Joseph Bruin Jan 2014

I sit upon an impossible throne,
The world's most comfortable chair.
It's all I'll ever wish to own
Though I forget it's even there.

My chair is ergonomical,
Conforming right to me.
Whatever I find desirable
It suits every want and need.

I feed it everything I have
But it never is enough,
Everyday my fingers bleed
Stuffing it with fluff.

I only see in front of me,
My chair it does not turn.
And as far as I can see
My chair is the whole world.

My chair is all I'll ever know
I seldom choose to leave it.
It scarcely ever lets me go
It's all I can believe in.

I don't know what I'd do without it,
Perhaps get up and get a life.
But instead I'll sit and stagnate,
Dying in my own delight.

An odd allegory for consumerism
Isaac Fox Dec 2014

I've left behind what was once in line,
Countless demeaning remarks,
All forgotten, except "I'm done trying."
Words won't leave you dying,
It's whats behind them that sting like poison darts.

Every morning on my way to see her, and everyone I knew,
I passed two chairs, translucent, that you could barely see through.
Looking back on it now, after all this time
I can compare the curiosity, compassion,
the peak, and downfall, line by line.

Those chairs endured the most beautiful of days,
to the days where I felt as if I were in a maze,
Lost,                         dazed
One day a chair ripped, from the foundation.
I threw away the second one along with it,
One chair was wrong for every situation.

Hours become minutes, when you embark
on each second with no intent on finding out
where you'll end up, without a doubt.
I wonder when I'll get lost,
because I'm starting to regret the price I had to pay,
by refusing to stay, would be the ultimate cost.

mark john junor Oct 2014

grey and worn
the lawn chair has dead leaves stuck to it
its one bent arm an expression of pained indifference
mud clings to its feet
and a single vine like a thin snake
wraps its way across its frame seeking the sun
i pull at it to set the chair right
to seat myself
and suck at the breeze from the open field
marvel that a cow stands not five feet away
silently watching my every move with a wary eye
lunching on the grass and weed
but the chair now uprooted from its long held position
seems more than ever a proclamation
of mans intent to be seated here on heavens lawn
clear illustration of the intent that you are supposed to
take this bent greasy seat
sit at your leasuire
in the bountiful sunshine
it is one of a dozen in the field
in this beautiful slice of heaven

the lawn chairs
litter the field like broken teeth
set in a line that wanders across the wilderness growth
each having suffered from years standing in the open field
two almost completely consumed by bushes
one had been tossed into the tree
where time had swallowed it into the bark
this broken and brutalized fence of chairs
these lawn chairs of heaven's field
sit in this beautiful place some would say eyesore
i say artwork of life's randomness...
what party of fools once sat here
dressed no doubt for the occasion
perhaps celebrating
perhaps mourning
then got up from these plastic seats
and left them behind as testament
to that forgotten day...
so i sit in heavens lawn chair
a mute salutation to my unknown compatriots
who painted this pastoral scene
of plastic in a field

Fred Kinard Nov 2013

Musical Chairs:
Worst than someone pulling you down a ladder.
Worst than not having a liver to filter your bladder.

The enemy of enemies is your lover when night falls begins.
Wash away all that is not true in the morning forget your sins.

Toast to highest and dash past the library with less knowledge.
Tip the stripper as she dance and wish to get your balls polished.

The last to sit down will stand forever lost in a typhoon.
Keep turning a blind eye to the obvious life will past by soon

the shops were
packed out to-day
everyone was on
a shopping foray

all I wanted
was four dining chairs
but the furniture store
had none of these wares

the shopping experience
is oft fraught with distress
especially when one can't get items
which bring happiness

I'll have to resort
to shopping online
at least there
I can obtain what I so pine

it is time for me
to do a Google search
to find four dining chairs
made out of birch

Sam Schedler Jan 2012

The trip complete there’s nothing left
Save for the souvineirs.
It was a blast, a welcome rest
I’ll think of it for years.

But here I am at LAX
No dream, no cardigan.
I’ll have to wait a hundred years
Just to lift off again.

Don’t get me wrong the airport’s nice,
The smell is odorless?
The chairs, the chairs, Oh god, the chairs:
The source of my unrest.

I’ll sit and sit and try and sleep
but always: no avail.
The strangers stare, don’t offer help
They watch me as I flail.

The pillow doesn’t offer rest
The armrest pokes me, merciless
My mind white-hot and furious

Just calm down.

Relax your self.

It will all be over soon.


Denied:  my only boon.

during the evening after tea,

we wondered who had invented the chair,

so that we can sit, so, and sew.

perhaps the rock was too hard,

nothing to support the back,


period drama would be

oddly different without the chair.

the conversation moved on to

pumpkins, these days, and

noises made by porcupines.

seems Barry went to see the

capybara too.


Rachel Doty Apr 2015

Round and round and round
We go
When we stop
No one knows
Hurry hurry,
Claim your spot
Unless you want
To be called out
The song is playing
A love tune
Ain't it ironic
When you're alone?
You see the one
You want to claim
It beckons you
And calls your name
Closer, closer
You come to it
Euphoria will
Be experienced
The senses heighten
The song will end
Could it be true
That you will win?
A sudden pause
The music stops
You weren't ready
Your jaw drops
You pause to blink
It becomes blatant
That all the good ones
have been taken

I've been reflecting for a while on the whole "single and ready to mingle" thing. Personally, whenever I like someone, I always find out they have an SO after I've already fallen for them. So that was my inspiration for this piece. Hope you like it!
Kyla Jan 2012

Reckless could no longer describe us.
Our movements become a pattern, a series of gives and takes.
We've taken comfort in the creak in the floor.
We look for stability in the reliability of each other.
We have forgotten that this is where we started,
but found its never to late to return.
So we may have become
and returned to each other.
Our lives have been worn by the break of each new day,
but we count few ways
to waste our days
better than

Breathe in
Cucumber Melon lotion
Breathe Out
Cigarette Smoke

Sit down
with your empty eyes
and drink
from that full cup of joe

Been There
Done that
Fell off pedestals
Slipped into slums

Re-arranged the seats of life
and got sick of surface girls

Nest Egg cracked
Ceilings fell
Humptey Dumptey
they say...
he never got well

Copyright © 2009 Jacqueline Ivascu
Vyscern Apr 2016

Rielly on Wheelchairs:

"Now those are my kinda wheelz"

Me on Wheelchairs:

"The hardest part to eat when eating a vegetable"

Outta Nowhere!
Katie Sep 2014

"I just can't even"
no you really fucking can
I pinky promise
that is is more than possible
for you to finish
your goddamn sentence

and I can barely finish a poem
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