taia Aug 2016
cookie tins and tea
your faded grade school drawings
and her chipped birdbath
i always find it strange when you visit someplace you spent so much time in as a kid, like a friends house, but when you return nothing has changed. it makes me feel twelve again.
Ormond Oct 2013
Morning mind crackles,
Darting flight of spooked birds,
  .  .  .  One lover has left.
red chlorophyll bleeds on the window sill* - grafting portions of abortions - in a cloning mill - drip antifreeze below the roots of fallen trees - or enclose the animals in endless clouds of mustard gas - feed noxious fumes to carbon beasts with new perfumes - slap a DNR upon the wall of every tomb - life finds a way - genetically they will not stay - the same as they were - naked flesh now plagued with fur - replace the mold - with gilded diamonds down your throat - just remember, that it goes against what we were told - explain yourself - ultraviolet painted health - already mutant infrastructure is a faded wealth - transparent reins - whipping ice into your veins - try to prove to all the doctors that you're not insane - suppressing fire - freon coils and burning tires - *aspire to extinguish phantoms haunting our desire
Ormond Mar 2015
Little wings flutter
Morning starts with eyes smiling
Birdbath needs filling
Ormond Jan 2016
Little wings flutter
Morning starts with eyes smiling
Birdbath needs filling
Kat Couch Apr 2013
they say the Fern Lake fire is still burning
up around Estes Park
it started in October in dry brush, open flame
and then the snows of the eastern Rockies came
but it still burns on below, inuk fire
too remote for hotshot crews
and anyway it is April now
who fights fires in early spring?

the last front dropped fourteen inches in the garden
around the new birdbath
but memory being what it is, full of non sequiturs
and awkward prompts that pull thoughts
where they wouldn't choose to go
I can't see the birdbath, its blue supplicant bowl
piled up like a wedding cake with snow
and not see Berkeley evenings

there was a lime tree in the back
on Dwight Way or Parker Street
tart greening, imagined on the tongue and bittersweet
spaghetti dinners, a honey-hue guitar

but here in the foothills far below Fern Lake
almost three decades gone
I'll wrap the snow in my arms
where it has piled up on the birdbath
where the snow has bent
the branches of the sour cherry
bring it melting to the kitchen, say
so it came
and so we came and went
Copyright © 2013 Lilibug Publishing.
barnoahMike Apr 2011
Sitting by the Birdbath~He noticed the sloshing had suddenly stopped~Looking over his book to take a Gaze~A bird he did not see~but He DID see a Face with legs~Glaring with  RED  eyes~that had a piercing effect~making him not fear~but rather be Drawn~to this face on the Birdbath~He saw no wings~but as he approached~he watched  the feet Push the head upward~Wings from his ears~stretched it seemed for 20 feet~And as it Lifted~not screeching as a Bird might do~but simply with firm clear WORDS~stated;   I'll return at Midnight, , ,     BE Ready for the Journey..........
copyright 2011   barnoahMike        Mike Ham
Ormond Aug 2013
Sweet sylvan birdbath,
Crows leave bones— pure waters taint,
  .  .  .  Machiavellian.
Ormond Feb 2015
Feathers fluttering  .  .  .
Shine from heavens after rain,
  .  .  .  Shy dove in birdbath.
Ormond Mar 2015
Crow sullies birdbath
Never to drink or to bathe
Just to lord over
Dead Lock Jun 2015
Lilly's little birdbath
Sitting on a dirt path
From the bowl she did drink
In the water the did sink
A translation that I had assigned from an Arabic story. It's pretty, no?
Ormond Jul 2016
Feathers fluttering
Shine from heavens after rain
Shy dove in birdbath
Summer days,
summer days --
trees offer their
   gentle canopy;
roses, full-blown
scent the air.
Lizards bask --
the humble bees
visits flower after
their hum enveloping
on a warm afternoon.
Beetles scurry
hurriedly working
their naturnal jobs.
A cock-robin
sits upon the birdbath,
and barn swallows
dip and turn
on sky-borne currents.
An orange cat
naps in the cool
beneath the mulberry
   tree --
while butterflies
by the garden gate.
Summer days,
summer days:
this season reigns
so beautifully.
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