Maura Feb 2015

Prickly pokey
I guess I'm kind of hokey
cacti are my jam!

Here is a cactus haiku for you.

People who would go near me would surely get hurt
That's why I should isolate myself in a desert
Just like how much water a cactus can hold
The same amount of tears are waiting to be poured

Cause I feel like I'm a cactus.
Eileen Prunster Aug 2012

This stoney patch
of impenetrable gound
our relationship

Noelle Sep 2013

i am like a cactus
needle like
and difficult to touch
on the outside
but once you cut me open
i ooze
like a dam exploding from the river top
the emotions
im soft
and i hold life
but once you cut me open
you cant put me back
i will eventually wither away
and im okay with that
but like i said
i am difficult to touch
but once you break me open
i hold life

samasati Jan 2014

my lips purse to meet you
you are like champagne
are you sweet or are you bitter
are you spoiled
are you a winner

take a beat from my heart,
it accelerates and strengthens
if you pluck an eyelash from me
I’ll remember how to cry again
— and just in case you’re wondering,
I’m still inclined to hold my own hand

guess what
I bought this cactus
‘cos I don’t have to care much for it
we both know
I can’t admit I can’t commit
to letting something bloom
but I’m hoping you won’t notice
see my green thumb,
I am caring!
but see the cactus…
I am lying…

Regen Williams Jul 2013

i bought a cactus
the summer of my
eighteenth birthday

i picked it up from
the local nursery and
cradled it all the way to
my car so that it wouldn't
fall to the concrete

i had only just met the little guy
and i didn't want to lose him the
day i finally got him

it is quite stupid to buy and
name a cactus but
i felt very attached to the small
succulent that occupied the
left corner of my bedside table

it was a cute little cactus with
orange on his top and a long
green stalk with spikes poking out

i felt pretty satisfied because
even looking at this plant
made me smile

taking care of this cactus
gave me something to do
and it kept my mind off of you
for a while

maybe i connected with this plant

maybe i felt like i was the plant

i sure do feel like the plant




all adjectives aside i still
am very much addicted to
caring for my little cactus

if it lasts through the summer
then maybe
i can too

r Mar 2014

The waning hours
Asleep in time
A dream in rhyme
Desert sublime
So says the moon
So setting soon
Upon the dunes
Cactus flowers

r ~ 19Mar14

Lefty , I can't imagine how he got his name
Always did things backwards . . . so . . . . .
I was not surprised when he up and went away

Never said why , when , or where he had to go
Now he is growing old where as they say
"Only God Knows"

What are clouds anyway ?
Water vapor in the sky ?
I think it is so much more

I think they are recycled tears
Of every broken heart that ever be
Falling to a desert below

My cactus flower
Blooming in the night
So none will see

She keeps her love close
Protected by her needles

I sit and watch her bloom
And before the sun has begun
I leave looking for lefty

And the reasons I quit
Are the excuses I choose

Between the desert and the sea
Where the cause will be
Clouds keep winking at me

The circle is broken into pieces
I speak in deserts of sand
Drown in seas of lingering waves of pain

And I have no clue where lefty went
Only remember a cactus flower blooming
Without the thorns between the two

A story of a crumbling circle of love and friends and on a journey to nowhere .
J M Surgent Jun 2014

Love poems are stupid,
Because in only a few months time
They’re likely falling to pieces;
Out of juice, out of line.

However, I’ll still write in my spare time,
But would rather focus on cacti,
Because no one gives them
Their time to shine.

I love you, sweet cactus
How you love when the sun shines,
I love you, sweet cactus
Your agave so devine.

I’d rather write about a cactus
All prickly up it’s spine,
Because that cactus is alive,
That cactus is mine,
That cactus will last
Longer than you and I.

nivek Feb 2015

my cactus waits patiently for summer
stuffed into a pot by the window
rain or snow cactus sits meditating
so deep you would think asleep-
would be more fitting. but I know better
get too close and cactus is alive and willing
sharp as ever and prickly with it.

Matt Léger May 2014

I sit outside
on my back porch
watching the rain fall.

The clouds are like
not so sober eyes,
glassy, grey, and lifeless.

When the lightning clashes,
does if tear apart your insides?
Does it shake your hollow core
that once glowed with life?

I see myself in the rain
the drops being the words I wish I'd said,
raining all around you but you're locked inside your house.
I wish we were flowers;
I could be a daisy and you a cacti,
So that way every word that slipped would go right through your veins,
and you'd hold them for months in your core. It would get you through the winter, despite the lack of rain,
and my poems would revive your damaged heart.
And maybe someday, you'd let your spikes down for me.
But I'm cut up and bruised anyways;

I guess I've tried too hard.

JWolfeB Feb 2015

Her exterior showed defense
Allowing only the boldest to get close
An example of fear
Representing weathered
With a side of independence

So I bit into her pain
To find life inside her hollow
Water waiting to be swallowed
She is a savior in a barren desert
Waiting to give the right man life

Beckawecka Sep 2016

There are hearts of gilt,
And there are hearts of sin
There are hearts that lose,
And there are hearts that win.
There are hearts of stone.

But if my heart was anything,
It'd be a cactus.

Prickly and unwelcoming with tight alien-green skin,
That never fails to swell to accommodate whatever grew inside unseen.
With love it'd bulge,
And it'd shrink in the absence of love.

(But with the right care it could bloom the most spectacular flowers.)

There are strong hearts,
But even strong hearts give in.
My heart is a cactus heart,
My heart could keep it all in.

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