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Lizzy Jun 2016
My hands have betrayed me.
Once the means to write pages,
Now my hands are only dead weight.

My hands won't pick up a pen.
Or even type short,
Choppy sentences.

They dangle at my sides
And find refuge in my hair,
Leaving me bleeding.

Like my hands,
My mouth has declared itself
My enemy.

Once the passageway for words
To explain myself,
My mouth is now as useful as a broken bridge.

With nothing of value to say,
It talks  
And sings anyway.

It opens without my permission
But stays closed whenever I try
To scream meaning.

The inability to illustrate
Or translate my mind
And my soul
Is not an unfamiliar ordeal.

But it's lonely on the outside
And frustrating looking in.
It seems I'll always feel like an alien.
Paul Hansford Jan 2016
there is a distance
between us
more than distance


not a wall
not impenetrable
a fence

a security fence
easy enough for our words
our thoughts
to pass through  
easy enough to breach
from time to time  
to allow access
to our innermost feelings

but so easy
to reinforce

too easy
when things get tough
when doubts arise

when protection
seems more important
than communication
Lizzie Oct 2018
Happiness is the brightest blue in the shape of you,
making me feel brand new.
I'm falling hard with no regards for my heart,
my walls started to crumble from the start.
There are still things i haven't said,
so many thoughts and memories inside my head;
I want you to know, but i don't know how
to open up like that
It's not something i've done in the past.
But i want to make us last.
I know i don't disclose how much you mean to me,
And it's killing me.
I wish i could put into words how
you are undeniably worth more.
More than the moon and the stars and all the galaxies
I truly believe i could love you for a long time,
for just one more rhyme?
Debbie Lydon Feb 3
I'm told that feeling and love are innate,
So why can't I communicate?
I'm despairing and longing for human connection,
But I'm met with indifference or even rejection.

Internally I harbour thoughts of kindness,
But they wither in the wake of external blindness,
I'm obsessed with truth and authenticity,
And this comes at the detriment of anyone knowing me.

An extreme fear of misunderstanding remains,
Despite me knowing that this is my ball and chain,
A depleting hope lingers on in my dreams,
So fragile and weak, a mere ember it seems.
A poem concerning the difference between the way you are perceived and the way you perceive yourself. A fear of misunderstanding is ever present in a society that is fueled by facades and a cold approach to eachother. It causes pain and this is becoming more and more overt in our day to day lives.
Bleurose Dec 2016
I will not be with you forever.

It’s a simple truth many do not wish to hear, we may split apart in life due to differences of any kind, our bodies may fail us, only for our spirits to be separated for all eternity.

But no matter what happens, a part of me will always love you, and I know this. You’ve wrapped yourself so tightly into me, and I didn’t notice. How?
I will never know how, when I had pushed my walls up higher than they had ever been. If a prince could not love me then what good was I to anyone else. I had given up until you convinced me to try.

I don’t miss you like I feel I should, I know I am broken but I hate it, it is not fair on you. Should love be suffering? I’m not sure, I never have been sure.

I develop crushes, I watch tv shows – all to distract myself from the thought of you, the thought of loving so deeply again.

Please understand that I do not understand, but I theorise it is because I am terrified of losing myself. I’m scared of splitting into pieces that I can’t stick back together because ****, the last time I loved, oh the last time I loved I gave my entire self in all its forms and it wasn’t enough.

But I’m trying to make sure you stay, because, without you, I’d be so lonely and lost. I am trying to communicate and...

I'm sorry.
Marla Nov 2017
Is difficult to express
In words.
Yet I know
What the horn player
When he plays his chords.
Pain can't be made
Plain to those
Who don't feel it,
Yet I know why
The pianist sobs with
Eyes that are dry,
His fingers moaning
A cry of mourning,
Filled with dread.
Until his fingers
Are the ones that
Sob instead.
Janelle Tanguin Aug 2017
I've learned my ABCs at one,
learned to read by four,
constructed my paragraphs at six,
a know-it-all reciting parts of speech by seven.

Letters assembled themselves ready for scrabble.
Rocks, paper, scissors,
I never learned to let go of the paper.
And grew up with dry fingers caressing books.
Breathing in language and literature.

They say you can only love something so much
until it leaves you empty.
But I've only ever truly loved a few things about life,
and first was how words strung empathy.

The way I wrote about tying yellow ribbons on trees for a hero at eleven,
wrote about anything that won me passports to a passion I had to sacrifice a few years later after fourteen,
wrote about the boy who broke my heart at seventeen,
wrote about the monsters in my head at nineteen.

I don't know how words always found me
whenever I tried to run away from the world;
how they kept my sanity along with melodies for as long as I can remember,
and made countless others feel less alone.

What I love is a weapon
that has sparked revolutions, waged wars.
What I love is art that built acropolises from embers
and most the world's wonders.

It rushes euphoriant through my veins as much as it does through yours,
yet it is neither blood nor oxygen.
It is all the words burning as we keep them hidden,
dying for us to give them meaning.
Big Virge Jul 2018
Kids Seem NOWADAYS ...  
To Be .... " Impolite " ....  

Well Me ... I Was Shown ...  
That This Just ISN'T Right ... !!!
So I Always Try ...  
To Be ... REALLY Polite ...  
Before I End Up ...  
In A Pointless Gun Fight ...  
That May Leave Me DEAD ...  
By The End of The Night ... !!!  
Some Youth Nowadays ...  
Don't Feel A ... " Fist Fight " ...  
Can Resolve A Problem ...  
So ...  
That's Why I Write ...  
To Prove To Young People ...  
That ... USING Your Mind ...  
Can Be The Best Way ...  
To KEEP ... Both Your Eyes ... !!!  
If You Write ...  
USE ... " Insight " ...  
And Write What Is TRUE ... !!!  
Then Anger You're Feeling ...  
Can Just Be ... " defused " ...  
Cos' THINKING Can Save You ...  
From ... BLOWING A Fuse ... !!!  
The Path That You ... " Choose " ...  
Can Leave Your Face BRUISED ... !!!  
Our Future IS YOU ... !!!!!  
That's Why I Give ... " Clues " ...  
On ... How To Live Life ...  
WITHOUT Prison Shoes ... !!!  
Some of You ...  
May Be Thinking ...  
It's EASY For Me ... !!!  
Well ...  
That's Where YOUR WRONG ... !!!!!  
I've Seen TRAGEDY ... !!!  
From Seeing The BREAK UP ...  
of ... My Family ...  
To STRAIN On My Brain ...  
From Sickness and Pain ........ !!!!!  
Which In Turn ...  
Proved To Me ...  
Life ISN'T A Game ... !!!!!  
Dreams Can Be SHATTERED ... !!!!!  
So ...  
What Are ... " Your Dreams " ... ?  
Well ...  
WHATEVER Your Dreams ...  
VIOLENCE Can TEAR Your Dreams ...  
Right From The Seams ... !!!!!  
These Things I Have SEEN ... !!!  
NOT On A TV ...  
Or A Cinema Screen ... !!!!!  
My Mother Was Sick ...  
For ... Most of My Youth ...  
Don't Doubt Words Like THESE ... !!!  
These Words Are The TRUTH ...  
About ... My Family ... !!!!!  
I've Been On A Journey ...  
That MANY ... DON'T See ... !!!  
A Journey I've Wanted To .....  
Run From ......................................... BELIEVE ... !!!!!!  
But ... I'm NOT As Fast ...  
As ... Linford Christie ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
EVEN If I Was ...  
One Game You CAN'T BEAT ...  
Is ...... REALITY ....... !!!!!!  
Goodness Is Something ...  
We ALL NEED ... Like Sleep ........................  
And This May Just Help You ...  
To ... Have Faith and LEAP ... !!!  
Enabling You ...  
To ENJOY Life and Keep ...  
Yourself and Your Friends SAFE ...  
From Violence On Streets ... !!!  
I've Written This Poem ...  
To Show You That ... " PEACE " ...  
Is Something To FIGHT FOR ...  
PLEASE .... Listen To Me ... !!!  
Do Yourself FAVOURS ...  
And ... Treat People RIGHT ... !!!!!  
From Old Folks To Young Ones ...  
And Maybe You'll Find ...  
That ... What You Get BACK ...  
Is Something You ... LIKE ... !!!!!!!!!  
What You PUT OUT ...  
Comes RIGHT BACK TO YOU ... !!!  
REMEMBER These Words ... !!!  
Cos' These Words Are TRUE ...  
Trust Me When I Say This ...  
It's EASY To FIGHT ....  
But NEVER As Easy ...  
As Being ........  
.... " Polite " ....
Politeness isn't always a good thing, however, this was written to emphasise how sometimes it's better than causing fights .... especially in our young people ....
Carter Ginter Jan 2018
I'm not the best at listening
I'm even worse at talking
Even texting is impossible these days
But poetry comes from my soul
What I fail to express regularly
Flows so easily through this medium
If you feel the same then maybe that's why we do this
It feels like a game
And maybe it appeals to the kids within us
A serious, lighthearted way to communicate
That also pushes us to write more
We were always good at testing each other

As for the memory of pancakes
I remember it a bit differently
You were trying to hold back tears
And I remained passive and cold
It's not a thought I enjoy revisiting
That entire weekend was a challenge
We pushed each other to the edge
Waiting to see who'd fall first
Clearly it was me

I was wrong in so many ways
I know that better than anyone
And maybe I should've waited
I shouldn't have left so long
But I wasn't in bed with another
I was trying to sober up enough to get home safely
Sure it was a bit excessive in time
And I'm sorry I made you wait so long
But I was a drunk mess and I couldn't get home that way

I didn't mean to take advantage of you
I didn't mean to hurt you
Obviously, I did
And still do I'm sure
But those were never my intentions
I do care for you
It's all very complicated and stressful
I wish I could make it easier for us both
But I don't haven't figured out how yet
Last one before work
You need rehab from me, and I’m sorry
but this isn’t healthy.
Admitting being a problem is sobering
And I hope you can recover from my withdrawal.
I’ll be busy detoxing myself, for you
For everyone after you.
I hope you remember how great you are!!
I'll be cheering you on from a far!!
& that you're better off
broke up with my boyfriend today and it was the classic story, opposites attract but they don't last.. almost everything that was attractive wasn't out of resemblance to one's self, but to the extreme differences in one another.
Struggling to want to communicate, is a red flag
Namal Apr 2018
words without warmth
are like the dry wind
that has lost its water
over the high cliffs of life

they cannot water a wilting soul
but  will only take away
the little life left
and leave it collapsed

"thank you"s are tired
over worked, over used
only an ASCII  string, no more
"i’m sorry"s stare in the face
of the expectant mind

bring words back from the wastelands
give them the life they’ve lost
make them carry between their bits
the warm care of a human for another
Big Virge Aug 2018
Why Do We ... Struggle ... ?
And Create ... TROUBLE ... !!!
Because Most People ...
Are Happy ...  " In Their Bubble " ... !?!
Now .....
You Know What I Mean ... !!!
I'm NOT Mr. Bean ... !!!
But DO Believe ...

TOO MANY People ...
Are TRAPPED In A Dream ...
"Comfort Zone" ... Fools ...
Who ... CLEARLY PROVE ...  
They REFUSE To Use ....
Society's ... Clues ....

That Things Right Now ...
Are ... Just NOT COOL ... !!!!!
They PURSUE .... " Segregation " .... ?
Which Means ... " SEPAR ATION " ... !!!
When ... What They NEED ...
Is To Try ... " Communication " ...  
This Form of ... Education ...
Needs NO Dictation ... !!!
But May Just Help ...
To ... Unify Nations ... ?!? ...
FORGET Your ******* ... !!!
And Sony's ... Playstation ...  !!!
These Are Things ...
Creating ... " Generations " ...
Who ... Don't Want To Speak ...  
They Just Wanna BEAT ...
ANYONE They Feel Like ...
On Their ... Local Streets ...  
Or ... Jump In A Bed ...
In THAT ...   " INDUSTRY " ...
That Pays Money ...
For ... " ****** Sprees " ...
But ...
Where's The Fun ... ?
In Being ... One ...
For Whom *** Becomes ...
A .... " False Action " .... ???
And ... What Will They Do ... ?
When They Reach .... 71 .... !?!
Sit At Home ...
Watching ... **** Stations ... ?!?
I'd Rather ... " Relate " ...
And .... " COMMUNICATE " ...
With A Girl Who Makes ...
Her Brain ... FUNCTION ... !!!
And Hasn't Seen ...
... Plastic Surgeons ... !!!
See ... Talking Is ...
A .... BETTER WAY ...
To Find ... " THAT ONE " ...
YES Your ... " SOULMATE " ... !!!
Than ... "Hiding Behind" ...
A .... " Pretty Face " ....
Or LYING So That ...
... You Can Say ...
"I Love him cos'
he's got mad cash,
and gives me things,
i've never had !"
That makes you GLAD ?"
That's The Stuff ...
That ... Makes Me Mad ... !!!
MATERIAL ... Girls ... !!!
In Their ... " MATERIAL WORLD " ... !!!!
Madonnas' Song ...
Made Girls Think WRONG ... !!!!!!!!!!
Like I've Said Before ...
You Really ... CAN'T ...
Be ... WRONG and STRONG ... !!!
But Let's Get Back ...
To The ... Point of This ... !!!
My ... Written Scripts ...
REJECT .... " Gimmicks " .... !!!
I Choose This Way ...
To ... " Communicate " ...  
Cos' My Wordplay's Meant ...
To .... Indicate ...
Who ... Uses Rhyme ...
And ... Talk About CRIMES ...
Crimes of ... " Humanity " ...
Crimes of .... " Insanity " ....
Before I'm .... A VICTIM ....

of ...

Some Kind of TRAGEDY ... !!!!!
I Say These Things ...
To .... " Educate " ....
NOT TO Make ... !!!
An ... " Early Date " ...
With Someone Who ...
Has Got ... IRATE ...
Because of Statements ...
That I .... Make .....  

That Could Cause ...
An ... EARLY Fate ... !!!!
I'd Rather ... Try ...
To ... COMMUNICATE ... !!!
" Wouldn't You ?!? " ...
Well ....  
What Do You Say ... ?
Let's DO THAT ... !!!
NOT PLAY ... " Mind Games " ...
Like Our ... " So Called " ...
... " Heads of State " ....  
I Prefer To ... " Smile " ...
And NOT Stand Trial ... !!!
Or .... " Tribulation " ....  
Just Because of ....
Views I'm Stating ... !?!
" ALL OF YOU ! " .....
Are My ... " Relations " ...
Don't Run From That ...
Take Time Be ... " Patient " ...
My Viewpoint's ... CLEAR ...
And YES ... Quite BLATANT ... !!!
We'd ALL BENEFIT ... !!!!!
From MORE .......
.... " Communication " ....
As great a unifier as there is, we should use it more proactively ....
Sara Kellie Oct 2018
I'm here.
You lost your way kid
and I can't see you no more.
Did the lights go out?
Did the mist decend?
You lost your way kid
and I can't see you no more.

The light's back on
and the mist has gone
. . . and I'm here,
so I can see you once more.
I'm here kid.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Inspiration from 'Leave a Light On' by Tom Watson.
Ted Mar 2018
The silence
between your words
is another

Each  quiet        space
a   word     in    another
Marla May 4
This is the only time we'll ever meet.
You could be in a cafe
Or a bus as you read this.

My words travel to your eyes
Like light into an event horizon.
Whether you remember me or not
Will never matter.

My name is not important,
But don't let that fool you,
Our meeting is as grandiose
As the creation of life itself.
For my light may flash
A heavenly bright torch

So long as your mind
Can make the right choice.
Whoever you are and wherever you may be, thank you for letting me cross the threshold of space and time into your life, even if for a moment.
Carter Ginter Jan 2018
I write a poem
You write a poem
We write to each other
In hopes that the other will read it
Hear our words
Feel our pain
And yet we don't talk about it
We don't talk at all
Except through our scripted feelings
These thoughts pour out of me
Freezing into words on a screen
But what do they mean?
What do they change?
It's ok to love someone and not be with them
But it's hard to know when that applies
And actions are trickier than words
But here we are
Putting our art
And our hearts
Out there for the world to read
For each other to see
And yet we don't speak

We were writers in love
And now we're writers in agony
why is it so difficult...
I feel so comfortable around you...
Yet, I can't find the words...
It is so hard when my mind is thinking one thing...
and I have to watch the words that come from my mouth...
Make sure it doesn't give up what I'm really thinking...
what I really want to say...
It's like being in some sick play...
Be careful..don't want to chase her away...
But, I can say it here..
in this place, where words are enough...
and I can let my mind take the reigns..
This is what I would say to you..
I want to run my finger tips over every inch of you..
explore every curve, every freckle, leave the world behind...
Make love to you until you fall into a peaceful sleep in my arms...
And when we wake in the morning..
I can tell you what's on my mind...
Tell me how you wish your life to be,
and I shall do the same.

Together we'll let go of life's turmoil,
   embracing a journey of joy; and not pain.
will19008 Aug 1
Definitely a trouble spot
I don't usually mind sharing myself
     with others, but it is mostly in a
     superficial way

I can't say I've tried all that hard
     to improve my ability at it

I think most of my problem is
     lack of trust in most people
     I communicate with

Self-disclosure isn't easy, even
     with people I trust, but it's not
     quite as bad

Needless to say, there's a lot of room
    for improvement
Written in my EDE 352 Self/Group Processes notebook, Spring 1980; although it was 'needless to say,' I said it anyway...
We swallowed our tongues,
fleshy caskets for our feelings
buried in the cemetery
of our guts

Do you feel
turning in your stomach?

What we left unspoken
is rolling in its grave.

My love,
when it comes back to life as
rotting corpses without spirit
it will eat us alive
from the inside out.
mariamme Nov 2018
this is some ******* baby
u know i got the time
come unwind ur coils around
my soft body, make me
shiver, mr. knows me like
the back of his hand;
backhanded compliments
from tu pinche mamá
she thinks i'm perilous
never doubted u, but
she never believed in u either
& it's high time u and i
got high by the edge of the sea
in this world it's yeet
or be yote (u know i'm the goat)
baby it's just a joke, relax
the breeze is still blowin'
your hair into my face
& i can smell the fear in
waves crashing into the cliff
it's gonna be ok, corazón
sometimes u just gotta
yeet or be yeeted into
life, unhindered by her
& remember my heart is open
my body may be soft but
them waves ain't gonna break
against my soul tonight
if u love then u love. be wide open.
it's tried & true that the world is a lot more interesting when u give ur whole self to whatever comes & coils around u. so hesitation has its place here but only if u choose to welcome it in.

11.11.18 7:42pm
meme culture is prevalent here.
CautiousRain Aug 2018
Speak to me in numbers
Something tangible
Equate your feelings with something
I can infer
Without asking you to
Work these problems over again.
this ****** has me writing the same type of poem again
Kewayne Wadley Aug 2018
I love listening to you.
In any way possible.
Whether it's big or small.
Sometimes I get lost in not just the words you speak.
But the actions that follow.
I hate interrupting.
Adding on to previous statements.
Until I know that your completely done.
Not wanting to make you feel unappreciated.

My hands following yours in the deepest form of flattery.

Open ended questions that lead to hour after hour of communication.
My fondness for you growing deeper and deeper.
At times I can't help but interrupt.

Our pauses taking a bit longer after each statement.
It's the anticipation that I want you to know.
That I am listening and take to heart what you are saying.
Stretching myself to cover every part of you.

Completely attentive excited that you'd consider my opinion.
To sit back and reflect without jumping to conclusion.
The one thing that I can do to improve myself.
To love you better.
To accept any and every change that may occur.

A safe place where we can do and say anything without being judged.
I love listening to you.
Specifically without interrupting.
Noticing how happy you are being heard.
With the intent of hearing what you are truly saying.
I appreciate you for truly understanding that if I do interrupt
It's truly the sole purpose of how much I care
Lacey Clark Apr 15
I’m tangled up in a matrix of concurrent beliefs.
How do I hold one value right next to another at the same time in my heart?
How do I posture two opposing beliefs at once?
It’s like arm wrestling; a warm union but not pleasant until it’s settled. Our brain likes to have one answer.
Though.. here I am knowing that reaching out to you after all this time is both regress and progress.
Beyond usual

Some rhymes
Sound better while whispered
Some rhymes
Get life when screamed

And rooted truth
Are conveyed in silence
Without saying much
Just listen

Sincere mystery
Genre: Observational
Theme: All in silence
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