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Iska Sep 2018
You think that you are ****.
But my darling,
how could you  possibly know?
You can’t see what I see,
how could these opinions possibly grow?
you knock the breath right out of me.
with the way the sunlight hits your eyes
And I think my heart just flutters inside.
The way you tilt your head as you laugh
and when i'm with you,
I can never tell if only seconds or infinities have past
The way your ears turn pink when embarrassed
The way you spin in that pretty pink dress
The way you hold me in your arms
And smile
As you call me your love.

And I

Can’t help

But melt
The Rogue Poet May 2016
On days like today

weary I lay,

The delicate flower
is how I am portrayed,

I pray & I pray the rain & wind does not ******* away

I brace myself as I sway with roots gripping the grains.

I grip & I fight in hope of a better tomorrow & today

As I feel as I am just along for the ride,

I start to lose faith through hours of the day.

the clusters of ghastly dark clouds begin to separate,

& The rays beaming through the clouds are breathtaking.

With light & warmth I begin to bloom,

& so do the emotions that were gloom.

When I was in doubt my feelings became frayed,

My experiences helped me blossom from The Delicate Flower I was portrayed.

Sketcher Nov 2018
Actually feeling like death is better,
Better than letting her borrow my sweater,
Cold but she needs the warmth more and pleasure,
Doesn’t come easy when we’re talking Heather,
Endlessly flowing love has nowhere to go,
Fire and water that will burn and will flow,
Getting pain and repose all in one blow,
How do you regulate love? no one knows,
Infidelity fills the atmosphere,
Just like how the mug and all of your beer,
Kills you over time quickly drawing you near,
Little voices, the insanity premier,
More drugs to drown the drastic discomfort,
No way you know how much I have suffered,
Open the blinds but keep emotions covered,
Painfully black and white out the colors of,
Quirky emotions that fall off the shelf,
Remind yourself that nobody can help,
So you end up understanding that the self,
Tortures you and you can’t blame anyone else,
Under pressure and stress twenty-four seven,
Violence seeping out pores till’ I’m deafened,
Woke-wise so I won’t make it to heaven,
Xenophobe so no change cause depression,
Yields surprising results in the face of,
Zipped up introverts in the place of poets.
My first ABC poem.
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2012
My love, come back to me.
I long have waited my king for your kiss.  
Memories of islands, and far away seas
swimming through your breathtaking eyes.

Long vacations, and weekends spent with you.
My lover, friend and companion,
where have you gone?
Days still replay in my mind.

Thinking back over the years of you,
Snippets of memories come to mind,
But time and events have kept us apart
so here in my mind I find you.
All poems are copy written and soul property of Vicki Kralapp.
Godlink Sep 2017
In a garden full of daisies,
had grown a beautiful rose.
Something more unique,
than I had ever known.
Though its beauty is breathtaking,
its personality made it shine.
To pick up such a perfect flower,
would be the greatest crime.
The rose was getting anxious,
in defense it grew a thorn.
I pricked my finger,
hurt myself,
but caused the rose more harm.
So through my dumbest action,
the rose would soon deplete.
Here I stand with pain in heart,
a perfect rose had wilted at my feet.
Jess Balingit Apr 2014
In a city full of tall buildings and unspeakable views,
breathtaking unknowns and unfamiliar faces,
there are those sitting on window sills
chugging bottles of brew,
leaving cigarette traces

She spends her days in a haze,
sharing little laughs that make her ribs ache,
all in attempt to erase you
It's only then she sees,
an imprint on the
soul is the kind of
stain that can't be
ryn Aug 2014
Wish I had a special pair of lenses
A tool for me; just for my senses
That grant me binocular vision
Allow me to see with heightened perception.

Peer through mountain crags, over dunes of sand
Pierce skyscrapers in familiar foreign lands
A sight beyond nimbus clouds
Amazingly through temporal shrouds.

Past breathtaking ridges and quiet plateaus
Alongside a ****** of black-feathered crows
Tripping over singing brooks and moss-covered pebbles
Herds of quadrupeds as they frolic and gambol
Extraordinary views and candy for the eyes
Travelling linear between earth and skies.


You're too far away for me to see
Even if bestowed upon me...


I wish my eyes binocular...
Because I need you so much closer...
Carter Ginter Jan 2013
   say nothing can compare to
      the delicacies that claim
         our sky. High above,
      far beyond our air, lights
    break the               darkness.

admit to their magnificence; truly
       breathtaking. Is it such
         a coincidence, that
    your presence has similar
effects                           on me?

their genuine glow, and wish you
     were there beside me; to
         share in this wonder.
        To gain the experience
      of true                 sublimity.

that if you were really there with
       me, my gaze would fall.
          No longer focusing
      on the sky, but instead
     upon                     your all.

these moments don't last forever-
      I know I could watch these
        stars whenever. But it
      wouldn't be us, together-
    I would              take it all in.

experience it is; the feeling of being
      close, to the one thing I've
         found that surpasses
      the stars I've seen, in both
   amazement        and in beauty
My attempt to match the structure with the context. The wording was a little tricky because I had it written before I decided to shape it and then, when in the process of shaping, I needed to make a few adjustments.
emily mikkelsen Dec 2016
I am afraid,
afraid of losing such a breathtaking
piece of art
& never being able to look
at the beauty
the sweep of your jaw
the tilt of your chin in worship
your laugh,
the sound, & your expression
it's like music,
so light
Dawn Jun 2017
you are
breathtaking paintings displayed in museums,
therapeutic songs played with earphones on,
eloquent poems meant to make people feel.

you are
everything i love to admire
everything i cannot call mine.
I've always liked admiring wonderful things and/or people from a distance.
Makenzie Odom May 2016
Her smile is like the sun;
Beautiful and radiant.
It can **** you if you get too close.

Her touch is like water;
Gentle and powerful.
It can make you feel wanted.

Her kiss is like ice;
Piercing and breathtaking.
It can freeze you in time.

Her love is like fire;
Blazing and warm.
It can make you feel alive.
Mr Quiet Jul 2018
Hold on to me.
I cannot even bare the thought of losing you,
For you are already a part of me,
You are the sole purpose of why my heart beats.

Loving words,
Caring heart,
Breathtaking presence,
You tear me apart.
You love me so much,
As I also love you,
No words can measure the weight of my heart.
Where do I even start?

I'll always remember those times,
When we kept talking about our lives,
We talked and talked 'till past midnight,
We talked and we felt love inside.

You were there for me,
At my loneliest times,
During those depressing nights.
I thought no one would be that nice,
But then you proved me wrong,
And held me tight.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 12/14
Nico Julleza Sep 2017
A pour of liquid upon the sky
hollows around the city
flickering unknowing lights
as she stands on the corner
A fantasy strews in my mind
with walls painted to emblaze
floors swarming with haze

Red on her lips
A tense that lures my eyes
reaching the inside-out
tangled in a state of enmity
as I wade in serendipity
nobody asked me how I feel
the fact she was never even real

We tag around the maze
I baffle between truth and fake
boundless as we kissed
Breathtaking, filled with bliss
A perfection I'll never miss
But twas a treacherous crime
And thankfully I woke up in time
#Love #Fantasy #NovemberNight #Rain #Kiss #Treacherous

Sometimes love can lead you to paths you never even wish too. And the feeling is unexplainable. You only hope you could control it, cause it might build you or destroy you.

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Willow Aug 2016
The view revels an ocean,
Dancing below
Sparkling water turns into towering waves
The sight is breathtaking
The cool waters welcome you in

But once you go under,
Become relaxed
Waves get bigger
Threating to pull you under
Tide becomes stronger
Dragging you where you don't want to go
The fight begins,
Ending only when you leave...

I view a handsome boy
Laughing below
His eyes meet mine creating butterflies
He so looks lovely
His arms welcome me

But once you get in
Fall in love
memoona kazmi Feb 22
nothing can hold me back now,
neither any luxury,
nor any love,
neither any goal,
nor any determination,
don't tell me now,
that you will be there for me,
when i have stood alone,
in the breathtaking storms,
watching my sail,
being blown away,
don't tell me you love me,
when i know you don't,
don't tell me it's all gonna be better,
when i already know,
you will always be you,
and i'll a;ways be me.........
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