No Clicking Of Heels

I don't cry anymore
Because I know
Anything that lasts
Must go slow.

We burned it out
With passion hot.
I touched you softly
And found your spot.

Not the one
Between your legs
Or your neck
Or pulling hair while you begged.

Far deeper than that
Did we go.
To a place unknown
In our soul.

A place that scared
The living hell
To a point
We did bid farewell.

We burned it out
Before we began
To see each other
From end to end.

From heart to heart
From head to toe
From places beneath
That none will know.

To places far more vast
Than we can see within ourselves.
Places never written about
On tall bookshelves.

Places beyond
space and time
Where angels dance
Where all things rhyme

And gel within
To grow us far
From egos to souls
On other sides of stars.

Where did we meet?
In halls of school?
And where's that baby
We wanted, with coo?

And I think of this
From time to time.
Wondering how
To end this rhyme

This hell to heaven
All wrapped in one
The memories of pain
And so much fun.

Where we are together
Making love and peace
As gypsies do
Living in ease.

But all my logic
And all you feels
Can't bring us back home
By click of heels.

The storm is too great
In your mind from then.
Yet I'll dream of you
Until my end.

4 mins flat,
This took to write.
And it's done with love
Not worry or fright.

You're within me
And you just flow out
So it all much be true
I have no doubt

That you miss me too,
Now and then
And have great wonder
Why did we end

Or could we begin again.

My feels; your logic;
My logic; your feels.
But no fine answer;
And no clicking of heels.

I've tried.


Smarty Pants [aka NitWit;)   :*]
Jessi LouBob
Infamous one May 2013
Not an ordinary face got back in the crowd
Not making a scene or backing down
Introduced to new faces new ppl different routine
Would like to give it my all but the time will come
Don't run or be scared good things come to those who wait
It doesn't happen over night but when it does things will be great
A good day to meet new everyday hope the good comes my way
Overwhelmed things have changed its a blessing
I wanted it not its happening can't do everything at once but will fall into place
Kenan Eren May 2015
open the window, to
reveal the
constant clicking of
for comfort
of (continuity).
reveal to me:
your sighs say
or / but
    I am happy with myself
many only see the
and make me feel I need
(to caress, caress constantly, constantly)
Marisa Hope Jun 2015
The last time you were here my fan was making that annoying clicking sound it always makes.
I stood up on the bed, pushed the fan, and it stopped.
You said, "see, you're an engineer too."
I just smiled as you pushed me and pinned me down to the bed.
Now it's been over a month since I saw you last.
22 days since you last texted me.
I just don't understand what you want from me.
To be honest, you made me believe that you were the one.
The one I'd let it all go to.
I pushed comfort zones,
I tried to be the right girl for you.
I guess I was wrong.
And now every time my fan makes that annoying clicking sound, I think of you, and how you told me I was an engineer too.
Except this time,
it won't stop clicking.
The meter on my imagination is ticking away
a second here
a minute there
a moment together we will share
and my imaginings take to the air
with wings as loud as if tied to a heartbeat
and we shall meet
to devour the meter
the sweeter thoughts that enter in
and grin at me
almost but not quite another fantasy.

And when
I ask, for I am like all other men
perhaps I'm not for my imagination has got a million ways to plan together days that we will spend
in sending bluebirds
songs of true words.

The meter ticks but I will wait
it's never to late
to state a case or kiss a face or lips that taste of honeydew.
I wait for you
and you alone
to take you home and make you mine
and in the tied beat of a heartbeats time
the meter ticks away.
SøułSurvivør Jan 2017
We grow old like watches
The hands are stiff from work
Correct time reflected twice a day
A fact which leaves us erked
Having regularity
Becomes a real perk
Hearts left too long in the sun
Become completely jerked

We grow old like plumbing
Springing lots of leaks
Number 1 is hourly
The other once a week!
There's orthascopic searches
The plumbers take a peek
While the polyps and fistulae
Really have us freaked!

We grow old like locks & keys
You know, the skeleton kind
We can't unlock our hips & knees
We can't unlock our minds
We can't unlock our senses
Eyes & ears go blind
We can't get out of fleshy jail
We're really in a bind!

We grow old like vehicles
Our wiring starts to burn
Odometers spin like crazy
While our wheels refuse to turn!

We grow old like parchment
We pour out like a cup
We count the beats of clicking bones
The old want to be pups
While the crazy youngsters of today

Can't wait to grow up!

(C) 1/13/2017
Nightowl poetry (can't sleep EITHER! LOL!)
A clock ticks time by tirelessly
Gears winding like twines of string
With quaint clicking quickly quieting
Until finally time stands still

Broken glass of a smooth clock face
Gears halting in deformity
Glistening shards like the sands of time
Ceasing in their downward flight

A once beating ticking heart of life
Now is lost within a sleepless night
Once a momentum to continued light
Now falls to the ringing silence's might

Time broken into shattered deaths
Until there is simply nothing left
Maybe you've guessed; my nightstand clock broke. It's not like it was an antique that belonged to my great grandmother or anything. Oh wait....
Lilly Gibbons Jan 2015
There is no more mystery, no hidden gem,
No unfound treasure, no rock unturned,
No land untrodden, no holy ground,
#unfiltered all around.

No want for tomorrow, no story to tell,
No chinese whisper or wishing well,
No unheard tick of a clocks pointed handle,
No unchartered water or unlit candle.

No patience to bare just one more day,
No unscripted plays, leaving nothing to say,
No route unmarked, no map undiscovered,
No unbeaten tune, no songs uncovered.

No sitting, wandering what might never be,
Why bother wondering when google is free.

No crime unreported, yes, a marvelous thing,
But if crimes become nothings is war a greater thing?
No boundaries obeyed, as cultures melt together,
Empty replies downpour with "whatevers"

And we stand back to witness,
Life moving with such speed,
Unable to slow it, barely able to breathe!
Tunneling into Sunday with a
gift of self
I'm the number twelve on the clock
The copied , most followed bird in the flock
A dominate loblolly
The general of a fictitious army
I'm the sunny side of the yard
A one eyed jack wild card
Let my contemporaries be the paddle ,
for today I am their handle*....
Copyright February 26 , 2017 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Joshua X Noheart Jul 2012
Here he comes with head held up high,
His hues locked on my form, intensified.
I must show him my respect, because my detest, he should not detect.
And to detect such will only reflect egregious dialect.
He owns the crown of Ravens on his head.
And now that he has returned, I will forever drink out of the cup of lead.
What am I, if not dust?
And why should I listen to you if you are not the just, but instead; the corrupt?

Please, just shut the fuck up.

Your insessant irrelevant words mean nothing to me, do you understand?
And thus, you've become nothing more than just shell of your original self. bland.

Why must I prove myself to the hearts of men, when I already proved myself to the hearts of earth and sky?
Must you take your deeds to the sky and leave me here to die?
Tearing my own skin, I have been; to appease those who are nothing more than mere distortions.
The one with the crown of Ravens, when will you come and make amends?
Am I not sufficient enough to bend?

I know the result to such a bond.
An angel and a human...never to abscond.
PSR Mar 2016
Head hunched forward,
Brain plugged in,
Cyberspace awaits.
Fingers clicking,
Eyes scanning,
Detached from reality,
My hourly fix.
Oblivious to the world,
From flesh and bone.
Zoe Green Dec 2014
My piano sits against the wall

Hardly ever played at all

Things are stacked upon her mantle

Where once was music now just shambles

Creaking and clicking keys are everywhere

But no one seems to care

Who could love a piano untuned

My piano will fall apart soon

I look at her from far away

And my piano seems to say

*you too dear, are such a sight

for you see, you and I are just alike
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