AMA Mar 2012

"I've told you too much, already."
"You think i'm one of them."

and so cooly
his lips parted to engulf, her
smile, a
smoked poem
constructed between
two clustersums.
silkily filling
her smile
with lush

"I expected comfort."
"You're a demon."
"Burn down the Sistine."

and so a pudgy woman;
talking to herself
in a
coffee shop
bought a plane ticket

; packed
a matchbox,
a condom, and
only used

Catrina Hemker Apr 2014

if my whiskey breath meant
that my tounge was slinging poetry

     how many sonnets
     are you yet to hear me speak?

Asa D Bruss Oct 2014

“Hello. Get me a regular, cream no sugar.”
I am the thief, the slave, and the beggar.
“No, not decaf, thanks. How much?”
I am the pillager, the terrorist, the serial killer.
“Keep the change.”
I am the human centipede and the necrophilic, cannibalistic undertaker.

“Oh hey whatcha reading? Hmm? oh, no, I just got coffee.”
I am the Roman general crossing the rubicon, proclaiming loudly that the die is cast.
“Yeah, I think it has something to do with how they roast it; just makes it better.”
I am Plato; discovering the realm of the forms and discussing all things with all people.
“Yeah, that’s true...I don’t know why I can’t make it that good at home.”
I am the ascended one; making spiritual love to the soul of the universe and seeing all things.
“Somewhat remarkable isn’t it?”

... and people wonder how the world is so fucked.

Edmund Grimketel Oct 2014

Mr. Crimple shaved his head
brushed his teeth and went to bed
and in the morn upon that pate
another pair of teeth mutate
a second mouth with tongue and lip
all required to smack and sip
the heavy rain now falling down

'I need a hat or else I'll drown,' said Mr. Crimple

You see when we were young
My dad used to buy us fish and chips and we got tatare sauce
Into my finger nails and my dad was treating my brother and I like 2 cool kids and we all sat down watching tv and eating fish and chips and yes it was ever so tasty and dad sat there keeping us all in line with his fingers Producing the smell of
The fish and chips as it dripped all over our hands but we didn't mind because our dad loved to buy us fish and chips. Especially from ocean master or the local take away shop and it was ever so tasty, so tasty in fact it brings a great tartare smell

Lowercase Nov 2015

I summoned the devil
in all the coaxing dulcet tones of a lover
to make a little trade.
He appeared to reply
in something sounding suspiciously like amusement
that contrary to popular belief,
he did not buy souls.
Why, he wondered
would he bother with such trivial humanities?
so I plucked from my chest
the thing in question
that he might know
there are not so many stars in the sky
as neurons firing in my mind.
and I showed him exquisite pain
and deliriously beautiful sadness
anger so searing I shook to contain it
All the things a devil delights in
cannot be felt so deeply as by a soul
that has tasted misery again and again
and lived to wish to tell the tale.
He moaned in half-ecstasy
tones thick with desire
to name my price.
I asked only for peace at last
How cruel!
he cried, not un-admiringly
To make one long for something so desperately
and name a price they cannot pay.
For peace, he said
Can only be found through one's own demons
It comes from acceptance
of one's self entirely; not absence.
So I left,
having wrung good advice
from the devil himself.

Miss Entropy Nov 2010

I am the crushed cereal at the bottom of the box
Your last clean pair of underwear you only wear on laundry day
The popped balloon left in the balloon seller’s hand at
The end of the day when he goes back to his
One bedroom apartment and warms up soup in the microwave

I am the last thing you want to watch on TV
An infomercial or a re-run re-run of a show you don’t like
I am the bit of soda left in the can
That’s mixed with saliva and has no taste
And most times you don’t drink it, so
You just toss away the can with me still inside

I am the wallpaper in a dentist office
That no one buys except to paper dentist offices
I am the crumbs you sweep under the rug
I am that thing on craigslist that would be
Perfect except for that one little thing wrong

I am all those lonely things.

Andy Cave Jun 2012

Fifty years later their love has not blemished
it's only grown stronger it will not deplenish.
They still like to kiss at those midnight hours,
he still buys her chocolates and beautiful flowers.
Their love story continues to write out more pages,
as their love persists throughout the ages.

Torin Galleshaw Apr 2016

It seems all our sense
Enough at least
To buy apocalypse

¥         o          u                            
    r         €        e                
         n               $      

Its not end£€$$

Deena Nov 2016

one father
buys his daughter
baubles and jewels

another father
plants a garden
sharpens the tools

the former girl
when alone on earth
has diamonds
that shine, but
no common sense

the latter daughter
a friend with earth
grows flowers
and food, is
manifold blessed

one mother shows
her daughter a mirror,
teaches cosmetics
for beauty

another mother
gives chores
to her daughter,
teaches self-
reliance of duty

the first girl
finds love
but none who
stay true

the second girl
finds suitors,
too many
to choose.

thank you for being here for me, hp.
Meg Howell Jan 2015

If all you've ever wanted was material things
and the perfect lover
with the adorable personality
who takes you on coffee shop dates
and buys your happiness
you are the problem with society

If all you've ever wanted was money,
money to buy that car,
or to travel to that place,
or to eat at that restaurant,
then you, my friend, are not part of the truth
Reality is that life is never what it seems
and these materials will some day turn to dust
along with you and I
Don't let materialism be your vice

nivek Nov 2015

It can take a lot of fasting and prayer
to cast out a demon;
and boasting of success only points to failure
but no advertising is bad, even false TV prophets,
only wanting ten per cent of your cash, in exchange for a place in Heaven.

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