Mike Essig Dec 2016
on poetry*

A poem is only a mouthful of air
until it is read.
Imagine it. Craft it carefully
from your heart's flesh.
Seal it in a bottle
of clear, pure words.
Set it adrift on
the ocean of time,
life's restless surge,
until a few congruous spirits
pluck it from the sea-wrack
and recognize a message
that illuminates their souls.
Readers find writers;
never the opposite.
Issa Adalia May 2014
the bottle is


the bottle is empty

had its contents been precariously dealt with
drop by drop assimilated?

assimilated?by the cloths of
silk pashmina cashmere
or the blackness of a tuxedo

i might never
know, my father forgets

to the left


to the left of the bottle
is another bottle
quite smaller.

it is filled with
pink liquid
half full--or half empty

barely used by its
current owner
it smells like apples

and by the bottles is


and by the bottles is a ring
with two keys
that open locks somewhere


why, what else would you
use a key

the darkest
alternative for a key's usage, though
is to


grinding the

and the bottles


and the bottles thrown
the former can shatter
the latter houses a liquid



Lark Train Jan 2016
You were an alcoholic,
And I was just another bottle.

Maybe you won't break
The next bottle you drink from.

I doubt it, though.
You will drink and break until you wobble.

You are an alcoholic,
And I let myself forget it.
Each couplet is a 10 word poem.
Solaces Oct 2015
Wisdom in a bottle of lighting. How you marvel at your creation! But after the lightning arcs away then what have you left but quiet thunder..
Don't be consumed with ideas that don't last.. There is much more around you that deserves your light.
Miira Aug 2014
Worries, worries, cramming up my head.
I wish I could just take a break.

But of course it's not easy,
Since everything has been really shitty.

Maybe I should just bottle, bottle them in, instead.
Bharti Singh Apr 2015
I may not be yours
But you will always be mine
In my mind
My fetish you
Like stowed in the cellar
An ageold bottle of wine

K Aug 2013
I put a bottle by my bedside
Before I went to sleep
To replace the liquid lost
From the times I weep
I closed my eyes to rest
And it was suddenly very near.
So I thought I'd climb inside
And wait to disappear.
I settled at the bottom
And waited for some sap
To come and fill the bottle
With water from the tap.
All the time that this was happ'ning
I was sleeping very well.
Having thought my fate was sealed.
And dreaming I was in hell.
Fill the silence of our discontent with the sound of a swishing liquor bottle and the popping of pills.

We are rocks in each others’ sinking worlds but I’m

not your rock anymore.

You threw me out of your life

The night I let you

Hold me

The night I let you

Touch me

The night I let you

Fell the love I have for you through the touch of my lips

The pads of my fingers

And the walls of my Uterus

The night I gave you everything I had

And asked for nothing in return.

But I’m not yours anymore

I’m just a whore on her knees begging for something more than vodka flavored




I’m not yours anymore

I’m not begging or crying with my heart torn open

Ready for you to pack another bowl within it

Waiting for you to forget
                                                          ­                yourname

Waiting for you to slip past hateful sobriety

Waiting for you to drag me down with you to the bottom of a bottle

Waiting for you to

Love me.

Waiting for you to smile and tell me all the things I want to hear

and trust you.

But I’m not yours anymore and I hate you.

But today when you

Smiled, spoke to me like a friend

While she looked on from the corner

I felt my heart eager for more ashes and resin of some

late night whispers

that sound so sweet

but in the morning light

float away like the smoke that slipped

out of your mouth and into


My legs ready to open

But then I remembered

                                 I’m not yours anymore.

For you

I’m not worth

the lighter

Cigarettes and love

You stole from me

But I don’t give a


Because **I’m not



Another from 2010
Duke Thompson Apr 2015
find yourself again
at the bottom of a bottle
looking up
Victoria Ruth Jun 2014
Put my faith in a bottle,
                                        and watched it *drain.
watched my faith disappear similar to the whiskey in my bottle.
Once when I was feeling generous
I bought my dog a bed from a catalog
Embroidered with his name
Stuffed with down
And a hint of cedar
It lies in a corner
In near mint condition
While he spends all his time
Chewing an old plastic bottle
I once accidentally dropped on the ground
Sean C Johnson Feb 2013
Salty air kisses my face in the darkness of the night
only the distant flashes of light
make the waves glow, the illumination of a calm moon nowhere in sight
the early autumn air rushes across my exposed skin
the lapping of the waves, mesmerizing pulls me in
warmth of a running engine purring under my feet
the cold metal roof becomes my seat
the black backdrop of the sky my ceiling
chilled hands feeling the light raindrops running over my palms
peaceful, unnervingly calm
as the storm rages on
every bolt of lightning unique and spontaneous
struggling to find something in my life that pertains to this
humbling feeling of isolation and solitude
i'd love to say i thought of you
as the low thunder rumbled seeming to run across the sea
to these very feet
but i'd be a liar and you'd feel significant
we were simply flashes of lightning, nothing different
blazing a night sky with our spectacular glow and intensity
flashes of memories
never striking in sync or together
i never understood the weather better
then how well i feel it at this moment
i was lightning in a bottle, you were never meant to hold it....
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