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It took just a few Leaves for me to see
The Wondrous Promise this Scribbler can do
My Kababayan: This Deep Legacy,
Honouring our Flag with Pen and Ink-Blue
But my, dear M'am! Such very Spicy Words,
Great enough to keep my Eyes glued to Browse
And Characters - Freaks Alive! Well that curds
Such Vain Trumpets most of Us do Live out
Now the Bubble breaks; And the West will know
That even from the Pearl, English is You
My Box-of-Thanks, sealed and delivered with Bow
Springs the Jack in Celebration of Youth.
My only Concern, I should have bought One
Let me end my Shift; And my Suweldo come.
Cerro Aconcagua sat on his Feet
Watching his children browse his Bones below
Either for Sport or for Samples replete
As they enjoyed the Splendour of his Brow
And how you hugged the Wind which sprayed your Frost
Then took your Role as a Giant-of-Salt
This the Rockies felt the best you can boast
Though in that Line conscience comes to halt
For what they discovered, an Inca wrapped
Possibly a Victim of Sacrifice
Flesh still worn; Of Fibres long-live sapped
For the Sky-God's Hunger he did suffice.
The only Wonder as far as I see
How Sturdy are you yet Motherly be.
Carmen Jane Mar 19
Perpetual barking,
from your fears,
I hear,
Delusional taunting
to your dears,
I fear,
You release
With way too much ease,
Into little ears.
Stepping on your vows.
Thick and placid eyebrows,
Stare at us
Out of control, red eyes
Executing tacit browse
Trying to see clarity,
That was long gone.
Tiny cell brains
Rolling lost
At once
When you decided to drink
Your first one,
On its own, it had a plot
It wanted more,
Its sisters shots, and brothers shots,
You to pour, on your throat.
Can't take any back,
Had your family tore.
As a child I was witnessing the effect of alcohol had on my dad. Those days are long gone ,this is me, going back in time  to  hold my hands
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018
ᗩIᑎᕼᗩᖇᗩ ᑕOᑎT.
~ ⚪♫⚪ ~
When Lyn looks up, she can see
several banners; the proud white
Lily of Aurelinaea on a gold field
and a white mask and brown
lute on a crimson field, decorate
the buildings. They drape over
windows, off the high bridges,
roofs and posts.

~ ⚪♫⚪ ~
"Ah yes, today is the Song of the
Canals!" Ainhara turns to them.
"So, My Lady, where do you want
to go first? A walk around the
harbour? A ride on the canals?
A trip to the museums?"

~ ⚪♫⚪ ~
"Hmmm..." Lyn's eyes fall
upon a small bookshop.
"I'd like to browse the book-
shop first."
"Do you not have enough
books, My Lady?"

~ ⚪♫⚪ ~
"Ah-ah!" Lyn tsked. "One can
never have enough books!"
Esshi giggles again as Ainhara
rolls her eyes as her mistress
raises a hand, her finger pointing
at the sky. "To the bookstore!"

~ ⚪♫⚪ ~
Lyn skips over like a little girl.
"Honestly," Ainhara chuckles.
"At least she's smiling, Ainhara."
"True," Ainhara could not disagree
with her friend. To see the young
queen so carefree, dressed so plainly,
and above all happy and relaxed,
is a relief to them both. Smiling
under their veils, she and Esshi to
follow behind their young queen.
Enjoy! ^^
Bringing out my inner nerd lool
Lyn ***
Mark Sep 2018
When will decay defeat her beauty's flair?
For many - an eclipse has turned the night
and left no token seam for her to bear,
unless our maiden moon has stilled my sight.

Her grace within may blind my wrinkled browse
and render form and smile to greater wealth
and trance me in a state where she allows;
each breath of love - within it's truest self.

Tho' morning's glow appears a solar truth;
that from the amber beams her skin renews.
Ah no, I'm in the haze of lover's youth!
For I've become a temple to my muse.

Then I shall live her grandest, bright allure!
And ever young she'll be, mine eyes assure.
Lydia Jan 26
We've decided we're waiting.

You shouldn't have given me a time frame because now I'm going to count down the days. These weeks will be spent trying not to think about being with you.

I can't get those memories out of my head.
Our arms brushing against each other as we browse stores.
Your arm around my waist.
Spending an entire afternoon together wordless.
Your hand on the waistband of my jeans.
The feeling of your moans in my mouth.
One last kiss before we get out of bed.
Your hand grabbing mine as we walk to your car.

We've gone two months without seeing each other. This shouldn't be any different, but it is. Then, we were expecting to see each other.

Now, we have a rough deadline.

You could have left it open-ended, and I would have moved on.

All I have to hold on to is today.
The feeling of you on the opposite end of the couch and how immense the space in between us felt.
The lack of eye contact.
Your loss for words.
Our agreement of terms.
Some light banter.
Me catching your gaze for a few fleeting seconds.
Me trying my hardest to resist the urge to kiss you.
The walk to your car.
Your strong embrace before you got into your car.
Me resisting the urge to turn around
and watch you leave.
Bom Sep 2018
There was a girl who would study various pages of different books, resting her back against the chair and browse through possible questions in her mind that might enter an upcoming quiz. She was quite beautiful, shoulders covered by the school uniform and eyes that sparkle underneath her glasses.

She was my classmate in High School.

There was a teenager who would always fasten a strand behind her ear, and tap her nails against the cold cup of iced tea. Under the shadow of the thick arms of a tree, as she sat on a chair and tapped her heel against the cement impatiently. She was quite beautiful, skin soft as cotton and the shade between the dark and light. She had pale pink lips and wore suitable clothes, blushes dancing on her cheeks.

I saw her in a Coffee shop.

There was a quiet woman, reading by herself in places of solitude; where none would bother her time of tranquility. She was quite beautiful, fading cuts on her wrists and black bags painted under her lashes, wearing casual clothes, a golden ring glistening under the rays.

I sat next to her, with a matching ring as gold as jewels in a crown.

— The End —