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Silver Sep 2018
you talk
you talk
you talk
you talk, but do you even
think ?

do you remember? within the frivolous talk you made,
the expression hanging off my face?
did you stop for even a second,
to think about how i felt

i don't need your commiseration,
but there really wasn't even the slightest of hesitation
you couldn't hide your excitement
and forgot that it was my disappointment

you were so happy, i don't blame you
if it were me, i would be too
that doesn't mean it's right of you
it wasn't very nice of you

to assume i don't have hurt crawling up my insides
whenever i meet you
and see in your eyes,
hear in your tone,
feel in your presence
all the precious little things i've just lost.
again and again

... i lost a lot of friends recently (due to things out of any of our control)

— The End —