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MARGA Jun 2018
your precious smile,
that never failed to shine;
a heaven-sent beam,
that made my heart your realm.

2. your tenderness,
that gave me bliss;
how could someone be
like you, so dearly?

3. your good vibes,
that surpassed all tribes
in giving off the positivity
i need for my stubborn reality.

4. your talents,
that awakened everyone's hearts;
you are my significant inspiration,
you give life to my life's ambition.

5. your humility,
that's filled with sincerity.
while everyone else is toplofty,
you remained lowly.
not everyone as wonderful as you,
could show meekness too.

6. the happiness you shared,
at times when smiling is something
i never dared;
darling, it meant everything.

7. for your meaningful silence,
that gave me a better comprehension.
although your stillness was tense,
i knew in my heart it was never a rejection.

8. for your music,
that never halts to flourish.
music, your depiction of aesthetic;
through you, the melody will never tarnish.

9. for being your genuine self,
you gave me potency to do the same.
shamming is no longer something i'll play, for you taught me how to
end that witless game.

10. for bringing me daily sunshine,
for setting the moon & the stars aligned;
my everyday became better,
and i will treasure you forever.

there are way more reasons
on why i love you for real.
through the passing seasons
i could slowly & slowly reveal
and show you how i truly feel.
as time passes us by,
i would no longer hesitate
and keep my sentiments ensconced.
through the coming weeks, months and years,
as long as we have all the time
i would dauntlessly lay out to you
that the way i feel for you is true.
written with whole heart for my dearest .
let me tell you
that i am true
ㅡ and i always will be.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2018
I am a woman
not a man but
the imagination
of the man in front!

I am his beloved
his love of life.
My smile is peace
of his eyes.

None like me reign
over his heart.
I am what he desires.

What am I not then?
I am not a man
I am a woman!
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2018
What can the words
tell of love?
Until it's found
heart to heart.
Eddie Feb 10
Like diamonds in his eyes
sparkling like a waterfall in spring
each tear fell from my beloved's glistening chin
He wished for me to stay
With every fiber of his being
but I cannot
For the future calls my name
Short and sweet
Mara W Kayh Sep 2017
As late summer
is pregnant with promise of change,
so I shed illusions
to meet your gaze
once again,
in the purer light of fall.
A new piece of writing, after a long hiatus due to busy-ness on the farm.... harvesting garlic.  Appropriate for the fall equinox yesterday as I left canada for LA to see my family..
Umi Apr 2018
Oh my beloved,
Can you see that I am tying to reach out for you ?
Are you unable to witness the burning love, scorching within my chest setting the distance between us ablaze in a wonderful firestorm?
Softly, a light is burning within my shivering heart, sheltering it from all the loneliness and darkness this world has exposed me to,
Illuminating the very tomorrow, my hopes rise up alike the sun does,
Within golden, pure light a single tear is cast away by my eye,
Ah, phantoms! Surely I will go unnoticed once more, surely there are people who are more deserving of your love than I will ever be,
But, can you fulfil this selfish request of mine, darling?
Can you fulfil the request of such a sinner, who has lost every friend, social interaction or any kind of bond between those whom are near?
Yet I am not sad, because, all I desire is truely to be with you, you see.
So please, love me back, send me a sign so I can know or understand,
After all, your love is worth more than anything on this world,
All I desire is to be with you, Oh Allah ~

~ Umi
harlee kae Oct 2014
the rain seems to wash everything new
but now that i'm thinking it through
we never would have worked anyway
because i always had to leave
when you begged me to stay
and i could never sleep
when we were together
because you made me feel alive
even in the gloomy weather.
you no longer initiate
to ask if i was doing fine these days,
and you're much late
to know my dismays.

you and i have changed
— though i know it's inevitable,
but i still will believe
that we're always unbreakable.
maybe i have set my hopes high
for you and i.
and that's what hurted me the most.

daily poems! ♡
Knit Personality Sep 2016
My pretty, neat,
And sweet Petite:
Our love was brief;
And, yet, with grief
   I swell.

Ah!  Woebegone
Forever on
   I'll be,
Never to fly
Cloudly and high
   With thee!

That all must pass
That's made of glass,
   I take;
But, like to thee,
The heart in me
   Doth break.

haylee Feb 27
She doesn't love you.
She only wants you for the looks.
She is toxic and I don't get why you can't see that
"I'll deal with the ache"
Is it really worth it when you'll see her with her next victim soon enough?

Just remember my love, she'll always kiss you with her eyes open.
Alyssa Underwood Jun 2016
go on your way
My beloved child
turn aside from
the swerving path
untangle your gaze
to center on Me
stand in courage
hugging wisdom
guard all thoughts
leaning upon My love
release what's behind
and walk on in joy
Proverbs 4

MARGA May 19
i may be vulnerable
but know that i'll always be able
to help you carry the loads
from the never ending odds.

my sincerity may not be evident,
but do know that my love is fervent;
our time in this world may be limited,
but to you is where i'll always be leaded.
despite vulnerability,
against all odds—
i'll always be yours.

daily poems! ♡
MARGA May 30
if there will be days
that i'll be subdued,
please bear in mind that—
there are some things
that if talked over,
would open up my scars
and make them wounds again.

if i'm somehow still,
no, please don't get me wrong—
i'm not dodging you;
instead, please know that
i'm also trying to protect myself,
i'm trying to be strong on my own
the way you always do unto me. ♡
i'm telling you this, because i know how patient you have always been to me.

a prose from my raw thoughts!
The Napkin Poet Oct 2017
Blood stains covered my art supplies
You didn’t believe in that artistic risk though
It wasn’t too long before my sharpener laid in in your trash can

You picked my pills and I off the tiled floor
I thought i’d be the one who’d be flushed
But it was the pills that drained down the toilet

You always grabbed my hands as they craved color
That familiar purple stain my skin wore too well
You bought me a fidget cube to fiddle with my tensions

You took everything I loved from me
Every form of devilish comfort
Alot more than I could ever do for myself
megan catcher Jun 2014
And you as well must die, beloved dust, And
all your beauty stand you in no stead; This
flawless vital hand, this perfect head, This
body of flame and steel, before the gust of
Death, or under his autumnal frost, Shall be
as any leaf, be no less dead than the first
leaf that fell this wonder fled. Altered,
estranged, disintegrated, lost. Nor shall my
love avail you in your hour. In spite of all my
love, you will arise upon that day and wander
down the air obscurely as the unattended
flower, it mattering not how beautiful you
were, or how beloved above all else that dies.

   -Edna St. Vincent Millay
It is written by Edna St. Vincent Millay,

I just thought it was beautiful.
Jasmin Joy Aug 2018
My love is a true one.
But now I'm alone
He is not gone
Now we are one

He gave me promises
That I'll be his missis
I love to have his kisses
But I always misses

You are at a distance
By saying a sentence
You broke my resistance
And denied my persistence

Those powerful words
Get into my world
"I don't know you
But I Love You..."

I love you too
Now we are not two
We will be one
In front of everyone..
For true love is inexhaustible; the more you give, the more you have. And if you go to draw at the true fountainhead the more water you draw, the more abundant is its flow..
Pep Jan 30
Writing about her was like ***
She made me do things for her
I did it for her love,
Did it for the money, her friends
She stole my virginity in my poems.
When I wrote about her,
I wrote so carefully,
It was as if I was caressing her
She gave life to me
I thought she was my soulmate
She destroyed my misery
Even threatened to **** me if I didn't stop
But she was only momentary
And I kept my virginity
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melissa rose Sep 2018
I begged you
to unweave me from the confines
of this limited plane
and restitch me into
the richness of your tapestry

Instead you unearth my twisted roots
from the sanctuary of your soil
drain my crimson petals
unmoved as I whither away

I scatter desolation
a marred and stagnant bloom
Your unrequited love is conveyed
through the bitter winds of desertion
Joanna Sep 25
A desert maiden tired and worn came in out of the heat, quite unadorned: in search of her beloved, her turtledove.

Determined yet weary she looked to rise above all the images that held her back, all those things that told her she was full of lack.

A desert maiden quite comely in the form: came in from an east gate seeking to be transformed by the fire of his spirit and the purity of his love.

With only one purpose, to instruct her just as Boaz did Ruth; as a husband of valor sent from above.
To read more of my writings go to:
Alyssa Underwood Jan 2016
Lord, let them see me as a fool
If only You’ll undo me
Take pride and self and rights away
But beckon me come to Thee

If failing is what humbles me
If falling is what breaks me
Then let me fall and fail and faint
Just come, possess and take me

You are the One my soul desires
There is none other for me
So bring the storms, the trials, the woes
For in those best I know Thee

You see the pain my heart requires
To mold and make me like Thee
So send the fires which please You most
I will not fear what strikes me

I trust Your goodness and Your grace
They shall not ever fail me
You hide my life safe in Your grasp
Though hell’s worst fiends assail me

You’ve chosen me as Your own child
A treasure ‘cause You found me
You’ve named me Your beloved bride
With glory You’ll soon crown me!
Aaron Combs Dec 2016
My beloved, tonight it is more than perfect, the zephyr winds sing
sweetly your name and the crystal stars shine like your earrings.
As the White Mountains glint gracefully, and the wind speaks
over our fingers, upon our balcony, let’s dance, my beloved.

Now over the thousand streams and star crystals in the air,
You can see our prayers fill up the milky rivers in the sky.
Below the lights of Christmas, before the blue rivers of stars,
let’s dance like the shadows and the circles of the moonlight.

Now dreams rise over like the wind and shine so easily
But time falls quickly, and worries fall away so slowly.
So let the rage of your fears dance around and under your legs.
For the world is falling asleep, calling for the colors of their dreams.

So let the tresses of your hair fall freely,
And the wind of your perfume
Soak up the flames of your heart.
Spinning like the starlight, tasting every feeling,
Let the steel blue sky and its stars fall all around you.

Dance wildly, my beloved, let's dance like the songbird who sings,
let’s dance forever, until we wash into the skyline of our dreams.
A Daily Poem
Empire Jun 12
Come here, Beloved Daughter

I can see the tears you're fighting back
Remember? I was there with you
I held you as you silently wept
In the darkness all alone
Those nights when you couldn't see an end
To the misery
There was no way out
It had gone on so long
That you weren't sure
If you wanted to be alive anymore

I was there

You cried yourself to sleep in my arms
And I know it hurts to remember
But it's how you're going to heal
You don't have to force smiles
Especially not with me

Because I was there, Beloved

The night you wanted to come home
Written about my faith and a very painful time almost a year ago
Mygreatestescape Sep 2018
In the morning when
I have spent myself,
I am serene like
a hurricane,
--(I will call myself
a giant conspiracy
of lovers,
I took a step
without any feet,
the preacher
speaks of god,
of a childhood innocence
that was lost before
it begun,
the stillness of
the soul,
living in the
abyss of
my loneliness,
I cannot believe in
a god that lets
the world rot,
that lets flies die on windowsills,
but yet I believe in
a beloved that
makes me sweep
the ground,
stoop till my back aches,
who looks at me
without any eyes,
and brings tears
to mine,
everything that I ever
loved grows like
when I see this beloved,
if I know of love
--like a child,
I only know through
my beloved,

and yet,



god is a tattered
coat that my grandmother

to have you listen
to me -- that is my beloved,

spilling my tears onto
ginseng leaves,
dust gathers
like grime,
a second layer of skin,
watching Aphrodite rise
from homes riddled
by lust,

this whole nation cursed,
and yet here is mecca (Medina)
here is Bethlehem
where apples grow freely,
and Eden lies north,
where money rains onto

here lives the prowling
here Thebes rises
from the gold dust of
the Sahara ,
her salivating tongue
licks up our dissent,
and our leaders
drags Artemis by
her hair,
the sinners of
earthly lust,
Lucifer wears
armani suits
and defiles cherubs,

they have lit our
children on fire,
and have called
it a sacrifice,
we watched kindness
fall into the deep marrows
of the Styx,

living in a nation
of free will,
undressed free
will and
ravished her against her

my beloved
who wears my anger
like furs,
and milks the world
like a daunting king.
suis-je en train de mourir? - Am I dying?
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
If anyone asks
What love is?

Tell them
Try to understand
Whispers between two Ants
When they meet
Half way
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Language Of Love
Mohamed Nasir Dec 2017
Love me as you loved me
Like you loved me before
Never leave me never
Never never more

Kiss me o my love kiss me
Like you kissed me before
Never leave me never
Never never more

Let me be in your arms
Let me sway to your charm
Let me be the only one
Let me be your sun

Hold me my darling hold me
Oh like you hold me before
Never leave me never
Never never more

I'm sickly my darling I'm sickly
Hold me like you never
Hold me before
Kiss me my love kiss me
Never leave me never more

Let me be in your arms
Let me sway to your charm
Let me be your only one
Let me be your sun
Inspired from an old hindi song of an old hindi movie. Not a translation. The words are of my own.
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