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laura Apr 2018
got a lovely tatty on ya left leggy
got no motivation or inspiration
but that *** needs lotsa smackin'
or maybe mine does, red from your hands

bittercress amongst the flowers outdoors
warding dancing birdflit
of people friendly pudgy pigeons
man i hate the birds, the people

singing their arias, their liturgy
feeling like they know somebody
in the canon, me in the sheets listening
to their rumors, trying to break our secret
Carter Ginter Jun 2017
To my ex-girlfriend's rebound,

I was the one who told her you were ***,
so, in a way,
your experience was my fault
and for that I am sorry

While she did not cheat on me with you, you still served a purpose to her in a time of loneliness,
Those moments where she led you to believe that she cared for you and that she wanted something more

And I'm not mad at you for falling for her.
You've seen her,
you've heard her,
felt her touch and
the fire she lit inside when she looked at you

But you also felt the burn of her
leaving you.
You felt the prospect of having time with her tomorrow being ripped away like an old band aid

I know that feeling all too well,
I was not quite angry at you for kissing her-- or rather, letting her kiss you and falling for her inconsistency--I felt betrayed

Seeing as I knew you from class where
We'd shared deep poetry with one another,
and though we never spoke individually,
you heard the words that bled from my paper,
you could undeniably feel my devotion to her,
my undying love,
her unbearable significance in my life.
And then you had to rip a band-aid off of me too,
Simply to make yourself feel better

While I'm more than grateful that you disclosed your relations with her,
Trying to guilt trip me and hyperbolize the experience?
That is from where my problem grew

You made it out like I stole her from you when my biggest sense of pride in that relationship came from the fact that I
Not even once
Tried to contact her after she broke up with me

in the moment I begged for her back

But once I left her bedroom,
That was it.

every inch of me cracked under that pressure caused by the sense of drowning that came with her letting me go

And **** right I cried myself to sleep every night
Dreaming that she'd come back

for the second time,
She did.

When she called me that night,
at 3am balling her eyes out
Though skeptical,
I was there for her
She begged for a chance at forgiveness
And I gave it to her

Little did I know that
that same night
You had peeled yourself from her pillows when she asked you to leave
After all the
"cuddling" and

And yet

So while I still hold resentment toward you for your vengeance toward me
I thank you for being honest with me, even with the intended malice behind your disclosure

And I shouldn't hold on to this anger any longer:

I heard the pain in your voice when you came for your shoes and found me in her bed instead

I felt your anger as you flaunted your experience with her

And I know your pain at the realization that she lied to you and it all meant very little to her

She did it to me too

Then again, this grudge may be one of the last things still connecting me to her
And maybe I'm not ready to let that go
While writing this I realized that my not seeking her back after she left me may have been an indicator that part of me didn't want her back. She was an extremely toxic person and, while that relationship taught me lessons of love, both good and bad, I can't deny how much it damaged me.
Sara Kellie Dec 2017
My name is Sara, a transgender chick
Wanted a *****, was given a ****
I hide it in knickers of satin and lace
before sitting down to make-up my face,
Next the prosthetics, I'm using two bits.
Stuck to my chest, they'll do as my ****
Now for my legs I'll put on false tan,
I wouldn't do this if I were a man
Alternative nights, a t-girl delights
to sit on her bed and pull on new tights.
I'll put on a dress, a cute one no less.
Then for my shoes, high heels I choose
A sandal style shoe as every girl knows
not only looks cute, they'll show painted toes
A bit of eyeliner, eyebrow definer,
lipstick and blush, I'm now looking lush.
I stand in the mirror all ready to go,
there's only one question I just have to know.
"Does my *** look big in this?"

Poetry by Kaydee.
I wrote this poem in 2010 shortly after introducing myself as Sara to the world.
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
Little chick
under Abba's wing
intimate haven
of sweetest grace

Little child
learning to sing
of infinite joy
in Abba's face
"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, 'He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.' " 
 Psalm 91:1-2

"He called a little child and had him stand among them. And He said: 'I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.' "  Matthew 18:2-4

A lonely chick
Fall in love with a butcher

Knowing her lover will ****** her
The lonely chick just fall harder
She thinks, it doesn't matter
Because her life is already bitter

Other chicks torment her
While the other's swagger


One day, a rooster
The only one who talks to her
Ask, Why she falls in love with the butcher

Maybe it sounds funny
Her face becomes smiley
But, in reality he's not ******
He's more honey

He cheers me up when i'm lonely
Her face turn red shyly
He never say that i'm ****
He makes me feel worthy

Do you think it's a ***** trick
Answer the rooster
To fool a chick
And make her lunatic
Over something so sick

And who are you to critize?
The lonely chick cries

Can you blame her?
If she fall in love with grimm reaper
Because he has manner
To a chick who's got bluster

She screams
You treat her like airs
And jugde her when she shares
Never bother to see her tears

The lonely chick run
Leave the rooster that fall silent


The rooster feels pain
When he knows,
The love that he has shown
Never get known

I love you, the rooster whispers
That's why I stay
No matter what the others say
I won't leave midway

But, if my love leave me stray
What can i say?
Would anyone blame me if i betray?
I will go away
I'm tired with the love that gone astray


The rooster fall into despair
While butcher doesn't care
When the lonely chick die

He just think it's rare
To see a tear
With the color of cystal clear

I'm gratified
To die in the arm of my beloved
That's what the lonely chick said
Before she gone to death bed
Your the one son being rebellious little darlings here comes
the sun drenching delicious but wait those cloudy days
watch out the hunters run ducking our heads like babies
wetting and water squirting beds getting too saucy
  ten O clock playpen the daring duck gourmet sauce
Orange you glad all her rich creme spread across
her penpals
Do you trust those gals too country slick on Newsweek

Getting paid he is the longest laid egg all grilled we are
not thrilled here is the "Chuckie Duckie" doll those *****
barbie collectors they are sitting duck Graphic Artist
Not one quack doll plastic surgeon duck lips she thinks
shes the hot stuff romantic "French" lips up the
"Eiffel Tower" splash splash she is out of cash
Those hot items presidential poll what a lost soul

Too much blue yes attention swan dancers Springtime
Not  the red attention yellow instead ****** please
I need a  journey not the "Attorney" such a ****** case
When you need them they always duck
When they have a new quack case they are ruining
my image
Duck tapesty Carol Kings youve got a friend

I'm feeling yellow homesick on your feather duck pillow
The same yellow tie a different atmosphere Go- Spa
She's flirting do you know where your going how is
life treating you he's giggling way too wild on her
goose chase
  Losing our grip down to her chicken bone hip
Duck season not much time for love being hunted

The Spa  la la ha have Merci' oh la la 'Disco Duck"
The wild ones the only ones quack- quack the
lonely ones
At the waterfront trip to "Chinatown" they let
them hang to dry but why Dad? They are better
like the delicacy shark finn soup we need a Spa
lucky green group Irish eyes are smiling stories
of ducks

I am  not buying do you see duck climb the
          "Eiffel Tower" yellow as a canary
All talk-talk is cheap lets talk French Mom walks
With her pretty duck handle umbrella we waddle
The penquin what a beauty swan feather pen
  But she's the"Prima Donna" look out!

The slingshot Marilyn Monroe wiggles out
                  The "Spa- Ma"
                 Don't  Scramble me darlings
                    Breakfast eggs cagefree
                     *          *          
My little chickadees organic brown on my gown
Spa duckies traveled the whole Atlantic town
The longest pond sleeping like "Rip Van Winkle"
twinkle twinkle
doublecrossed the street you get one dermerit
Sesame street Big bird how many words in duck
vocabulary quack- quack who get's the duck star

Mars from Men women go to the Spa like the bad
omen and they don't leave tap tap chop chop
I want it now!! Its now or never why does she always
get **** duckling book delivered
Lazy goose she is the spoiled rotten egg how
do we love those  I apples
Carrots are for the eyes Mom always gets bird eyes

My little chickadees the Alaskan cute puppies
Big salute to the cutest duck feet "God Bless America"
  Visa  American Express Daffy Duck in Disney mess
the real picture "Mona Lisa" getting the duck
         Prime  chop minister
"Parliament Spa" prices so sinister
"Eat Duck and Pray" the  southern biscuits
more recruits

My cute rookies those duckier cookies another Spa day
So prim and proper teatime with "Queen deck"
  Alice in rabbit hole-Santa candycane poles cute chick
is homesick you better sent her money quick
The ducky bib the Chinese duck soup won ton
The feather fan she loves her Sushi roll Hollywood
Style California all duck drama
The best treatment duck made carpet

On the "Disney Hollywood" deck "Epcot"
On the futon what diction for a duck "My Fair lady"
Got the whole fortunes bed
The duck on the hill what a fool but the monk
Is the whole spiritual existence
The peacock's longest wait for lobster tails
centerpieces red bird Robin fly Robin Fly

Disco ball fancy tails she ended up up up to the sky
Her duck sunglasses a dozen ***** spin's the disco
The Duck Pop singer wants him back
High price or a short mack duck shooter attack
Food for thought homesick all saucy duck tie waiter
Cinderella rags to ducklings I went to "Woodstock"
Imagine me the teenager chick the duck split

Fill wing concert sky made a hit
The blues love is strange chick-lets are yellow
Like clock work what a duck work out orange          
        Duck handle umbrella               
 Duckies I pledge to you College Preppies
The chick feeder Ain't nothing but a hound dog
      Elvis heart breaker bird-brain feeder

  Moms duck sugar cookies
******* Jack one prize quack quack
 Huckleberry Finn paper boat old billy goat
  In the drowned mans eye holy ducks he delivered
I will blow you down duck horn the day you
were born
Having a third eye one duck Wendy 4 for a 4

Notre Dame church tragic but saved
   The  Easter yellow chicks

To Rome lend me your feathers no secret ears
Sticky Fingers she lost her writing finger in the
pond  OH! look whats beyond so kind
With her duckling apron dress he ducked
The chatty cat "City Dr Seuss"

Wearing duck boots those duck lips played her
like the fancy feast
The teachers pet the ducklings cute darlings
Spa cream she quite the flabber belly dancer
The ballet swan achiever "Spa One Day tripper"
The **** duckling changed to beauty witch
Holy-land or duck pond Mickey's ears

Stand up daffy duck comedian Las Vegas
Godiva Peking duck soup flapping swishing
The Big Ben red whose been sleeping in my
duck wing bed
The car stops he hiccups cute bebops
The guardian angel quack quack any luck
Yummy raspberry pie someone delivered

Christmas Scrooge all tears
New York lights camera I love my
        Serendipity chandeliers
Those duck tear drops last stop
Or you die__your still quacking
       Just in time said I
           Fly Robin Fly

     Saved my baby chick lovely
     Cradled her to love her
          Dr Seuss read
Its about all speculation dreaming need of a nature cool environment ;our eyes up get your cafe favorite cup my baby chicks  words will give flight and I hope you will feel just perfectly right with her duck lips  Quack Quack
At Chick-fil-A the other day,
dropped a soda and
saw four flies,

Looks like flies
are attracted to
...but they
also eat ****.

Women hate flies...
...think they're unnecessary.

They are unnecessary.


-you are.
Kevin Hayes Dec 2018
Like a bird
We have a lot depending on
the right direction.

But Unlike it
We have too many doubts
and questions.

Spread your wings
but don’t span out nervously.

God gave moral compasses
to Guide us personally.

Never be afraid
to go and do your best.

Keeping pulling straws
until you’ve built your nest .
Kara Jean Jul 2016
I am a woman
Dyed blond
Peer pressure I guess
Nice *****
I don't conform
Not because I'm informed
I'm padded room crazy
A wild Daisy
My hair represent the free spirit
Then I cut it off in rebellion
I will light you on fire
You never were a desire
Leave me, I wont be crying
You always be wondering
I'm that insane chick that keeps you staring
Just having a little fun
Kara Jean Jun 2016
She is obscene, ******* inbetween
I shouldn't haven't to explain what that means  
Only a handleful don't find her scary and overwelming
Ok so I'm letting the angry apple flavoring do all the writing
Who is really listening, honestly  
This psychotic chick will always be the one and only
Sorry if you were expecting me to sing
I suppose this was not enough
Oh well I'll keep sipping while you're guesstimating the measures you should be taking
Here's a secret, I mentally teeter totter unstably
So does the rest of poetfreak
Let's start a toast and forward the drinking
Lady K Milla Sep 2017
I am the who hides like a hermit at the shell of my typewriter
With the sound of bells and rings to each of my lines
I am well aware I was born at the wrong era of time
I know that my soul is much older than my mind
I make mistakes,
some worse, some better,
than we all make in life
It’s a crumble, a throw-away
Another paper to replace
As I start fresh with my chin
and shoulders held high
Unplugged to the noise
that comes from outside
Fingers placed delicately in line
As they wait for the command
of my thoughts arranging in order
Composing the keys that pound
against the ink ribbon
An orchestration of the typewriter as my mind begins to sing
I am moved by the utterance
of my own writing
Fingers dancing to every beat
And for that reason I will always be hiding
In a room, with grey walls, sitting on a hard wooden seat.
Cné Jun 2017
Trying to find a place to ***
I went behind a big o'l tree
She saw me there
Completely bare
Then we became a WEE!!

Oh the deepest trouble, *****
Playing with girls, that sin
just ware these words
don't think her absurd
when she wondering says, "is it in?"

So glad for you, on getting some
while relieving yourself, on the run
Girls that sin
bored, did she ask, "Did you ***?
Or are you done?"

Sorry boys, just having fun!

Hey, welcome aboard
if you're feelin' bored
just give it a rub
but not a snub
that's how we scored

Y'all are so bad, yes it's true
just tell me when your through
pushing, pulling
tweaking, fulfilling
your hands now full, of goo

How could I be bored, with the likes of you two
in need of rubbing, please don't be blue
Make no mistake
I have what it takes
especially, for men well overdue

Talented and beautiful too
always pulling it through
it must be fate
it's always so great
getting a tugging, from you

Walking the streets before dawn
you looked and her light was on
you saw her fare
but didn't care
and wonder where your money's all gone

Poor Bill, he never did learn
he saved all the money he could earn
to pay a sweet lady
at place that was shady
and wonders why his pecker still burns

Bill never learned his lesson
the burn just grew, not lessened
he never went back
his pecker he lacks
no more ****** sessions

The ladies of the evening
sights beyond believing
the things they do
while making you
penniless, and leaving

A working girl, works it
with Johns, turning tricks
and f¥€king
can't blame her, for getting you sick

The doctor told her to take a break
her body one day, might break
all that cavorting
and oral contorting
she just really loved, her tube steaks

He told her to take a seat
when she really wanted a treat
she was feelin' dry
and wasn't shy
And so she went after his meat

Cruising the streets just chillin'
searchin' for a chick just millin'
She shook her ***
I couldn't pass
Oh, well, another shot of penicillin

Something's wrong with Suzy
something oozing, from her coozie
she scratches at an itch
her john's just call her a *****
that's the sum of it, laying down, with floozies

Suzy was rode hard, put up wet
with men on the street corner she met
Wiggling her ***
for just a little cash
***** status. she earned, you bet

Disclaimer: It just gets sicker from here...

Went to the bathroom to sit on the ***
I like to **** while I'm on the clock
There wasn't any paper
I used a finger scraper
I might better had used my sock

Now if there's one thing I know
being a clock, that's fast, and not slow
fingers be scraping
flecks are escaping
****, will under the fingernails, go

Cné to James
Please wash your hands before you eat
Be careful cruisin' down the street
or chillin'
with penicillin
I fear a terrible peril soon, you will meet!
Joseph Zenieh Jul 2018

I took my rifle and l went
to nearby forest birds to hunt.
When l got there, l saw a bird
whose chick fell down through sad event.

The hen was flying with a cane;
it hovered where its chick was thrown.
It urged the chick to perch on it,
but it was too young to have known.

I held the chick and placed in nest,
and its mum set its mind at rest.
It twittered and gave me the cane
and flew to nest with heart so blessed.

I threw my rifle on the ground,
returned with that gift in my hand,
with a happy heart that blessed my act,
and a cane on lips with greatest sound.

Michael John Dec 2018
like a chick pea
burst in the micro
will terminate
our civilization so

a glance to skyward
that is all we´ ll know
a bit of buzzing
a bell will go

a giant portal open
we will do
the state of
that too but

the end..
great no
cubed through

now later
just a little

******* hot
slammed shut
some growth..
Marla Feb 20
Stars twinkling bright
Through the still cold,
Their auras hushed
By such infinite darkness.
Even if we are but earthlings,
Our bones rattle with longing
As they search on for something;
Like what some would call-


Perhaps this arrival will serve to be
What we've yet deciphered:

Eternity and infinity coalescing
Into what Chick calls our-

Return to

Nassif Younes May 2016
I wouldn't **** a piece of meat
But I'd **** a woman.
I'd tell her she's the hottest one in the room
Even when she isn't
Because one
Is better than none.

I wouldn't **** a *****
But I'd **** a woman.
I'd tell her I'm two years older
Instead of eight
Then take her beginner's ******* to the altar
In my mind
And appease my teenage ghosts.

I wouldn't **** a chick
But I'd **** a woman
Right in her hatch
And break every ******* egg
That tries to pop out.

I wouldn't **** a bird
But I'd *******.
I'd take that voice that used to sing me to sleep
And **** it shut forever.
I'd **** those graceful ******* wings right off you
So you never go soaring again.
I'd take those ******* talons
That flew my heart to the heavens
Then plunged it into the ground
And ******* until they snap.

I'd **** your vibrant exotic ***
Down to your last ******* feather
And I'd still *******
Whenever you wanted me to
So you could stand over me
On my sore ******* knees,
Unmask this belligerent brute and behold
The broken child inside.
Ryan O'Leary Dec 2018
I had an Irish chicken
in France, found her on
the road at Killavullen,
near Mallow close to the
Cognac Brandy family
ancestral home, which
is called Bally Mac Moy.

Had it been a ****, I
would have christened
him " Mac Poule ".
I was driving from
Mallow, in Ireland,
to France via Wexford.
For a change, I went
by the river Blackwater
which passes as the foot
of Bally Mac Moy house.
There was a hen on the road,
and sure, why no bag her and
take her to France, I thought.
What was odd, I went via
Bordeaux, passed by Cognac
where Hennessy (the Irish family)
have a distillery. Can you imagine,
if I went in and met Frederique,
Bonjour Monsieur, J'ai trouve votre
poule proche Le Pont de Killavullen!
Big Virge Oct 2014
Ya know .....  
I have one now ... !!!  
but ... hear the sounds  
of people complaining  
in different towns  
A woman one day  
had this to say .....  
"This ***** keeps saying  
all types of things  
on my Facebook Page  
as if my thoughts  
shouldn't get airplay !!!!!"  
Well to me ... Her Lines  
meant Facebook ... Shine ... !!!  
Why ... ???  

Well ... because her views  
play a different tune  
to them and those  
who drop ... THAT PROSE ...  
which ... CLEARLY ... shows ...  
what's up ... Their Nose ... !!!!!!  
Something .... BROWN .... !!!!!!!!!!  
What's with these clowns ... ?!?!?!  
Folks ....  
It just goes to show ...  
that ... ******* go ...  
with ... BIG EGOS ... !  
Could it be ... Crack ... ?!?  
that's got her on ...  
"Facebook Attacks !!!" ...  
Well ......  
Here's ... My Pitch ...  
to you ... Facebook ***** ... !!!  
Unhook yourselves ...  
from where I dwell ...  
but ... Don't Dismiss ... !!!  
These here ... Lyrics ... !!!  
When you see ... My Posts ...  
Please ... just do this ...  
Adopt ... That Pose ...  
and yes ... Double Click ...  
where you see ... " QUIT " ...  
and make ... Your ... EXIT ... !!!!!!  
A ... Nice ... Quick Fix ...  
for your obvious ... " Glitch " ...  
to act ... " Foolishly " ...  
before you ... " THINK " ... ?!?  
which is a ... Habit ...  
You ... NEED TO ...  
... " MANAGE !!! " ...  
Is this ... what you ... REALLY ?  
Have one ... for ... ???!???  
to wage ... Cyberspace War  
with ... Lyrical Swords ...  
that aren't ... Sharp Enough ...  
to cut through ... The Stuff ...  
that Clearly gets you ...  
... in a ... " Huff " ... !!!!!!  
So you ...  
" Huff and Puff " ...  
All ... Facebook Tough ... !!!  
But ....  
That's NOT ... Tough ... !!!!!!!  
All it proves ...  
is that ... Your Moves ...  
are ... Shady, Hazy ...  
Thought waves ... CRAZY ... !!!  
thinking that ... befits a ... " Baby " ... !!!  
Facebook hype ...  
has got these types ...  
acting like ...  
" They've Lost their Minds ... !!!!! "  
Girls and ... Guys ... ?!?  
Women and ... Men ... ?!?  
Hiding behind ...  
Facebook pretense ...  
Their Facebook Friends ...  
and posts contrived ...  
to prove how wise ...  
and ... EVER SO ... Nice ...  
these people are .....  
who have ... " NO LIVES " ... !!!  
2000 friends .... !!!!!  
on ... Facebook ... Yes .......  
Very ... Popular ...  
like a piece of ... "****" ... !!!  
that likes being ... licked  
by ... Any Old Chick  
or being ... " Sticked ! " ...  
by .... " THOSE ! " ....  
"Naaaarrrsssttty *****" ... !!!  
Is this what you ...  
REALLY .....
have one for ... ?!?!?  
"Really man ...  
don't you ever use it ...  
to try to uplift ...  
and share something ...  
that helps our kids ... !?!  
" Oh right, You DO !!!!! "  
You ... "FaceTime" ... yours ...  
now they're ... abroad ...  
because they ... RAN ...  
away from ... YOU ... !!! "  
"Oh your fam and friends  
in far away ends ...  
that's how you stay  
in touch with them !"  
"Okay that's cool  
but tell the truth ..."  
"It's once a year  
that they call you  
to bend your ear  
about THEIR issues !!!"  
Now ....  
Calm down your mood  
and don't be rude  
it's just ... MY VIEW ...  
on Facebook crews ...  
Who ... think they're cool ...  
Posting this ... and ...  
Posting that ...  
Until someone ...  
points out some ... FACTS ...  
or ..... Even worse ...  
Points out the ... FLAWS ...  
in post they've made ...  
that have ... No Cause ...  
than to get people ...  
to message you ...  
and say,  
"Hey dude, your post was cool !!!"  
" Vacuous CRAP ! "  
that just ... attracts ...  
the flies who ... Lie ...  
in ... " Venus Traps "  
Hoping to escape  
when they've .......  
Long since made ...  
A page of ... " Farce " ...  
to build a ... " Facade " ...  
that proves their thoughts ...  
come out their ........... ???? ............  
.... " Perverted Minds " ....  
You're bound to see  
****** imagery ...  
I think ... You'll find ...  
on their ... Timelines ... !!!  
It is what it is ....  
This Facebook thing ...  
Built to consume ...  
Peoples' thinking ...  
and built to ensure ...  
Egos get .... Poured ............................  
It's a ****** disgrace ...  
don't you people ...  
feel ... " Ashamed ?!? "  
Such forums should be ...  
used for more ...  
than ... waging war ...  
or trying to impress ...  
these ... " Cyber ****** " ... !?!  
This question I guess ... ???  
is for ... " Face-Hooked " ... hoards  
Is this what you ...  
REALLY ... have one ... for ?
Social Freaking Media ... !?!
Bryce Aug 2018
And now there would come a time
a swift sharp clock on the bed
Blaring its little chime in between the hard bells
Like an angry little arm
Charming if not for the alarm

And everyday I slap the face of it
Like an unwanted *****
And she is silenced
Quick unlike
Said chick

But I am a cruel guy and have no sense of wet and dry
Nor cool or heat
There's nothing bothering me

Time just ticks off and I laugh at it

But my cells divide and turn into little old protoplasmic men
And yet I am not called upon them
Because they are stupidly designed and I have no sympathy for arts and crafts
No masterman
who failing to raise his hand
Clams up
With such poor artwork

Slap that ***** in the dilapidated sistan

Now In San Francisco
Where the alley streets stink of ***
And the European facades are just that
And full of ****
And what yet are they dreaming to be?

The church that survived fire
Great conflagration
God didn't make a rainbow at the end of that,
Now did he?

He's a water-sign
And water only jolts your mind
When it scatters true light,
Ain't that right?

But it's all the same
Just different hues
And the news
Isn't new
Just Blaring and yelling
And speeding television crews
Riding their stories
Up and down the many stories
Trying to build a city of angels
On a bituminous hill


No life skills

And I walk the city streets with a **** old leather
Casing the joints and rolling my own
Unhappy and alone
Kerouac and the dreams on the monangular input where the triangular avenues meet
And he has no road

While airplanes shake their jets on the tarmac and trebuchet into the air
Going god knows where
Seeing a new piece of the sculpted pinball
Perpetually trapped in the machine

How bout Nippon
Or Hangujin
Or Han Chinese
Or Berlin
Anywhere but when
A little ways along the state
Of "in"

All these strange things
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