lauren Jul 2016
I remember when memories
were crop dusted into epiphanies
and even the slightest hope for redemption
was begged for.
I remember when bones shivered
at the very thought of forgiveness
because I, myself
was terrified at the inevitable idea of truth.
The sweltering silence of the dispositioned room
led me to a melancholy state.
I fished for a slightly logical reason
to be entranced by these somewhat
fleeting moments that had led me to feel
a perpetual love in the eye of the beholder.
So to seek,
I hummed broken words and arranged them
onto paper to behold even the slightest thought of intuity.
As if i had played my imagination to be
the unchanging sea and thinking
I had opened over 1000 doors,
and was perplexed at the thought of which to close first.
Oh but even more terrified at my sustaining comfort
of never learning how to sail.
As my heartbeat scraped along
my unadaptable and inadequate lungs,
I came to the exhausting realization
that every “afterthought” of pain and suffering
was somewhat comforting
because even
in the desolating yet squandering end,
I remembered.
Simpleton Dec 2015
I'm not good at staying
Or being in one piece
I'm not good at commitment
Or comforting the weak
I wish you could see
I'm not as good as you make me out to be
But you
You see me as someone strong
You tell me all these kind words
Effortlessly genuine
You look at me in awe and bottomless trust
And you make me scared
You are pure and real
And I am a tripping revelation
Of skinned knees
Bloodied by holy words
You are taking a walk on the wild side
Flirting with death
And tempting the devil
I'm the helpless fall
The guilt in being unable to resist
I'm hopeless
But sometimes I can see the rainbow painted on the ground
The only beautiful sight in the soggy pouring rain
I'm also the butterflies when you call
You make me nervously sick
This picture of piety you painted of me
And instant forgiveness
At not seeing what you see
It's the way you tug on emotions I never knew I could feel
It's the beauty in you slaying the beast in me
Everything feels dangerously perfect when you are in the room
I've learned that I can get addicted to anything
And people are too unpredictable
So this time I'm not going to pick up
I'm not going to reply
I don't feel like dreaming of things that won't happen
Worn out arms and legs,
a few places that sag and all that gray.  
How could I tell you "you are my treasure”...
Kissed by love, ignored by time, patched by forgiveness.
Even though you are not so comforting to my aches or pains
with pointed words in a range of pokes from affectional
to intended sodomy to let me know
when and to what degree I’ve sinned.
You are as you are, my love, my friend.

Hold me in the arms of your heart, and whisper life.  
Share a moment with me, maybe not special nor so beautiful...
Only a simple moment when...
Word have no meaning. There's not a future or past.  
I give this moment to you with heart, soul, honesty.  
let it live as it always has between now and past.  
This moment is all I have to share,
you are as you are... my love, my friend
O Dear Heart...or pancreas...or some vital organ...

When I gaze into your ear canals
And cuddle you in my comforting feet
Oh, yeah, I wanna hold your earlobe
You make my sella turcica skip a beat

Your nostrils are so very soft to the touch
Your toenails are like silver-pale moonlight
Your elbows smell like roses in the spring
Your hair follicles are so sunrise bright

And when I meditate upon your liver
Cupid shoots every arrow from his quiver!
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:
It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.
The problems of life are near, disguised in every tear
How I long to overcome, this emptiness of fear
All the problems get in my way,
And sometimes I wonder, how will I go through the day?

When I was down, discouraged and weak,
He spoke to me, tenderly and sweet,
"Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid;
For I am with you, even as the trials await."

When the problems got so great,
When I could barely face the day,
I felt His comforting presence around me,
As I heard Him lovingly say,
"Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid;
For the peace I leave with you, no one can take away."

Inspiration: John 14:27
Written on 1/6/18
God's always there with us, giving us strength and protecting us. Pray to Him for His wisdom and strength, be it in school, at work, or help with relationships! Amen
Written by: Chloe Keane Sapphire Lim
©2018 All rights reserved
Why am I telling you this you’re probably wondering, even though we have only just met and I’m entrusting you with my life story. I think it is knowing that we probably won’t ever see each other again, for only this near second we’ve known each other, I have given you all that there is to know within me. So just for this moment you could carry this burden of mine until we part our ways and then you could let go of it such as you would a memory that no longer has meaning to your life. uncared for are our first encounters, no one gives a second thought that any of this means anything, to give weight to the notion that this could lead somewhere, is nice, as comforting as it may be it to know this, it isn’t actuality. knowing that isn’t what it seemed, I feel nothing but nostalgic.
I love to entertain these kind of thoughts that amount to nothing. nothing from what you expected could be meaningful, only impermanence contains the importance of meaning. Especially if it did not materialize how you thought it would have.
dreaming is about enough that we do have though isn’t it?

I’m tired of editing my messy imperfections. I hand them over to you like a homeless might hand over crumbled pieces of literature, put them together to feel what he is feeling. word by word I mean everything.

Feeling has no sense of array, it’s fluid and messy, perfectly. such is the way of my own expressions.
Elizz 2d
"Be the light in someone's darkest corner. Even when you aren't your own." ~ The Context Kid.

Flames fizzle from the ends of my hair
Always the exit of a dark tunnel
Never the entrance
No one ever WANTS to stay
That's what I am
Spinning through darkness

Digging through it as if it were someone's empty tomb
Always there
A constant presence
Deep breaths
Count back from thirty

Light flows from me on the outside
But all there is on the inside
Is an internal slash
From my heart to my mind
Seeping out like a broken oil line
Velvety in texture

Like an untuned guitar string
At times it's comforting
Something to float in
Something that is comforting
Other times
Obsidian obelisks
I watched as my soul
Shuddered out of my lukewarm body
Impaled on that towering

Lightly thrumming stone
A tall tower
Full of regrets
Full of inner demons
Full of everything that I don't want to acknowledge
Full of every single dark thing
That coats my nightmares
And ties my waking hours

In black silk laced ribbons
A pretty package to be opened at your whim

I didn't necessarily hear
But it looks like you could use a light
El Kemp 3d
I knew a girl once.
And she was beautiful.
Black hair curled down to her waist,
A comforting word and a pair of kind eyes helped me in the dark nights.
But the others couldnt see her beauty.
They were to concerned about what was between her legs.
They mocked her long hair and skirts,
Telling her to stop pretending and be normal.
She gave up her identity to the blade of a kitchen knife.

I knew a boy once.
And he was popular.
He partied, he made friends, he had fun.
He made everyone feel included.
He helped me in a strange new place,
Helped me find peace in others.
But his dad only found peace in the bottom of a bottle.
Alcohol did nothing to damage his aim,
And begging did nothing to help the sting.
The boy left us behind with the help of the belt that ruined him.

I knew someone once.
They didn't fit in well.
They drew a lot of weird things,
Wrote a lot of bad poetry,
And couldn't quite figure out how to talk to people.
But they loved the rain.
Sometimes they would sit and watch it for hours, perfectly content.
One day, they started a poem.
They wrote and they wrote and they wrote,
And when they were completely satisfied,
They opened the window to see the rain better.
They sat on the window sill, looking out at the pouring rain.
Then they smiled.
Took a deep breath.
And jumped.
This is what happens when I listen to depressing music late at night.
Paint me reckless,
with dotted eyes of unencumbered possibility,
rouged blushes of flushed athletic extremes,
paled hair that flows like waterfalls and broken valleys.

Dream me loving,
so that my gentle smile shines as bright as the waking sun,
my womanly embrace is as comforting as the silent moon,
eyes flash with consuming devotion, wide open and hoping for reciprocated picnics.

Curl me 'round the shadow of your doubt,
and I will be a voice of infinite confidence,
booming with the power of the earth as it spins on before and after,
the titled nonsense of nature, bringing you up to the skies before dropping you back into the hands of men.

Stamp me goodness,
with a golden halo of invisibility,
heroes shine of selfless deceptive gratitude,
blue quake of the ocean's roar, to sweep you away from dreams of darkness...

into the burgeoning belly of the hydra,
paint it homely,
and within its stomach will become yours.
This poem was about not trying to dictate how a person is or who they are... but I'm not sure I captured that.
Rj 5d
She remembers the first time she watched him leave
She remembers the way her voice shook as she exhaled
And as she watched him turn the corner
She asked with trembling hands and a fast beating heart,
"Does this ever get easier?"
And no one answered.
She was alone,  
Save for the cold breeze biting at her bones
And the deep purple sky filling her lungs
She closed her eyes.
That was then.
And now,
This is the last time she will ever say goodbye to him.
It's different this time.
A proper goodbye,
Bittersweet and all.
She turns the corner, looking back at him once more
She watches him as she leaves
Drowns in his smile one final time
Listens to the sound of his laughter, although it makes her heart clench
And while she doesn't believe in silver lining,
She thinks that perhaps someone can smooth out the rough edges of life.
Not him.
He warms her up from the inside out
But he burns when she gets too close.
He makes her cheeks turn pink
And her hands blister.
She exhales.
The sands of time flow through her hands,
Days turn to years,
Memories fade,
But the constant flow of time between her fingers is almost comforting
Life moves fast,
And everything has now come to a close
But for the first time in a long time
She thinks she's okay with that.
I remember when I wrote this. Tbh most of this ain't even a metaphor lol
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