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Marshall Messi Jun 2018
The spiders have found the spot on your back you can’t reach
They grew into that monkey you can’t shake
But then you find The one.
There is she to identify that monkey
they all demand that piggyback ride your lower back can’t support
You thrash to frantic scramble then call them your own
We are a unit, let’s call it a family
We are now uncomfortable in our comfortability
Let’s call it love, call it what we know
Duct tape it together and say it’s fixed
Let’s call it love out of fear of the unknown
Smile for the photo, smile out of fear
Ham wasn’t happy, but we all saw his teeth.
KCibot May 11
Humanity sometimes evolves
much like time

Baby Girl
Baby Boy
What About U?
KCibot May 14
Humanity sometimes evolves
much like time

Baby Girl
Baby Boy
Monkey              Elephant
Witch                       Angel
Robotnick                Sonic
Ryan                          Evie
Love Unlocks
And I
I try to not make any
life altering decisions
when I don't feel in
my right mind, that is
mad, or simply
less than human
which isn't a bad
thing, I mean
in the absence of morals
even a chimp will end up
doing the right thing
but there I go
already bungling
one thought for
or, as I am wont to say

What a quandary, then
when the very thing I want
to change is what is making
me crazy (and I say change
because being a moral
animal ****** is not
an option unless I hire
a chimp and

I cannot even rely on
that whole ******* about
fight or flight- I am apt
to do neither while
being betrayed by
motor memory, no
I just sit and take it
dear and fight is not
the opposite of flight
nope nope nope
not around here

I've spent almost a decade
getting bashed around
the whole time remaining
as mute as a goldfish
(boy o boy- if goldfish
could *****! once again
I digress)

(Skip ahead ten stanzas)

I will not wait for her
to run out of weapons
there is no glory in
a war of attrition
although I do like
the idea of revenge
as long as it's done
thoughtfully and
with moral intent
or else with a chimp
let loose to eat her face
or not, I'll leave that
to Fate
I caught a quick glimpse of this poem before I logged in and saw that each of the cuss words had been replaced by several asterisks. Up until this .moment I had no idea poems or parts of poems are censored here. I'm guessing this wasn't some sort of glitch and it s likely many of my poems are riddled with asterisks (try saying THAT five times!).
What bothers me most is that it was only when I wasn't logged in as myself that I discovered this censoring aspect of hello poetry. I'd rather there be more honesty regarding ANY kind of altering of a person's poetry- is that too much to ask?
If I've (ever!) offended anyone I apologize, truly.
Bob B Nov 2018
Oh, the sensation, the media frenzy,
The spotlight, the fame, the hullabaloo,
When anti-evolution laws
Were challenged by the ACLU!

The year: 1925.
The place: Dayton, Tennessee.
To say it was an extravaganza
Wouldn't be hyperbole.

For many people it was hard
To find a way to reconcile
Biblical accounts with science,
So science found itself on trial.

A young teacher, John T. Scopes,
Was willing to face prosecution
For breaking a Tennessee law for having
Given a lesson on evolution.

The "Monkey Trial" it was called.
The challenge meant swimming upstream
For the feisty lawyer Clarence Darrow,
Who helped to lead the defense team.

A prosecutor was William Jennings
Bryan, who with no apology
Loved to stir up outrage against
Evolutionary biology.

Defendant Scopes quickly found
It wouldn't take long for him to know
What it was like to have a part
In a multimedia reality show.

The courthouse received a make-over:
Platforms for newsreel cameras were built;
Extra spectator seats were added.
They were playing the trial to the hilt.

Concession stands sold food and drinks;
Toy monkeys were on display;
A chimp was dressed in a suit and fedora;
The clergy also joined the fray.

The media and the public loved it!
The country watched the trial progress.
What would win: science or scripture?
The answer was probably easy to guess.

After an eight-day trial, the jury
Deliberated. Nine minutes later
They had their verdict: guilty! How
Could someone question THEIR creator?

Scopes had actually never given
The lesson. That's what he later said.
Strangely, five days after the trial,
Williams Jennings Bryan dropped dead.

Laws later changed, but even during
Current times, some people feel
That stories from the Bible should be
In science textbooks. Now THAT'S surreal!

-by Bob B (11-6-18)
It'd be an Easter that'd kick in the testicles all Easters past. We'd
celebrate the Christian feast of the slain, the car-less, the idiots &
apartment dwellers. Her purse would be heavy with Kate Smith's
meat: rhino, chimp, polar bear. I'd hang myself on her wordiness.
Her ***, her aspirations, her message to all Israelites. Never would
I doubt  her, nor could I resolve the differences between
my Mohammedan bros. & the one-worlders.
Star BG Apr 21
Inside box of crayons
lives a whole universe.
It pulsates for hand to grab
and explore an imagination.

Nebular's of colorful star energy
is embedded in its box
with no real walls.

Children know its power.
Adults do sometimes.
Even animals like chimp
Congo heard its call.

Inside box of crayons
magic lives where time stops
and noting can’t be achieved.

No mistakes are made
in its kingdom of colors.
the ticket is inside the box.
Inspired by Perry. Thank you for sharing your talent.

— The End —