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Nigel Morgan Nov 2012
We’d been to concert at the Town Hall. It was a Saturday night and still early for a Saturday Night Out. So many people on the streets. The girls barely dressed, the boys bouncing around in t-shirts. Older people threaded along the pavements walking purposefully, but ‘properly’ dressed, and now making their way, as we were, for the station.

I know He noticed her because He stopped, momentarily. We were holding hands. He loves to hold my hand. That evening I remember squeezing his hand firmly as if to say how pleased I was He was here and I was not walking to the station alone. I have done this, walking to the station alone, so often. It is good to have someone close at such times, someone to talk to about the performance, the music, what is going on around us. We walked right past them.

I noticed the man first and then the child. He was very tall, very dark, wearing a black leather jacket I think. He was not scruffy so much as untidy, dark and untidy, with curly hair that did not know a comb. He was busking. He sang an incomprehensible song in a language I didn’t recognize, playing an electric guitar plugged into a small amplifier by his feat. He turned from side to side as he sang as though looking for an audience. I remember his trainers and the soft guitar case open on the pavement with a smattering of coins. Then, this child.

Over the last two days I’ve examined the scene in my memory. I’ve sought to recall as much as I can about this little girl. She was not that little I think for her age, perhaps seven or eight. Stocky. Thick golden brown hair. A sensible skirt covering her knees, a fawn jumper with some sparkly decoration. Tights or long socks perhaps. Proper shoes. I keep examining my mind’s photo. What I recall most vividly was her large smiling eyes and her expression. This is my daddy, it said. He’s singing and I’m here looking after him. I’m his smiley girl here on the city street. It’s late. Other children back home would be in bed, but I’m here smiling at the people passing.

Yesterday we talked about this couple, the little girl mostly. He brought the subject up. He’d been thinking about her too. He’d been puzzling over the two of them. As a pair they seemed so physically different, hardly father and daughter. It was the (possible) daughter’s gaze, her twinkling eyes that had spoken to him - as they had spoken to me. This is my daddy, those eyes and that smiley face had said. And she was holding a bear.

Why did I not mention the bear until now? Of course, she was holding her bear. She had both arms around her bear. She was hugging her bear to herself. It was a mild evening for March – she wore no coat. He looked a good bear, not too old or small, not the kind of bear she’d been given in infancy, perhaps recently acquired but well-loved, well-hugged. A bear that seemed entirely right for her age, for her slightly old fashioned clothes. The sort of clothes I might have worn as a child. I think of a photo of me at that age dressed in a Cloth-Kits dress, with an Alice band, with glasses and lots of curly hair.  

He said ‘I’ve been wondering about the two of them. Did they have a home? Where would they go to when it became late?’ Was there a mother? Was she working somewhere on that Saturday night and the father had to take the girl. Was she wearing her best clothes? She looked OK. A glowing, healthy face, a face that reflected the bright, coloured lights of the city street.’

Suddenly, I realised there were tears in his eyes. I thought, He is imagining a story. He is imagining a story of this seven year old who should have been tucked up in bed with her bear, like my little boy with his blue blanket. He was imagining her life., her past in some Eastern European town, where she went to school, where she had friends and relatives, where she had been born and brought up, and been loved. And now the girl was here in this not so distant city. Perhaps illegally, without the papers, smuggled in as so many are. Her father, swarthy, even a tinge of the Roma perhaps, but she so different. It was the golden brown hair. Thick hair, a ribbon tied in it. A pink ribbon.

He had thought of his little girl, now fifteen, only when she was that age, seven. Oddly similar in some ways, the thick hair, the smiley face, a different but ever present bear, an infant’s bear, not a bear she’d take with her except in a bag. A bear not to be seen with at seven, but loved.

‘I’ll call her Katya,’ He said. The girl, not the bear.

And later He did. Every few days He would mention her – just in passing. ‘Do you think Katya’s  at school today?’ ‘I was in the city this afternoon, but I didn’t see Katya.’

He wrote about her and her father. A little story. I haven’t read it. He just told me He’d written it; He’d thought of following them in his imagination. He was a little embarrassed telling me this, and He didn’t offer to show me the story, which is unusual because when He mentions He’s written something He usually does. And so I wonder. I wonder how long this memory will stay with him and whether He will follow this couple (and her bear) into the future, create a story for them to live in.

Perhaps it will bring him the peace He does not have. The peace I try to give him when He is with me at home and we sit in my little house, at my table eating toast with Marmite after I’ve been out late whilst He’s sat on my settee and read – in peace at being in my home. I know He feels cast adrift from his family and He can’t be part of mine, yet a while. Perhaps it’s like being in another country. Perhaps He thinks, at least that busker had his child with him, his shining star, his ever-smiley girl.

Yet He is thinking of his smiley girl, smiley still at fifteen, still loving her dad despite what He’s done, despite the fact that she sees him so seldom. Despite the fact that He is only occasionally with her, and she knowing I, his lover, his young woman, his companion and friend, has captured his heart and thoughts.

I think of Katya too. I think of my older girl, so loved and circled about with love and admiration by her respective families and our friends. She is so special and so beautiful, as I was special at eleven, as I think I was beautiful at eleven, just on the brink of that transformation that will take her towards becoming a teenager – and the rest.  

We were lying in bed the Saturday morning before seeing Katya and I was telling him about my childhood. He’d asked me about zebra finches. Walking in his nearby park He had admired their bright red beaks in the park’s newly-restored aviary. I told him about a parrot in a park close to my childhood home, a parrot I passed as I went to school. I described for him my walk to school, meeting up with my friends, passing the parrot. I know how happy it made him to hear me talk about such things. He said so later, embracing me in the kitchen. ’I so love to hear you talk about your childhood.’ I could feel he was moved to say this. It was important. I realised then just how deeply he loved me. That it was important. That he imagined me as a child. That He wanted to know that part of me. He’s rarely asked about the stuff in between. Of my former lovers I’ve said a little. He has said a little about his past liaisons and affaires, but knows I am uncomfortable when he does. So we leave this. But childhood, That’s so different, because it is that precious, precious time of shelter and care: when we begin to discover who we are and who and what we love.

Where is Katya now? In a messy room she shares with her parents in a house shared with economic migrants, where she has a few belongings in three plastic bags. In one, her best clothes she wears to stand on the city street on a Saturday night with her daddy. In another a jumble of not so clean clothes she rotates each day. She has her sleeping bag, her bear, her warm coat and gloves. There’s a few magazines she’s found about the house. English is puzzling. She learnt a little at school back home, and from the TV of course, those American soaps. If she was here in my house I would stand her in the shower, wash her thick hair, put her clothes in the machine, sit her on my bed in my daughter’s clothes with some picture books, introduce her to my cats, we would bake some buns. I would give her a small gift of my love to take away with her and she would look on me with her smiley face, her sparkling eyes and let me hold her bear.

And later when I saw him I would tell him that Katya had been with me for a little, and tears would fall, mine and his, knowing that only in our dreams could we make this so.
Sara Leal Dec 2015
Big Teddy Bear,
This is for you.

Big Teddy Bear,
I love you.

Big Teddy Bear,
I'm addicted to your voice.

Big Teddy Bear,
I want to hug you until I'm dead.

Big Teddy Bear,
I would wait forever for you.

Big Teddy Bear,
I'm insane.

Big Teddy Bear,
I hope you know everything about me.

Big Teddy Bear,
I look forward to our future.

Big Teddy Bear,
Don't leave me, please.

Big Teddy Bear,
Heal me from your scars.

Big Teddy Bear,
Hold my hand.

Big Teddy Bear,
I promise.

Big Teddy Bear,
I won't let our love end.

Big Teddy Bear,
Don't send me away.

Big Teddy Bear,
I may be crazy.

But **Big Teddy Bear
I love you so much.
English version
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
Papa bear whistles
Mama bear sings
Baby bear jumps
and he yells out loud!
Papa look what I have found!
a yellow hibiscus for mama!
Papa bear grins
Mama bear smiles
Baby bear struts with pride!
Mama bear, Papa bear and baby bear
are enjoying their walk in the woods.
bear Sep 2014
brown bear, brown bear,
What do you see?
A sky of shining lights
slowly fills your dark cavity.

brown bear, brown bear,
What do you hear?
A rebellious, rumbustious crowd
yelling with hate and cheer.

brown bear, brown bear,
What do you smell?
A rising fire of hatred
that always seems to dwell.

brown bear, brown bear,
What do you taste?
The sweet satisfaction of victory,
but a bitter mouthful of disgrace.

brown bear, brown bear,
What do you feel?
None of it seems real.
Poetic T Feb 2015
Little bear* eyes OPEN
Little bear everything SEEN
Little bear held so TIGHT
Little bear keeping me SAFE
Little bear my only FRIEND
Little bear shares BRUISES
Little bear held up PROTECT
Little bear thrown ASIDE
Little bear  "HELP ME"
Little bear witnesses TEARS
Little bear sees EVERYTHING
Little bear now buried with ME
Little bear I wish you could have *helped me.
Violence should never begin let alone end in the ways it does..  I was luckyish.... always tell an adult...
The bear broke out the bear trap, and screamed into the air, that the very man that set the trap that had imprisoned him there, had better find a hiding place, somewhere only he can go, to escape the fall of every gaze, every crystal drop of snow, because now he has an enemy who is red behind his eyes, an enemy who will not rest until gazing on his demise...

Kanza caught the biggest fish anyone had ever seen, they say he speared it from the bank when he saw it glinting green, without his artistry and skill the village would be doomed, once their thirst became too much, their last hopes consumed, but everyday there was a banquet, such was his expertise, that anything that took a breath in the forest could be seized, be it bird or beast or wild cat, weasel, fox or hare, Kanza even told the children that one day he'd catch a bear...

The bear withdrew into the darkness, under a canopy of pine, he knew that it was true that if he could just bide his time, eventually a man would come to check that awful snare, then before he could take a breath, his life would end right there, because no living creature from the mountains to the plains, deserves to live out their last in tortured, searing pain. Seconds turned to minutes, turned to hours, turned to days, but the bear, unblinking in the dark, never once broke his gaze, until one misty morning, still glaring at the trap, somewhere through the misty trees, he heard a twig go...SNAP!

Kanza knew all too well how big a mistake he'd made, now upon his back ,a million eyes, he'd meant to evade, but little did he know the kind of danger he was in, because now, flying through the air, was something much bigger than him, a creature so incredibly fast, as to leave nowhere to run, a demon,  a spectre, of ancient past, all his nightmares rolled into one.

The bear broke forth like holy hell, his roar shook the air, his razor sharp teeth and diamond claws ,in flesh, began to tear, Kanza ******* hold in his scream, as all around turned red, he knew he only had a few moments left, before he would be dead. The bear ploughed into the undergrowth, uprooting two small trees, then quickly spun to stare at his foe, who dropped down to his knees.

And there they sat, each one staring at the other and each one learning, understanding, what it is to suffer, Kanza knew his wounds would soon have him feeling dazed, the bear had been wounded by the trap, then hadn't eaten or slept in days.

"I'm sorry", Kanza said, the words surprising even him, as a line of crimson blood ran from his ear down to his chin, then he felt the darkness, and the ground around went black, Kanza fell forward to the ground, the eyes in his head rolled back...

When he awoke, he saw his reflection inside two huge black eyes, his instincts whispered for him not to move, something he didn't think too unwise, the bear stared into him as if it was reading his every thought, there was no escape left, no way of not being caught, after what felt like an age of the world had passed, the bear withdrew into the darkness, gazing until the last, Kanza turned to see that beside him was his mangled snare, never again in his life did he try to trap a bear.
jasmin allen Nov 2011
teddy bear teddy bear turn around teddy bear teddy bear touch the skyyyyy....
i sleep with my **** like its my teddy bear cuz its my teddy bear like it like it my teddy bear
i dream of those leaves they are everywhere they they are everywhere
i wake up and the smoke disapate
i was so high last nite but now its a different day
if i were ****** tested it would be to there dismay
i cant wait till the cash bounce back my way
order some more kush its mi main entree
now here bad ***** smoke some john deer
we dont gotta be hicks to take a couple hits
got tht **** burning like a wick oh **** i cant feel my face
i sleep with my **** like its my teddy bear cuz its my teddy bear like it like it my teddy bear
i dream of those leaves they are everywhere they they are everywhere
my teddy bear alwas got me feelin safe
im in the air like will & grace
hahahahahaa ***** i spit in ur face
come here baby come get a taste
i never knew green was a flavor
Rangzeb Hussain Feb 2010
The Teddy Bear sat on the shelf
in a room unused
and untouched for many centuries,
This room was like a tomb
for the Teddy Bear,
He was destined
chained to stay,
He had had many owners,
some rich,
others poor,
as he wore on in Life
he showed little age,
He kept that eternal smile for his customers,
He was loyal to whoever claimed him,
And never once did he try to break free.

Out there where Time stabbed on
the years wasted many lives away,
The Bear now was precariously perched upon
the forlorn thorn throne road,
His eyes were tired,
Wrinkles now began to appear on his face,
And for the first time
he felt himself starting to age,
He felt his heart weaken.

The Bear had so many secrets,
Some that could change
the very foundations of the world,
But who could he tell them to?
His lips were stitched shut,
And in his mind he pondered
and reflected upon his entire Life,
You know, he really never had a name,
People had named him so many different times
that he really never came to figure
out who he really was inside.

He looked at his arms,
They had patches of all sorts,
Down on his legs
he had pieces of fluff sprouting out
and he was missing his left eye,
Tears rained down inside,
But not a single drop appeared outside,
He truly was treated like a raggy raggedy rag doll
with not a care in the world.

He had endured so much over his Life span,
He was thrown at,
Shot at,
Hit at,
Stepped on
and other punishments
his memory had long forgotten now,
He felt his heart grow slow
as the years crawled on.

He never had had a family
or anybody to care for,
People loved him
until something new
and better came to replace him,
Then he was tossed to the back
of someplace chilly and old,
As he sat there
he thought about his past owners
and friends,
He thought now of days of the past
and of Ages forgotten,
Something which even a History book
was unable to grasp
or truly convey.

Death stood before the Bear sometime ago,
Poking at him
and mocking him,
But the Grim Reaper never lifted his scythe
to take his Life away,
The Bear waited for that moment to come,
But it never arrived,
It was as if Death himself had forgotten him,
And his life was meaningless,
Was he truly so worthless?

He rubbed his old
and tired eyes,
The Moon outside the window
lit up the autumnal room
as if it were a silvery day,
All around him were littered Toys
of a bygone Age,
Some were in great form
and others practically dead,
He looked, but didn’t have the ability to talk, only hear,
He felt alone,
All the Toys were asleep,
All except one -
The Teddy Bear.
He was sick of fighting to go on,
He had done his bit
and it was his time to move on.

A sudden rough gust of wind blew
into the untouched room,
He felt the air splash onto his face,
This apocalyptic wind was too strong
for the old stricken Teddy Bear to handle,
The briskly blowing breeze blew
him off the shelf,
But, luckily
he was able to grasp the ledge of the shelf
with his weak paws.

He hung there for his dear Life,
He wanted to call the other Toys for help,
He screamed inside,
But nothing was heard outside,
He had no voice,
He wanted to speak but was unable to do so,
Sadness swept over him,
He knew his time was up,
And the cycle must continue,

He let go...

The laws of gravity were rapidly put into motion,
He was about to meet Mistress Destiny
so his brain thought of the perfect thing to say,
He roared with all his might inside
to shout out what was racing around his mind,
But he was unsuccessful in his attempt,
The silent scream roared on in utter silence.

He hit the wooden floor softly,
And fluff flooded the area in which he fell,
Bits of the Bear lay all around,
The gust of air blew all over the floor,
And motes of dust danced by the light of the fading Moon,
The last remains of the Teddy Bear
were blown into a corner to be forgotten,
It was as if his remains
and all his innermost dreams
were crushed to dust,
But like dust he will one day rise again.

As soon as this event took place,
The Toy that was sitting next to him
suddenly awoke by the noise of the fatal fall,
He noticed his neighbour
was no longer present,
Happily, he stretched out his legs
into the area were once the Teddy Bear had sat,
And merrily drifted back into a deep sleep,
And then came the dreams of the Cosmos,
And the brave-hearted Bear did indeed have a voice,
In the nightmare of the sleeping Toy
the dear departed Bear spoke:

“We all are born for to die,
But tell me this -
Who is it amongst us that really lives?
Sleep now, gentle friend...
and I will sing you a song
spun from the dead tears
of my now forgotten soul."

©Rangzeb Hussain
Who am I?

What a cliche poem starter

But the question remains

And finding the answer keeps getting harder and harder

Everyday I wake up and look into the mirror

I get lost in thought

Thinking about my day

Today and the days before

But what for?

What am I trying to achieve?

What is it that I aim for

Then I realized I don't really have any goals

And there's nothing really that I want more

My life is really just a bore

But why is it that I don't want more?

You'd think someone like me would want something else

But I don't really think about anything else

What I have now is what I have now

There's nothing else to make of it

So why throw a fit?

Part of me just doesn't care

Should I?

What if I become someone or something that I wouldn't be able to bare

I had a dream

And in that dream, I was being chased by a bear

There was a ******* figure in the meek, shallow, woods

This shadow blended in so well with it's background

That's because of it's hair

And it's hair was dark brown

Much like my own

Might I share something with this bear?

This bear...

It may start to get aggressive

But in this moment that I shared with this bear

This small moment of despair

We looked into each other's eyes

What beautiful, big luxurious eyes

I got her by surprise

I could see the scared look in her eyes

But even though she was scared

She thought I was a threat and hid her cubs and put herself out in guise

This bear only acted out of it's despair and it's fear

It's fear for her babies were here

She didn't want them to be hurt

So she was putting herself out to be hurt

Out there willing to hurt

How selfless of a bear

In a few moments

I might just be self-less because of the bear

But in the moment that I share

I didn't care

But now I'm on my feet running

Running from the bear that is way more cunning

This mom, she had something to fight for

She had a purpose

A purpose she would gladly die for

Deep down she was scared

She glared

Didn't even frown

But deep down

I can see it in her eyes

Deep down

She was willing to cry

But no matter how much she wanted to

She didn't let herself because she was trying to be strong

But this strong mom, she lost anyways

She ended up being surrounded by a pack of wolves

That saved my life

But I can't say the same for one of her cubs

One of them died from the wolves

And the mother cried for her lost one

She was surrounded and wanted to escape

But there weren't any ways she could have evaded

So she wailed and she cried

She let all her pain out

The wolves were just about done with her

She was so emotionally and physically hurt now

She coughed and out came a gout of blood

She looked as if she was ready to give up

But she didn't give up

She fought back even when she was so outnumbered

But she fought back because her children were numbered

She lost one

That gave her more reason than ever to get clever

So she did and she spited all of the wolves

And left them eradicated

So I took the chance she couldn't

And I evaded

But as happy as I was to get away

I was happy that the bear also got away

Keep in mind, this is the same bear that was ready to **** me out of shallow-aimed dispair

What can I say?

This bear triumphed, today

I want my life to have meaning like that

Hopefully minus the combat

But that combat was symbolic

I don't have well defined goals

I just know

I don't want to be another alcoholic
Marigolds Fever Sep 2018
Cowgirl boots cost her
just little pay
She knows to play it safe
Keepin them cowboys away
Wants soft black fur
To keep her warm at night...
they say
She murmurs by candlelight ...
Country bear soothing...
them Cowboys cause me fright
She doesn’t want a man
She’s lookin for a country bear
That’s her true fan
Cowboys want to make her purr
But a country bear is gona stretch his paws and groan
I finally found her
Big bear wont mind what she does with that hair
Cause he’s her country bear
She’s his woman
He’s her furry scare
Try not to stare
When they’re hittin the town fair
Kissin at the top of that ferris wheel
Ladies want to know
What’s that she feel
Township whispers..
there she goes
Smoochin that ******* bear
Maybe it ain’t no big deal
This is too surreal
Watching this
They eatin cotton candy
in complete bliss
Later in fright
Before the early light
All the ladies pray
Keep them cowboys at bay
Send me a country bear like Miss Fray
And we might promise to obey
Her secret
They want to know
She said forget it
Go to your rodeo
Bears ain’t something I’m about to share
That country woman
That country bear
It’s the perfect love affair
Tatiana Apr 2016
A boy with a bear was sitting in his room.
The bear was missing an eye
and the thread was unraveling
but his mother promised to fix him up
to make him new again.

They were going to his friends house
and his mom told him to leave his bear
But the boy didn't listen.
That bear was his heart and soul.

It was a warm summer day
the sky was bright blue
not a cloud could be seen
and the boy opened his window.

Don't stick your arms out the window.
The boy didn't listen.
Don't stick your bear out the window.
The boy didn't listen.

He wanted his bear to feel the warm air
in the same way he did.
He just wanted the bear
to feel the warm air.

But with one large bump,
the boy lost his grip
and down, down, down it goes
into the street-like abyss

But he didn't say anything.
He didn't know how to speak.
His bear helped him and now he's gone
somewhere on the side of the street.

The boy closed his eyes
shaking his head
and he slowly closed his window.
His mother breathed a sigh of relief.

He stared out the window.
He didn't look back.
He turned a blind eye
to his own unraveling thread.

Where is your bear?
I dropped it
You dropped it?
I dropped it

By the time they went to look,
it was already too dark
and the bear was gone
and so was the boy

I dropped it
I dropped it
*I dropped it
26 days in a row is a bit too much so I'll still do the 26 poems in total just not one every single day. That's a bit too much of a strain on me.
Carmen Jane Mar 2019
Small bear , big bear
You're holding them tight
Little chin rest on them
Eyelids kissed goodnight.

Just sang you a lullaby
Made up the gentle notes
Sang you about a butterfly
That perhaps somewhere,  it gloats!

White bear, brown bear,
To sleep, can't go without
In this old rocking chair
You bring my eyes, delight!

Soft bear, fuzzy bear,
I hold you in my arms
My heart almost can't bear
The love for you 'n your charms!
Raj Arumugam Sep 2010
Little Teddy bear
pink and cuddly
lying on the kerb
with the lights
of the cafes
bouncing off you

Oh who’s missing you tonight
crying for her teddy bear?
maybe it’s little Amy asleep
who dropped you
while her mum carried her
into the car?
and maybe now little Amy
cries in her room:
'Where’s my teddy bear?'
And Mom says: 'Oh, sweetheart;
sleep, maybe it’s in the car…
we’ll get it in the morning.'

Little Teddy bear
pink and cuddly
lying on the kerb
with the lights
of the cafes
bouncing off you

Oh who’s missing you tonight
crying for her teddy bear?
maybe it’s little Lin
who came visiting from Shanghai
and exchanged her panda bear
for an Aussie cuddly toy
and she’s in the airport now
and cries: 'I lost my Aussie teddy bear'
and they can’t find one at the airport
and Dad says:
'Don’t worry;
we’ll get you a new one
when we get home…'

Little Teddy bear
pink and cuddly
lying on the kerb
with the lights
of the cafes
bouncing off you
Day is over
All went well
At least as far
As I can tell
Traffic Lights
Green not red
And then I thought
Of what he said......

When things are going well son
Don't poke the sleeping bear
Don't even venture near it
Don't poke it, don't you dare
As long as things are going
The way you's fair
To tell you....don't you ever
Poke the sleeping bear

Dinner great
The kids were good
All was going
Like it should
Out for drinks
then I heard
In my head
The old man's words...

When things are going well son
Don't poke the sleeping bear
Don't even venture near it
Don't poke it, don't you dare
As long as things are going
The way you's fair
To tell you....don't you ever
Poke the sleeping bear

Lightning struck
She walked in
Jeans as tight
As second skin
Wife looked over
Then I knew
I'd been caught
Not much to do

I went and poked the sleeping bear
Stupid me, it wasn't fair
I didn't know that she'd be there
But I had done gone and poked the bear
One quick look and I was caught
Was it my fault that she was hot?
I didn't mean to, so I thought
So all this good, was all for naught

When things are going well son
Don't poke the sleeping bear
Don't even venture near it
Don't poke it, don't you dare
As long as things are going
The way you's fair
To tell you....don't you ever
Poke the sleeping bear
There was once upon a time in a forest dark,
A wild brown bear, treads carefully he not
He was fearless yet fearsome, who is brave but not
He thinks, he snorts, he cries, a happy bear he's naught

With friends upon friends the bear's not really lonely
The brown bear laughs, talks, and enjoy other's company
But don't let that fool you with the fact that he hides,
A heaviness of heart, spinning mind, of endless thoughts that smites

Out of the crowd that gathers him
Somewhere deep in-between shoulders
Heads and paws huddle over to and fro
Someone caught the eyes of our bear so slow

It was a bear, no, not just any bear, a pink bear
With eyes that sparkle, pair of eyes so lovely there
And most of all her cheeks, and the smile formed in between
The brown bear turned pink as hot as day he blinked.

A wave was all he could muster and a small "grr" that says "hi"
Meanwhile the pink bear blossoms, waved back looking shy
He thinks, he snorts, he laughs, a happy bear he is now
She completes his world that very moment, he feels alive.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months
Many things have gone, time flew so fast
They are together now happily in their own world
Despite the rain or shine, they continue to ride

She's beautiful, she's kind, she's full of light
For him he's no one's treasure but to himself
To him she's his other half, his pink sugar cub
His only girl, his partner, his bestest friend, his only love

And she was the first one who
heard this poem.

She will always be.
My Pink sugar cub.
My only love.
My Mae mae chan.
I love you Kim, my Mae mae chan <3
Blue eyed vamp Oct 2013
Cuddle bear walking on shore with me.
Cuddle bear leans down to kiss me. Like!
Cuddle bear cuddle bear likes my eyes.
Cuddle bear respond to message
Robert Ronnow May 2019
Bear’s certain
it’s a bear
alone with salmon
it’s a bear
on the mountain
it’s a bear
up a canyon
it’s a bear
eating berries
it’s a bear
sedated, carried
it’s a bear
answer, query
it’s a bear
clown or faery
it’s a bear
There was a mother of goat
She had three kinder
She ordered them in hardness matter
"Don't ever and ever open the door under

Any raison
Even one says she is your mother
Wants to tell or has an order"
They all agreed and she went for work
There was a stranger

Passed by the neighbor
He was the greed bear
He said to himself in whisper
As he heard the kinder playing at higher

Voice reflecting their cheer
,"these must be fat
I will eat and lost my hunger"
He watched the home three days with great hear
He heard the mother telling that order
After the mother went, he went there

He knocked the door
When one answered in clear
He said, "I am your mother
Open the door to have a fare"
The first believe that

The first forgot the order
He opened the door at fast
The bear was so hunger
He took him out and ate at faster
When the mother returned

She found them had decreased
When she was learnt
She cried a lot
On the following day, she ordered

When she went, the greed bear came at fast
The door was knocked
He said, "I am your mother
Open the door to have a fare"

The second believe that
The second forgot the order
He opened the door at fast
The bear was so hunger

He took him out and ate at faster
When the mother returned
She found them had decreased
When she asked

She cried a lot
On the following day, she ordered
When she went the greed bear came at fast
The door was knocked

He said, "I am your mother
Open the door to have a fare"
The third did not believe that
He ordered him to stretch his hand

The bear forget the difference between his hand
And the shape of the goat's hand
The small goat said,"
Wait to get your hand kissed"

He got a rope that was a strong
And tided his with the stable rod
The small kid called all neighbor
While the bear screamed, mercy asked

His mother was attended
The bear was so hurt
The mother stroke his trunk
The swollen kinder were out

They were so sorry
They apologized to their omission
They said," we learnt a lesson
We will not forget forever"
Obey your mother

Obey your father
They knew more, more
They have more experience
And know which intelligence is

And which is carrying the worse
the greed have been great suffer, to fill his hunger and greedy. obeying the parents as the knew more
Brent Kincaid Apr 2016
He has one eye missing
And a patchwork ****.
I tell everybody he’s winking,
That he has one eye shut.
He’s lost a lot of hair
And he no longer sits up
Like he used to before.
But whenever I see him
I am never in doubt
He is still the bear I adore.

Bubby Bear is a very good bear
The best friend there ever could be.
He sleeps by my side every night
And Bubby never argues with me.

When things get too scary
Or out of control I go and
Grab up Bubby and hold him.
He’s always warm and he’s
Sympathetic, and so I never
Feel the need to scold him.
I can always talk to him
And explain things out
Because he is so very patient.
I think it is because he
Is such a very wise bear
And always there waiting.

Bubby Bear is the finest bear
He always right beside me.
I don’t have to worry that he
He might want to abandon me.

Some people like to tease me
About the way Bubby looks
And make fun of his condition.
But they have to admit to me
They don’t have a friend who gives
One hundred percent permission,
And never gets tired of them
Or tattles their confidences
Or gets bored with what they say.
That’s why Bubby is my best friend
Always was, always will be
All night long and every single day.

Bubby Bear is a very good bear
He puts up with my every whim.
I feel sorry for anyone who
Doesn’t have a friend like him.
un-loved Jan 16
once upon a time

there was a bear
who was hungry and lost
and alone.

the bear trundled about a field
of wildflowers
smelling the sweet breeze
and hearing the buzz
of the bees.

one bee landed
on the tip of his nose
she was tired
she hated her job
she felt like she didn't fit
into her hive.

the bee saw the bear
and the bear saw the bee
and they saw each other's sadness.

the bee continued to come to the field
to gather nectar
hoping to see the bear again.

eventually they became friends
and they learned things about each other
the bear looked rough
but he was gentle and kind
and the bee looked small
but her sting was fierce.

the bee loved the bear
but she never thought he could love her back.

she was a bee from a farm
and he came from the woods.

but hope bloomed in the bees heart
when he said
he loved her back
and she vowed to be his
through it all.

she stayed by his side
through the winter when he slept
and in return he stayed by hers
when summers were too hot
and nectar too heavy.

lets get away from this field
said the bear
we can find somewhere vast
and floral and buoyant with life.

the bee went.

they discovered long streams
and slept in dark valleys
and they traveled the world

because the bear loved the bee
and she loved the bear
and they both loved
i guess it's meant to bee <3 i love you bear
there was a little bear he just loved to dance
anywhere he could when he got the chance
he just love to line dance dancing in a row
fancy struts and turns bear could really go

with his stetson hat and a cowboy suit
bear he looked the part and he looked so cute
they held a competition in the village hall
looking for the dancer who would be best of all.

now bear had his chance to win the local show
the music started playing bear began to go
doing fancy turns in perfect harmony
dancing for the crowd for everyone to see.

everyone was clapping tapping with there feet
shouting more to bear who gave them such a treat
bear he beat them he was the best
this dancing little bear from the way out west.
Ashly Kocher Jul 2019
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear
Today we celebrate you
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear
Happy Birthday to you
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear
Make a wish come true
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear
I love you!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear!
BC Jaime Mar 2018
He said
          “You’re a bear.”

I said
          “No, I’m a fish.
          Two fish, actually
          in opposite directions
          One tells me: Do it!
          The other says: Oh no
          you betta don’t!”

He said
          “No. You’re a bear.”

I said
          “No. Actually,
          I’m a monkey.
          A crazy, funny monkey
          who can pick up stuff
          with his toes
          then wonder when
          I’ll evolve
          (Even my pops used to call
          me his 'little monkey'.)”

He said
          “Just face it.

I said
          “I beg to differ,
          I am a night owl
          that stares at stars
          or watches Friends
          reruns in the wee hours
          of the morning.
          Ask me a question
          I’ll show you how
          wise I am.”

He said
          “Do you know that
          you are a bear?”

I said
          “Nope. I’m a snake.
          I have tremendous
          sympathy for others,
         great depth of perception
          Am intense, passionate,
          at times, headstrong.”

He said
          “But, you are also a bear.
          A hairy bear.”

I said
          “Fine. I’m a bear.
          Are you happy?
          I’m grumpy, lumbering
          & hate bees.
          I’m hairy,
          I hibernate.
          A. Bear.”

(after a taste
          of honey)

I said
          “And what are you

He said
          “I’m an otter.
          hairy & cute
          just like you
          Now, give me your paw
          Let’s go splash
          around in the river.”

© BC Jaime 2014 || IG: @B.C.Jaime

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
why do you cry
I've lost my stuffing
and button for my eye

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
where have you been
I've roamed and traveled
just to see my friend

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
who d o you love
I adore my friends
and angels above

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
what have you done
I've love and was hugged
and I'm still not done
I actually wrote this by ink on March 4, 2014. It was
in that afternoon at 5:15 p.m.
I often write by ink, keeping the mighty sword
in the grips of my hand.
storm siren Dec 2016
The rabbit hops through the snow,
Almost disappearing
As his fur is bright and white as the fog behind him.

He halts when he sees the large black bear.

The bear spots him immediately.

The bear bounds over to the rabbit,
And stands on his hind legs after they touch noses.

The rabbit ***** his head to the side,
And the bear paws at the note tied to his neck.

A man clears his throat.

The bear jumps, obviously shaken by the noise,
While the rabbit edges closer, chest puffed out and head held high.

The man laughs.

"I won't hurt you." The man says softly.
"That note, I believe it's for me."

The bear is crouched,
Seemingly trying to hide behind the rabbit.

The rabbit sticks his little arms out to his sides,
And shakes his head.

The man frowns.

A lion appears behind him.
And then a tiger.
And then cats and dogs and birds and snakes.

"There haven't been animals in this wood in decades." Explains the man. "All these animals are just like you."

The bears slowly looks up and blinks at the other animals.

The rabbit puts down his arms.
He suddenly bounces towards the man, sniffs him furiously,
And then grabs the note off the bear's neck.
The bear lets out a halfhearted roar,
And sits down.

The man reads the note.
He crushes it in his hands, and calls to the various, now having become animals.
He stands, back turned to the bear.

The bear's eyes go wide.

"All of your people did what they could to protect you. It is now that we seek vengeance for them. It is now that we take back these woods, our land. It is now that we save the remainders of our people. We have become, because of them. It's time we pay our debt!"

The rabbit stands at the man's feet. He looks awe-struck, and he squeaks in agreement while the other animals grown and yowl their responses.

The bear does nothing, but stare at the man's back.

Because out of the man's back
Sticks a wind-up key.
That just keeps on spinning,
With no end in sight.
The final piece to me "Once You Become" set. It is a darker concept based upon the Velveteen Rabbit.
Kayla Nov 2017
Boys are like teddy bear.
You love them for a short amount of time.
When that’s times up and the timer rings.
You just throw them away.
In your closet where you never see them again.
Then you get a new teddy bear.
You love this teddy bear.
The way he smells like the woods,
but after shave at the same time.
The way he fits perfectly in you’re arms.
This teddy bear oh you think it’s the one.
The one your going to love till the end of you’re life.
No this time the teddy bear stops loving you.
He throws you to his closet.
Just like you did to that teddy bear.
Now you know how it feels.
Opening your closet you bring that old teddy bear out.
Loving that old teddy bear till the end of your time.
Mystery Man Jul 2014
The white man, can't say the word "*****". They say because its offensive, it's rude, but I know the real reason why. I know, because that's what I am; a ******. Born as a ******, lived as ******, I know why the white man can't say the word ******. They say that it makes no sense for the blacks to use this insulting, disgusting term for themselves, but only because they don't know the true meaning. We bear the name as a scar, as a reminder of what we fought, of what we were. We bear the name as a reminder of our ancestors, and their long hot days in the cotton fields, picking until their finger tips were raw with blood, whipped until their skin was indistinguishable from the raw fleshy pulp that was their aggravated flesh laced with the crimson nectar of their veins. We bear the name, to remind ourselves, that even amidst all this we lived. We fought our way through the darkness of the tunnel. We bear our scar, to remind us, to remind you, that we survived, that we are survivors. I bear the name, I bear the scar of a ******. That is why we call ourselves the name ******. It is our word of honor, our mark of surviving. The white man is not worthy enough to call me a ******.
Hayley May 2016
I have this teddy bear you gave me

I have this teddy bear you gave me for Christmas

I have this teddy bear you gave me for Christmas because I asked for it

I have this teddy bear you gave be for Christmas because I asked for it and you didn't know what else to get me

I have this teddy bear you gave me for Christmas because I asked for it and you didn't know what else to get me because you actually don't know me at all

I have this teddy bear you gave me for Christmas because I asked for it and you didn't know what else to get me because you actually don't know me at all even though we had been dating for a year

I have this teddy bear you gave me and I cuddle with him, with zero thought of you

I have this teddy bear you gave me and when I break up with you, I'm going to keep him

I have this teddy bear you gave me and he has never, and will never, have a name

I have this teddy bear who? gave me
Gerry Aldridge Feb 2017
When I look in a mirror
I accept what I see.
But beyond the reflection
Begins another journey.

The wolf
And the bear-
Two creatures
With life I share

The wolf is pragmatic
But can be flawed.
The bear however,
Will always stand tall.

Wolf is a mother-
The best protector,
But if needs be
You had best flee.

Bear will come,
Rip the sky from the sun.
And turn raindrops into flames
While dancing as you run.

I was born a lone wolf,
But life beat me down.
So then I found Bear
And felt invincible again.

For Wolf the objective
Is not to find home.
But to prepare herself
For being alone.

And if things get too much,
Feelings, emotions and the such.
Bear will be there,
And you had better beware.

Wolf is not always happy
With the prey killed by Bear.
But she instinctively knows
Nothing in life is ever fair.

Bear killed a friend
Wolf should by nature not have had.
It brought chaos to the jungle
And was less happy than sad.

A thing so dear
It would only cause fear
In the kingdom it thrived,
So Bear decided it had to die.

Everything is relative-

Look at this cute, little wolf
And the big, bad bear.
Wolf could not make you listen,
But Bear made you stare.
(Gerry Aldridge ©2017)
there was a little bear he just loved to dance
anywhere he could when he got the chance
he just love to line dance dancing in a row
fancy struts and turns bear could really go

with his stetson hat and a cowboy suit
bear he looked the part and he looked so cute
they held a competition in the village hall
looking for the dancer who would be best of all.

now bear had his chance to win the local show
the music started playing bear began to go
doing fancy turns in perfect harmony
dancing for the crowd for everyone to see.

everyone was clapping tapping with there feet
shouting more to bear who gave them such a treat
bear he beat them he was the best
this dancing little bear from the way out west.
Daviaso Oct 2018
A bear sat upon a mountaintop,
And there he contemplated life.
A thousand nights he thought,
A thousand days he slept,
Until he had a thought
For each star in the sky.
Himself he considered a star too,
As old and wise and special.

One evening a young squirrel
Bounded up the mountain.
With a leap and a chatter,
She said to the bear:
"When I was born you sat here;
Now you still do.
What have you done in between?"

"I have thought," the bear replied,
"Until I have a thought and a story
For every star in the sky.
I have lived a thousand moments
From here on this mountain."

"I have lived a thousand moments too,"
Piped the squirrel.

"Nonsense," the bear snorted.
"I was here a thousand moments
Before your coming."

"But how many did you live?"
The squirrel jumped to and fro
With formless jubilation.

"Quiet, squirrel!"
Thundered the now-annoyed bear.

She froze, then peeped,
"You were here,
a thousand moments before me.
Is this moment one-thousand-and-one?"

The bear chuckled now.  "Yes
Dear squirrel, now I have lived
A thousand moments and one more."

"That's where you're wrong."

Again thundered the bear.
He rose and swung his terrible paws
Through the clear air.

"No no no!" screamed the squirrel,
Now frantic.
"I have lived a thousand moments
and you have lived a thousand moments!
I came to see what yours were,
Because they're so much longer."

"NO, you are wrong."
The bear came down on all fours
And put his face in front of hers,
Teeth staring like soulless pearls.
"A moment does not change.
I have lived more, not longer
Moments than you."

"Ah," muttered the squirrel,
Creeping backward before
His awesome teeth;
Then she fled outright.

When safely out of sight,
The squirrel stopped, composed herself.
"Ah," she repeated disdainfully.
"I went to you seeking answers,
But you have proven to me:"

Age does not bring wisdom.
This turned out more like a fable than I expected.  Hopefully this first draft is alright.
Disaster Child Dec 2014
Once there was a little brown bear
She had a tree she so loved to climb!
She would climb and climb and she could touch the sky
She loved the view from up high
Now the little bear's tree was sturdy; thick and tall
She knew just from looking around she didn't like other trees at all
But one day she tried to climb a wobbly spruce
It's trunk was so thin and it's swayed so loose
The little bear fell and she hurt her paw
And there hadn't even been a view to saw
So she limped and she squirmed back to her big tree
"Please," she murmured, "I would like to see
The view I have seen many times before
I hope you'll let me climb again, but my paw is sore...."
The tree waved gently, and picked her just a little off the ground
"I promise little one, none sturdier can be found.
I love you and enjoy you, and want you to climb high
I'll hold you for now, mend your paw," then he sighed
"It's up to you to climb, as soon as you feel better,
But my darling bear, though I'm one tree, I will unfetter
For you can climb higher and be safer than others around
Even when you get up very high, and so far from the ground
I won't let you fall, my branches will keep you safe
My daughter, my little brown bear, there's no better place"
And the tree held onto her, only few off the ground
And as the little bear looked up, she found
That the tree's immense love, and it's never ending height
Made for a life time of adventure, a beautiful sight
After her fall, she was scared to again
But then she looked, and a little higher, was her bigger brown bear friend....
For the love of my life, only climb the sturdy tree, and I'll climb it too.

— The End —