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I feel like you will get bored
In my bare bones apartment
that lacks a TV
or ****
I know only a few ways to
entertain you
but I have to find new ways
to keep you entranced
so you won't leave, because
the truth is, otherwise
I fear you will also
get bored of me
Cné Mar 2017
Sitting on a ****
Having a rest
Dreaming of wearing
A beautiful dress

Hair cascading
Red curly locks
Waste of time, who cares
There are no clocks

Awaiting a happening
With nothing in sight
Mischief merriment
Anything, even a fright

Breena, bored to death
'Tis true
Wanting only,
For something to do.
Wrote this for a painting I did of a red headed fairy sitting on a tree ****.
Piyush Gahlot Jul 2018
I don't know why,
My feelings have died,
I am a ******' rock,
May be I have felt too much,
That I started to feel nothing.

Nothing seems new,
Nothing appears exciting.
May be this just happens with age,
Or may be I am just too bored of everything.
Everything feels less, everything feels void.

Morning breeze is chilling no more,
Rain doesn't wet me anymore,
Holi appears colourless,
Diwali not so illuminating any more.
Festivals now only means a holiday.
Outings are not so exciting.
***** doesn't effect me much.

What is it , does that happens with everyone or is it just me.!?
Where's all that excitement gone,?
Life has become monotonous and everything is blown!

What I need is a CHANGE.!
Monotonous routine
Cné Mar 2017
Think of me, just my tongue gliding from the bottom to the very tip,
Dreaming only of a tasteful sip
Under the table
If I'm able
To catch just a simple drip.
Don't blame me, inspired by the man in a boring meeting with only time to ****.
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
We've said all we can
But when will it end?
We talked until the sun came up and now I'm losing it, my friend
You know I like your words
But they've been heard
Can we please shut up and just be with the birds?

I think the moon got bored
You see those nails in the door?
I can hear them on the side of my mind, scratched off on chalkboard
There's a time and place
For time to waste
But we've wasted enough I need a different kind of taste

Did you feel it too?
There's something better we can do
It doesn't matter to me, can we finally just blow this tune?
I know tomorrow will come
But before we're done
I'd like to thank your mouth for the race its run
xcvii Feb 2016
This was not the year for us,
This was a high time for breaking and shrinking and avoiding and licking and doing everything we could to shove the elephant back into the corner of the room.
It was no time for honesty-
Not at all-
It was good weather for morals to perish and for me to grasp your hand like it meant something.

This was no time for "I love you"
But we still said it
And later I talked a novel behind your back,
The same back that I read like Braille one too many times.

This is not the year for us,
And this brutal honesty now?
It's for every time I looked at you
and thought

Bored of beauty.
**** and ***
blizzard white teeth
insertable parts switched out like lego blocks.
Inching away from this faulty form
with which I was imbued in genesis.

Long live that junk, ******!
Gimme those thighs!
Let free that emotional magma
boiling up from beneath, ready to burn this world
or at the least leave your laces singed.

The tip of this iceberg will bring you all down
so ready the life-rafts.
Gimme that.

Don’t give me blizzard teeth, silent in a quaffed muzzle.
Be the jaws, the howl, the tender tongue on young necks.
Great stories don’t read “one day I was beautiful”
they say “the world seized me and tore off my limbs, and I toppled end over end til I came to rest between the legs of the Colossus

and that’s when it got interesting.”
Staring at the ceiling
Feeling like nothing
Sticky stars that don't glow
The chipped polish on my toes
I don't know

Leaning barey breathing
Feaning to feel something
cool breeze from the window
The way my guitar echos
I don't know

Grieving never sleeping
Trying to stop sighing
But this heat is overwhelming
Where do I go can you tell me
You don't know
Saint Audrey Apr 2018
Solvent and solution
Kept assuaged for so long
Treading in the selfishness of my subconscious state
Of barely traceable memories, spurred on by the gravity of time spent
At the briefest hint at past involvement

Each leaf falls, eventually.
Every pristine little well formed tended to.
Each nurtured, cared for, parcel or idea.

I can watch them for hours
Watching them fall, one by one, for hours.
When days start to bleed together, out of the corner of my eye,
I can always see them, marking progression.
Collecting in drifts, then, taken by the wind, then
The rot sets in.

I used to watch this.

I used to find time.

The roof cast me in its shadow, even standing along the banister that runs along the length

Even as the final rays of sun start to vanish one at a time
**** THEM,
they never knew what they had.
She was right before them,
Did nothing but adore them,
But they were all just bored men.
Bored of themselves,
So they put it on her.
Cleared all her shelves,
And left her heart bare.
While acting like they all truly cared.
But while she was drowning
They sat and they stared.
She said she believed them,
When they said they'd be paired.
Love's what she believed in,
But life isn't fair.
So **** them for deceiving,
This beautiful girl,
Who now just feels broken,
In a dark empty world.
EJR Jul 2015
he was your favorite poet
he touched you with all your favorite quotes
he held you with the perfect rhymes

but darling, you were just his outlet
you were just another poem that he wrote
words that he scribbled just to past the time
for you. you know you deserve better then this :)
What you get
with a basic life:
College diplomas
to hang on the wall,
a full-time job
that lasts 40 years,
dating resulting in
marriage and maybe divorce,
children are born and stick around for at least
18 years,
retiring in your sixties then finally
Are you bored yet?
Megan Oct 2015
I like to stop
and think. And
jump and sing.
Also I like to breathe
and know
that I'm alive
with you
michael cera Oct 2018
In a perfect world you're simple.
Easy like the sun melts snow,
Hear you speak words i already know.
But in passing, meaning fades away,
Like wooden boards we walked before,
It creaks and cracks,
Eventual bow,
It all has its time,
It all has to go.
LaCayla Jul 28
I open my window,
And the sounds of crickets fill the air.

Tonight there was a concert going on,
Just down the road.

I could hear people laughing,
And I could hear them singing along.

The concert is now over,
And all I hear are crickets chirping.

They're getting really loud,
That's all I've got to say.

I'm thinking of closing my window,
But I'm kinda enjoying the sound.

I just finished a book,
Took me a few hours from beginning to end.

The book was in poetry form,
Yet I read it like it was normal.

Now I'm just laying in bed,
Writing poetry.

Curled up in a ball,
Texting a couple people.

Getting a little bored,
Not knowing what to do.

Maybe write another poem,
but about what?

I don't even know,
Oh wait they texted back.
Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
When I am bored,
I write poems.
Bored with nothing to do,
Action poems,
Bored with nobody to talk to,
Dramatic poems.
Bored with no one to listen to,
Miss my love,
Nostalgic poems.
Simply bored and lazy,
In a good mood,
Funny poems.
Bored in a crowd,
Interesting quotes and sayings.
Kenji May 27
I lie, I deceive, I guilt trip, I am unfaithful.
I use, I manipulate, I cover up, I am unforgivable.
I have no shame in what I do.
It's like playing a game of chess, strategically formulated for the ones who cannot see through.
I love one, but it's never enough.
I need more.
I am hungry for the chase, the game, the adventure, the thrill.
I confess in guilt.
Guilt, my main negative feeling.
Hesitation, I dance with the devil in sin.
Sent to hell for lust and lies.
But hell has a special place for me, the throne.
I have sinned enough to deserve such a title.
So secretive, nobody knows.
My motives are locked, my intentions don't need to be told.
Feeling so numb, so detached, my feelings for you are so gone, I question why I wanna still see you again.
Then I remember, we are best friends.
The trap of getting bored so easily all the **** time, just wanting the next best thing, again, and again.
It's a cycle.
I don't deserve true love.
For I am a sinner, who has confessed my guilt of hidden shame.
Venus in Aries
The Warrior Seductress
Venus: Planet of love and harmony
Aries: Impulsive, quick, bored easily, likes the chase, seeks the thrill, adventurous, aggressive, bold, risk-taker, ***** *****.
Carter Ginter Nov 2018
Why is my mind
Convincing me I'm bored
As I sit across my love
We're both working on our art
In this beautiful coffee shop
We're an interesting team
Only an arm's length between
Blue and purple hair
I know I am not bored
My brain is simply on a strike
There's a lot of painful thoughts
Anchoring my heart into darkness
"Boredom" is not correct
I simply cannot find an escape
Strong enough right now
To pull me back out
Back into living this life
I'd rather repress all of the pain
(Though it blunts all of my positive feelings too)
I'd rather simply hide behind
A phrase so simple as
I'm bored
v y66t5 rfdcvjkiuy
i just got bored so here. poetry by my forehead
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