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Desmond the poet Apr 2018
When we met, love Obnubilated me.
I became bananas about you.
I wanted to be luculent.
Just to be Pauciliquent.
I however felt like a blatherskite.
You probably thought I was a glaikit.

Did I sound like a meacock instead?
If so, it’s due to kakorrhaphiophobia.
I might have operose my feelings.
Did it seem like I wanna mamaguy you?
You behaved like a frondeur.

Your callipygian body looked extramundane.
Your hair looked ulitichous.
Did you feel like I lusted your Callipygian shape?
I foresaw a love that won’t flatline.
If it does, it will be eucatastrophe.

Now we’re together, I’m disenthrall from Misogamy.
You’re a deipnosophist and a mixologist.
I’m edcious.
To keep you happy, I share a boffola.
To me, love felt like a Humdudgeon.
Using rare and probably used words to express how I felt when I met my wife for the 1st.
Christian Danner Jun 2018
I am ready to swim
I am standing on the beach,  I can feel the ocean on the wind, and I think
It seems these things do not matter.
"How vast is the sea?"
"How deep is the water?"
"How strong is the tide?"
I am brave.
I've felt many things in life, and I know this is not
My convictions
I am convinced that in this moment I will be able to hold
Because of fear or a sense of pride
Because of passion and a sense of hope, not
Because I am simply ready

(Now read it backwards)
Chicken Mar 2018
Deep within the cavern,
where the death within you lies,

Fear grabs, and chokes you round the neck,
but there aint' no tears in your eyes.

You must be crawling on the inside
to be so dead on the outside

You must be crawling on the inside
to be so dead on the outside

Who knew you'd be the one?

As you stifle the emergence of life within
I'll still be here,
with you.

I'll stay.
I'll stay.

I'll not go away,
and about that;
there is nothing that you can do.

You must be crawling on the inside
to be so dead on the outside

You must be crawling on the inside
to be so dead on the outside

Who knew you'd be the one?
A love song, for my lover.
Carter Ginter Jan 2018
This fear is consuming me
A rope tying tightly around my throat
My chest
My stomach
Constricting my breath and cutting off circulation
Thoughts are spinning spinning spinning
Through my hollow mind
They won't stop
They're stealing my sanity
How do I function through this
When my mind knows it's illogical
But I cannot stop the panic that's destroying me?
I need an escape
I feel trapped but I'm not
I don't know what to do
This isn't the first time
And it isn't the last I'm sure
I don't know how to escape this
When I'm running from myself
sara May 2014
i don't want to walk with you
or to pillow talk with you
i want just you

i don't want to die with you
or to get high with you
i want just you

i don't want to curl up with you
or to be love struck by you
i want just you

i don't want cute dates with you
or to wake next to you
i want just you

i don't want to get to know you
over dinner, then to owe you
i want just you

i don't want commitment
or to have to admit that
i want more than 'just you'

though it’s a shame love has hurt me before
it's getting much harder for me to ignore:
the fact that i don't really want 'just you'
it's all the little things that i don't want to want to
2018 edit I definitely just want to get high witchu x
Patrick Austin Nov 2018
A girl, a woman, lover, friend,
liking me more than she should.
I want to love someone again,
I know she wishes I would.
I love the joy and pain of her,
our hearts are an open book.
My wounds are fresh from this mad world,
when life was harshly shook.
Portrait eyes are such a treat,
looking up at this new man.
Simply, silly, kind and sweet,
She reminds me who I am.
Her witness down inside of me,
exposure to all my tools.
Teaching each other honesty,
we're reinventing the rules.
She has a look she can't disguise,
whenever I look her way.
Optimistic hopelessness in her eyes,
bittersweet each day.
Moving on and on and on and on...
rosy conquers Oct 2018
Small talks,
Oh this is how we start
Right there when you asked,
"How are you?"

Small steps,
Oh that's how we grew
Right there when you said,
"Come on, let's go!"

Small smiles,
Oh that's how we fell
Right there when you stared
As if I'm the light of your world

Small beats,
Oh that's how we knew what this is
Right there when you asked,
"Will you be mine?"

Small dates,
Oh that's how we felt
That this is pure and true
And one day, we'll say "I do."
I glimp fragments of you
while you sleep
This sad heart
it does weep

Perfect love
now in the past
A beautiful union
never meant to last

Eyes look at me
with an intensity
of things that use to be

Makes my heart yern
for the melodies
your fingers
once played upon my skin
drawn from deep within

I see you hiding
just beyond my reach
Confused eyes
Your beautiful mouth
Know with out speech

So sad my aching heart
every day we're togeather
Closer comes the day
when we shall part

Soulmate, Lover, Confidant, Friend
By your side I shall be
till the very end
I’m at peace
Deep within
Reality hit me fast
Now I see thru men

The consistent need of wanting
A woman like their mother
Not know the horrible trait they carry from
Their father

Who they say they never wanna be like
“Oh, my dad was never in my life
The streets raised me
I don’t sleep at night “

Commitment issues
Leaving these young men blind
To their OWN reality

Thinkin’ the world is theirs
Never having responsibilities
******’ every BAD ***** they see

What can you give me ?
Nah, see that **** played out

Boy ALL you did was take me out
I paid for the food and the ride
Cause you so called left your wallet at Tyrone’s house

Generosity out of my own heart
I paid my dues
Did my part

Take me on a spiritual high
Let me fly into a land with magical trees
Birds singing melodies
Elephants talkin’
Lions upright walking

I’m not angry
Nor mad
Speaking words that should’ve been said
My peace is peace
If you can’t respect that
It’s simple
Let me be

Because my spiritual journey
It’s more than ***
Worth more than money
See from my point of view
I promise the world could truly be your
You’ll be at peace too
Tommy Randell Jan 2017
Ice breaks from the shelf
Some ten thousand miles away
My thoughts drift to you

2016 - January 20th
Carter Ginter Sep 2018
Commitment issues
This again?
Yes but this time these are my words
Not the labels thrown at me by exes
Like arrows attempting to pierce me into place
I thought it was meant to trap me
But I think they just wanted me to stop
To think
To really evaluate myself
To see the truth
Im afraid of commitment.

When I've been told this in the past
I read it with the understanding that
Commitment issues meant I
Just couldn't have or didn't want a relationship
And that just couldn't be true
I mean just check my track record

No, see
My having commitment issues
Is rooted deeply within my past
These problems originate in an exciting mix of
Trust issues
Abandonment issues
And a variety of other traumas

I am not afraid to enter relationships
And I do not avoid love
Actually, I am obsessed with finding love
With being loved
All the while trying to love another
Thinking I'm succeeding
While subtly sabotaging myself in the process

When I was small
I did not receive the respect and care
Needed to show I was loved
Though my parent said they cared
They didn't protect me the way they should have
I had to take care of myself
Look out for myself
Because I was the only one I could trust

Anytime I got close to someone
They'd either decide to leave
Or get ripped away by outside forces
I was alone a lot
And not great at making friends
With the abuse happening at one house
And some solace found at the other
I was constantly fluctuating between
Hellhole and liberation
All while trying to have a childhood
And survive adolescence

So when they say I have commitment issues
They're probably right
But not for the reasons they think
Not because I'm polyamorous
Not because I don't want to commit
Not because I don't love and
Not because of who I am as a person
My issues come from a long line of
Different abuses by people who
Were supposed to protect me
But didn't

So if you think to judge me
For the trouble I have with trusting you
And trusting you won't hurt me
Or decide to leave when I'm "too much"
Understand that I did not choose to be like this
I didn't choose the pain that led me to love
In such a haphazard way

But I am choosing to do something about it
Henessy J Beltre Oct 2018
Confused and misguided I found myself in the bookstore,
Looking for myself in the writing of poets,
Where pain and love met, I yearned for more
Found myself in disguise, broken, feeling time fly

Broken and insecure, I found myself in the bookstore.
Reading about my past lovers, was I not strong enough for the storm?
Loved a man who failed to explore,
The woman inside me begging for more

Lost but committed, I found myself in the bookstore.
Reminiscing on our lust, was I a bore?
Picking up a book filled with promises,
Will I ever get what love has in store?  

Running towards lust, I ended up broken in the bookstore.
You left me broken but wanting more
Addicted to your soul, I failed to remember..
That I met you at the bookstore

-Henessy J. Beltre
bookstores and libraries bring a great level of tranquility.
(© Henessy J. Beltre 10.10.2018)
Carter Ginter Jun 2018
The scary thing is
You could be enough for me
The intensity of these feelings
And our insane connection
Might be enough alone
But I'm afraid to give you all of me
The way things were at the beginning was enough for me to be monogamous. I'm happy I never told you that because things changed and my needs were no longer met. But I wrote this in January.
Elena Apr 13
The values of our relationships
and the commitment to our virtues
inspire and open our eyes.
em Dec 2015
it's okay really,
it's okay that you can't commit
it's okay that it's been awhile since somebody wanted me
and it's okay if you decide you don't want to save me from these waves of loneliness that seem to have crashed over my head.
it's okay if you don't like to swim
I'll tell you that I'm easy, that it's okay if you don't want to kiss me goodbye, or hold my hand,
that I don't want you to.
and I'll tell myself it's okay to lie.
it's okay if you don't want to drink a glass of the sad songs  my broken heart will pour out for you.
it's okay.
it's okay.
it's okay really,
I'm not broken, just lonely.
I'm sorry I haven't been active lately loves, a lot has been happening.
Carter Ginter Jan 2018
"Commitment issues"
Commitment: a designated set of time
Issues: problems

So I cannot, successfully,
Designate an "appropriate" amount of time
To a relationship
Is that right?

Keep in mind,
These women enter my life
And I tell them I don't believe in marriage
And they say "that's ok"
Until it's not.

Maybe it's a comment I made
Or maybe they forgot
But something changes over time
And I am not an object
I am not some possession
That people can lay claims to
I am a human
With ever-changing needs and desires
With thoughts and feelings
And my own perception of reality

So maybe I get anxious when people
Try to put some hold on me
You chalk it up to commitment issues
What if I just don't like feeling owned?
What if I simply refuse
To let anyone remove my autonomy?

And what's even wrong with that?
Who gets to decide what is an
"Appropriate" amount of time?
Oh, wait,
That's "forever" right?
Says who?
Why should I continue to chase this
Socially-constructed dream
Of spending my entire life with one person
If that's not what makes me happy?

Trust me, I've tried for a long time
And I could never seem to find
A singular being
Who I'd willingly spend eternity with
If that even exists
And until this point
I've been unhappy most of my life
Reflecting on my failed attempts at
Happy monogamy

I am finally happy now
Free love is beautiful
It has liberated my soul
It has liberated my love
And my sense of self
For once I feel happy most days
I am focusing on myself now
Instead of pouring everything into another
I'm growing more everyday
And learning more about who I am

But you just brush that off
Saying my polyamorous identification
Is a manifestation
Of some fear of commitment
It couldn't possibly be the real me
It couldn't possibly be the way I feel happiest
Because it's not the "normal" way to desire?
It's not the logical form of love?
Or it's just different
Or it's just new
And you rejecting it within me
Means you aren't accepting me for who I am
In this moment

If that's the case
Then I don't know who you're in love with
Because this is who I am
Whether you like it
Or disagree with it
Or not
This is who I am
And I'm so over
Trying to validate
And explain myself
Just because someone disagrees with my form of loving
Tommy Randell Aug 2017
I want to eat again at my Mother's table,
Be lost in those unending fables.
Difficult though to talk about the Man in the room
That shadow standing upright in the gloom -

There are many endings to a line,
First choose the moment, then the time.

Why go there, why find the past at all?
Convince me this present needs a re-install -
Do you say perhaps this is how things are meant to be,
That victims after all never write their history?

There are are many endings to a line,
Our memories were never made as shrines -

I will not live in an undiscovered past,
Time has loopholes that unwind at last,
That only those who lived it may observe
An eloquence of choices no-one heard -

The measured man has all his life complete
When shadows stand at last upright in the light?

I want to heal this broken picture book,
What really came of all the hurt I took,
What happened to make me write this poem,
How only the Truth makes sense of where I'm going -

I will disclose the brutalities and facts
I will not live in an undiscovered past !

Tommy Randell 08th August 2017
Difficult to write ...
Tyler Skidmore Dec 2018
A curiosity, an attraction, led to my finding of the smallest, shyest seeming gnome who stood out to me for years.
Each year went by
There you were
Right in front of me
I saw you, but never stopped to look at all the intricate details in your painted face, your
Body carved with the most perfect of craftsman
I saw, each year
The same beautiful art piece
Each year getting new details.
One year
I found you with more detail than ever
I dove in
I had to experience this treasure!
I, a gardener
A prince of the forest
Kissed this gnome
A perfect princess for her prince
My beautiful companion
Doshi Jun 7
Hammered on the wall
a once-rebellious girl
looks out
Sun-up, sun-down
there she hangs
with an apathetic gaze
that mimics mine
when I look at the man
lying next to me
A little aged, dusty
but mostly the same
still vibrant
on the outside

A prudent investment
at first glance
turned constant reminder
of wanting
something different
Undoubtedly it's time
for a change
I guess I'll just sell
the painting.
Eloisa Sep 4
And so I tear the last love letter you gave me and decided to let it go.
I stand and watch as the gusty winds blow the paper far away.
The promises of love and forever,
the vow of happily ever after,
the guarantee of a lifetime together.
The commitment of faith and the covenant of love that I kept too long.
I stare at each tiny piece of paper  swallowed by the violent sky.
I’m left alone.
Yes, I’m left alone with just a memory.
I’m left alone.
But I’m left alone with a smile and a promise of a new me.
A new me without you.
A new hope for a new story.
For I’ve already thrown my past behind.
And I’ve let go of my hope for your return.
Slowly and one step at a time, I’m moving on.
I am moving forward without you.
While waiting to be held by the right hands.
If a relationship is a struggle and always brings negativity and conflict,
it’s surely and simply not to be chased.
Levi Jan 29
I could ascribe to you few things.
Few metaphors represent your wondrous making.

If I were to compare you to the roaring waves,
far reaching sourced from still ocean depths,
like the conviction of your voice,
I would miss your true joy at growing from fault.

If I were to compare you to the setting sun,
sharing the glory of its day on painted sky,
like the skill of your hand,
I would miss the grounded feet with which you walk

If I were to compare you to the intricacies of a watch,
it’s beautiful movement formed by delicate layers,
like the way you put one foot in front of the other,
I would miss your collaborative tick.

If I do not tell you how wonderful you are I will miss you. If I do not listen to your dream then it will sour the sleep. If I do not shout I will miss your echo.

I hope to soon rid any other miss* from this paper,
as our Ruler has more notches for us to mature.
Now I will be happy right here, sitting across from,
lying next to, on the other side of your screen.
I wrote this for my ex as a birthday card, yet forgot to delete the draft.

When I was going through my phone I found it again, so thought to chuck it up here
Tyler Skidmore Dec 2018
I see
And in all of these I see
The most perfect lips
Betraying a smile as I compare your height to an acorn on the forest floor
Hands laced in mine almost
They don't let go
The very life moving between the cells
So perfectly fit like jigsaw pieces
The warmth transferred like light through an open window on the soft furry coat
Our cat
One of many
Our alone time confidant
Much like our bodies
Under the covers
Tightly bound together with a magnetic force
Our lips locking
The most beautiful flavor
All spoken silently breath by breath
All this I see
In those deep
Carter Ginter Jan 2018
Glowing screens in the
Dark dark dark
White smoke against a
Spark spark spark
I'm consumed by this ****** up
Heart heart heart
And I need an escape from all its
Parts parts parts

I feel so broken and lost

My mind is a skipping record
Repeating everything until it's
Dead dead dead
I'm on the couch
And my love is in my
Bed bed bed
And I feel so trapped
Stuck in my
Head head head

I can't break this cycle alone
But I'm losing my cool
This is fear
This is panic
This is irrational
It's useless

And I need it to stop
Before it rips me
RBWhite Jul 2018
A woman of truth and commitment,
She would never trust a demon,
Usually she sleeps with company,
But Hell itself drags her right down her mind,
So deep that she can't feel anything,
Soon she's bare,
And a demon,Oh she desires,
The heat runs through her lungs,
Sunshine breaks above her head,
And angels sing of love and truth,
Wouldn't it be good,
If she was God's woman still,
In love with Trust,
Eternal to Loyalty,
When children sleep,
And company is alone,
She clings to the memories of the Demon,
Crying from hunger,
No longer satified with pain,
Sleep becames a forgotten promise,
And then she falls again,
What she sees explodes in her life,
A cosmic lover made of sun's flesh,
A dark child with the same hunger as hers,
She becomes The Empress of Doom,
Proudly resting in the Demon's Lair.
malluraeh Mar 28
No luck with love
I'll admit it.

I commit and dive in,
sort of stuck.

All in or not at all,
that's my premise.

Awe-struck always,
if it's not working.
Travis Green Jan 5
She wants me to make
a commitment right
now, a vow that I’ll
never fall out of love.
I gaze into her cloudy
grey eyes and walk away.
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