i want to cry every time i look at my own reflection.
V Apr 2017
There you are again,
Standing under the rain.
Your mind filled with thoughts
That cannot be explained.

A wave of emotions flow through you,
Sadness, happiness, anger, regret.
In pain because you confessed
The things that should've remained unsaid.

Unsure how much time has passed,
As you stare blankly at the gloomy sky.
Recalling the memories you've had together,
Knowing they're precious and unlike any other.

You start to take a single step,
As you plan your next move.
Because now you have to accept the truth,
That things won't go back to the way they used to.
s Sep 2014
i was dreaming about hold my grandmother in her last second time and then she died and everyone cried. and it feels so real i can't barely breathe and when i woke up the whole world feels so strange for me.

   i hate my *mind
i miss my grandmother :-(
have you ever losing someone you love? tell me your story so i don't feel like i am the only one.
Eden Quinn Feb 18
I was born with a voice
and still,
I can´t make a noise.

It is my fault
that I am still
rubbing salt
into the wound,
getting quieter
and quieter
with every day
that passes.

Which is why,
I am now lying
in my bed
at 12:23 AM
feeling the light of my laptop
burning through my eyes.

Being quiet;
leaves me
with so much
on my mind,
with things
left unspoken,
left unexpressed,
left unuttered

I am not mute
but I am
and that is
I write.

Why am I so quiet?
Frankie Gestone Apr 2012
~In a cemetery, you carried her
She could not walk anymore
You dug the deepest hole and let her rest
Sometimes when it rains,
The bodies flood your land
The graves are too shallow~

When you and I buried
The children in the pouring rain,
We looked up at the angels in shame
As their tears washed the dirt in which
The young forever sleep
The winter pushed its sharp, icy wind
On us the day the Father and Mother
Returned to the earth and below it
Kept our secrets silent
I waited until the summer to bury you
For the hot sun nourished the seeds in the dirt
And allowed your flowers to grow undisturbed in harmony
With the others who have left and gone
I bury my memories when they interrupt my peace
And I dig everyone up when I am lonely
Eunyeong Aug 2018
I confess I still see him in my dreams
He told me that I am his good friend
Only as friends, that is what he means
That should have been my fantasy's end.

He already left the country where I live
He gave me sleepless nights of impatience
I lost everything what I had to give
The memories follow me like a fragrance

I should have never laid eyes on him
In my heart he is still there
My light is gone, the world is dim
He was more than what I could bear.

I confess he is the one that I miss
I never had the chance to tell him this
My love is what he would dismiss
However I wish him well, wherever he is
rin Jan 24
i hate it,
that you gaze upon another
while i’m sitting here, upon you,
as just another bother

i know i’m nothing,
you even say it’s true
it’s sickening
that I keep thinking about you.

i’ve given up too many times.
years of waiting, uneventful
i hate it as much as i hate him,
but i don’t want to hate you too

i want to shower you with love,
with appreciation and wonder.
but i don’t think thats possible,
with you like you are now.

so leave me be, as I stay in deep.
roam in my head, again once more
trying to find another connection,
this wall i’ve built, now torn.

i tried so hard, yet effort wasted
my love so wide, yet don’t value a ton
these months have felt like centuries,
and now they amount to none.

you’re gone, i have to accept that.
and we’re done, i have to move on.
so as i walk away, my head still down,
will i ever find another one?
[i'm sorry my poems have been repetitive, you see, my minds in a constant loop. hopefully a love poem will make its way here again]
Q Feb 2017
Forgive me, mother, not
For the things I have done
For they were done with the purest of intentions
Forgive me, rather, please
For the things I intended to do
Yet failed to bring to full fruition

And if you think it so just
To incriminate me thus
For crimes I have no evidence of committing
Your punishment I will accept
Like sweet nectar on my lips
And I shall live forever buried
In the turmoil of my everlasting shame
Amaris Dec 2018
When I was a kid I thought I fell in love
Worshiped the ground he walked on and the sky above
Giving everything I had was all I'd ever known
He was supposed to be my heart and my home
I'm not much older now but I often remember
The child that I had been; God how I hate her
I can't hurt anyone but I can inflict the pain on myself
And I guess I do that too often to be good for my health
The question that always comes up for me is "why"
The search for an answer continues as the years go by
I wish I could reach across time and destroy your life
Instead I sit here and watch red run down the knife
Lizley Feb 13


are little stars
As they watch over as you walk at night;
Guide each step you make
and smile when you take a glimpse of the skies
Lucky are pouring tears
As they caress your cheeks and feel your warmth;
They're your sunshine, fire and storm—
The fragments you keep inside your beating heart
Lucky are silly jokes
As they make you blush and laugh out loud;
Making your eyes smile—
For a second at least, you're free from this world
Lucky are love songs
As they touch your lips whenever you sing;
They are the words you want
to say and to feel, to you they mean a thing

     To be the skies;
     To be inside your heart;
     To be a huge part of your world;
     To mean a thing;

Oh lucky are these lines
as they breathe out that, which I keep inside of me—
A letter, a scream, a poem;
How I wish for nothing great but just To be

truly yours,

© Lizley (Maria Flordeliz Yamog)
A letter for my Valentine.
Umi Apr 2018
The earth's people are corrupted,
Listen to what I have to confess!
If there are emotions behind their motives, they will search and look into things which they should have been better off unseen, forgotten,
If their wish is to become alike a demon, they will dye their hand red,
If their desire leads them to be angel like, they will dye their hand in innocence and purity of the good deeds in order to achieve this goal,
The sweet poison of a lie's flavour is very sweet, likely to be consumed by those who are afraid to confront the cruel, harsh truth,
Bound in constant change, the true nature of a human remains, within the depths of their soul, somewhere deep inside, sealed away,
Admire the moon, as the remains, called corpse rots under stardust,
Does its reflected light begin to wander ? We will see, here at eternity,
After all, this natural satelite, becomes more distant due to tidal effects, leaving us behind, even if it is simply small steps it has taken,
Being forgiven from the endless purgatory, the suffering one may call
"Living" within the transience of this planet which comes to ruin through their greedy hands, desires to make more income and wealth
Drawn out in long shadows, through winding fate amongst strings,
After all, this is a pure stream of sadness.

Jules Aug 2016
'i still love you,' i whisper,
an echo that does not echo back in the silence;
(it does not need to)

i still love you,
the most honest words to pass my lips,
and yet it is easy –
to admit this love for you even now,
not so much a confession as a simple confirmation:

i still love you; i haven’t stopped; i do not intend to.
it is as easy as breathing. i hope you know.
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