Swells Jan 2015
Mouth full of God
and stone heavy feet
crushing each other on the
back roads and hushed;
making structures from silence
with the hindsight of knowing
where this would eventually end.
Father grows with the stalagmites now
in the cave off the coast
where the dead think they've found themselves;
suicide off White Rock.
Into the ashes he climbed with
an unforgiving fervor
like a redeemable brute,
and the children cried out
with tongues like dark deities
and their hands beckoned him no further
than the flames that already
howled in their pitted chests.
Freddie Ruiz Jun 22
Angels dialogue with me intimately
and even the spark in their eyes comfort me
more than your devious tongue ever did,
more than your uncomfortable presence ever will.
Written on May 3, 2011
Composition number: 381
Birthed by altruism or selfishness,
Motivated by personal gain
Or the forfeiting of a nation;
It's the betrayal of friends,
Country, cause and trust.
Benedict Arnold,
The traitor has many personas.

Traitors are hated by those they prefer. (Tacitus)

I forgive those who murder and steal,
but a traitor, never.

A nation cannot survive treason from within...
He rots the soul of a nation...
No wise man ever thought a traitor should be trusted.

Softness to traitors will destroy us all. (Robespierre)

An open enemy, however criminal, is no traitor. (Spooner)

To have a traitor as an ally is to have an enemy in waiting. (Carey)

It is the just decree of heaven that a traitor never sees
his danger till his ruin is at hand.

There are but two parties now... traitors and patriots. (U.S. Grant)

If I had one bullet and I was faced by both enemy and traitor,
I would let the traitor have it.

There is a special place in hell reserved for traitors. (J. Trudeau)

Every man must be for the U.S. or against it.
There can be no neutrals... only patriots or traitors.
(S. Douglas)

Et tu, POTUS. (F. Lynch)
2020 Campaign Slogan: "Make Rusmerica Great"
Nysa 2d
Once I was the one when I followed you,
Now I am the one who regrets following you,

Once you were a statue of honesty in front of me,
Now you are a statue of delinquency in front of me,

Once you were an angel to me,
Now you are a devil to me,

Once you gave me happiness,
Now you are taking away my happiness,

Once I thought you were my saviour,
Now I know you are my destructor,

Once your halo was too bright and lustrous for me,
Now your halo is too dark and dull for me,

Once you were everything to me,
Now you are nothing to me,

Because I NOW know about your BETRAYAL.
Do you know what makes us great!?
Do you know the delphian feeling!?

I have walked on the sun and slept on the moon
Letting out my own flares
Creating my own current

We have been burnt and suffocated
Leaving ash in our wake
Multitude, overflowing adrift washing away

Do you know what makes us great!?
The ability the see the lights potential and make it shine seen through all the sky’s as a dying star
We are capable
Yet we long for more

Do you know the delphian feeling!?
Our ability to achieve and go beyond, encouraging greed, deception, betrayal
The Light!!
A two headed sword
Cementing history
Creating mystery
Certify Victory

The light beautiful and bright
Yet dark and mysterious.

Rex Verum Regem
You’ve hardened me
And every silver bullet
you’ve lodged into my heart,
I’ve plucked out,
Enduring the pain
And built myself an armor
Out of your betrayal.

And You are not a Phoenix.
Your tears
Will not heal
the open wounds
you have caused
With your trifling talons.
My Love
All those years we were lovers
and bestfriends.
Well in my mind we were soulmates.
Now I see my love really never meant anything.
All those 'I love you' you were lieing through you teeth.
Your so cruel to let me believe you loved me.
Now I see my love never really meant anything.
How can you take my love and play those wicked games.
I gave you all my love you were my everything.
Now I see my love never really meant anything.
I hope you unthaw that ice cold heart emotional blockages shaping your reality.
Now I see my love never really meant anything.
One day you will think of me you will miss me and I will be long gone in love with someone new and happy.
jill 22h
trust has evaporated into the air
traveled with the wind
and without a care
while I stand here staring at the sky
and waving her my final goodbye

I couldn’t handle you anymore
always look away when you come through the door
you didn’t know how much you lost
and how much betrayal can cost
your mistake has been revealed
after I’ve had my time to heal
our fate and destiny sealed
into words for those to dissect
and your ego’s what you’ll have to protect

yes, we might’ve had good times
until I learned to read between the lines
couldn’t help but question everything you’ve said
you had no idea what was up ahead
and honey, neither did I
it’s too bad we don’t get to retry

you were one of the best I known
too bad that we’ve both grown
and come into our own
I’ve realized we were both at fault
and we’ve taken our wounds with a grain of salt
I’d gone through plenty with you
Now I’m not sure what to do
you know who you are..
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