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Molly Nicole Oct 2017
Cracks in my character
Lined with silk
Lovers touch
Like a sharpened blade
Gliding smoothly
Only painful when removed
I'm a story book of unfortunate events and cliches
And the morbidly curious find their way
Into my arms
A comforting fear
A lion taming circus

I'm not sure anymore if this gun
Is still loaded with flowers

But you
Hold me so tight
Squeeze out the anxiety
Catch it
Make me a balloon animal with its breath
The most beautiful rebound.
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2012
Let me go.  Set me free to be all that I can be.
Let me rise up against this blackness that encompasses me.
I have worked in this stone box for too long,
without looking at the world outside.

I cannot recall the freedom that was once mine
as I’ve become so accustomed to this prison that I’ve made.
What I could do, what I should do, these elude me,
leaving me lost, without a map to follow.

How do I find my own path?  It continues to find me.
Desire overpowers me to forge my own,
to create new life and freedom for the person I’ve become;  
freedom from the struggles weighing me down
that have kept me from the life I could live.
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
Debbie Brindley Aug 2018
My heart is breaking
Can you not hear
****** tears weep silently
life is to hard to bare
Through shattered shards
pockets of sadness
seep in
darkness creeps deeper
under my skin
Run from these feelings
but go where
My heart is breaking

This life's Harsh Lesson
Well yeah


In my face
Poking holes in my personal space
It hurts so bad when unable to fix
When life throws tragedy
into the mix
My heart is breaking
What can I do
But be here
beside the one I hold true
Feeling sad
Carter Ginter Dec 2012
Repeated one after one
Burning deep
Stinging to the core
After years and years of pretending they didn't exist
Now they've found their way into my mind
Back and forth in my head
Maybe she was right after all
Maybe I am just a **** up
Worth nothing
Doing nothing but damage
To all those around me
They're worth more than that
I am not.
'You deserve it' they say
'You'll never change' they say
It's never ending
Until the end.
Never changing
Until it does.
I need out
I need peace
But when the problem is myself
there's nowhere safe to retreat
Molly Nicole Sep 2017
Like a tree crossing a stream
Once standing so tall
But searching for another shore
Only finding it
After breaking
Haritha Seby Dec 2015
I am fighting.
It is a clash between disdain and isolation.
Why love doesn't find me, instead of broken  hearts.
I am demented.
What is love?
I always think it is a pure endearment,
But in the end i didn't deserve it.
I prayed to God,
Why love doesn't nominate my name,
And why love is so purblind.
I am wasting my time.
The emptiness haunts me again and again
I get lonely when i looking to the future.
I get lonely when i am in a crowd.
I always seem so happy,
With not care in the world.
They only know my veil.
Hey! ****** creature,
Why you separates me from my wisdom.
I was tried,
I was lost,
No one listened,
No one understood.
How can i disappear to make people understand?
Who will sing a song,
Like a lullaby.
Here comes the call,
Now i hide this pain too,
And making sure no one sees my hurt.
I am trying to envelope the scar's and,
Buried deep in my heart.
Hoping one day i can smile.
For all who make fake smile .....infront of the throng....
The Rogue Poet Apr 2017
I am at this point of my life
where it feels like strings are attached to my pinkies
& they are at the tips holding what's left together.

At a loss for patience with this same weather that feels & smells like rain,
here waiting as I am physically, mentally, & emotionally drained.

No salvation, no help, no mercy,
feels like everyone is entertained by me hurting.

How long can this continue?...

juneau Jan 19
i'm a disgusting *******
a red and shiny white head zit
pulsing, thrashing in a fit
about to pop, ooze and bleed a bit
i’m just no good. i must admit
i drink, i smoke, i cough and spit
i’m not myself; a counterfeit
a lying and scheming hypocrite
a horrible and disgusting utter misfit
who's up all night to drink and sit
sinking further into a deep dark pit
while my mind slowly twists and breaks a bit
January 19, 2019


does anyone even read these anymore?
Quin Rosenheart Aug 2018
My mind has molded
Into the shape of a bullet
It's running through my thoughts
Violent screams of the innocent
Fleeding through my ears and eyes

My mouth sewed shut
Told to keep quiet
I sit here still and silent
Not a word to be shed
The only white noise you heard
Was a bullet to my head
Jay Aug 2018
coffee cups in separate apartments
attending different weddings
soothing comments from parents
longing for grandkids
a sudden empty feeling
below the chest
when stumbling over fragments of

are you also afraid  
we will not find our way back?

I miss you so.
Ashlie Dene' Nov 2013
Not long before you came around,
An empty heart and lost soul were found.
He who stood where you do now,
Our hearts and souls that took a vow.
Our given trust, our emotions ran deep,
A quickened clock, rushed to weep.
Then came time to speak the mind,
Looking for words I could not find.
Before your breath could unveil the truth,
Before my heart held its proof,
Words were spoken in my ear,
Heart wrenching words I’d always feared.
With heavy limbs, cheeks soaked and red,
Air meaningless, life was dead.
Like the few others who came before,
The ones who just walked out the door,
Its strength and power held within,
That picks one up to start again.
As strength grows, the heart soon finding,
Where you stand now, two hearts binding.
Forgetting scars I once knew,
Every time that I’m with you,
Like an open book you read so well,
Reading page after page you can always tell.
Like the words are written on my face,
All those worries, gone, without a trace.
Time now passes, weeks go by,
Remembering that incredible Fourth of July,
No matter the time, no matter the day,
My feelings for you could never be pushed away.
The more days past the more I knew,
I would never again, meet anyone quite like you.
Butterflies in my stomach I couldn’t believe,
That months would go, yet, I still perceived,
That you still felt the way you did,
On that fourth when all fears hid.
Without a warning, no doubt at all
You took a step back, you shielded you wall
From your actions, my heart plundered
The more time passed, the more I wondered.
Where you went, and why you shut down.
Why the hell were you not around.
All I saw was an empty shell
Thoughts of the past, you couldn’t dispel.
Put in a place you didn’t belong
Finally a decision you could no longer prolong.
Two years pushed you, broke you down inside
Two years taken, that you couldn’t rewind.
Past all the feelings, in the back of my mind,
Remembering why, I let my heart become blind.
Being reminded as time passed,
Knowing what we have, might not last.
Ticking time hit the clock,
I cannot run, I cannot walk,
Away from time which haunts me so.
Away from heartache, I’ve come to know.
Every moment spent with you,
Another memory I won’t undo.
I’ve grown so close, in fact too much,
Close to something I cannot touch.
They pass again, the hands of time,
And I hate the way there is no rhyme,
No rhyme, no reason, I’m left behind.
Praying… wanting time to just rewind.
Watching you leave, my heart feels death
Feeling our last kiss, our final breaths.
Keep in your mind, always know
That is was time, that let us grow
That is wasn’t long before you came around,
It was my heart and soul that you found.
No one can stand where you do now,
Because my heart and soul took a vow.
A given trust, emotions ran deep,
These are words to remember, words to keep.
<3   <3   <3   <3   <3
Time let me see, something I felt… something I already knew
The moment you walked away, I realized just how much…
I truly loved you.
If you choose to share this, I ask that you quote me. This was a piece of art that took two months to write and years to edit. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.
A blank space occupies my existence.
Sleeping alone again.
My hearts thermometer shattered.
I've caught a cold the day you left and I haven't gotten better.
Loneliness is a detriment to the cardiac.
A coffin without its corpse.
The hollowness of an empty hearse.
Both of us know that funerals don't work this way.
We belonged together
you said we'd never be alone again
you said we would never end
you said
you promised
Carter Ginter Sep 2014
Rock and mortar coat the halls
joining the dust upon the walls
Broken frames and shattered glass
A storm had come, destruction lasts
But beauty holds to the eyes that see
that sometimes endings set you free
A crack now cavernous
its depths threaten ravenously
Shudders, no tremors
Feel the violence
the world around you
succumbs to silence
...and then it speaks.
For once it all makes sense:
The pain and struggle have finally left
And you see it once, maybe twice
But it's there.
In her eyes you realize
You truly care.
I guess love turns me into a fruit.
And apparently even my happy poems possess eerie characteristics.
Piyush Gahlot Jun 12
We were never together,
not in relationship,
whatever it was,
casual, no strings attached.
But, we decided to break it up.

We lay there in complete silence,
feeling her cold skin,
Air conditioner was howlin',
the fan on its full spin.
difficult to put an end
for we have so much tunin'.

Both realising that its the last time we are doing it.
Wondering if I could ever find a girl,
who will love me just like her.

Sure I do have some affection,
it never tranformed to love,
but it did for her, she admits.
Just as in 'love and the other drugs' and
'friends with benefits'.
Patrick Austin Oct 2018
Please take a quick a moment to write a review.
If you were not satisfied, what could I do?
Customer care is always my goal,
to all future guests who visit my soul.
Closure’s essential to us moving on,
It matters to me why now you are gone.
Fearful my future will repeat mistakes,
I need to know first I might have what it takes.
Did I love too strongly at first when we met,
then settle for stable as needs being met?
Was it the fact that we need to work harder?
disappointments too much for you, so why bother?
With your help, my program can surely improve,
for now I am ready to make my next move.
Patrons of my heart may have different needs,
beyond conversation and sowing of seeds.
They may not discover the flaws that you see,
because they love past them, unlike you, with me.
Having a long term relationship end suddenly with no explanation is devastating. Please consider talking about things face to face and explaining your actions, choices and feelings. Anyone who does less, is not worthy of being in relationships. Wouldn't it be nice if people had reviews on Yelp after dates and relationships. I think better behavior when dating could result from this. What do you think?
Jey Blu Dec 2017
every time you
it breaks me.


i hate being broken
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