unknown May 2014

Bullshit sprinkled with diamonds
That's life in seven syllables
Can we find the diamonds
They're so minimal
I find them in my shoes when I step on shit
and I always feel like it's not shit
But I suppose I'll keep them in my pocket until I slip off the edge into hell

My friend had a blessing and cursing sort of situation and I replied with "Life is bullshit sprinkled with diamonds" and decided I should actually write it down and came up with this.
WistfulHope Oct 2014

Two A.M.

Deepening Wells Jul 2014

I may be young, but I know what bullshit is
I know what it looks like
I know what it sounds like
And I know what it smells like

Hm cx
I'm not to young to know what bullshit is and how to define it.
Giselle Oct 2014

your stories are as dumb
as me falling in love with you.
you made me the most sought out princess
and still managed to make me feel like bullshit

Justin Wright Mar 2014

People on that bullshit

Still talking that bullshit

They got a lot to say but it's bullshit

It don't matter anyway because it's bullshit

I hear it but it sounds like bullshit

What were you saying? That's right bullshit

Saying I'm a liar and a hypocrite

And maybe I am a little bit

But you still talking that bullshit

Bunhead17 Nov 2013

[Intro: Honey Cocaine]
You bitches fucking stink
Go take a fucking shower
Schwag. Asian bitches

[Verse 1: Honey Cocaine]
Faggot, I ain't got time for a stupid broad
Cause bro I'm 'bout to beat a bitch and probably lose my job
Fuck, I'm a bubble
Listen, bitch. I tell you cool it off
Cause acting smart'll get you deaded
Bitch, I rule the spot
Now, homie, I ain't fucking down to catch a charge, bro
Now her body found the same place she had parked, bro. (Whoops! [x3])
I forgot my bitches ride for me
Cause these bitches that drive for me
Are these bitches flying for free
I gain mine. There's a difference. You remember that
Cause I'm always hungry for the shit that I ain't never had
This here is baby food and be all like, "Bitch, fuck a snack! "
See niggas who said I'm crap is asking me to hit 'em back
Nigga, fuck that!

[Hook x2: Honey Cocaine]
Now, I ain't got time for bullshit
If I ain't getting mine, then that's bullshit
Why you all up in my face with this bullshit?
Ew. Bitch, you smell like bullshit

[Verse 2: Honey Cocaine]
Oh, here I go. There they go in this here game again
Now these bitches praying they gon' never hear my name again
But look, I'm a stay around even although they acting like I can't
I don't sleep at all cause it'll always be my time again
That means I work hard, homie. I don't play around, dawg
Better cut this bullshit or your face'll meet the ground, dawg
But after all, it's for the haters and the groupies, though
Find me at the studio
The smart bitch with a stupid flow
Fuck delivery. Got fans who in the dance
Now my enemies got plans
They just searching for a chance
Fuck friends cause I'm married to the music
Bitch, cause I gained the world and die before I lose it
So cool it

[Hook x2: Honey Cocaine]
Now, I ain't got time for bullshit
If I ain't getting mine, then that's bullshit
Why you all up in my face with this bullshit?
Ew. Bitch, you smell like bullshit

[Verse 3: Tyga]
Bitch back, back. Why your ass so flat?
Tell your best friend I want that
I don't pretend, bitch, and I don't act
Why you all up in my chat?
Telling people that you know him
If I lend you all on my back
Criss-cross, you wiggedy-wack! (Aghh!)
Duplicating my racks
Introduce you to my life
Yeah, my gold heavy metal
You can't rock out on my level
Yeah, yeah. That's a red Ferarri
And I'm dancing with the devil
Bitch testing me, you get answers
Kill a nigga quick fast, like cancer. (Aghh!)
(Well, well) Make a bitch rubbin money on my dick till it swell, swell
And ya money, money shorter than a elf, elf
And I keep cool J's like LL
(Hell yeah) I don; t wanna start nuttin' bitch, lemme finish
All in a nigga net nigga mouth like a dentist
(Dennis) Rodman. Come on, come on
Bitch, is you with it, with it?
Cause I ain't

[Hook x2: Honey Cocaine]
Now, I ain't got time for bullshit
If I ain't getting mine, then that's bullshit
Why you all up in my face with this bullshit?
Ew. Bitch, you smell like bullshit

I love this song! "Bullshit" by Honey Cocaine ft. Tyga #last kings
Luna Montez Oct 2014

I wanna take a time-out.
From all the bullshit and all the drama.
Just run away to a hideout.
No one would know.
No one would ever notice.
Just let me go.

g Oct 2014

no one takes you seriously anymore.
you're just a college student.
you are still young.
you are still learning.
you have not been fully brainwashed,

you have to get a good job!
you have to make enough money!
you don't want to be starving, do you?
then go to college.

go to college
cause that will fix all your problems.
one piece of paper and
200,000 dollars of debt later.
welcome to college.

welcome to college!
where you'll try hard to get good grades
and be up all night.
you will never know a good night's rest
for the next 4 years.

more anxiety than high school.
more work than high school.
more people than high school.
more bull shit than high school.

liberal arts education is supposed to be great!
but what if you hate science and math
and you just want to write?
I hate my classes.

I hate analyzing books.
I hate analyzing movies.
I hate writing essays.
I hate talking.

I have a C+ in one class
because I never talk.
I hate talking.
I hate talking.

when I get my degree will it be different?
will I be different?
will my life change forever?
will I finally be the member of society
that society wants me to be?

Jacob Oates Jun 2014

I get accused of a lot of things at first glance

"You're simplistic, you're hiding something

You have no convictions, you don't think deeply"

Usually by those who I consider to be on intellectual crutches

If you're gonna come up to talk to me from a religious context

from a spiritual context

from a hierarchical, metaphysical, eat this shit popsicle mindset

Don't expect me to swallow

Don't expect me to talk

You won't like what I have to say

Because really you just want me to agree with you

If you want me to respect your framework

When you have nothing but the claims of quacks

and the feelings you gleaned from your last psychedelic trip

to back you up

While I have to sit back and listen to how I'm close minded

Close minded for wanting some real truth in this universe

unfiltered, raw, verifiable, and in my hand

and that anything other than that is a spray paint over

my true awakening

Then I guess I'll just have to be that asshole

to die for these intellectual sins

The Eldest Son of Matt, hater of pretense

Hypocrite to the highest level

Build me up into a figure of idolatry

Just like you do with the rest of your ego cases

Priests, Gurus, Rabbis, Rockstars, Poet sensations

Tell me how wonderful it is to listen to them

Tell me how I should be more in touch with a tree

Tell me how I don't dream

When all my life is but that

Tell me how I'm not deep when you make no attempt to learn

Who I am, and where I have come from

Misinterpret my teachings, and claim me to feel

As if I was the newest son of god

When all I want is for people to get beyond blinders

and love each other, and to get beyond the metaphysical rat race

Tell me that I'm supposed to live and let live

While you jam your beliefs down my throat

and expect me to respect getting philosophically tea bagged

Tied up to the crucifix

and asking me to repent for my search for truth

Jcjuatco Jul 2012

Any vulgar word
don't deserve
cannot release,
the angst I feel,

I've warned you
but you swayed,
felt bullshit
and betrayed

Seemed like
I am the one sorry,
and I am the one
harshly blamed

For your
Ill-Advised acts,
your unworthy
decision pays

this scenario
Your mind games
come into play

Decoy your ego
hear my
on the way


Carrie Ross Dec 2011

doesn't really matter.

paper boats May 2014

Did you know,
Cigarettes taste like instant coffee,
The kind I drink at night,
When the dark keeps me awake.

And poetry feels like salvation,
Specially when it doesn't rhyme.

That headaches are the best thing that can happen to you,
When you're awake.

And sleep is a just a lie life tells you.
But you believe it,

Because it's the best fucking lie you'll ever hear.

I used to believe in only the things which made sense,
but beauty doesn't lie in the eyes of the beholder,
It lies in it's extraction from the bullshit.
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