Will Rogers III Jun 2014

Stopped at a red light,
Looking down the hill,
We wait to take flight,
We wait for the thrill.

Riding the green light wave,
Riding the small bumps and holes,
My bike and I roll down the way,
My bike and I roll as one soul.

The wheels turn quicker and quicker
While the air flies past like sweet sound.
My bike light continues to flicker,
While together we, in our music, are drowned.

There's a level of trust between us two,
We listen to each other and feel as one.
And yet there's a sense of mystery that we pursue,
That of machine and man having fun.

[composed on April 22, 2013]
Lila ViVi May 2015

Bicycle, Bicycle
Turning the pedal
Some are made of metal
But not the pedal
Some are made of steel
But not the wheel
None are made with plastic
It's not elastic

A poem I wrote a couple years ago
Will Rogers III Mar 2015

rain or shine
i shan’t not decline
the desire to ride
nor indoors abide

[composed on March 8, 2014, revised on March 30, 2014]
Christian Reid Oct 2014

Axels and chains and
Feet and brains
It's the bicycle beats
And the trees and the streets
Join the lines in the sidewalk
As I ride and I talk
To myself,
"Breathe in," &
"Breathe out," --
Burning and churning to the
Grooves and the cracks
Red light's the only chance to relax
Racing the bus and flashing a grin
To the sorry folks trapping themselves therein
Ecstasy building with each revolution
Wiping my sweat away, tasting pollution
Grinding and winding a path on my bike
Where cars and pedestrians hate me alike

Asa D Bruss Feb 2015

If the perfect
last end of
the wrong thing
before and after
the last could be
molded faster
than a fastener
then why not
return to the gurney
and be wheeled about
on a short-term journey
through the keyhole?

Hello Bob. I'm a cake.

the cool wind in my hair
as you and I glide across
the cement jungle.

You make my life tolerable
in this crazy urban landscape,
my trusty metal steed that
helps me duck and weave in
stand still traffic of the Nation's capital.

nothing like flying through the city on you, my bicycle,
on this beautiful spring day.  I know you can't speak,
but if you could, you would also say "wheeeeee" with glee.

Margaret Aug 2015

He wears a Beanie
Aviator Sunglasses
Stumble over wheels
Eye contact
I smile
You blow a kiss
I want to wink
I don't
I smile
I like you
I'll never see you again
Bicycle boy.

An exchange in my car with a cute beanie boy on his bike.
Sean Tierney Jun 2016

rainy days have always
brought me to the surface

I suppose I
move through the world
like a worm
lodged in the tire tread
of a child's bicycle

another major re-write for the ol' manuscript...
Anivel Aidan Jan 2015

i've forgotten
the painful, unexpected blow
of the harsh truth
that you're fading out
of someone's life
like an old rusty bicycle
that's full of memories
from your childhood,
left alone, forgotten
in the attic
when you got a new one.

your life is evolving without me
you're gaining
a lot of expensive vehicles
by losing
a lonely broken bicycle.

i guess my world stopped
when you left,
and your world started
the second i am gone.

i miss you, i wish i could tell you that

I don't know how to ride a bicycle
So you grabbed the bike and showed me how
But I didn't quite understand how you did it

So you let me ride it while holding the backside
I pedalled slowly at first, then gradually faster
Until the breeze hits my face and I've got smile on my lips

At last, I thought, I learned how to ride it
Then I looked behind and saw the view
You're not holding it anymore, you're faraway from me

I'm far from you, and you waved goodbye
So, I turned towards north and pedalled some more
At last, I thought, I learned how to ride the bicycle.

I didn't know how to ride a bicycle
But you taught me how, so I turned towards north, and pedalled some more.

for some people only comes to your life to teach you something and help you balance life. but you gotta leave them behind and let go with a thankful heart.
PS I actually don't know how to ride a bicycle. Haha
Paula Swanson Aug 2010

If you want to see the country side,
You could use any mode that you choose.
What better way than a bicycle ride?
No need to hurry and miss all the views.

Side by side you could ride on your way.
But, there is just something missing when you do.
For a leisurely romantic day,
may I recommend a bicycle built for two.

Nemo Outis Sep 2014

Tell me about
your bicycle lights,
do they shine?
like embers in the
dark of night
or are they faded?
like far away stars
who omit some days
that they are there.
forget your bike.
I'll come find you.

This is a portrait of abandoment:
rusty spokes, faulty breaks, and negligent owners.

(I'm still lying on the sidewalk too, waiting for a reason to shift gears.)

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