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Chris Neilson Aug 13
light of a fresh dawn
giving birth to a new day

light of many shades glinting
its spectrum of rainbow delight

light of a brilliant midday sky
casting minimalist shadows

light of an afternoon afterthought
of sun filled days like these

light of an early evening
filling a room of memories

light fading to dusk and black
dying a less ordinary day

light of my life filling my night
with warmth to my soft caress
Thinking about light in all its guises
Quiet flows the river,
Ripples gently caress the banks,
Ravaged banks shudder!
Chris Neilson Apr 2016
Longing for the taste of a new lover's lips
gazing upon their silhouette as they undress
craving the scent of their freshly showered skin
aching for the touch of their gentle caress

Hearing their partner's key in the door
I hope you didn't expect that!
slay Jan 20
brush my eyelashes out from yours
clasp the nape so not to wake you
purged my blackheads from your pores
i gently exfoliate you
my hair is growing from your head
your nails are shooting out my beds
i file and i shape you

arms and legs unhinged from mine
bares his weight so not to wake me
closed a loop with both our spines
said he wants to figure eight me
i feel his heartbeat in my chest
and our skin blends with each caress
his presence mediates me
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