Su Jun 2014

Call it insanity
My minds a crazy calamity
Its no feeling of agony
I call it reality

*insanity: crazy*
*calamity: great loss or misfortune*
*agony: feeling of suffering*
*reality: real life*
Ardent Bowel Nov 2012

Hands deal treacherously,
The wind brushes the ferns;

© ardent bowel
The Noose May 2014

Echoes of yesteryear’s
Blissful laughter
Fade away
As new profound
Sorrow blooms.
Disoriented in the murkiness
Of a wistful haze
Writhing in unending
Spasmodic aches

A new day is born
The mid-morning
Deceptive sunshine
Briefly kisses my skin
The sweet taste
Of what it means
To be human

The paralyzing
Feeling of unraveling
As the May icy winds whistle
Through the eucalyptus trees
Forbodes of calamity.

Jacqe Booth Feb 2010

You said to me
Stand strong and firm
And by mast you would
Set sail.
Stay and sate
Our love would prevail
The rampant hunger
That swells
The tide
and draws
The moon
Baited and starved
Into the night

Yet here I am
Alone at sea
With only the breeze
For company.
A seagulls song
And the sound of calamity
Lapping and slapping
At my ego.

Like bounty
Lost And found
In darkness and depth
And heaving chests
With rusty locks
And ghosts
Stirred and stricken

I cry silent and taken by the deep
I am green with envy that you might want me.

I am left to the birds
Stark at my post
And sailing single
In this boat built for two
I need you
To want me
Navigate and steer
And plot the course
Of my flesh
Saline sweat and brackish

I am not a weed
Cast upon shore
A whore to the
No more.

I am ballast
And tempest

I wait for your
The descent
Of your body in mine.

I have time
And rhyme
And sailors song
To while the time
In which I long
And sailing alone
You will find me
Your boy lost at sea

Chloe K Jun 2013

We nestle into chaos like an old friend’s embrace,
Spitting fire-encrusted words sharp as the smack of my palm on freckled skin,
Under skyline bespeckled night like ebony, hearts like stone,
We became a self-consuming ever-implosive volcano.
Vodka slithered through our veins igniting synapses into eruption,
Your fingernails dug into my palm, your name hoarse on my throat,
We crave these embittered words, these scorched nights.
Mad as hatters, we beat on, drunkenly gulping down saltwater tears.
In the morning I’ll kiss your temple, love.
We forget our sins.

Jessie Latham Nov 2011

I am in love with
& the way it seeps
Into my skin
Branching into so much
Than heartfelt
Echoing through alleys
& city streets
& colliding against
Patchwork fences
We know what we're
Made of
& although it
Dares you
You still inhale
& shake hands with
Your gorgeous
"Its all up
& its all you
Dream of."
Then don't let me
Dream, 'cause
By God
I'll never stop
& we'll keep spinning
Until I can
No longer make
Of my fingertips
& we sleep all of our
Morning graces
Far, far

Triiniity Mar 2014

I hid my misery in apathy when actually you would never understand what it truly meant to me. This agony is atrophy and it's atrocious how anxiously you wait to push me off the balcony. I'll call that anxiety. You'll wait till I'm feeling better and laugh at me then rapidly and happily you calumny push me off the mountain peek, but my vitality has helped me survive this fatality. Then you have the audacity to think that I will accept an apology from the very first person I trusted with every part of me when you were the first person to question my loyalty? Fuck that, that's insanity if you think you can walk away from me and come back so casually and the way you broke my heart is a catastrophe, and when they see the damage they'll call it brutality. I'll tell you so even you will see. In all honesty, I couldn't see a better reality than one without you and me.

Jules D Aug 2016

and it is the worst,
that descent into silence,
slow and all at once, they say,
that sudden shaking sadness.

it springs outta nowhere,
see, that pounce, that shadow consuming,
and see,
suddenly you’re hollow.
suddenly you’re gone,
or you wanna be gone—
like my heart’s tryin’ to pound
only my chest’s on lockdown
and no words’ll come out my mouth;
see now,
it just seems
there ain’t nothing i can do.

nah, see, i’m sorry, just—
some days,
i am consumed.

intensity twelve: and my mind too is in calamity.
Alyssa Rose N Apr 2013

He stands beside my door at night,
twisted and hunched in the dark.
A smile that embodies fright,
and curls with the madness he makes.

He carves his words into my skin,
to assure I won't forget them.
Then, he laces daffodils and venom to my chest;
my favorite adversary has horrid taste.

I can only hear the beat, a steady ticking pace,
I couldn't even face my fears, you see,
for my own worst enemy has no face.

My chest is weighing heavy,
it holds my heart of stone.
My soul is falling weary,
I couldn't do it alone.

Heavy breathes, and painful sweats,
how could this happen to me?
Well, while he's here I see,
meet my horrifying friend,

EpiPen Nov 2014

Well now It seems we have found ourselves
woken up from youthful slumber
broken backs from heavy lumber
and it is a reckoning hour
and the sweetness of life has become sour
and all our choices have baked in bread
And out of reach now to choose instead
is the other door
Well now then  a dilemma
feet are not on Terra fir-ma
and we must face what we have thrown to the wind
caution's yellow tape my friend
and it has been broken by
fools and unscrupulous passers by
we are them yet we still ask why
Calamity finds us.

Jac Jul 2014

Playing at this empty calm,
Faking Simplicity.

Deepening hysteria,
Mesmerizing calamity,
Chaos abreast.

Hurricane destruction,
Twister tearing down,
But fake calm anyway.

Arfah Afaqi Zia Aug 2015

that we're
talking about
talk about
war !

raging conflicts,
And crazy politics.
They have left nations

Killing innocent children,
away so much.
Leaving scars  behind,
no feelings.
heartless !

What has been
To bring about such
malicious forms.

Disputes over
Disagreements over
Does it all matter ?

What is it
with people ?
People have
lost control.

Slaughtering people;
As if,
nothing matters.
Perceiving blood
in pools.
Nasty !

We have got to stop !
And minimize
terror and bloodshed.
So that people can
live their lives in

The world needs to change....
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