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Carter Ginter Jul 2013
I see all the signs,
That you're just like the rest.
Should be déjà vu,
cause it's always been the same.

And if history really does repeat itself,
Then I guess it'll be the same end.
Yet I am still willing to try it out,
Just the way I was before.

Such bad habits I have,
To like the wrong people and commit to them the most.
And they're all so similar,
That it's laughable that I keep making the same mistake.

Especially when I have someone great right in front of me,
Who's different than the rest.
One who really cares,
And doesn't hurt me.

But who I hurt instead,
More than a few times.
Yet I can't commit to her,
I can't be who I want and know I can be for her;
I can't be what she deserves.

And I just don't know why.

So maybe I'm attracted to people who are just like me:
Conniving ******* who do what they feel.
Ones who don't care who they hurt in the process,
As long as they're happy in the end.

And I'm sorry to that girl who's been there by my side,
When she's had a million reasons to leave.
The one I keep treating terribly,
Because I can't make up my own mind.

So when this one doesn't work out,
When you turn out just the same as the last.
I'm not gonna keep coming back the way I used to,
I can't do that to her anymore.

She deserves the world,
And I can't even give her half a ******* up  heart.
But I know I can try to be better;
Better for her and better for myself.

And that's a promise I can actually keep.
Spenser Bennett Jan 2017
I always love that which
Is far away
From passing aeroplanes
To four years ago's yesterday
Call it nostalgia
Call it an inability to commit
A fear of holding love
In scarred hands and
Knowing I don't know

I always love the idea
Of love crossed by
Gleaming oceans of starlight
Because there lies safety
By default
No heartbreak in fate
Only a useless fight
As love burns
Forever into that awful
Good night

From where might you
Show love
Little light of day
The coast of Italy
Or distant nebulae
Perhaps too close
For comfort
and yet would you
Know your distance
A picnic lain lightly
Upon salt battered bluffs
Love, would you love from
Far enough
Must we rub elbows, Post-Dated Brother
Because of my Drama to her commit
I know my Roles; Her tongue was the other
For my Radar to pick the Better of it
Perhaps our Wine seeps better with Age
On my Canter I drink less of Question
Why? For her, Heart's Duty for joy her page
Quill my Weak Signature's uncondition
Your Cross-Founder states we all must Forgive
And His Baptist turns those Elders from stone
Meaning, my Tarnished History did live
Of which I murdered to leave me alone.
Easy to say, as long as I draw breath
And that is my Purpose to Act in Health.
Anna Jul 2017
at first it was he who trembled awkwardly with fear and paranoia of mistakes he believed would commit that his phobia itself had turned into an error. once confronted, he had gradually become more comfortable and less awkward; their special bond had taken a positive toll. at the peak of this, she had also gradually become more and more of herself, expressive and carefree.

now only to become what he once was.
Spenser Bennett Nov 2016
Let he who is without stones commit the first sin
And you sip that whisky again and again

What images cloud your mental sky
Why am I the subject of your judgement
When you know not of my designs
Forego your ego and see, no, believe in her judgement

Don't you understand that there is no control
You don't want to let go
I know, I know, I know
But her life is her own

I promise I'm not the serpent you believe me to be
I won't disrupt the garden to turn over new leaves
Eden holds no fruit for me

This is to you, you know who you are
I beg you to listen to the voice within your heart
And to not pass verdict upon strangers from afar
Steve Page Mar 2019
Don't be quick
to stop and search.
Do slow and speak.
Do stop at the curb.
Do sit.
Do commit to shape
a future city nation
where more space is given
to a wider conversation
with a newer translation
that's truer in comparison
than any black and blue
blunt force confrontation.
Listening to ill-conceived political solutions to social problems.
karin naude Apr 2013
dear god
today is one of those days
your the only one that understands
the days are being counted down to mother's day
i miss my mum so terribly
i see people around me connecting
sharing hugs and love, they have homes
all i have is a house and determination
i lost my appetite again
i commit suicide in silence everyday
1 teaspoon of sugar at a time
some times i wane live long
days like today i wish the sugar would work faster
as connected as we are in modern life are we unconnected
today i miss my mum so very much

if i could i will give all my days
i don't want the comfortable life she gave me
just her in all her wrinkles and moans
just my mum, no other will do
The creature I am
sharing this broken man
I keep him strong
for he has not too much long

We have made the design to commit suicide  
and how beautiful will be his death
all in the name of poetry
for we are devoted to her beauty

Just two more solar years
and we will disappear
going back home
to the realms of death

In the cold light of day
you will hear people say
yes I knew of him
and of his strife and art

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
Umi Dec 2017
Hellfire do not go out!
Please just stay as you are
Hellfire keep roaring loud
Burn as bright as a star
Punish those who commit sin
Those who's bad deeds have gone too far
Those whose goodness is thin
Al Haawiya burn bright
Make these people want to hide
Then they'll have too abide
An never-ending dark night
But with the sincere have mercy oh fire of the almighty

~ Umi
em Dec 2015
it's okay really,
it's okay that you can't commit
it's okay that it's been awhile since somebody wanted me
and it's okay if you decide you don't want to save me from these waves of loneliness that seem to have crashed over my head.
it's okay if you don't like to swim
I'll tell you that I'm easy, that it's okay if you don't want to kiss me goodbye, or hold my hand,
that I don't want you to.
and I'll tell myself it's okay to lie.
it's okay if you don't want to drink a glass of the sad songs  my broken heart will pour out for you.
it's okay.
it's okay.
it's okay really,
I'm not broken, just lonely.
I'm sorry I haven't been active lately loves, a lot has been happening.
Foolinglife Aug 2017
You ain't my master, and I won't commit to you as long as you are the only loved one I'm left with.
I won't give up on my pain.
Lovely Nobody Jun 2019
...If you like me or not
Your liking won't change me this time.

I've been changed once.
I won't change again
To commit the same crime of loving you
(edit: note added to the poem)
The uniVerse Jun 2018
Still searching for something...

I silently shifted past silhouettes of strangers for I am a shadow formerly named.

Someone said you felt the same, a sorceress seeking solitude inside a spire, a safe haven for all those stolen souls.

She was of the sea and softly spoke to me sowing smoke in weaves but I knew of no vowels that could commit her senses and yet sentences slowly slid from my mouth stolen by gravity towards the south where soldiers slept beneath the sands of sorrow.

Surrounded by sounds shifting from silence to song something sang sweetly secreting secrets only the stars dared keep.

So I buried my past somewhere in tomorrow somewhere I would never reach nor no longer seek for slumber is my only ally as I succumbed to sleep for the final time surrendering my soul to the valley of shapes and signs.
Just something I wrote.
Jenna Dorwart Apr 2017
The first sin you commit is when you meet
his eyes for the first time and your heart
falls to your stomach. Your hands and lips
fall loose, blood rushes to your cheeks.
The devil stares back at you in all of his
glory and you are parched for a taste of his

The second sin you commit is when you
talk about him with all of your friends.
You're going to try to convince them that
he's good for you and they won't agree,
but you were never going to listen to them
anyways. He's sitting inside your head
with his fingers plunged inside your brain.

The third sin you commit is when you
stand in front of the mirror and scold
yourself for what you ate for dinner.
You're never going to fit into that dress
that you brought specifically for him to
like now, are you?

The fourth sin you commit is when you
sacrifice your standards to meet his. You
like the attention that he makes you beg
for, because you have convinced yourself
that nobody is going to want you like him.
You are a victim of desperation and
loneliness and he acts like he has never
felt either of those things.

The fifth sin you commit is when you
become an addict. All you ever think
about is him. You'll wonder if he thinks
about you too, already knowing the
answer. You'll try to master the art of
analyzing his behavior because he works
like a cycle. The thought is going to bother
you, but of course, you're going to ignore
it because your addiction will blind you.

The sixth sin you commit is when you say
that you love him. You don't. What you
feel is not love. What you feel is toxic.
What you feel will lead you to break,
because love is not meant to bruise you
more than it is meant to treat you with
care. Sharp edges of his teeth are piercing
apart your skin and you're still begging for
him to kiss you, don't you get it?

The seventh sin you commit is when you
admit to yourself that you were never
good enough for him. He has abandoned you 500 miles from home and
the love you thought you felt for him is
spilling out of your mouth like *****. He says
there is no hope and he is done with pretending
he loves you. You'll spend all day and all night
shedding the tears that you should never shed
over a boy and with one last gaping breath of air
you will say you cannot live in a world that he is not a part of. You'll eventually tie all of the sins together to form the worst one of them all, abuse to yourself.
how the **** could you do this to me?
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