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Stormy Grey Dec 2014
Let us run,
Let us hide,
Let us fade,
Along with the tide.
Within the sea,
She silently breathed,
The heavens were waiting,
Along with me.

Miss you she said
-looking up at the sky-
She turned her back,
And waved goodbye.
Submerged by the water,
Slowly she sinks
-Timeless and lifeless-
No seconds to think.

Slowly she drifts,
At peace at last.
Looking back at her life,
It sure was a blast.
What happened to her?
What went so wrong?
What caused her to go..
After so long?

The time has now ended,
Along with her pain.
She can now rest,
Can't be harmed again.

Danny Wolf Mar 2015
Warm breath lingers under sheets,
hugs gentle
and whispers,
"I'm sorry."
I lay here now
within the fine line boundaries of this love
and a piece of me must mourn for what may never be.
But I have found there is more truth to this holding
as it speaks for all the words that have gone unspoken,
all the unanswered questions.
I breathed you in deep,
awake to remember your skin.
Intertwined in ways more than just the extremities of our Earlthy bodies,
my soul is at ease knowing a piece of you
will always be held within a piece of me.
ryn May 2015
These eyes have felt
their fair share of tears that burn
Forgive my eyes for they are yet so green
They have seen much but still they do not learn

These lungs have breathed
The air both fresh and acrid
Forgive them for they are yet so green
They only do what they must when all runs turbid

These ears they've heard
Hurtful promises and whispers that have stung
Forgive my ears for they are yet so green
They're know not to ignore the language of forked tongues

These lips have served
The most callous of opinions
Forgive them for they are yet so green
They can't seem to curb pent up notions

These hands have grown tired
From shielding my tear-stricken face
Forgive these hands for they are yet so green
They're still so afraid to welcome the gift of future days

These legs are sore
For they have travelled far
Forgive them for they are yet so green
They knew better than to enter through doors left slightly ajar

This mind is weary
From thinking of a life meant only for dreamers
Forgive my mind for it is yet so green
They know not of the inexistence of greener pastures

This heart... My heart
Pounding each beat that betrays
Beats with an anvil in tow
Forgive it for it is yet so green
It's having more trouble than it cares to show

This face I wear
A weathered mask I'm unready to shed
Forgive it for it is yet so green
There's still life in it...
For there's yet much to be said
You were the crisp fresh air I breathed in
Awakening my soul
Clean and bearing no weight
I effortlessly inhaled you
Taking you in
Embracing you and everything about you
Chilled by your presence
Sending goosebumps down my spine
You were the opening of my eyes

But at the same time

You were the foggy air I breathed in
Suppressing my soul
Foul with a hefty weight
Choking as i tried to force you out
Slowly extinguishing me
Avoiding you and everything about you
Sickened by your presence
Forcing me to stop breathing
You are the sludge coating my lungs

Making me want to never breathe again
Do you always speak in poetry?
Steamy breath swirls in the
Stagnant air, my hair hangs
Dusty smudges itching
Under paper skin
No, I breathed
Eyes shut, eyes open
The words dance, I hear their
Ethereal whispers, muffled
By masks and heavy cloaks
I miss you.
I miss you poetry, it's been a long time since I've actively been writing and something a friend said to me really sparked a flame in me again.
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2018
Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you.
The moment you were born
were summoned to the earth
far from heaven.
Far no more, no more
heaven became
closest to the souls!

Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you.
The moment did you dip
your toe in this mortal soil.
Mortal no more, no more
it becomes sublimely
the most beautiful of all!

Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you.
The moment you breathed life
your perfume stirred the water
the meaning of life is obscured
no more, no more
it’s all clear as the full moon!
Michael Hart, the author of the book "The 100 Most Influential People", it took him 28 years to complete it. He ranked Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) No 1 on the list.

While he was giving a lecture in London, he was booed and interrupted.
People were complaining as to why he ranked Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as No 1?

He said:
"The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stood in the middle of Makkah in the year 611 and said to the people: 'I am the Prophet of Allah'.
Four people believed in him; his BEST FRIEND, his WIFE and two KIDS!
Now, even after 1400 years, the number of Muslims has gone over 1.5 billion and still expanding.
He could not have been a liar, because a lie will not last 1400 years! nor could you fool 1.5 billion people!
Another thing to ponder is that even after all this time, millions of Muslims will not hesitate to sacrifice their lives over one word that would hurt their Prophet".

"Is there even one Christian willing to do that for Jesus?"

After that, there was DEAD SILENCE in the whole auditorium!
Laura Labno Sep 19
The Seine enchanted me

It almost made me believe

My eyes
were caressing magic.

But my eyes worked too well
To omit

the cancerous
cells growing

in the Idea of


Being a romantic I breathed in
the charm

Being a realist I grieved
At the trap.
Shayn Powell Apr 2018
As you ask I see your fear, your complexion turned pink.
I wonder what you think, asking me to make it all easy.
Foolish human with a request out of reach, I’ve watched you
From the second you breathed,
And this evil spewing from your heart is hard to believe.
I’ve watched over the years, your smile has disappeared from ear to ear
And flipped opposite like heaven and hell.
I can feel your sense of disdain, and how you scurry for your shell.
I’d compel you to find yourself, But that’s for you to seek.
Not to be slaughtered like sheep.
You are a foolish human, and your request for death is denied.
I’ve decided against it. it’s not your time.
Not sure this would work.
Olga Valerevna Apr 2014
You carried me for many months and thus became my world
My hands are shaped like yours because I am your little girl
I could've let you go if you had said that's what you wish
But every word I heard you speak was opposite of this
I saw the life you thought you lost and held it close for you
Believe me when I say that's what I knew I had to do
I look at you the same today as I did even then
Before I ever breathed the air of everywhere you'd been
And there are times when all I need to do is go inside
To let the warmth of who you are wash over like a tide
The closer that I come to you the less I feel alone
I guess it's true what people say - some people feel like home
for my mother who carried me so I could carry her
Sam Hawkins Feb 2016
when everything everywhere
whispered in irresistible languages

hey you there
stop resisting

i began to surrender
was flowing free

wings flapping

toward the unknowable

experimented with ditching
body as identification
name as identification
personal history as identification

faded off
mad word searching
explaining  justifying
reiterating too much information

i loosened my squeeze grip
on intellectualism
tell-me-how-to-be spiritual books
whatever the famous someone
said once then got bronzed over

i surrendered to universal unity
where i lavishly decorated
my living changing dream
with my own snap choices

i was flowing with fresh
synergetic synthesis

returned outside to pedestrian streets
where angelics mixed in
wore transparent disguises

i began to flow
forgiveness out and in

skipped a light fandango
splashing puddles was
answer to inclement weather

i set wooden faces
to smiling after
i switched my own

i rolled on through
perceived stop signs
of the everlasting no

incinerated all my karma with

made myself
stock still

yes yes

relaxed awareness


opened all my hands
matt d mattson Aug 2013
When I saw her
The first woman with the first wide eyes
Bright and light and dark and deep
With life and mystery
My heart beat like the first hand struck the first drum
And the first song was sung
In dark caves of ten times ten thousand years ago

When I first breathed that first scent
My sight stopped
My mind stopped
My mind was my body and my hands and my gut
And my legs extending to the ground and the earth and time
And it slowed down like an ice age beginning
Then it melted into warm fire
Where it burned

The first touch of the first woman
Was electrical chemical radioactive bliss
Every piece of matter in me wanted to move and dance and shake and fly apart
The spark from the start of her heart beat
Crossed through the fibers and
Traveled down the pathways of her body
Down the chemical electric synapses
Through her arm and jumped across to my hand
And traveled up and started a new beat
It was a faster, and stronger beat
And it beat
And it beat
Like the first dance,
Shook with the slap and smack of ground and hands and feet

Oh the first woman was all women
And then there were other women
And they were people
Flesh and blood
And minds and thoughts
And feelings that I could not feel
Good and bad and indifferent
With hangups and problems
Blemishes and baggage
I met women coming
Women going
Here and there
Now and then
For coffee, for beer,
One evening or ten
I met scientists, nurses
bartenders and baristas.
Living lives I didn't mind
Giving time when it was mine
Asking for things I couldn't find

Then I saw You
All of you
In time and space and speed

I caught the scent of you
Your fragrance and perfume
And the primal musk of you
That fatal lusts allure

I felt you
The gravity of your body from across the room
Your electro-magnetic force pulling
Pressure of the displaced particles pushing
As you walked so slowly towards me

And time stopped
Light and sound and movement were captured
Captive to your hypnotic sway
Prisoner to your power over my perception
You moved through the still air
And it swept aside like a curtain as you passed
The world was quiet

And then it pounded  
The pressure of it filled the air and everything around it
As you moved closer,
Like ride of the Valkyries
Rising and crashing in waves
It rose as you moved towards me
You carried it in your wake
And then it was a crescendo
A vast overpowering transcendent orchestral cacophony
Of immense intense sound and light and energy erupting
Cymbals crashed and horns blew and strings snapped under the pressure of the vibrations
Brilliant fireworks exploded in the black sky of your brown eyes
As you stopped a few feet from me

And time was stopped
You were the first woman
You were all women
You are
The only woman
Johan Nel Nov 2014
Through a black little frame, in a veiled little space
I saw the sun in your eyes, I breathed the light from your face
You kept to your corner, you held onto your heart
I reached from inside, I needed your white touch in my dark
Until you let go of the world and flooded my days
You dissolved in time, I was immersed in your rays

Nothing left wanting, when I found you, I found my way
Walking freely light, united for life I prayed
To walk through the shadows and every eclipse
And continue full lives, a never-ending ellipse...
Johan Nel © 2010
DivineDao Feb 2016
It's been almost seven
Months and six eclipses
Since the repetitive sound
Of a metal train wheels lulled my thoughts
And fresh languid lazy summer air hushked through the opened window
and ruffled my hair, blew the chocolate black back to forth, for a moment and covered my eyes. Completely. The aroma of vanilla and honey have vanished into the  pine and palm tree canopies and partialy deep into you, as you breathed me in. The road dust crusted my eyes and I said in a low murmured voice: it's temporary, sweet darling. These tears intimidating the corners of my green would have been lighter with mere weight of a single droplet's fullness. Emotions tore them down. Each itching. You didn't have to be psychic to know it is wise to turn your head for the square angle away, and pretend nothing happened.
You put your headphones on and surrepetitiousely tapping the beat along the music. Melodious were the charming contours of a passing landscape. And those near~dusk dreamy hues, have coloured my silences with beautiful wine grapes and rose bushes, puffy sheep, running children, honking cars, fruit and vegetable stands, stone bridges, horses having a picninc on the remote meadows. Grass was waist high,  villas rose and faded among blue and green, swaying as golden wheat on the horizon, subdued to warm Zephyrs. And gardens were everywhere. Out of the train's window, within your dark magnetic gleams.  Our thoughts became dreams; growing into my soft yearning palms, lines shone and shone. Until the road's end.
Tenor Kemp Jan 2013
woke up old with cold bones creaking,
bright knives cut through shuttered blinds;
i gasped and breathed, remembered, rose
and crept out from the dark to find
a bag sat packed; the words came back:
"Come see me then, if you're alive."

the mist hung down from cloud and sky;
a sun sat brave but weak and low;
the trees so straight and tall remembered
summers young and long ago.

the engine spat and growled and every
tread declared its vigour still,
and soon the trees, the sun and mist
were lost behind the valley hill.

and on i sailed through burning winds
and grey and smokey white-lined seas.
i thought of all i'd say and all
you'd ask and what the past would mean,
and all those summer times we climbed
and hid among the valley trees.
23 July 2011
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2013
This is where I learn how to stand
When the lilies have died and I'm holding your hand
We connect through the breeze
Here is when I know you’re hurting
'Cause the soils gotten cold
The warmth under me no longer exist
This is where I learn how to hush
To listen as the forest whispers around us
We transform through the grass
Here is how I know I love you
'Cause the separation has killed us
But you've kept getting stronger
This is where I learn how to speak
When the silence hasn't helped
An communication was key
The air around me you've always breathed
We transcend beyond the grave
Here is how I see
When the redish tips of your hair
Turn grey
The warmth surrounding me no longer exist
This is where I learn how to stand
When the roses have died an you’re in Gods hands...

How to Stand
Tyko Say Jun 2017
Jack Coke and Keuorac limbo in
cobblestone tycoon; raining now, summer
in December—remember when on balcony,
a storm cloud rolling in
you with a rolled
breathed in cigarette between
mouth teeth and me sitting back
against the green guard back
against the storm but it
was silent then, when we sat
and much too loud down the
street and across through
the storm.

In a room outdoors sitting above
an indian couple’s living room
just enough room to sit and talk
and sit and smoke things
were where they were put
and put where they should
be—you and me between
a loud street and a storm
that never ended up
reaching England’s shore

Remembering limbo in
cobblestone tycoon something
somewhere was how it
was supposed to be
somehow remembering
now full moon above
Dorthy’s English skyline
lying just amply across
your shoulders so closely
across the table from where
I first saw it.
Peatnic poets rest in beat
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