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Chameleon Aug 2018
Sometimes I get the munchies so bad after smoking **** that I pick something I normally wouldn't.
Tonight before work I stopped at the gas station and my eyes skated across an Oreo cookie brownie.
I have had one before so I already knew it was exactly what I needed.
As I was driving I took bite after bite until finally, because it is so dense and sugary, I had to take a drink.
I ate nearly all of it in the 5 minutes it takes to get to work, but now I have just a little bit left that will probably go to waste because the munchies wore off and like I said,
I don't normally go for that kind of snack.
mia May 10
my torment is one of clouds and flowers
freckles upon sun-kissed oranges
like roses through honey
& vivid eyes like the abstraction of Renaissance pieces

oh butterfly how you make my heart melt
chocolate brownie wonders with giggles on top
your effervescence brighter than a summer's day
entrapping my purity within your oppressive interior

our silences are filled with images of my creation
a cornucopia of passion for even the loneliest of wordsmiths

I leap into our pool of nostalgia for old time's sake
only to find your words transform into serpents.

whirlwinds of emotion now whispered into the ears of another
burning adorations into scarred remains
a work in progress. as always, comment what you think down below!
John Ryles Apr 2010
The two collieries where I was employed,
Houses now stand winders destroyed.
From a window where I controlled the flow,
I could see the horizon far and low.
I can also see sunrise and set,
Pictures past I won’t forget.
Through the shifts seasons would go,
From summer sun to winter snow.
To wake one morning already too late,
Decisions were made to close the gate.
Work was gone and mates were lost,
Ripped apart at great cost.
Left us with a grey slurry beach,
The nanny goat path we walked to reach.
Down to the coast a ***** line,
Carried shale from the mine.
Through our town they ran so fast,
To tip more waste upon the blast.
Now I sit where I want to be,
Looking out at the great North Sea.
From chemical beach to clean east shore,
The north east pits are no more.
From brownie box in old dark room,
To Digital with super zoom.
Memories fade but photos show,
All we really need to know.
St Marys church to Hawthorn hive,
These scenes of Seaham will survive.
Tommy Randell Nov 2016
Don't put a clock on me
Don't ask me to share
No Copying & Pasting
To prove that I care

You're that hungry for contact
Pick up the phone
Email or Text me
Or come to my Home

Don't challenge my Friendship
With hurdles and hoops
Don't make up a choice
And then ask me choose

Look, this is Facebook
Not a drama with you starring
Forcing me to reply
Is Bullying not Sharing

I don't Sign petitions
I don't do Amens
I don't collect brownie points
So we can stay Friends

You got it? That's good
I thought it best to be clear
Cos the crap just keeps spreading
And I am right up to HERE !

© Tommy Randell  -  28th November 2016 10:45am
J Nc Mar 2016
His old mare cantered into to town
The covered wagon followed
A boy's first trip to town alone
He took it in, and swallowed

Penny candy dreams last night
And sarsparilla floats
The ladies' parasol fineries
The men in pinstriped coats

Perhaps a whiskey, what the hell
Today he was a man!
But first the livery stable for Brownie
For oats and a water can.

The .30-30 saddle gun would come with him, of course.
He also grabbed the belted Colt from the pommel of his horse.

The warped board sidewalks led past stores
His worn boots clopped along
He strapped on the .36 Navy Colt revolver
And fastened down the thong

He clopped down to the first saloon
Laid his rifle on the bar
A sporting girl sat next to him
With the unlikely name of "Star"

"A milk for the lady.
Myself as well,
Barkeep, if you please!"
A cowhand howled out raucous laughter,
And and flipped up Ms. Star's dress, to above her knees

"That little pup, he wants some milk
So Star, give him yer ****!
I'll bend him over, spank his ***
And then give YOU a treat!"

The young man's vision doubled, trebled,
The shame clear on his face
As tears welled up in big blue eyes
A witness in every soul in the place

"Aw, the little ***** is bawling! WAH!"
The cowhand bellowed out
And all false mirth left his expression
And he gave the boy a clout

The boy just sat and sobbed and watched
As Ms. Star joined in the joke
But cowhand was already 3 bottles in,
In a flash, her nose was broke

Cowhand reached across the boy
To grab that sweet, sleeved rifle
The boy grabbed cowhand's wrist just then
And twisted it just a trifle

A yelp and howl from cowhand's mouth,
NOW you're ******, you little sprat"
He took a swing, , he missed.

Red faced, clumsy, humiliated
He drew leather on the boy
Dead to rights, the cowhand had him
The man realized, with grim joy

An explosion, a thump, on warped pine floor
Blue smoke curling in the air
Utter, vapid, vacuum silence
Patrons cemented to their chair

The tears were gone from those blue eyes
Blue steel as his gaze fixed
A hole had grown in cowhand's head
The size was .36
Inspired by "Don't take Your Guns to Town" by Johnny Cash and John Wesley Hardin
flows is edible
like a ***** brownie''''
with the coming onslaught
my torments watching'''''
cancer devils
anemic screams,,,

the blood is haunting
in between my dreams,,,

with visions of
the girlie me ......
im imagining
perverted scenes....
with lesbians
and me in make up,,,,
shake her hair
**** when we wake up ,,,,

with a lot of darkness in my head.....
take time away
to dream of *** .......

my uncles dying
but theres still time
to spread some legs and have fine dining
Aaron L Osgood Jan 2018
Jhynda you gotta to be kidding me!
How dare you! become silent just suddenly.
We were chatting 2 fast 2 furious.
Now I’m idling at a red traffic light just furious.
Sitting in this car waiting for that green light to Go!
I’m not sitting in a car but I’m letting you metaphorically know.
As you sleep we stopped our speech.
Oddly you asked me “Wyd?” And we just started to speak.
Time is still moving and I’m still up.
The wind outside is blowing strong and I’m thinking “What the F*!”.
Listening to music now as I text you this message.
Expressing myself it’s about to get interesting.
Maybe I should stop this poem note.
I don’t want to go no further my friend.
Since your sleeping maybe this could be the end...
Although as I’m awake this new day of mines just began.
I have a long way before my day ends.
You have a short time as you sleep before your day begins.
Laying in your bed cuddle up with your bear.
And Brownie on the floor or on your bed laying near.
I shouldn’t be thinking this thoughts as I text you this.
As if I’m standing right there at the end of your bed just looking.
Waiting for you to wake so we can continue the topic we left off.
Before you became silent at 8:26pm as I viewed.
For you it’s 8:16pm your last text to me.
I understand I guess...continue to get your beauty rest.

From: Aaron L. Osgood
To: You b.k.a. Jhynda Perpignan
Hungry Panda Nov 2018
People show love in many ways
A note on the bathroom door
An extra brownie in your lunch box
Starting the car on a cold morning
For her it  was in her food
She cooked her emotions the way most chefs add salt
You could taste them clearly in every bite connecting your tastebuds to your heart,
If she was happy the steak melted on your tongue
If she was sad the soup made a tear glisten in your eye
But when she was in love with me
Every Bite sang in my mouth
She made my favorites every night
Life was good
But one day the bread wasn’t so fluffy
It held a melancholy note i’ve never tasted before
I asked what was wrong but she didn’t have the words to explain what she as feeling,
So I let it go
That was my mistake
Day by day, she started to crumble
So did her pies
She went from a wonder dancing in the kitchen and licking the spoon
To a hollow shell serving you lukewarm pasta that left you unsettled
I excused her behavior
I was busy she was stressed
The food was only cold because I was so late to the table
I didn’t realize it wasn’t dinner I was neglecting
It was her
If i could change one moment in my life, i’d be that night
The one where she finally felt up to baking again
We had some time together, she hummed a bit as she stirred the batter
But then she stumbled and dropped a glass measuring cup of milk she was holding
It was bitter irony seeing the woman i loved,
The light of my life,
Crying over spilled milk
That’d be the moment i’d change
I’d catch her wrist and hold her up
Just Like I promised I would
I wouldn’t fail her if I had another chance
Our kitchen is quiet these days
There's a thick layer of dust everywhere except the microwave
And around the edges of the room are tiny bits of glass
Glistening like diamonds
Or unshed tears,
Abandoned like me
But I can’t complain
After all, I abandoned her first
I should have read the recipe
I should have realized she was breaking
I didn’t see it at first
But every bite held a piece of her suicide note
If i’d only tasted it before it was too late
Now she’s gone
My hearts as broken as that measuring cup
And I’m the one crying over spilled milk

By Aknier     ~this is fictional~
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
Let's not make this long speech
    my best moment to reach
Day in and Craker Jack out what!!
Please the kiss needs to be longer__

The piano plays incredibly stronger
So short the "Cheez Wiz" visit
but constantly
Oh! My the lovely edible dish

The long wish*
too long its been
way too long___

I belong to the short savvy
stack of crackers
I am Jamming sweet
The words in
such an array to greet
Or meet Robin-Tweet
A+++ Collection
King Eternity gravity of Robin

The Craft fair long____
Green Guacamole animal
 crackers green
with envy
"Long story Witchcraft"
The spell his magic fingers
French Tickler
Those finger foods gift matcher
She sees little red riding hood
Getting the right Judge Judy
homemade Country fudge so good

VIP ******* may I RIP cracked
the code computer hacker
Afterthought but don't
come towards me
She's bulletproof
The braveheart like a horse hoof

The earthy Queen of the county
It's today coffee dark swirls
Passed over cloudy war tug
Proud Mary got cracked mug
I only have eyes for

The Leap jump for all
Easter bunny

Long appetizers in her tray
The hole in one Golfer hurray
The longer the wait like the
The same star how I
met all the losers
A sweet and sour  mix of chicken
Moms *******
Saltine stuffing
I am longing for English crackers
Like a ritual, out of time lips chuckle
Sweet Berry cheeks and lovely dimples

This life will burn and crumble

Over crumbled crackers?
Those blind spots
Dog wear collars of polka dots
His name is Scott what favoritism spots
Vacation spot Meditterian crockpots
by the sea
Sea salt sprinkling saltine
over the shoulder, good luck

Feeling love sick her revolver
crackers to meet her four leaf clover
Life is falling apart what a pity
This is not only____ New York City
So dry the air like dried up
What white as a sheet
Full moon changed her music
Longshot transformation
To the Stepford wifes
Robot desperately seeking crackers
Some green chile
mouth burners

The best honey milk
 bedroom eyes like
My Sweet lord all aboard flirts
the ship watch your salty lip
The shepherd's pies short skirts

She doesn't live in our town
The sultan of swat
Vampires blood jelly
There is always a
wicked plot "Santa Claus"
*** of gold belly at a glance

Bullwinkle and Rocky road
ice cream cake
Cheesecake Factory
Trampling over crackers
What a time for a boycott

What fine attribute of
girl scouts
Getting blondie
brownie points

Someone passed her
screen test mirror mirror
cracked the glass shot
Astronaut looking
mighty short for words but pretty
Trusting the eyes of stars
The third eye three reasons

"Soap Opera Diamonds"
three times got cracked
*** matters lips sensually
Strike a pose short rally
Madonna Vogue
The oyster's long love rumors
She just loves her jelly roll and
Mr. Graham crackers
Just appreciate those cracked
wheat ladies
Sesame melba toast short top
of the crack
The things that really matter

Whats the matter?
With your daughter
He longs for her divine crackers
That's another short chapter

Too many rejects he throws them
They crack up those actors
The writer needed to
find more movie extras
Groucho mark with
joke of crackers
More well-known names
with sponsors
The jackpot was hard to hit
Everyone was better to
crack the safe long neck
My lady Giraffe*
The true lover's knot
Your poem is worth the shot
Astronaut I brought you
The perfect flight the men
with the mustache
The salt and pepper shaker
Elvis the King is shaking
******* and roll
This is a long shot to wherever you want to go but I cracked the safe what crackers can actually do it is a long shot we arent through
I had no intention
Of eating
I'd just had
And an eggxcellent


But then a new store
Caught my eye
Wow! Loud! Bold!
I ate myself a brownie
Messy hair,
Messy dress,
Mess all around.

Kitchen sink,
Kitchen top,
Filled with leftover
Brownie cups.

Bed spread
Soft toys,
Wrinkled bed
sheets adorned.

Living room
All around.

You hear happiness around,
A house like this is peace supreme,
Don't judge by mess abound.

The lady is not lazy
The lady still
loves to dress,
The house
But it's just,
She chose to make
her house friendly
To her little
toddler's reach

So the baby can
enjoy her care
free days,
With Mommy
by her side,
The baby
not worry
about all the
mess she

She wants
Being Mom,
For a little
more time

Sparkle In Wisdom
24 Jan 2019
Dedicated to all new Mom s.
Makayla Jane Mar 5
I'm so sick of being blamed,
Getting yelled at for adults' and teachers' mistakes
All because of the "she said, he said" bull

I've devoted so much time into my job
I've been a good student with honor and higher grade classes
I've always gone the extra mile and scored those brownie points
Yet now I'm on lockdown

Who knew acting out and skipping classes for once
All due to my mother's threats of kicking me out along with my suicidal thoughts
Would bring everyone to ******* hate me

Haha but listen here,
I won't give up that easily;
I'll bite back with venom and fangs while you try to toss me in a cage
I'll show you I'm the one who ******* rules my life
And that I make my own decisions
Even if that means ending my own life
This most likely isn't that good but it's because it's fueled with pure, raw emotion and I can't describe things any better.
Feel free to share revision ideas (:

— The End —