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Riane Apr 1
Dear friend ,
You're fading away,
Bit by bit.
I see you lose pieces of yourself,
I see you shift boundaries,
And bend rules,
All I seem to be doing is holding you back.
You lose your temper at me.
Tell me you don't need me anymore.
And that's okay.
All good things come to an end.
Change is beautiful
Even if it means I'll lose you.
So I'll let go.
Wish you the best.
And whisper goodbye.
Ever had a friend grow slowly distant?
Ever stop and wonder what you did wrong?
Or what you didn't do?
Ruth Aug 2018
They will love you at your best
laugh at your jokes.
you give all the rest,
call them Besties, honey and Folks.

until they met someone else,
boyfriend, another friend, and bestfriend
little do they know its all acquiatances
but thats what they called Friend

Basically world is full of survivors
no one cares at all..
but trust me if you chooses to forfeit the battle,
everyone ask and wonder why?
sometimes they cry,
because they dont like how you say goodbye,
now they will call you their friends,
but sorry folks everything Ends...
Hasan Maruf Apr 2017
The last kiss from you
Lasted like a huddle in
The snow blitz
Rocking my anatomy
In the frosty glitz

The last words from you
That barged in my eardrum
You were in a hurry
To smell a new leaf
Draped in a diamond dew

The last gifts from you
Was an instrument
Which still I use
To recognize people
Or to refuse!

The last time
You said I love you
I remember I was laughing
Hysterically as if I was watching
Jared Leto’s jaded mimicry of Joker in YouTube

Intriguingly, when the last time I saw you ****
It felt like pretty Ivanka’s embarrassment
Noticing her dad is a lewd

The last time I was chatting
With you on Facebook
I was wondering why
I shouldn't hack your account?
To check your inbox

Yea, it was filled with the message of *******
F- Bombs, **** shaming and tagging you as harlot
All they were asking was your service of escort
Either in full discount or in hefty cash drops!

The last time I wrote
A letter of love to you
I discovered my Keyboard
Began to blurt out
No more, No more, No more…

The last time I had a chit-chat
With you in the Burger King or Pizza Hut
I listened to your hissing clack-clack
That someone else has become your puppy cat…

The last time I became sick
When I was with you
I heard you threw a party
Where you were whispering
To your besties, how
I become your double whammy!

The last time I was
With you in the bed
I felt like I was indentured
To **** a dummy toy
Sans spirit and flesh!

Loving you was like
Santa Claus gifted me
With a Pandora’s Box
As soon as I opened it
You decided to release
Our *** tape of your having ******
In pornhub’s forum of interracial!

The last time I heard of you
Is that you were giving an interview
To The Cosmopolitan’s board of review

Facing the barrage of inquisitions
You calmly joked, the series
Of latest uproar about you
In the social media or Internet
Is because certain people always
Love to rave about Women’s body
Shoving in and out of their pigeonhole
With their one night stand queen trophy
To flavor your form in their fantasmic mouth

You also smirked in a raspy voice
Defiantly declaring “we (women)
Have been locked indoors
With no air, no food, no water”
My last boyfriend is also no exception
He certainly thinks I came this far
Through ******* and deception
Slightly anti feminist but a poem representing contemporaneity in our life in a balanced manner of looking into male female relationship.
We tend to linger longer on old photos
Of when we were together
We were younger then...

Partners in crime, no bitter end.
“Besties” you had said—back then,
when we had painted the town red...

(Sorrow is a prison,
Forgiveness, a skeleton key.)
My collaboration
Heidi Mason Nov 2018
Eighteen years of life
spent loving and hating everything.
As a toddler, the only worry in her head
was what she was going to dress up as
during her day.
She loved princesses and her mom.
She hated the way her mom and dad argued
and was terrified of alone time with her dad.
As a pre-teen, she worried about her friends.
She loved every single one of her best friends
more than she really knew.  
She hated the way  her mom worked all the time
just to make sure they were taken care of.
An attitude develops from being around her besties
and her mom hates it.
Rolling into teen years, worrying about everything felt appropriate.
She loved traveling and having fun.
She hated that she realized she was the '**** duckling' sibling.
Never good enough, there is always something wrong with the **** duckling.
Depression, it took the best of the duckling that was convinced she was ****.
Jasmin Joy Aug 2018
My friend
Always be with us..
Help us in studies..
Find excuses for us..
Shares whatever (s)he gets..
Keeps great secrets for us..
Guides   us  to the  truth..
They   will be next to us..
Never     ever      forgets..
We will never regrets..
True gift from heaven
(S)he will be our
At a very last moment
There is a time
to get separated
Unbearable for us..
We hug each other
And cry aloud and
Whispers on ears."I Love You"
"You are my best friend ever"
《This poem has the shape of a lamp》
Commonly found in Indian villages..

— The End —