ellis danzel Oct 2013
Your voice was soft and there was something about your disposition that could just lull me to sleep. It’s not because you were boring, hell I could listen to you for hours.

No, you were gentle with every word that you spoke almost as if you were tiptoeing around the harness in this world. You candy coated it for me, almost like you were protecting me from something.

I remember the night I met you, the second you gazed upon me with those pool-blue eyes, was the moment my heart started play a soft concerto of love.

It hasn’t stopped since. You were the muse to the melody of every step I took. And in the first month that

I knew you, I was born again.

I dragged my feet on the sidewalk every night I went to get a cup of coffee. Along the way I’d coach myself.

My insomniac ways needed to learn to take in the night air with each stride, allow my chest to beat with all that I feel.

Every day is a new day and so is the moon, and just maybe you could teach me how to fly because baby you make my heart sing.

For each night that dragged me out just so that my drooping eyes could find something sweeter to look at than the cold air above my bed.

Each and every night that I’d find you again in that that coffee shop window, my heart composed a new tune.

I swear by now, my body has created an infinite number of songs for you.

One night, I said that my love for you shined brighter than the solar system and spanned wider than the universe.

I guess my cliché cosmonaut tendencies rubbed off on you because you asked me if I ever wanted to travel to the moon. And I said that I’d only do it with you by my side.

That was the night that I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.

But bend and break comes hand in hand with eve and flow.

Bind my soul to everything I crave then toss me aside like I’m nothing.

There’s something about this silence. It sends chills through my entire body.

The fear of being alone strung through the back of my brain. Leaving my head caught in a whirlwind of thoughts, a warpath of emotions.

That’s what you did to me.

Leaving every fiber of my being screaming for help, red tunnel vision in sight. Screaming, but with no audible words.

You played with heartstrings, turning my vital organs in to sick love puppets.

The butterflies that rage in the pit of my stomach suffocating me as they crowd the back of my throat.

Our love was like a thunderstorm, two fronts clashing, composing a volatile connection that sent everyone running.

You knew the rain was coming and so did I. I was a fool to think that you would stay, but I was enchanted by your soul. Put under a spell by those swimming pool blue eyes.

I loved you, and in return you taught me the greatest lesson in life. Don’t love someone, it hurts too much.
Maple Mathers May 2016
(All poems original Copyright of Eva Denali Will © 2015, 2016)
Dark Jewel May 2014
It began at five,
Curiousities at max.
Hands anywhere,
And everywhere.

It became age fifteen..
When that wasnt enough,
A decade ago.

Slide in two itty bitty years,*
And I cause war.
Such a teenager.
K Balachandran Jul 2012
' The urge to surge'
lord of the universe
commanded **"Arise"
And that was the word in the beginning, uttered without sound;
                                                        of course, what we know as universe came later.
adhi das Nov 2016
Blinded by greed Nations will compete to be the superpowers
  Banks with billions of riches all vying for top white collar posts
Surrounded by skyscrapers, superb infrastructures, hi tech progress
Deluxe hotels, amusement parks, multiplex to entertain us
Automobiles, Urbane gadgets, suave robots to work for us
Every one owning super jets and rockets to go around
Still to quench our thirst not a drop of fresh water
Still to satisfy our hunger not a morsel of food
Still to breathe a whiff of air not to be found
Money and machines we cannot cook and eat or boil and drink
Education to better mankind morally and mentally we failed
Tomorrow everywhere starvation pollution devastation making us living cadaver
We will return to where we began to toil in the soil to be a contented cultivator
Back to our Mother Nature whom we hurt and forgot embracing her forever
-♡For myMuse♡
★smiles to all HP Family members★
It began with honest intention
No plan of causing deadly tension

It began with birdsong in summer skies
And ended in deceit and vicious lies

It began with the moon and the stars
And ended with heavy iron bars

It began with ambition and hope
And ended with us unable to cope

It began with fresh spring flowers
And ended with bleak prison towers

It began with a dream to follow
And ended with a corpse so hollow

It began with two naïve youth
And ended with a fatality unable to soothe

It began with it all
Ended with our unjust fall
aashi Nov 2014
I'm afraid I'll end up living a small life,
in a small place,
and my small dreams
are just what remain.
That when I'm decaying somewhere
far underground and returning
to where I began
All I'll be is a small memory
in just another brain.
The words I've scribbled (or typed)
will all be long gone.
the people I made smile
will be all far away.
I'm afraid of when
my small spirit starts to fade.
I am just sad and hopeless. -.-
Cass Jan 2014
january 11th, 2013
one year ago, today
i was unable to put
my feet on solid ground
for awhile
i used the bodies of those
i called lovers
to hold me up
but that day
late that friday night
my last hold slipped away,
and i realized
that there was never anything solid
to begin with
so i drank
indulged on booze and blood
laid down for eternal sleep
but instead was awoken,
minutes from oblivion

you asked me
why you should believe
that i won't do it again;
i said that i learned something
about myself that night:
i will take the pain over oblivion
any day
Liam C Calhoun Feb 2016
Lenore, as gentle as the wind,
As light as a feather;

I wonder where it was
The breeze delivered her.

I imagine her smile
In the morning sun, and
Her son, playing in the yard.

I smile in reminiscence
Whilst pondering
This new shore
I've happened upon;

Guilty, come fear,
A remorse blanketed echoes of

The world would never let me go.
She knew that when we’d sprout;

The world would never let me go,
“So go,” she’d whispered.
Pauline Russell Feb 2017
So it began, my life of pain
Covered in shame
Step-dad laid his claim

So it began, my life of woe
Down the rabbit hole
Some known how the story goes

So it began my life of tragedy
It happened so rapidly
It is now my woven tapestry

So it began, my life of regrets
Sadly it's not over yet
Impaled daily on life's bayonet

©Pauline Russell
Kagami Apr 2014
And then the seams broke.
The fabric unraveled in ghostly shades
Of purple, red, and black.
The slaughter of sanity could never be more

The blood of the covenant is
Thicker than the water of the womb.

I am one with the demons rampaging,
Tearing my mind to pieces.
And yet,
Pain has never been so sweet.
I don't mean that.
Courier Pigeon Aug 2012
I am of the north country.
Sure feet and sealed lips.
Born on the shore of lake superior
And carried off by the wind.

It takes guts to live like this
And maybe a little bit of a mental illness.
Keen senses and good instincts.
Always with a foot on the gas.

I've seen a lot,
maybe more than I should have.
But life is a learning experience,
and I've had a few laughs.

Things have changed.
People have gone.
It's been years since I've heard the cold wind'ssong
Or been trapped under five feet of snow,
But this place still feels like home.

Where else am I going to go?

Some things stay the same.
I'd take cold, northern civility
Over southern hospitality
Any day.
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