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JayceeJellies Oct 2014
That silly feeling inside,
Bubbly or fluttery?
I can't decide.
It's as if a million butterflies are just there,
Underneath your skin tickling you without a care,
They want you to know that these feelings are rare.
Embrace them don't push them.
Just let them happen.
Pyrrha Jul 2018
I find it strange that when I look into your eyes I'm not met with an endless starry sky
The world around me doesn't freeze or turn monochrome around everyone but you
I don't see an endless sea or visions of a setting sun, no matter my determination
So how do I know it is love if it isn't as the words I've heard all my life describe?

Yet my heart still drops when you walk into the room, even when your focus is a place far off
People say it's like a flutter but this is far too heavy to use such a light word to describe such a feeling
It's painful, but I know it isn't something ominous or bad because it feels right
How do I know it is love if none if my words describe it right as they should?

I get it every time our eyes meet or you tilt your head and smile with your head in the clouds
I get it when you laugh to yourself or say something hardly above a whisper
When you focus so hard you ***** up and let out that silly sigh of aggravation and I feel such deep affection
Yet is it alright for me to say what I feel is love when I can't even tell myself what love is?

I don't think your eyes need starry skies or my stomach needs a million butterflies
Your smile doesn't need to illuminate the room and my thoughts for you don't need an anchor
Your love shouldn't have an expectation and my words don't need to have a proper diction

Perhaps I'll see it in your heart or feel it in your touch one day if you feel the same
Regardless what the world has sold me with their modern day poetry
I promise you that no matter how hopeless I become I will find out for myself
What it means to love you wholly even if I have to find out from loving at a distance
I don't understand why I write so many poems about love when I am not even in love. It is so frustrating to have words without a muse and a muse without words.
Butterflies turn to moths in the drapery of your stomach.
They spread,
And the feast begins on the fabric lining the masonry of your summit.

Your satin sheets,
The place you come to cradle dreams.
Who knew,
Were vulnerable to these wing'd beasts.
Missing an ending tbh.
Bryan Lunsford Sep 2018
Like a butterfly,
I first saw her under the summer skies,
As like a butterfly–
She's beautiful, wondrous, divine,
And sometimes, from time to time (like a butterfly)
The thought of her flutters through my mind,
With it being every time I see her eye to eye,
All I ever feel are butterflies
LexiSully Nov 2016
Graceful petite creatures floating up high,
Fluttering and rippling,
Carelessly soaring on by

Strange little feelings bottled up inside,
Shivering and quivering,
Searching for some way to fly.
It was all too fast and unexpected. Suddenly I was there meeting a complete stranger not knowing what to expect. She was a heart-breaker and I knew it deep down but I ignored all the red flags for all those butterflies and rainbows. She knew where my buttons were, she knew when to push them, she knew how to play a girl very well. And now I'm left feeling like a fool because she has moved on to her next prey.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2017
Come bask in the summer sun
     let’s slip out fly with the butterflies!
         While white fluffy cloud-swans  
              dip in and rise, surge and fly
                 up the rainbow arc sway away
                    come down the blue harbour
                       ambling along shady lanes
                           cast your glance treat your eyes!
Peter Balkus Sep 2018
They always are
a one blink of wings away
from eternity.

They always are
one sunrise away
from the dust.

They know well,
that their first dance
is the last.
Deyer Aug 2013
I don't know about butterflies
                         I know happiness.
In my stomach,
           I feel only hunger,
                                    and sometimes indigestion;
                                               but never butterflies.
Even when I see her
              and she smiles at me,

I feel happy
                but my stomach is inactive,
  when our fingers interlock
                     her eyes meet mine
                   and our smiles parallel,

                         I cannot help
      ­                                                   feel at home.
Pagan Paul Jan 27
Cohesion has been fragmented,
merely an old dissolved memory.
A shroud darker than pitch black
heralds the omni-directional strangler,
seeking to crush the fragile neck
and slowly asphyxiate the minds reality.

The turbulence of mute non-existence,
trapped in an endless glass sphere,
a cold snow-globe paper weight,
screaming for the end of the world.
Terror dissipates all common sense,
the inner head explodes and implodes.

A wracked skeleton of fevered flesh,
the violated remains,
beautiful and torn,
when the butterflies of darkness
the fire.

© Pagan Paul (2017/19)
Makenzie Marie Nov 2018
You whisper to me
Your breath on my lips
“I love you”
Followed by a tender kiss.

My heart stops, and revives,  
With the butterflies
That rise
From their graves

Please stay.
You might think it was too early but now I know that’s on your mind and you van halfway take it back but it’ll still make me smile. I hope you’re around when I am able and ready to reciprocate.
Amanda May 3
butterflies have it easy
allowed to silently struggle
in the safety of their cocoons
no audience to witness
the transition from
feeble to flying
one day they
simply emerge as

but us humble humans?
one day we must bravely
to emerge from
netflix comas
social anxiety
abusive relationships
self doubt
eating disorders
and everything we wish
wasn’t on display
through our glass cocoons
but is

one day we must simply decide
to ******* our wings and
declare ourselves
declare ourselves
do you like my new wings?
i do.
ethan gaskill Dec 2018
the first night that you called me
i was starting to suspect
but when i felt my heart beat
i didn’t need to guess
in that hour i subscribed to a whole life
with you as my wife

i wonder if you feel the very
same way about me?
are you laying in bed right now
falling headfirst into a dream?
if the song isn’t for you, i’ll change the tune
love me soon

art is in the eye of the
beholder, so they say
so if i were a painter
i’d be painting you each day
with your blond hair and your oh-so-perfect eyes
i’ve got butterflies
admittedly, i barely know her. on the other hand, she’s already so precious to me
Kichiya Hayashi Aug 2018
There’s black butteflies twirling around my soul
Slowly luring me, wrapping my crushed spirit
Inviting me to disappear from this world of misery

The black butterflies mummified my body
Inch by inch they took care of my wrecked vessel like a soldier died fighting on the battlefield

People keep on telling me to be strong
They never realized my strength is drained
I wish my heart is big enough to contain this endless pain

Oh I want to be in paradise
Oh I want to be in paradise
Burning Lilacs Nov 2017
They're so beautiful
White and Shimmery, They
flutter in meandering patterns
Draw you towards
paper-white butterflies
all all all all around me they fly fly fly fly
A sea of white spots

Tilt your head up
-BREATHE, breathe, Focus
Catch it
****** it by its wings
pluck them out
Crush its shaking body
as panicked convulsions turn into stillness

Paper-white butterflies
Don't let a single one slip by
a sea of thoughts of all kind, chaotic feelings. so intense, thrilling, agony and joy
overwhelming, suffocating.
no matter how poetic that might be, they need to be controlled, smashed between your fingers. all that violence just to stay sane
I think I played your game
But I don’t know if you care
You still came to see for yourself
Why are you always there
I just can’t hide away
I’m always in plain sight
You know where to find me
And we know that it’s not right
Why do I feel all of these things
You’re tearing me in two
I’m in a good place in my life
Until I get that look from you
The sparks are flying inside me
My butterflies won’t die
I need to make a decision
Before I have to lie
Débijonne Aug 2018
Almost asleep when my phone ticked;
'A notification,' it says.
Your name was there, you liked my photo.
And my stomach drowned in butterflies—
Scratch that—moths, surely they're moths.
Stronger, buzzier, like your power
To occupy and stay in my brain
With that single heart emoji beside your name.
Thinking that the double tap
Is as if you love me just the same.
Shoutout to those whose crushes follow them on instagram. Mine doesn't. :( HAHAHA
black on grey
against their dark weight

wings beating
to avoid
the crash
Inspired by a graphic of Lei Feng on
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