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Tommy Randell Oct 2016
I am the Poet Refugee
Now living in a world of Prose
Accepted yes to some degree
But never quite sure of my role.

Should I be the way I was made
Speaking in metaphor and rhyme
Or must I give in to the page
Ruled by its adherence to lines?

May I speak out in an attempt
To urge us to be reconciled?
We Poets offer no dissent
To justify being so defiled

Always to be read with a sneer
Not given the due we are owed
That whenever a Poet is near
Truth will be camouflaged with code.

Ever to be judged out of turn
An object of pity and fun
Looked down at with frequent concern
Poems may be suicide bombs.

You want Poets locked up in books
Kept in churches not out of doors
But that is where logic gets stuck
In the fight of rhythm and words.

We're the same Poets and Writers
We both say what needs to be said
Both to ourselves and to others
Without us meaning would be dead

Without us there would be no songs
Graffiti to make Peace not War
And it really wouldn't take long
To wonder what Language was for.
I wanted to write about refugees and immigrants, although I am not one. I wanted to write about being a poet who isn't mainstream or modern, on the outside? Why is poetry still a novelty in this world?
King Panda Sep 2017
I find you
the lappet moth
like slug or bat
with fuzzy ears
stuck dead with
nothing except
the toxins of
my fever
high and

perfect it is
to be under
your legs
or none
my fingers will
do the
crawling for
any insect
in the skin

the nails
bits of flesh
tiny specks
of blood
and your net
words I’ve
never uttered
Nicholas Mar 15
Universal entropy,
masking it’s plan

Perceivable good and
evil, much more than so

A light waiting to be shone
beyond which we can ever comprehend

Camouflaged, patient;
wickedness one day proving itself
God’s rippling gift

And yet, the present seems bleak,
The great unknown rests
behind a curtain,
even to you

Keeping us suspended
above countless destinies below,
those realities flickering like traffic from
a private city rooftop

Our actions,
for an audience we are unaware exist
So not for naught,
do indulgences befall

Some good can come of our mistakes,
even if it's to faces we'll never know
An attempt to explore the implications of the butterfly effect and how our actions as individual, no matter how seemingly random or potentially evil they may be, may inadvertently impact people we'll never meet in some positive way.
FrankieM Jan 2018
I’m going home
Even though supposedly
I’ve always been

I’m sure
If you searched hard enough
You’ll find me

In a memory
Camouflaged as rose pedals
A gray sky perhaps

I’m going home
And when I do I will
Be a part of your world

At last
On never truly belonging
Rowan Deysel Jan 2018
Near a town of history untold
Where everyone knows each name
Wooden behemoths - obliviously old
Each unique but each the same
It was meant to be a perfect day
Of tranquility through the trees
Instead, the sky is brood with grey
And the leafs flow as they please
Alone, in nature's splendor spilled
In a rainy wilderness, seldom seen
The birds and insects grow suddenly still
In a spread silence of the green
Like eyes embedded in your back
You sense the stare of something sour
The mood hurries to horrid black
As you quiver into a cower
In bending branches blended
Creeping in creases - camouflaged
Nature's imbalance to be amended
In the forest's full mirage
Witness a terror appearing
Frantically floating from afar
Emerged in echoes and vaguely veering
Black, bleak and bizarre
A malevolent, monstrous maw
Snarls of hunger, habit, and hate
A malodor of meat, reeking raw
A violently increasing heart rate
From frozen still to fearfully shaking
You are manically mesmerised
Your pupils promptly dilating
As you and the beast lock eyes
Your meaningless attempt to run
From a stride to a collapse
The beams above crown the sun
As the twigs around you snap
A soar of pain as you hit the ground
Chest cavity cracked open
As you faint, you hear the sound
Of a language never spoken.
Gutted and gargling gore
Eaten by nature's nightmare
Convulsing on a forest floor
Indifference chokes the air
It's just another perfect day
Of tranquility in the trees
The rain has stopped, the leafs still sway
With the cooling, comfortable breeze
Sobbingsoul Jan 21
My soul painted
By the color of your love  

Journeying through
Your eyes, going to
My wonderland  
In your ♥️ heart

Where romance starts
Inside you
Finding the garden of love
Enjoying your  beauty
With the flowers  
Of joy
I roam dancing
With the
Fragrances of your beauty
Inside of you
In the garden of your heart
Loving your essence
Am camouflaged by your love
grace Mar 22
we are the background.

slinking shadows and fields of honeysuckle and sunflowers

that heart pounding bass making you shiver on summer nights

the ones you marked off as invisible,

but we're just camouflaged.

blended into the trees and soft grass

forgotten among the stars,

but we're always here.
Stu Harley Aug 2018
paper tiger
the snow
orange and black stripes
by day and by night
Donall Dempsey Dec 2018

Like a tree
hiding in a forest

like a leaf
hiding on a tree

like a river
hiding in an ocean

like a wave
hiding in a sea

I see you see
through me

and my carefully
camouflaged love.
Alexandrea Dec 2018
        "Do not enter,
         It's dark inside"
Blood-curdling sites on a puzzling path;
Raging rivers;
a thunderstorm rumbled
and broke the silence of the hazy afternoon
My body shivered as the wind flicked at my bared arms.

As I wander through this straggled path,
humiliation continues to interfere
Frightened; brooding eyes
crippling feeling—
I think there's no turning back.

A fragile cage covered with pale greyish green lichens caught my eyes,
an unshackled monster hiding behind those camouflaged woods
those blood red eyes glare in an interminable way—
dread creeping in.

But I need to escape this delusional place
Should I jump off the cliff?
stuck in this maze
thoughts in my mind suffocating me,
can't breathe!

Can't escape;
lost in the dark, and slipped!
Hanging on a rugged cliff;
mouth shut tight when I scream, "HELP ME!"
Can't hold it long
the mistakes I made,
Is this the pain that i'm dealing with?
Is my life still worth it?
Bleed until I was broken
Deep inside it's tellin' me to end it all,
Maybe I should
So I must die
I see things from the corner of my eye
I've never told anyone that

back and forth
on my front porch

a man
a lost woman

the monster under my bed
now lies beside me

when you asked me an important question
I lied to you

be happy
it wasn't to your face

camouflaged in the dark
If I see things
I should be their friend

Your God blessed me with no sound

I'll never hear the shadows
walk around me

Granny's garden
she's in there somewhere
only her song visible

camouflaged by
her ripening gooseberries
Granny sings to the summer

I follow
the path of her

pillowcases & tea towels
drying on bushes & branches
Granny and the birds sing

I step on each note
a pathway
through the air

Granny's garden overgrown
with Time
her song still rests upon the air

Granny's garden
she's in there somewhere
hidden by Death

I step upon each note
still following
the pathway of her song
Keep up the good work
We heard that before
Forevermore the
everlasting time
No riddles just Google
investing in giggles
Magnifico's eyes
on the tiger

Just a spoon full of sugar
Her Meds after
In the afterlife sounds
"Promising more
Love compromising"
A magnifying glass
change your seating
When your chair
Overwhelms you

Take a City bus
Real Estate going
stale bread the
big chill
Houses only a number
What a chill pill

We need more money Bills
Big number head
Magnifying glass cracked
She's been Sherlocked
The snow hibernation
The whites of your eyes
camouflaged feeling raged
Paying your dues
Being Recognized

Dying has no Guarantee's
Those hot buns on the run
So frightened
So fast and furious
The scent of a women
Making no sense
Bigger than life crazy
Never a time to be lazy
Like old bones, you fall

Do you envy the one
Superpower rich you
have the pocket watch
Success chair but the
poor soul was a mess
in her bigger size dress
He was selling magnifying
glass sales rep hippo

magnifying lips bravo
Your home is your

Big Wow Graphic Artist
So magnifying but sweet
lying con-artist
Computer monster chair
She left her magnifying glass
On his X files and wrong
wife's finger

Such dreaming world is
streaming can a chair you
waited for all your life
feel so wanted
he's wanted all over
Is your wish granted?
All tacky glue another
clue little boy blue

One last shooting star
Magnificence by far
To be cherished  and
remembered and loved
But you're still holding the
magnifying glass
 Let's be blessed things
will pass

We will always hear the ring
Forever young "Go Bling"
She will always be young
To Sing
Whats big or small the magnifying glass just a click or touch did we encounter so much. To go beyond our eyes stars and Mars is everything you wished for up to par

Fallen angel
on the run

hunted down
by the Host

and an ever wrathful

gone to ground
in my Da's shed

amongst a million things
that are of no use no more

but may be
someday you never know

huddled beside a paraffin can
a bottle of turpentine...the smell of pine

camouflaged as a shaft
of sunlight

its voice a dancing
of dust motes.

All because it longed
to be human.

Finding sanctuary
in my Da's shed

'cos if anybody can
show  him

what to be
human is

only my Da

I take the angel's hand in mine
(feels as if there is nothing there )

the shed lit
in a Carol Reedish way.

My Da's whistling
nearing the door

that opens with
a creak of thought

"See..?" I say "...see!"
Aleph Mar 23
Please ignore my foolish pride
I would chose not to hide
How I hate to wear this mask
If only I wasn’t so afraid to ask
I would chose not to trick
And present you my true speak

How I wish to show my true nature
How I hope to show my raw soul
And to you display the real creature
All my substance as a whole

I desire to be me more bluntly,
To be me in every event
Without concessions without being frightened
I aspire to be honest with me and you
I desire to be seem by another
Beyond this distorted mirror image
Projected to hide myself.

But instead of this
In my cowardice
I wear this glittering mask for you
And a myriad  more for others
Always replacing the previous by the latest
Discarding the empty disguise

Aspiring to be the object of desire for you and to the rest
Enchanting you and them with my dazzling superficial illusion  
With my mundane and trivial artifice,
Full of shinning nothingness

Don’t be fooled by my  art
All my endurance is contrived
Don’t be misled by my composed carapace
Behind my foam facade
Lies  a turbulent stream of violence
Can’t you distinguish?
Squeezed by the compressing margins  
In my core there lays hurt and anguish

I plead with you to see me beyond my illusion
There are some many disguises inside the confusion.
And you will not distinguish  my true me
I crave to be ultimately free

How I yearn to pull this mask,
And peel away my fake camouflaged skin
And show everybody my emotional scars my imperfections
All this fear of rejection

When every neighbouring glass ceiling  starts to fall
I want to be on the outside
*****, nothing to hide
Shameless to show it to all  

Without consequence assuming who I’m
In plenitude in a unyielding way
But I can’t count on me for this, my will is frail
Nonetheless you my friend must prevail

And so incapable of performing this worthy task,
I relay on you
To rip away my mask
Allowing  to see me trough

Accept me with my flaws
I will gratefully receive yours
Tear my mask with your claws
Heal my soul were it sours

Freed me of my emptiness
See me for who I’m
Fill me with wholeness
Trough away this hologram
looking to define myself
Emily Nov 2018
If only,
Sleep did not limit conversation.
Distance did not limit interaction.
Prudence did not limit possibilities.
Weak muscles did not limit contortions.
Pain did not limit endurance.
Life would be perfection!

And yet,
Without sleep, who can speak coherently?
Without distance, is proximity as sweet?
Without prudence, would life continue?
Without motivation, why exercise?
Without pain, is pleasure as enjoyable?
Perhaps limitations are camouflaged benefits?
Somewhat ironic how sometimes the things we hate the most, actually help more than hurt.
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