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Eloisa Jul 27
In my quest for solace, love truly never fails,
Your memory magically appears to calm the violent storms and adjust my sail.
Kelly Marie Mar 4
With a calming breath I feel you,
deep in my lungs
In another I slowly exhale you out,
letting you be you,
as you’ve always let me be me.
Sweet serenity at last;
this is what love is supposed to feel like.
Keiya Tasire Jun 1
Thrashing and gnashing teeth
I screamed out
Whaling with fear
Tears flowed as a river
Between hard choking
Gasps of air.
Again and again
Until exhaustion drained
All from me but stillness.  
It caught my attention!

Between the breaths
I felt this stillness.
It is not noticeable before.
Only then exhaustion stopped my racing mind.
"It" opened.

Just under the surface of my breath.
Breathing in and breathing out
I sensed the silence of stillness.

"It" came quietly, whispering,
" I am here. Be still. Know me for I am Love."
I am forever entranced.
When standing in the shadow of my darkest night wtith anger, crying, and lashing, it was my exhaustian that brought me to a stop. this was possibly the first time that I truly sat in in the stillness of silence. No more whaling and gnashing of teeth, just stillness and silence. This poem is about coming face to face with what waits for each of within the stillness of silence.
Gods1son Sep 11
Blue skies, blue waters
Free zone, no borders
Mind is clear, no clutter
Calm ambience, no mutters
Shiny sun, soft breeze
Mind at ease
Skin's glowing
Heartbeats' regular, no racing
Attuned with nature
Fully self in this moment.
Zywa Mar 10
My heart beats action,

my mind follows and forgets –

to breathe and be free.
The heart is made for action, which makes it hard for the mind to be quiet.

Collection "Wean Di"
Kara Jean May 2016
Rush of success
brutal trusting
Sensibility, briefly
Using it in a perplex and deceiving claim
Chaos, is her calmness
Designed, to harness energy
Absorbing, more than her worth
Power is implemented
A mighty resistance
Others would **** for royalty
She walks naked,
without an ounce of shame
Dr zik Nov 2017
You are!
The source of
Pleasure and calmness!
I recall You!
In deep city noises
I request You!
In deep dark nights
I talk with You!
In a solitude
I smell You!
Every where
When I wander about
I have You!
When I need You, Lord!
You are the answer!
Of unseen questions
You are the solution!
Of upcoming problems
O' my Lord!
As You are!
The source of
Pleasure and calmness
For the heart
That recalls You!
With and within heartbeats.
Dr Zik's Poetry
jeffrey conyers Aug 2018
When people guilty.
They want investigations to end.
Mainly, because truth lies somewhere in the investigation.

Like anyone lied upon and not shaken.
Notice their calmness doesn't waver.
They don't panic or cry foul.

But this one leader afraid of the storm to come.
So he seeking to end the Mueller investigation.

Ask yourself why?
Empiricprotagon Apr 2017
Instead of being charming,
You drown me to your quietness.
Your calmness bending my ticking-clock to stop,
expanding time to feel me the euphoria.
I like how you did everything,
every move you made drives me to satisfaction.
I didn't know the purpose of this feeling,
and didn't want to.
sophia Jul 2017
be still like a wildflower; let the calmness of the breeze overflow within your skin. be free, with grace; dance with love and care. be still like a wildflower; stay pure, stay beautiful.
The light at the end of the tunnel is visible.
My mind is racing, but I have a calmness of relief.
I’ve given all I could to those I love.
One more sun rise to warm my soul
before my body goes cold.
I’ve caused enough pain
Mostly to myself
If only I could find the strength
To live without fear
And be the woman within.
I blame no one but myself,
For I am a coward
One more sun rise to warm my soul
before my body goes cold.
No title just an ending. I have decided to share this because I'm in a much better place emotionally now. I had forgotten about this writing and came across it while I was purging my drive. Luckily I realized I really needed help, I had entered into an extreme danger zone and took action, deep breath and asked for help. The light at the end of the tunnel doesn't have to be the end but a much better, happier & loving time in THIS life. If you find yourself still reading this  remember to show love to everyone, you may save a life. On a scale of 1 - 10, my life now I would give an 8 on average with increasing spikes of 10. It's by far easy but I now have the support and love of so many people in my life. Most know nothing about my climb out of the pit. As for this site my Angels have been Wolf Spirit, Winn and Tivonna. Your friendship, support and words of encouragement, are a part of my soul. Love yous <3
Lyn Senz 2 Aug 2017
memories get so intense
whenever I go near life's fence
and all the wrong they've done and said
stays strong they've won inside my head
dear water helps to ease the pain
from thoughts that hurt and haunt my brain
still calmness felt from delta's blast
will not erase my troubled past
so I return to serta's grip
to dull my mind with every sip
to let the poison set time free
to quiet noise inside of me
my well of blame my pail of whys
my hell my shame I authorize
my preacher whether night or day
I reach for where the lighter lay
and burn up one more cigarette
and yearn for one I can't forget
oh memories get so intense
whenever I go near life's fence

©2017 Lyn
Kara Jean Nov 2016
We live to eat, love, clean and work so one day we can die
A busy life style is where we strive
The spider runs from the broom only to see me, a human being
He stared at me waiting for fate
He knew I was meant to destroy his dark little body
Still and calmness as he waited
I sat next to him
My hand wouldn’t cooperate
He is nothing but beauty in a world that only sees his ****
A voice told me, “He helps. It is your obligation to repay his generosity.”
My eyes welled up with humility
I felt a part of his unimportant soul was me
I thanked him as I let him go
OpenWorldView Jun 19
i love the feeling
this strange and eerie calmness
after lost battle
make your peace
ryn Feb 2015
He almost let out a sigh of dismay,
Knowing this stint would be short lived.
The common sense in his head seemed to say,
"No one could be this lucky, don't have yourself deceived".

His wheels wobbled and shook; squeaked and wailed,
Under the collective weight of the two.
Screaming threats from worn bearings that ailed,
He did not want to appear weak so his legs pummelled on through.

The ease of cycling was only temporary
He pedalled harder to gain more speed.
Then the ground began to ***** gently
His lungs felt like bursting as he pounded his iron steed.

The journey uphill had been more laborious than he had expected.
All the while, the beauty hadn't uttered a single word.
His mind had drifted off even though he was worn and ragged,
The thought of emerging as a couple seemed less than absurd.

The crest of the hill was a cool, long anticipated welcome.
He could finally ease up on the pedalling.
The view from there was nothing short of handsome,
The downhill would take charge and he could catch up on his breathing.

The wind met his face and whistled itself tuneless.
The bicycle rattled as it rolled down the uneven trail.
He felt a sense of flight, there was an air of calmness,
Almost had forgotten about the quiet guest on his tail.

At the bottom he thought he should check on his passenger,
He looked ahead as he addressed the lady.
When he had expected an almost immediate answer,
No response came, despite his calls for her repeatedly.

He pedalled with little effort as if there wasn't added weight
The bicycle slowed down to a clearing where it was dim.
Fatigue was setting in as the night stretched late
His curiosity won the battle and got the better of him.

He stopped his bicycle and maintained balance with his feet,
He twisted his torso so he could speak to his fare.
The moment he did so, his heart had almost ceased to beat,
To his horror, he found that the lady was no longer there...
Based on a story I heard
Jeannery Oct 2018
The sun's going down
Here I am sitting alone
Observing people from a far
I envy, they look so happy.

The sound of the leaves
Calms my inner peace
Is it calmness or emptiness?
Help, I'm so confused.

The sky is blue
Is there any other hue?
The sky is so plain
And right now I'm in vain.

--jeannery a.

there will always be a moment in your life where you'll choose to be alone and feel all the sadness in your soul and oh by the way you also know that no one can help you and it *****.
Osiria Melody Mar 24
"Smoke ****, not cigarettes."
stood the calmness in your chest.
inhale the soothing, healthy greens.

fall awake in a state of mind where
time never stays to sleep.
energize me with the raspy air,
gasping for more of another hit.
it doesn't botha me that you're chill
like that.

5 AM, get up like light never knew
how to glow.
swim in your pool of thoughts until
you think your brain will rot.
feelin' a bit hungry, so eat mountains
of calories.

12 PM, choreography of rolling another
blunt: step 1, 2, 3....
pass on the soothing healthy greens to
it doesn't botha me that you're chill like

your eyes are watery and bloodshot like
the capillaries, arteries, veins in my body.
5 PM hits with red rose petals blazing
brighter than red: what color is that?

feelin' a bit tired, but there's no need to
count sheep when you could count the
cigarettes that you never kissed again.

To my dear friend (who stated the words that
I quoted),
I am not mocking your words. My artistic mind caught fire and this piece was salvaged from the ashes of my creativity. What you said impacted me so much that I felt like writing this piece. Everything's fabricated, except for your words that I quoted.
Angelina Oct 2018
Infinite amounts of definitions could not depict
The extent to which a structured norm
Is measured
Blindness adjoins clarity, while sight provokes vanity
It is an aspect unhindered, lacking certainty
A single word yet so many portraits
Drawn on the canvas of our linked pathways

If you ask me about beauty, don’t
For my lips would quiver nonsense to you, to me
The mass of the universe that surrounds our whole being
The endless rows of glimmering stars that speak to our vulnerable eyes
Or perhaps, the raging force of life that springs from within us

If you ask me about beauty, don’t
Because you would have to look at yourselves to see
The beaming smiles corresponding with velvet risings of cheeks
The abundance of glistening tears that have embodied those very same
And even, the flashing spark of joy which invites a feeling of utter content

If you ask me about beauty, don’t
Otherwise there would be an influx of sentiments towards
The prettiness of colored nature, steadiness of height-breaking hills
The calmness of the bare sound of waves crashing into an advocacy for peace
The building blocks of surroundings that determine you and me

So if you ever want to ask me about beauty,
Bare the consequences in mind
Just the elaborate thought of such a question
Could raise a plethora of reasonings
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