Nicole Bataclan Jan 2015

Can I not take

A compliment

Without questioning

Whether he means it

Look into the mirror

See what his eyes believe

Sees me as it is

Red lips he wants to kiss.

When was the last time
I recieved a compliment
Without having to ask for it?

Approval is a difficult thing.
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014

He said that I looked
Pretty, as a compliment
But it made me doubt;
I felt that he shouldn't have
It made me feel insecure.

Robert Peck Dec 2012

The best way to give a woman a compliment is to call her BEAUTIFUL

When I hear the word beautiful I think of God with tools crafting the earth in the perfect way not like a kids who put red and blue together and accidentally came up with purple

But THE master artist who has a plan and purpose with every single dot that is on the page and without that dot the world would not be the same

A sun rise is beautiful the way that the angle depicts the color and alters the way that the naked eye can see it

How slow time moves but how fast it goes by you can actually see it move from one part of the sky to another in moments

Beautiful is watching the ocean flow it just goes any which direction it feels with no set destination

Beautiful is God’s promise to never cover the earth with a blanket of water to clear it of the sinful nature it was in, by way of a combination of colors otherwise called a rainbow

So if man should respectfully call a woman beautiful she should be thankful she is in good company

R Saba Nov 2013

i am
aware of the air
enabling each step
and counting each breath
with the effort it takes to exhale
i could almost just sit down at the side of the road instead
but i won't
because i am
seeking out new people
new faces, new mouths
to give me new words
aware of the air
that falls from their lips
and catching the shapes, each lovely
small part of them
for my pocket
and i'll take these out later
edit the context
to create a compliment
to make me smile

self-confidence, in a way

I thank Beryl Lew
HP's numero uno
for being among the few
to appreciate my sombrero.

WistfulHope Nov 2014

Don't compliment me,
I might start thinking I'm worth something.

I have to stop writing 10 words and
actually write a damn poem or two.
Amitav Radiance Oct 2014

Your heart’s poetry
Was written on your lips
Waiting for a compliment

mike Feb 2015

you have nice hands

celey Jul 2015

i take everything as a compliment
it makes people question themselves

Brittany Martin Feb 2013

Nothing pisses me off more
Than when people call me

I get it, okay?
We live in a society that upholds beauty
As the most important quality
A girl can possess
So girls who aren't pretty
Feel like less

And guys, knowing this,
Call girls who were not gifted
With a symmetrical face
Proportional features
Or a "rockin'" body

Girls who rank on the lower end
Of that wretched scale
From one to ten
Beautiful, attractive
Sexy, exquisite
Gorgeous, lovely
Stunning, hot

And those girls
Those amazing, ugly girls
Infused with insecurities
And sadness
Give in to those words
Give in to those guys

Believing, if only for a brief,
Tenderless moment
That those pretty words
Do apply

But I am not interested
In false accolades
If you don't find me pretty
Then don't say so
I have plenty of fine qualities
For you to compliment me on

Praise my wit, my charm
My intelligence, my confidence
Things I cultivate
Things I strive to be

That complement me

jeffrey conyers Jan 2014

Compliment to the  honest
When others question your common sense.
Compliment to the parents.
Who taught you right from wrong?

When you put to the test of will and choice.
Just to remember to make the correct decision.
Even if you done nothing wrong.

If the armor truck door open and bags of money falls out.
And you honestly turn in back in.
Compliment to the honesty of being just you.
Friends will question, what were you thinking?
That it's insured by the bank,

Compliment for putting yourself in their place.
Cause the best sign of truth starts with you.
Things you hope your child will adapt too.

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