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Robert C Howard May 2017
Through an open window, I hear
      the Big Thompson's steady music
drifting up from the valley below.

May breezes and gentle rains
     coax the snow-capped peaks
to surrender their alabaster cloaks
      downslope into gathering streams.

Silhouetted by light from the waxing moon,
      a cinnamon bear lopes along water’s edge,
pauses for a draught and meanders on.

A bull elk newly coifed with velvet antlers
        folds his legs beneath its belly
and kneels into grasses beside a tranquil pond.
        while the Big Thompson rushes on.

Spring beauties, calypso orchids and geraniums  
       shake off their winter's sleep and
dot every vagabond trail and verdant hill
        while fresh new leaves adorn the aspen boughs.

The Big Thompson inexorably presses on
        bound for rendezvous with time and space
and tumbles into the always patient sea.

© 2017 by Robert Charles Howard
Lazhar Bouazzi Jul 2017
In the cold silence of the area
Rose a lonesome cafeteria,
Outside of it hooded forms -
Scaly horns -
Perched on white, plastic chairs
Like fifteen owls on a wire.
A grey-green bird in the distance
Sang a three-note song with insistence.
He sang on not to the white folks
But to the cold he tried to coax.
He sang to a spot desolate -
Sure thing, he sang to punctuate it.
©LazharBouazzi, July, 2017
The whole of stanza one is a true story. On the way to my home town, Kasserine, I did see the scene involving about fifteen hooded people sitting outside a café with their backs against the wall, apparently waiting for sunset and the cannonball that would announce the break of the fast in Ramadhan.
Stanza II (with the bird) is pure poetic invention.
Mike Virgl Jul 2018
In my backyard lay a sound
     a humming buzzing
          flying low and high
I searched for it in the yard  
     my ear tuned in              
          to that light, cute, noise
I said out loud "bee your flight, is mystifying"
     and the buzz got louder
          "I just wish to see what you like"
The Buzz flew between my eyes
     "bee, my god, your stripes match with shadows and lighting"
          the bee flew around my head in joy
          and many more times.
"So let me say hello bee."

And I said it many more times
     the bee loved
          how I would check in
A low hum would always greet me
     every time I went
          to my backdoor
In the rain I would go outside
     to make sure the bee
          was kept dry
"Come here bee let me grab a leaf"
     "come fly under it"
          the bee would buzz
And so in the rain, I kept that bee dry.

And soon much time passed
     and I wanted to
          get that Bee a cage
I laugh at it now
     It’s just silly
          "a Bee cage"
I called my Bee
     with a soothing voice
          "my Bee I have something for you"
The Buzz I loved came near
     low and high it flew
          my Bee did come
And so I tried to coax My Bee into my cage

My Bee would not come
     no matter how many times
          the command was given
"My Bee why won't you come near?"
     "just let me love you forever"
          the Buzz just buzzed in front of me
My Bee seemed to want to fly away
     but couldn't leave for a bit
          because of my grieving face
"My Bee I love you"
     my heart said
          as my tears leaked onto the floor
My Bee started me straight in the face

"Let me say goodbye Bee, let this be goodbye."
Michael Briefs Nov 2017
It seemed so much had been lost.  

So much had slipped through
A grasping hand,
A yearning heart,
A desperate mind
As mine.

The dull march of days present
Was shadowed by the
Gloom of regrets and
Shrieked by a shrill wind at lonely,
Bitter hours.  
What was mine? What was ours?
Gone for good and all?

My love, it seemed, was only
Ever a dark dream.
In my swelling and stinging agony,
Love was
As a locked door
And my heart was a bloodied fist
Beating against it.  
A wraith-like specter of doubt clung to me
With oppressive raiment,
Scrapping over exposed skin
Like course, mortifying fabric.  

Then, from out of a pristine past,
A voice  
Called out to me.  
The herald of an angel
Rung clear and glad as winter bells,
The dark narcissus of mortality was
Driven off!
The burial cloak was split;
The stone was rolled back!  

A hope newly found
Surrounds and soars above me,
As a deep, azure ribbon of
Stretching, unending sky!

I am imbued with cheering thoughts
Of our days gone by!
Glories recalled in a moment relived;
Revelries and song lifted with voices
And hearts, stout and full!

With my beautiful Eurydician queen;
Returned, she was,
From an underworld of time.
We coax and stir
The memories of first passions,
Innocent, powerful and pure.
We are now bending
The arc of our history,
Rending the precious pearl of affection
From the murky domain of
A love denied.  
Renewed and viewed through  
Prismic fractures of sadness
And through the sharp focus
Of blue eyes, in rapt recognition,

Today is reborn,
Lived again and again,
With each pulse of the clock,
Each beat of my heart.  
The blood within
Is purged of that familiar poison.  

All is potent and refreshed:
You, your face, your voice, your touch, your scent,
Your vibration pours to and through me, once again!
Oh, true friend,
Tender lover,
Gently knocking at my door.
You return from distant lands
Remote and misty,
Bringing light and love
To my lonely shore.
I approach from my realm,
Far removed.  
Age and ages have chiseled
The shape of my soul.
In part, it is smoothed;
Refined with wisdom, empathy, and clarity.
Also, though,
It is,
In part,
Broken, jagged, and cracked,
As the forgotten sculptures
Of ancient empires,
And doomed.

Yet I realize, all at once,
That I am not forgotten.  
I am not doomed
To shadow.
I breathe,
I seek,
I still have hope and
Words to tell!
And I still have my love for you!
My life is now freed from that
Sad spell.  

This breath,
This stony soul
(Sculpted by the Artist of Pain)
And this trammeled heart
Trembles in desire of
Your beauty,
Your touch and
Your presence --
Your calming presence,
Bringing levity,
And familiar stories of
Hopeful remembrance.  
From love recalled,
Comes your unexpected
Embrace and
Sweet sign of friendship.

That time of distress has come and
Gone and we turn to discover that
Our tender connection remains,
True and undefeated!
It rises with the earliest song
Of still sleepy birds,
Lilting on the cool air of the morn.  

This uplifting emotion
Again flows within me,
As an angel granting absolution,
Touching me in a place
As deep as first love.  

Clarity has claws
Within her pouncing, padding paws
Laps up goat's milk raw
Grapples a teddy bear to songs
Tied to a robe's string
Well, she plays with literally everything-
Her eyes say exactly what she means.

No ****, Clarity is a cat I call to come back
I find myself pleading for her return-
With the promise of a salmon snack,
In exchange for lessons learned,
But I only capture glimpses of her white and black
As she flashes by the doorway,
Always only doing things her own way.

Since her trust is hard-earned,
I coax her cleansing burn.
She climbs up my bare leg
With her razor sharp needles,
First thing in the morning without any warning

Why did I beg you to come near? ! don't tear !
I only wished for your soft vibrations in my ear !
It's so impossible to change your nature
I wasn't bleeding before you were here, but your message is pure

You only come running when you're hungry!

&Would you really eat me if I died?
The way you watch with such wild eyes,
(I'm sad to know I shouldn't be surprised)
Your tapping tail  compromises your position,
Your crystal clear intention
To play with your prey before you ****** and eat them

embodying the way her name hides and smiles, pounces for a scream
as if she were mean!
Sneaks off to surprise her  next unsuspecting victim
Tummy full,
Warm purr, a welcome buzz
She comes, she plays with, she eats my ego, she loves, she kneads, she purrs, she leaves, I plead

ah, Clarity

-Hayleo Liz
danne Feb 17
trace the mistake
he coax me
don’t leave it to dust
you’re no angel or demon
so let’s have a non-divine ****!
my tongue speaks of torment
like it’s the only language that exists

he pass me chaos
bottled up, besides the thunder
perfect for a black little sheep
impressing me with his fake tattoos
Dream Theater on the left, oh have you heard of that band?
a scorpion on his right
because of course
he’s a scorpio
a cryptic cliche walking on two legs
but he’s everything i wanted to be
living in galaxies i’ll never see

eyes bloodshot the blues
i crash deep
to the way miles blow his tunes
to the way i thought of you
that one in a million shot
a promised dance in all white
and all the things in between
not here for the minute past
not there for the next
rewind & replay button on repeat
i only fold the past back into the present
never to let myself wake up to a new dream

ivy wrap its arms
around my old skin
let me shed
let me leave
strike the matchstick
to the person i ache to be
bye baby boy blue
man *******
this was my first poem i performed live and for all intents and purpose i will present it as it is.
zebra Nov 2017
in a low silky voice
he whispers ***** ***** *****

he's at the gym
not to far
in the tub
at the spa

come ***** dear
lets have lots a fun
and kiss a while
he licks you some

he loves you so
would you like a big mouse
he has one honey
and its not your spouse

a crazy boy
all over you
drinks you like wine
and eats you like stew

he's not about kids
and going to work
but he washes your dishes
and hes not a ****

***** perfume
the natural smell
don't hide it sweet girl
watch him swell

oh comb it pretty
loves hairy too
spread it like butter
hoochi cooo

don't be shy
and open wide
coax out your ****
and feel the glide

hes the ***** whisperer
calling your soul
loving every fold
melting every hole

summer sweet fruit
hidden away
come on honey
let's dance and play

candy ****
and ***** pie
sweet juicy lush
down velvety thigh

he's got a nice one
its really cool
a big pink stick
that makes you drool

he's the ***** whisperer
calling in time
come hither my love
its not a crime*

*** adult explicit
a collaboration on the phone laughing our ***** off
"Surreal skeptic, cynical cryptic! Licentious lecheries fabulist façade fantasias. Wild eyed spectral serene. Dream of catenary concoctions, ethereal salacious conjugation, bridge the gap in metaphysical mystique. Erotica erectile errantry’s exserted protuberance is a kinesiology kleptomaniac with his embark embargo extraditions and his eventuation evocative execrations, a positive amalgamated anathema android of a terminus thrall. The shadow in the shade of the silhouette sojourn. The bailiff’s rakeness rails incarnate, unicorn railway nails and all. He will paint mirador bartizan panorama tableaus all over your proximity parameter perimeter peripherals. Force the enmity to acquiesce into impunity.” “Why this is not but an ogling ogre of an oligarchy omelet” she shrieked as he continued to tickle her. “Down here at the bizarre bazaar we all believe in the blasphemous farcical fugueness,” he said. “Positive orchestration renditions of transpositional interlude.” “Come here,” she said “let my clambering clamorous clangor write you a wield wile treatise expose’.  The legions of Chinga da are battling the hoards of Gunga din saying, "kinetic supremacy temporize tractive fluent" , "it’s sheer genocide. That plasty goop nosed porker of a Gumby ******* ***** monger Gunga doesn’t stand a chance. Coax cacophony clout, catatonic phonics, grizzly grotto grouches all”, She squealed. “Now you’re gumption dreaming”, he chimed. “Chutzpah panache spontaneous generation complicity, gambit alluvium aloof succor.”
Katie Feb 24
Words caught in my throat like glass
I want to tell you all about me
I want to explode with my story
Dance on the words that glow
Coax the sentences that hurt slow but with chin raised high
I want to breathe past the fiber glass worry in my chest

What do you read in my eyes when I’m positively bursting to speak but mute with the honey stuck worry that you’ll take one real look and run away

My palms are open
A map
Pale and lined and filled with my stories
If you could see my world on them like I do I think you would find it beautiful and sparkling and terrifying and dark

I’ve lived a lot
And not in so many years
I like to pretend that the scars I’ve gotten from the wrong people are gone
But this scraping on my nerves when I try and let you in speaks to the lie of that

It scares me to want something
I think I need to open my palms and show you the path through it

Try and believe that you won’t close them tight,
place them back in my lap,
far away from you,
and tell me you never wanted to see how to get through to me in the first place
Evan Stephens Jun 20
On the fifth of July,
after thin string nights,
you'll fill my eye.

We'll coax the moon nigh,
bask in grey light
on the fifth of July.

Verse I'll supply,
& as I write
you'll fill my eye.

Rejoice in reply
to a gentle bite
on the fifth of July.

Once bashful and shy,
I'll soon ignite,
you'll fill my eye.

Into the city you'll fly
with your delights -
on the fifth of July,
you'll fill my eye.
Ah but what sort of tricks
do I have up my sleeve
when I practice to myself
My midnight lover
with his wandering
eye has wandered too
far and wide to slyly
coax back to my side
(Ah, my dear
it's dark in
yet my own and
faithful hand finds
all of the familiar
valleys and peaks-
the fingers minus
the wedding band
a well and practiced
like a breeze
over my thighs
The art of tickling
the tickler, feels
like a tree
each and
every leaf
all at one time
I fall, I fell
again and
well met by
let's call it
a night?)

It's a wonderful thing
to find out, clearly
I still love myself
whether or not
it's true of him
(and one more
round, shall we?
only because we

Goodnight dear

(Ah, hell, just one
TheRhymeRenegade Feb 2018
A heart so plagued and finally pacified
Some time has passed and I still can't look you in the eye
I search for hints of you in everyone I meet
but the conclusion that I'm left with is you can't be beat

Something about you can't seem to be topped
rationality screams desperately for me to stop
but for once the good seems to outweigh the bad
It's not typical for a girl like me to not be sad

and I find myself drowning in the undertow
I soothe my shakes and tremors thanks to Marlboro
I've been burned so much before that I come to expect it
my self-worth is crumpled where I left it

A hurt so hollow, rejection swallowed to my gut
Fading footprints I find and follow left right back and front
You may leave, but you always make your way back
In ways you don't even know that you have

Sleep disturbed, the darkest nightmares haunting me
I wake up gasping but you're still right here next to me
perhaps all of it is just irrational
but my track record is nothing short of laughable

So I refuse to let down my guard, stubbornly
read between the lines, and coax my heart, lovingly
I may not say it near as much as I should
but if I could open up all the way I would

A conversation had about intention
Will you be something lasting or a lesson?
I can't seem to find it in me to ask that question
for what its worth, I consider it a blessing
uncertainty in a new lover.
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