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I was a

Not a

Not a

Not a

Nor a

Not a

Not a

Not a

I was
A Bobcat




A Bob

I was
Of us



Only if

We keep this
Planet alive

And neither can any of
Us I may be disabled and

I was abused as a child
Maybe that's why it's so

Forking easy to know that
Things are not right right now

We can still fix this though...
You cannot oppose decadency then tell me nothing is sacred
You cannot tell me I'm too sensitive then barrage me with hatred
You cannot preach guidance if your moral compass is latent
And act so cavalier while advocating patience

You cannot tell me you love Jesus and throw his teachings in a forge
Recast them in the flames to a weapon for your scourge
You cannot read me scripture and cast the exile aside
For the blessed are the weak but not the weak of mind
Kenn Rushworth Mar 2018
She sat by me, in her skirt, hand grenade green,
And an off-white blouse obscured by a jacket with dust in its seams,
Like leather, like elderly skin, like a crossword puzzle with half the letters filled in,
She sat by me and spilt her sentences and her tea:

She claimed her husband had been killed by a cabal of spiritualists,
Killed by a bull elephant in the streets of Nepal,
Killed by the seven plagues,
And never killed at all,

That he was once a number
Somehow both perfect and prime,
That he was Prime minister of the sea,
And independent of time,

That his bones were cracked marbles
Bought from a widow in Tennessee,
That his name continued to escape her,
But that he looked something like me,

Leaving I saw her wings drag her heavenward,
I saw her terrible wings,
As I stumbled and veered from concrete to tarmac
I heard the pavements start to sing:

“I was once a flowerbed,
My father was a field,
My mother was a source of light,
Before which all the people kneeled.”

Then lost in the eye of daytime and night,
Drawn to the moustache of a Spanish racketeer,
He was once abandoned by his books and his babies
In the boot of a broke-down cavalier,

His pasts and ideas caught up to him,
And gripped him by his belt and his teeth,
His pasts gripped him in quiet of his nightmares,
And slashed his arms in the street,

Visions shook me by the bleeding palm,
Her terrible wings now pinpricks for the moon,
Visions shook me as deities died,
With eyes like a card-trick and fingers like doom,

Then stuck in the endless space between words;
She sat by me, in her skirt, hand grenade green;
Stuck in the endless space between words;
And an off white blouse obscured by a jacket with dust in its seams...
a simple explanation: i am his friend
i can feel it


not my fault should he be the wrong one. up to
the Owner to find the right one
I have had enough of today
once again

the branches on the ground and
the ruins of the excited One
tried to fix him
"It will never work," Red said in Melancholy
lost it

little bit of understanding: Run With The Dogs!
cavalier. "competitively being

this attack
his defence
Would you?

too much understanding. That is it.
too much intelligence. That is it.
Intelligence; all dogs are stupid. They Have
to be stupid go after the Mechanical
instead of the real

he: another employment
Ma Diva veut  être meublée de parenthèses
De ïambes de jade meuble aux couleurs de toutes les toques
Et manches et casaques de l 'arc-en-ciel
Toque blanche manches vertes et casaque noire,
Toque rose manches blanches et casaque verte.

A l'intérieur des petites lunes enchantées
Entre losanges, étoiles et petits pois
Ma diva, oh la vilaine,  a mis des accolades et des crochets
De jade blanc, digressions  ponctuées périodiquement
Par d'exquises parties de ïambes en l'air.

Qui dit ïambe dit trochée
(me suis-je permis de préciser)
Et qui dit ïambe et trochée dit scansion
Alternance dans le pied, donc dans la marche
Dans le pas cadencé, l 'amble, le trot  et le galop
De la respiration longue et brève des solipèdes.

A l 'intérieur des parenthèses enchantées
Entre une espace et l 'autre de l 'écurie
J'ai vu danser ainsi une diva de forte encolure
Revendiquée modèle de Botero
Embarquer en longe un soleil pas trop chaud
Pour égayer le paddock de son haras
De vieilles pierres et de prés, de sous-bois et de beaux paysages
De musées et de concerts et de galipettes
Au bras d'un cavalier épicurien
Dragon de paille, bon à tout faire :
Lad qui la sorte à la longe
En chemise polaire de luxe
Cavalier qui la monte
Au grand steeple-chase de l'immortalité
En cajolant ses flancs de liqueur de jade blanche
Et  en même temps  groom qui la soigne
En divaguant en elle au gré de ses envies
De pierre semi-précieuse en transe.
Michael Mar 10
This is a story from the Army Apprentices School, Arborfield, which was not far from Wokingham in Berkshire. I started my soldiering there on 15 January, 1959. It was a memorable first day because on the way there, through a window of the London to Wokingham train I saw a real, live cow and that evening, in the cookhouse, I had a pint *** smashed over my head. Anyway, this poem relates to the passage of information and the dangers of misinformation, and in a way is relative to my first day.

(While waiting for a train)

A bombardier and corporal were arguing the toss
About a job they had to do, about who should be boss.
The corporal said 'it should be me. You know the way we train.
My being in the Infantry means that I have the brain
To make sure job gets properly done, and doing it is really fun.
That being said - this job, you know, we really ought to flick it.
Would you believe they have us down to run a fire-piquet?

Replied his mate, the bombardier, 'even if it's cavalier,
I'm the one that fires off gun so I should get to have the fun.
And working the Apprentice School appears to me to be quite cool.
These AT's., they know their stuff, and work they'd never think to cuff.
Why, one even told my daughter, ‘on fire you never use hot water.'
Perplexed, his mate then asked 'why not, use h2o when it is hot?'
'Stands to reason' said his mate (they stood at Railway Station),
'Hot water on a burning fire just ups the conflagration'.

The two both spent that weekend off at home and in the yard.
Concluding individually the task was just too hard.
And so, selectively, they chose (so soon as they got back)
To do the work at Arborfield a smartly dressed lance-jack.
A Fusileer with bright cockade, four GEC's and bright
(though he said he'd had to give up two for getting in a fight).
He drilled the boys of Arborfield exactly as he orter
Whilst urging them to 'never, ever, ever use hot water'.
Haberdashery hauberk harbinger harangue equilibrist, harpy harsh hast severities.
Inane inert inertia innate, juxtaposition maenad ethos affinities.
Putrid quasi queasy pathos, emanate imminent perdition acerbities.

Agnate aggregate anathema android amalgamated, predication contract.
Glutton paradoxical dichotomy greaves, gauntlets gamut catalyst abstracts.
Ambidextrous amatory prelude amaze, analeptic adrenergic analgesia analytics extract.  Annex annul.  

Clairaudience clairvoyant omnipresence presage, omnipotent omnificent omniscience.
Pantheism parapet paradigm intuition, prognosticating prosthesis prediction.
Prolific profuseness profundity prosaic, nimbus nimiety nitty gritty, intrados rubato.

Venerable divinatory deity deify veneration, delineate demagoguery ecstasy, agonist agog.
Dream gleam cream seam beam team, serene ravine green gene careen, obscene demean.
Empiricise the existentialisms in the demagoguery of godhead aspiration.
Corporeal anaclitic apex inveterate embezzlement extroversion, acuity alacrity extortion.
Extraneous extemporaneous, ominous phenomena portrayal spontaneous synchronous, aorist actuator.

Endergonic protensive integration extrapolation interpolations investiture elicits.
Scenario synopsis synthesis syncopation, harmony rhymes rhythm.
Synchronous transition transposition interlude, summerial derivation cognition.
                                                      ­­­                                                               ­ ­ ­              
Irk-ness ire aerie altruism allegorical, autonomous avarice oscillating ostracism.
Pandemonium obdurate temerity impunity, impending preponderance onus, numinous illuminism quintessential frolic.
Amorous ardent argent arduous enamor endear, plenary putschist volatile phatic.
Conveyor controvert deft mesmeric deification deist dissertation.
Drastic premise portent pervasive embellish, elusive enhance enchant, engender enthrall.
Perpetuation euphenic euthenics, exude emote concoct recalcitrance regalia, irrefragable preternatural ne plus ultra prurient.
Vernaculars opulent myriad, aesthetic stratagem venial vexatious, astral projection conjuring levity apothegms.

Incite epistemological illuminism, accoutrements umbrage ultraism incognito trajectory extant.
Scandalous scavenger squalid anomalous punitive, heuristic manumission exigency.
Ostensible proclivity prodigious querulous, rambunctious repertoire rigmarole scenic schism sooth.
Ascribe arsenal crucial critical, abhorrent abstinence blatancy berserk, alacritous celerity brogue.
Ceremonial chicanery dynamism fealty, indefatigable incontrovertible ingenuity ingratiate inimical impugn.
Innovate integrity intricate invective convolution, licentious metaphor convection obeisance.
Splurge-ness spry sporadic sprawl, spurious staunch succinct stymie tacit, irate tirade treatise vehement escapade tedium.

Probity irascibly veracious audacity mendacity gumption.
Paphian peccavi preternatural proclivity gesticulation articulation prestidigitation.
Fantastication fantasia fabulist façade, glimmer glisten translucent refulgence.
Subliminally subjunctive nostalgic allusion analogies eidetic’s mnemonics.
Metaphysical mystique’s evolutionally metamorphic futurity fatidic.
Adroit agile nimble tactile acuity prescience capacity intrigue.
Unadulteratedly fornicatious fabrications, portentous ethereal etiquette.
Nose agnate somatology morphology metamorphic, cognition epistemology pragmatics.
Ontological ontogeny causality exigence integumence equivocal.
Innocuous noumenal verity ***** affectation intentions.

Adumbrate intimate obfuscate preterite rendition intimidate.
Logistical tactician spatiotemporal terrestrial equestrian telemetries, physicality’s terrene traverse tellurian terrain.
Vaunt-ness verve’s lucidly illusive, intrepid yare’s predilection predication.
Apriori a posteriori apostrophe shards shroud, innately inert inherency interstitial endemics.                  

Irk-ness ire Zen, graffiti mantra mantis, diminutive minutia iotas inductive interpolation asperities.
Hypercritically mitigating dialectics hypotaxis.
Vituperatively vociferous eerie strident irrefragable orotund  sonorous felicities.
Diacritical diction dharma apomixis.
Chutzpah panache spontaneous generation complicity, gambit alluvium aloof succor.

Demarcate mirador bartizan panorama, stalwart bastion bulwark tableau, dexterous gargoyle disguise gimmick camouflage.
Decipher coercible coalesce corrupt costume counselor chameleon charlatan chaperone entourage.
Cryptic evocative emulation scenarios siren skeptic, cynical demonic gremlin greaves curtilage.
Zesty zingy zippy zeal zenithal azimuth elaborate elliptical empathy endeavor entity entice.

Clambering clamorous clangor strategic systematic propagate prolific, wield wile treatise expose’.
Aural auspice austerity  axiom conscribe, perplex beleaguer beggary, coax cacophony clout, concatenate chronology.
Erumpent erudition evident evil evert, extol fervor flinty florid, fructify impromptu innuendo juncture.
Kinetic supremacy temporize tractive fluent, precious precess predetermined predatory predicament, gyro gyre.
Horizon hornswoggle huckster, hokey hoot ornery honkies.

Horologist hackamore relative rationality.
Decorum dastardly dazzle deceit, demolish demur, annihilate denigrate.
Armature arcade doughty, panacea parallax serendipity servant serenade.
Personification of sartorial perfection, picturesque visage of spectral grace.
Cosmic enigma rational relativity.

Housebreak huckster squabble brash, hovel huff.
Ghastly gruesome grotesque grisly groaty gnarly grotto grouch compunction.
Caustic cavernous celibate catatonic phonics, apex crux axis matrix cortex cephalic.
Blasphemous farcical fugue-ness and estranged ensemble orchestration acoustics.
Rendition: various assorted forms of related stranger weirdness.
Conjugation coercion junction function, adjunct conjunction conjecture.
Concoct deontology ontogeny, ontological enclitic osteopathy.
Anticipate angary amentia, tiercel theocracy.
Phrenic sensorium sentiment paragon tangible.
Covert aspersion avidity, coherent avid avarice, allegory allocate amatory prelude annex annul.

Tantamount telepathy tantalize talisman talesman, prerogative presumptive judicature.
Subpoena parameter perimeter peripherals prophylaxis protocol.
Real deal seal, sail bail, bailiff rake-ness rail.
Yoni yore yare, leeward lecher leer lingam, menagerie melee hyperbolic milieu thesis, métier quintessential fulham.
Dangle wrangle mangle jangle tangle angle.
Hysterically delirious zany nertsy bonkers bluster boggle.
Gyrate, austere askance obliquely, aspire assail askew.

Cosmic origins metamorphosis implosion contractions revision, blond entropy catalyst.
Cataclysm catastrophe holocaust trauma, inefficacy ineffable expiate.
Chaos cognizant conceive dialectic dictates in extremis extremity meld nuance.
Cryptic cipher circuit citadel clairvoyant sequitur.
Cajole fictitious fiery finesse, invoke fulmination gouts clout, curtilage endeavor iterative itinerary.
Ersatz fiat fulcrum fulgurous indemnify indigenous infernal infidel iniquitous.
Electroacoustics ciphony  Electra complex lore, occipital ubiquity synch.
Psychosomatic psychokinesis cybernetics, penumbral platitude platonic proxy photic.
Assimilate stigma perspicacious, astute asunder atman pulchritudinous.
Decadent arrogant pompously bombastic blatant flagrant chaparral.
Diabolically maniacal dementia brusque macabre abruptness.
Swarthy beastly antithetical anathema ******* belligerent, savvy irate berserk-ness tirade.
Ulterior aghast agitator incongruous dire, perdurable peremptory primacy arbitrate zealot.
Cantankerously sorcerous insidiously sinister alchemy cauldron, pernicious visceral pathogenic, virulence truculence.
Ideational hideously horrible horrendously heinous ghastly abysmal abjection.
Perpetuity pervade rampart ransack oblation erogenous scarp lambent actuarial arbitrage.
Exserted protuberant pseudopodia actuator, odious aorist militantly mercenary.

Wingspread wiry wiseacre wherewithal rapacity, implicit important juxtaposition.
Machismo equilibrist machinations, kinesiology kleptomaniac knell physique.
Ribaldry rigmarole rhubarb, risqué rive rollick.
Demeanor kamikaze kerf, megalomania misanthropies modus operandi genocidal xenophobic.
Heredity heritage heresy legacy, pseudonym multifarious nefarious nemesis.
Sepulcher stratagem pantheism parapet paradigm, psychosis neophyte, paragon proselyte.
Pilferous wheedling finagler, plunderous pillaging usurper, longevous loquacity lottery.
Rhapsody rhetoric rote raconteur newfangled nocturnal nonchalant sycophant.
Morose morsel moribund, lurid luscious lyricism lucidity lucrative.
Creative cleaver crafty cunning furtive sneaky stealthy connive.
Aphorism euphemism hegira to xanadu carousing marauder syllogism.
Swell surge flow flux craw crux, virago monad chaos character charisma.
Heuristic cavalier humeral, meager demonstrative anarchy iconoclasm, apropos ergo ipso-facto.
Plenary plenipotentiary omniscience presage, omnipotent directive ubiquity emanations.
Nous agnate ontological ontogeny, exegesis peroration.
Abeyance, exotically ****** quixotic ecstatically emphatic fanatic.
Orchestration rendition unicorn railway mainsail, awry askew askance.

Canny cogent fecund erudite sagacious sequacious conjuring mentality introjection conjugation coercions.
Avant-garde temporal abstract, scenario synopsis eclectic synectics.
Synaptic syntax syndrome aspersion, quagmire quandary poshly plush.
Physicality ***** pictorial, picturesque glyph, debauchery deviant profane ***** vicarious assertion exorbitance.
Mystical silhouette sojourn consortium sabbat conclave liaison, soiree tryst rendezvous symposium excursion compendium.
Incarnate cephalic phantasmagoria proximity parameter phantasm epitomize transitive transcendental syntactic semantics.
Resplendent radiant ephemeral effulgence translucent incandescent luster effluence, reflectively refractive azure opulence effusion.
Contentious pretentiously extravagant eccentric intransigent pedantic antics.
Guidon guile homogenous hovering imagination immaturity, exogamy incorporeity ideologies.
Pique poignant piquant puissant quiescence, obstreperously abstruse vagary plausibility’s cause.
Vivid intangible impetus instinct intrigue, livid lurid allusion.
Autonomous preterite discrepancy amendment emendations, transcendent accession ascensional in absentia expurgation exculpation.
I know this is getting redundant but I feel this is the best I ever wrote!!
Zoomorphic zoolatry's demagoguery to élan-vital.  Ethology's entelechy to social contiguity apotheosis' ****** matrix.  Vicarious recalcitrance!!!
Jordan Rains Sep 2018
Fate brought us together.
I planted the seed.
Frequently watered the garden.
So excited to breed.
The wetter, the better.
Her lips "came - to succeed".
Fully groomed was her flower.
No trace of a ****.
If you'd said;
"It can't get any better!"
I'd have readily agreed.
After seven months invested,
she began to heavily bleed.

Life isn't fair.
It's not ******' fair.
Why are we here?
It's a wonder we care.
It just isn't fair.
Life isn't fair...

Yeah, fate brought us together.
As we were meant to gather
each other in our ******* arms.
But all I felt was her bitter charms.
While she wore her heart on her sleeve,
I kept mine in the dark - so naive.
I was reclusively impulsive.
She was obsessively compulsive.
And her repulsive nature
I could take no more.
The thing we had for each other
It wasn't the same as before.
The love that we stored for each other
Got poured out, too many fights
I couldn't afford all.
We were shouting our rights,
she got bored, Oh!
She moved out and kept a void in me
I walked out too and left a void indeed
We started avoidin' each other
And now we are a void in each other
And our dreams became nightmares.
Our love affair was beyond repair!
when I look back,
I realize what we have became
we both were adults
we thought life is a game
we played with each others heart
them will never be same
Oh! it's such a shame
'Cause I hate to say that...

Life isn't fair.
It's not ******' fair.
Why are we here?
It's a wonder we care.
It just isn't fair.
Life isn't fair.

I'm all alone, with my thoughts.
Life's torn our relationship apart.
I know that I played my own part.
But this was "til death do us part".
So her f'kin wig - I'ma happily part!
This ***** has that **** comin'.
Through my mind -  she's been
..for her g'**** life!
I'm wieldin' a knife.
"This **** isn't right."
Screamed my imagination,
as I awoke, in sheer fright.
She's nowhere in sight.
My mind's flight or fight..
& I'm all outta ignite 'n polite.

Life isn't fair.
It's not ******' fair.
Why are we here?
It's a wonder we care.
It just isn't fiar.
Life isn't fair..

This night, I don't know
why I feel like this might
Be my last night
I want this pain to go
I was all in tears
I just wanted her to hear
My side of this story
So I said I'm sorry
Told her I wanted her near
Cause life without her is boring
She told me I'm all ears
Then this ***** started showing
Her cavalier behavior
***** took a ****** spear
And stuck it in my heart.
Now I want her near no more
Because she's the only who tore
All the pages from our book
She kept me on the hook for years
I've been singing the **** song
Of pain, longing and desperation
For the last four years
A little bit lemme fast for-ward
From what I heard
I'm an *******
Always in search for his glass ****
A space cadet who has no
heart for love but now she's
****** back though
I think push came to shove
Told me she wants me back
But this time I won't back down
She wants to be a part of my new book
She can't see it's outta space
***** was right, I'm an astro!
She ******' wants more
She wants to play more games
Wanna use me as a dartboard
She's back with more arrows
This ***** has no remorse for
Breakin my ******' heart
But my heart's **** strong
I showed her a deck of cards
She was like what the heck!
She doesn't know that
I'm the ace of spades at her desk
Screamin at her
"In your face, Neil Armstrong!"
I made her kneel down, my arms strong
I told her this is her last show
She tried playing tricks
She makes me ******* sick
I'm ******* losin' it
I took an *** and started shootin'
She took all the bullets
Now it's outta ammo
But ***** I'm not!
*****! *******!!!
Now she can sing too

Life isn't fair.
It's not ******' fair.
Why are we here?
It's a wonder we care.
It just isn't fiar.
Life isn't fair..
Derrek Faraday Oct 2018
Alaska is a cold place, where I met my love
Though memory eludes me, know that,
The girl I met from a number of miles away
Whom I grew to love as we took turns shouting
She is as true as the piercing gale
She is as warm as she is pale

I let her go from a great height, into the depths of the Pacific
And watched her fall into the chasm
She did not fret or stare, but closed her palms 
I smiled and cried happiness until the sea was filled
She is as true as a dying mill
She is as warm as she is still

We are so cavalier, the world in a waltz 
As we shoot a parade of bullets in threes
These crimes! It is the blissful appeal of watching
Humanity itself die, for the sake of one human
She is as true as I
She is warm as we fly

We speak of stories as borealis enshrouds us
Her stories would have us freeze the world over
I gawked and adored her beautiful mind
But I would later be her fool 
She is as true as an aimed gun
She is as warm as she is undone

She did not keep up with her age too well
Our crusades had stalled her mind and then
I knew she would not stand for me to dream without her
We would not have the world to ourselves again
She is as true as our last winter stroll
She is as warm as the coldest atoll 

Alaska is a cold place, where I lost my love
Though memory erased her, I know this much
I would have frozen her in time
Just to rule the world a little while longer
I don't hold regret for the deaths we brought
I write her, holding the same thought
Janal Rajput Nov 18
I hate you, my heart.
Why can't you learn that these feelings you cling to desperately;
Become my greatest enemy, leaving me in helpless ecstasy?
And we can we talk about your taste in men,
How it messes me over again and again-

Because I feel as if you thrive to see my discomposure,
Making my rationality as useless as cannon fodder,
With your fetish for unrequited affection,
It is as if you're blinded and deaf to a any real connection,
Yet you subvert my own rational objections to peruse a love
Rooted in self-doubt and rejection.

My brain soon caves to the weight of star-crossed lovers you obsess over, so dear,
And I know you just ache for him to be here-with us- and I do too,
He's the bridge to our unstable cliff-sides;
But you need to face reality,
Trust my instincts and those bad vibes,
He doesn't care.
God! Things are so tough,
Why can't being alone be enough!?

You know my insecurities caused by the cavalier passion
You place on our sleeve for all deceive,
You alone saw love that was destined to wilt,
How I find it hard to trust someone else,
Expose the shards of my true self.

You just watch as we go head first unconditionally,
Loving with a restless and reckless flippancy,
With the passion of a great symphony,
Me and you aligned perfectly in alluring clarity,
Bursting with delicious divinity,
Achieving beautiful brilliancy,
We see colours in rays of a passionate soliloquy,
Intoxication to your desolation,
All this absolute affection, met with rejection.
I don't want this!
We do not need this!
I can't bear to see you break again,
Because I'm the ones that picks up your messy pieces,
Nurses your bruises and heals your diseases,
Unleashes adhesive to stick you back in the hole in my chest-
Hoping the aching will stop if you get some rest.

The distance you feel towards him yeah it makes me depressed,
It messes with my mind, makes me so stressed,
Wondering why are you so sentimental
To boys that treat you as if you were a devil
Can't you see we have better things that we could be?
Maybe focusing on that degree,
You'd rather pull me into your warped reality:
Gentle kisses,
Notions of chivalry,
Walks across ******* beaches,
The smell of his skin,
Eyes tearing my soul to pieces,
Love with all its villainy.
You never told me, though, that this was all merely imagery,
Soon fades like a Polaroid with antiquity...

I hate you, my heart,
I can't control you,
I never could,
I'm petrified of the heartbreak you threaten to bring on us,
Your desire the epicenter to an earthquake that will shake these worn in bones...
Please don't lead us into cold decay,
For once let's keep your passions at bay and notions of love away,
For I fear this time,
We will both have a price to pay.
This is about the classic fight between one's heart and mind and how subsequently my heart's bad decisions with boys come with scathing comments from my mind.
Carl Halling Jul 8
Dear one, what did you say?
A dining hall, a distant day,
It seems it was time
For goodbye,
Speaking of my eyes,
‘They shine so bright’,
Words said (or words of this kind),

If this was true and that they did,
Because of feelings that I hid,
I must have longed
For you to stay,
But I didn’t beg you, ‘please don’t leave!’
I must have seemed so cavalier,
And something precious had to fade.
'Something Precious Had to Fade' was written in 2018 as a song of lingering regret for a romance lost several decades ago.
"Odoriferous fresh gardenia flowers fragrance was she,
Her beauty will be cultivated forever amongst and beyond,
How does one know if it is love it is more than just a word?
It is a feeling soul bound that fervor’s beneath the skin,

So how do I know it is love if it isn't as the words are procured?
A sense of rising tide a rapid undulant river of a woman,
One cannot be a troglodyte in life when love arrives,
My love has arrived I have felt all the above and much more,

Sheer thoughts of her sends a billow enliven rapture within,
A rush with consternation render’s fervent fracas of piquancy,
I have heeded in life these depictions of the fluttering gusto,
As long as I live this tectonic emotion of this naiad will remain,        

Restraints of the days is this prologue to exodus to enclaves,
I turned my back on the capricious sea the euphoria and somber,
Where with a strain and a ****** on the banks of islet sands,
Beauteous day slips in night as the sailing foam drifts afar,

Although I am where I am I will never be perniciously charmed,
Stars will burn for all time as I lament in demanding sadness,  
Cursing as a cavalier of false hopes with untethered regret,
For I am not a troglodyte of ages but just an aesthete in love,
Beauty is Culture!”
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/02/2019 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/02/2019 © #Poem#157

— The End —