JP Jun 2015
Love is cholesterol in the heart,
sugar in the blood.
My heart skipped a beat
Shaking hands won't let me sleep
I feel my labored heart
Popping in and out of my chest
My murmurs mean nothing
The hunger is hard to communicate
so I let the rhythm of my desperation
play out in Morse code
as my blood pumps at amazing rates
Your skin is salty and sweet
the perfect solution to my tasteless life
but they claim my way of survival is inhumane

My body begins to eat itself
the muscles and fat I harbor
disintegrate from armor to fodder
I eat away my insides with eagerness
Trying to beat the tape worms and maggots to the finish

I know I brought this on myself
When I bit off more than I could chew
My greed overpowered my need
I over-worked the fields to cinders
And only thought of providing for my own
I cursed the gods for my adversity
The buds of rice began to turn to stone
The fields no longer receive love
or the gentle touch of forgiveness

The gods favor those who wait
Those who expect nothing from their efforts
Those who do what is virtuous and selfless all on their own
Those that demand are met with empty hands
for they are but pretenders with no faith and no compassion
Panic and starvation plague their families
The beating of their hearts like a symphony of crickets
Go rampant through the night
Only to stop in the coldness of the sunless morning
Cholesterol clogging their hearts
you see i saw the dietitian this morning and i have to avoid foods

that are high in saturated fats, like low fat milk and low fat cheese

and sardines and tangarines and i have to lay low of coca cola

as well as snowdrops marshmallow chocolate, and i need to

really look after myself, in a way to make my cholesterol low

i can’t have hot chips except for oven fries, low in saturated fats

i can have gravox but it has to low in saturated fat not like fatrty gravy

i am having steak and broccoli and cauliflower tonight,

and i am grilling the steak

i bought some nuts for afternoon tea and i forgot to get the yoghurt

but i can have a tangerine for morning tea and a few nuts as well, dudes

next wednesday at the poetry slam, i am going treat myself to a coke or two

and get back into my meal plan after that is over

you see athena is going to work towards me not getting hungry between meals

but it might not work, seeing i am used to eating too much

you see i still have spurs in my foot, but athena is working towards making my feet comfortable

ya see dudes, i am going to try and make this work, i know i like coke as a cosmic drink

and it may improve the source of my life, but if i work to cutting down on coke

i might lower my cholesterol and i might feel better

you see i don’t want to go in the psych ward again, cause that is where the crazy people are

and i am not crazy, last time i was there i was a artist and writer and i performed

concerts to improve the quality of the inmates life

ya see, i like coke but i might need to cut back, so i can lower my cholesterol

and not make the dietitian say, there isn’t much point you coming here

and i think i will feel better, and think about the stories i want to write

but i don’t want to go to the nuthouse, because they are all delusional

so, dudes, i white roll with low fat cheese and sardine and tomato for lunch

i nibbled on nuts in the afternoon and for dinner i had steak and broccoli and cauliflower

and for tonights snack i will have a tangerine,

and i will try to do this every day, no cream buns for now, no coke for now

my mum will help me with some of the ingredients for what i am going to eat

sardines are good, and so is tuna and salmon

i want to save money, so if i cut back, not give up, just cut back on coke junk food etc

i will feel healthy, and if i feel angry i will write it out of me

like yummy srcummy cream buns and fruit and nut chocolates yuuuuuummmmmmmy

but athena is going to work to lower my cholesterol and make me feel better

because i feel like the forces of evil are trying to get me to do what i used to do, in 1989-90

and i still hear voices of people saying i am SHY I AM SHY, i can tell you one thing, I AM NOT SHY

i don’t want to get fought of killed and i want athena to help me from dying of high cholesterol

you see i don’t believe in fasting, and i want athena to heal my body, with each of my medications

you see i know i ran off my fat and then i became fat again, but then when i was running

i obseesed so much with it, i kept yelling at my schizophrenic voices, so running was really working

but in hindsight, i still want to walk, and hopefully i can get back into running again without the voices

so, come on guys, please help athena to bring my cholesterol down, ok
Chris T Apr 2014
such a greasy pan.
mornin' bacon sizzlin' - our
cholesterol high.
the first of many from new project because i'm bored.
Patrick Forrest Jun 2013
There's something so satisfying
About eating fast food in front of a gym.
Whether it's about watching other people
On their endless cycle of self improvement
And disappointment,
Or slowly embracing your own failures.

There's something about eating McDonalds
At four in the morning
Near the beach
Which says that you've really given up,
As the salty air floods your lungs
And the cholesterol hardens in your veins.

There's something about KFC for breakfast
After a long night out drinking,
Which makes you feel
Just how rotten you've become.
With your insides all rebelling,
Poisoning your body to match your soul.

There's something about eating fast food
Which is synonymous with the break
Of the human spirit;
And I'm so fucking tired
Of eating all this
Micheal Wolf Feb 2013
Can I rename you
You have lurked since Friday
Spoiling the fun
Now there's a day
Not enough of them
Well bacon butty time
That will raise a smile
And my cholesterol
Sod my diet
Francisco DH Sep 2014
I ate a drumstick
      And thought of your love
            Thick, juicy, and the cause of high cholesterol.

Then, I ate a cupcake
    And thought of your best-friend
              Sweet, Soft, and good when I take a bite.
on the table sat
a lone cream bun
everyone at the party
did of it shun

they were cautious
not to be tempted by it
as it contained
a huge cholesterol hit

the attendees
at the party
were a health conscious crew
and didn't wish
to be caught up
in an arterial  blocking slew

so the bun
ne'er got eaten
a mold grew on it
as all those
at the party
wanted their hearts
to stay ever fit

but exercising
a little moderation
in what is ingested into the tummy
would have allowed
a little cholesterol
which is ever so yummy

how sad the party day
was for the cream bun
everyone felt the need
to exclude its tasty fun
Anthony Williams Aug 2014
your brain is obese
it's 60 percent fat
and a quarter of that mess
is cholesterol -  and that's bad
like everyone's brain
although I have to ad
mine is 40 percent lean
so I can sell you my diet
of raw fish.. lentils.. beans
and the wisdom of this poet
on his fast track brain train
a thin title to start...
How Can I Be So Mean?
by Anthony Williams
tomsout001 Mar 2013
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Helen Mar 2014
now just an oil slick
on the road you took

just a bare scraping
on your toast
in the morning
Cholesterol levels
from invading
your mouth

just a small piece
of tissue paper
upon your chin
because the cut

but not enough
to waste
a whole square
of toilet paper
that might have been
for your overloaded

Where all this shit begins

and ends

*spread so thin
only able to dab
at the blood spilt,
unable to wipe
the crap from
your chin
AprilDawn May 2014

Hot biscuit of cheesy pleasure
come hither
I shall greet you with parted lips,
lust apparent in every cell.
don't shy away-
for you are mine alone
to savor ,
this  achingly empty basket
soon awaits my
lonely countenance.
Laine G and I   shared a common love  of   Red Lobster cheese  biscuits   ,  after a visit to the doctor  ,  my   friend was told her cholesterol was too high, and she would have to  cut way back  - I  wrote this for  her  :
Sworn Enemy

Cheese- riddled biscuit denial
discs from Hell
demand my unwavering allegiance
no more
for only in my dreams
are you innocent.
I wanted to tag these  poems" explicit" ! Love of  food  can be just  that ,  as well  as,  being told  you can't have it anymore...
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!
Time to get the breakfast on!
Little Johnny likes to cook,
No, he is no wussy sook,
He is cooking in his apron,
Yes, thirty pieces of bacon!
Johnny decides this is bliss,
As he gives his empty plate a kiss,
But Johnny now has cholesterol, you see,
That was yum, time for tea,
Now he's eating thirty chocolates, prithee,
All gone, Johnny has cholesterol and diabetes!!!!!!
Yes, Little Johnny is heading for obesity!!!!!!
Feedback welcome.
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