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Donall Dempsey Jun 2018

She switched off the moon.

Plucked out the stars.

A little dog barked
as her scream scrawled:

“This time life has gone...too far.”

She took an overdose of sleeping tablets
in her big bright red car.

The day withers
that was once in bloom.

Petals fall
in an empty room.

The moon wept.
The stars cried.

Life was for living... Life lied.
Pagan Paul Aug 2018
Smoke coils up and dissipates,
soon the images will be clear,
as she stares with cold contempt,
into the depths of the Seers Sphere.
And she stands toking her pipe,
watching as the story unfolds,
soon her hate will boil once more,
unleashing her vengeance of old.

Smoke coils up and dissipates,
a thousand lifetime's away,
blackened stone and charred bodies,
the remains of a village destroyed.
The flames still licking at the flesh
and melting mortar of cottage walls.
Raiding horsemen ride off cheering,
with swords, shields and firebrands,
carrying amidst them a prisoner,
their prize and sport for the victory feast.
Savages are these violent men,
barbaric in their wanton **** for war,
the red mist and the ****** fury,
it's all they really have a care for.

She waits with patient seething,
her moments will arrive so soon,
the spilling of her black arts,
witnessed by a Woman's Moon.

The Vale was so beautiful lush and green.
Steep sided, oak trees, clear blue stream.
With fresh grass on which horses grazed,
and smooth rocks where wild fowl lazed.

But the leader here was not a man,
she was the daughter of this warrior clan.
Fierce, cold, she barked out her orders;
build a fire, make food, secure the borders.
Her status unquestioned by her riders,
they would all fight and die beside her,
and as the camp grew out much wider,
her boot casually crushes a hated spider.

Manacles held her ankle fast,
shackled as she was to a tree.
Withdrawn, shivering with cold,
still seeing her burning family.
Images scorch her private intimacy,
awaiting the moment of her epiphany,
eyes watching with careless vacancy,
preparations for the nights ceremony.
But she would not co-operate,
would not give her jailers pleasure,
as she knows these last few hours
would seem to her like forever …

and Nature weeps with a prelude to grieve,
as the Maiden pulls a dagger from her sleeve.

… deny them their sport she will,
placing the dagger 'neath her breast,
a sharp tug towards her heart,
a thousand nightmares laid to rest.

A thousand lifetime's away,
smoke coils up and dissipates,
a cackle rents the air like ice,
the time her Woman's Moon anticipates.
And the instant arrives with joy,
as the Seers Sphere is thrown,
shattering and cackling hold hands,
as the glass touches solid stone.
At that moment of contact with rock,
time slips into a reverberating shock.

The Vale was so beautiful lush and green.
Steep sided, oak trees, clear blue stream.
With fresh grass on which horses grazed,
and smooth rocks where wild fowl lazed.

And the earth heaved and tremored,
shaking the Vales languid peace,
uprooting trees with tremendous urge,
rending the loamy soil from beneath.
Frenzied horses scatter with fright,
and men are thrown up high,
screams and shouts of piercing pain,
and the stream suddenly runs dry.
The quake unsettles the warriors camp,
leaving many broken bones and blood.
Then an ominous deafening roar
heralds the arrival of the coming flood.
And water coursed fast into the Vale,
no longer pretending to be calmer.
All living men drowned and dead,
encumbered by their heavy armour.
But she was much fleeter of foot
and ran hard as the waters rose.
Tripped by a treacherous branch,
head banged, stunned, her eyes closed.

Sunrise saw many things.
Smoke coiling up and dissipating,
over the ruins of a village,
crows and dogs feasting well.
It saw
the hooded robed figure of a woman,
squatting on top a new grave,
smoke coiling up from her pipe,
cackling …

She awoke in darkness.
It didn't take long to panic and scream.
It took no time to realise,
she was sealed ***** in a coffin.
And she screamed and screamed.
Pushing at the sides, the lid.
The air was heavy, stifling, stifling, stifling.
Precious oxygen running out.
The coffin moved, and she screamed,
desperately scratching and scratching.
And in the box she heard … cackling.
Her frantic screams turn to sobs of pleading
to be let out, to breathe, to live.
She felt something touch her inner thigh,
she screamed, as it touched again feint.
Brushing it away as the voice cackled on,
more tickles on her thighs, she screamed.
And something landed on her face.
The feel of a large spider on her mouth,
and she screamed and screamed.
But the cackling persisted
as she scratched at the wood,
her fingernails shredding to pieces,
but the wooden prison gave no quarter,
the skin raw and bloodied,
scratching, scratching, scratching.
And in her tomb she screams,
she screams and screams and screams.

… sunrise saw many things.
It saw a new river,
wending its way to the sea,
caressing the contoured land,
it saw horses running wild,
across the lush grass on plains.
It saw
the hooded robed figure of a woman,
standing beside a new grave,
as she places the flame dagger
upon the Maiden's final resting place,
it saw
ice blue eyes of fire and malevolence.

© Pagan Paul (02/08/18)
3rd poem in Judderwitch series.

Today, Aug 2nd, marks two years on hp for me.
Thankyou to all those who have supported and helped me over these last 2 years. You are all greatly appreciated :) PPx xox
Logan Robertson Nov 2017
there's a lone seal swimming by the sea
hunting for silvers with heartless glee
a fish shy there, another one wiggling there
who really cares
for his table always set for one
darkness his day in the sun
still he takes to the rolling tides
lone, but ******* in his pride
one day his eyes pique a double look
as a mermaid pops out of his storybook
stunning as a little light filters in
as she swooshes by, waving her fins
she's a sparkled beauty from head to toe
her consonance and shine, lighting his mojo
growing hunger and his drive keep following her
on the ocean floor she shimmers
between the rocks she dances
one step she be in harmony to his glances
he drives a barked out calling
so raw and appalling
shivers crawling down her back
as he arf, arf's another attack
alarmed with his lack of renaissance
like she should be, she didn't offer a response
and she kept shimmering past the rocks
racing, racing away from any further talk
broken, he retreats to his mind
the missing piece he'll never find
there's a lone mermaid swimming by the sea
and a lone seal barking of what could be

Logan Robertson

“Thank You Jesus and blessed-be God,
…you have my prayers, my wink, salute and a nod!”

Can’t go wrong if you at least try,
in the future your dreams will make you fly,
and every fork in the road will make you sigh,
but keep on *truckin’
cause you’ll get by,
and end up happy before you die-eye...

When I sailed off the world from the Keys,
Janus and Cybele didn’t bother me,
the river of pain and hate you see,
-angry Charon screaming for his fee.
The moon his eyes, his gaze you see,
the crescent his boat they call a fer-ry,
the three-headed dog, it barked at me,
thunderous clouds, they rocked the sea,
I prayed for Jesus to comfort me,
reaching heaven at the shores of 'Gal-Li-Lee-e...'

At the top of the Tower we all spoke the same 'langa-guage' you see?
and Jesus said, “You know we just call it 'spirit-tual-lity','
I turned to him and said,

“Old friend, you ain’t gotta waste no time on me.”
I’m just gonna kick back here a bit, and stare out at that sea!”

And he replied just as quick,

“Remember the Beast and stormy seas and that angry captain who yelled at thee?”

“It wasn’t yet time for you to go, you left something undone didn’t you know?”

Just then I heard the cries and wails,
I jumped back in my boat and loosed the sails,
the winds picked-up and drove my ark,
as I set sail out in to the dark...
And Jesus called out, beckoned me,

“Fare thee well on your jour-ney!”

I had gotten everything I wanted in life,
a home, three kids and a beautiful wife...
I felt I was fulfilled inside and it was proper if I died!

But Father made me 'real-a-lize' it was not about me but what I’d left behind.

That journey back was harder than I’d thought,
fraught with peril and that ****** dog!

I must make it back to my 'fam-mil-ly' and this **** storm won’t be the end of me!

I saw them there out on the beach,
as Charon’s ship slammed into me,
his Dragon-dog’s flames burned my ship
-so I jumped overboard and swam for it,
I woke up to my wife staring down at me,
-our three little Indians peaceful and fast asleep,

“Thank You Jesus and blessed-be God!
My prayers, my wink, salute and my nod,"

“I know there’s more to life than what I got and I’ll do better if you gimme a shot. What I have and my own strife, wife and children and the family life in this journey it was never about me and that’s the thing I didn’t ever see.”

Wife and kids and 'fam-mil-ly,'
trials, tribulations and stormy seas,
the book and faith, 'spirit-tual-lity,'
are what a man’s life, -is supposed to be,

“Thank You Jesus and blessed-be God!
You have my prayers, my wink, salute and my nod!
Thank You Jesus and blessed-be God,
…for my family, my life and all I’ve got.”

“Thank You Jesus and blessed-be God!”

“Thank You Jesus and blessed-be God!”

“Thank You Jesus and blessed-be God!”

*“Thank You Jesus and blessed-be God!”
Set in my mind to a music of The Dead...much of life is.
susan Jan 20
lovely thoughts
fill my head
then settling
lying in wait
for the chance
to be
and barked
at just the right
at just the right
Zumee May 2018
"Fuuuuuck!" groaned the Tortoise.
"****!" spat the Hare.

"Son of a *****!" barked the Fox.
"**** on a rooster!" cawed the Crow.

"***** of a bison!" growled the Wolf.
"***** of a llama!" brayed the ***.

"**** on a termite!" squealed the Ant.
"**** of a cricket!" grated the Grasshopper.

cried the animals in unison despair.

"Yeeeees," hoot'd the Owl
with an evil-wicked grin,
"but only the ones with a moral."
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
Before all of this, even after all of this, I will forever be a patriot.
Before the poet in me matured and I started talking like a parrot,
The dogs of war barked and I climbed exile's fence on my own
And there I have dwelled, with nothing tangible to bring me down.

I have been on this fence so long and I will remain there forever!
Especially since the premature child is still in the incubator.
From this vantage point, I have learned never to trust any politician
I've always looked at them with mistrust, disdain, and suspicion,

Before all of this  and before I ran and climbed the exile fence,
I was once mercilessly flogged, dragged and made to dance
By drugged up and coerced child soldiers with a rubber cable
They tied and spread me like a dog on the market table
I watched as innocent people were killed with a rusty knife
There, I vowed to become a fence dweller for the rest of my life!

I've been a patriot all my life but I have done it from here..safer.
From here I have seen blood spilled, hearts broken, hopes dashed,
progresses stalled, mullions embezzled, promises broken, lies told
people changed, games played, party surfed, interests prioritized.
And from this vantage point, I have learned never ever to trust any politician
I have always been right...though I have looked on with disdain, suspicion,
and operated with caution but through it all, I have remained a true patriot and a fence dweller.

''Fence dweller'' was a phrase I coined in justification of my neutrality and abstinence from politics in my homeland, Liberia.This piece encapsulates a fringe of the story of the ****** civil war, carnage and horrible things that we saw and had to endure as a people and nation.
Keith W Fletcher Jan 2016
As I came through the door
Taps the cat  meowed at me
As she crisscrossed the floor space
Staying a foot ahead of me
Glancing into the big closet or tiny room
Whichever ... Dad called it his study
"Hey dad " I yelled at the back of his head
" His quick glance meant "hey buddy"
I noticed moms face on the computer screen
'Oh!"I snapped " mom ... Hey we miss you "
"I'm not talking to your crotch "she laughingly barked
"Sit down ... Move the camera or move your *** Trent"
I compromised by doing all three as dad took a break
The face of someone I truly loved sat there
Looking at me
From over  three thousand miles away.
Three thousand miles away!
"Hey baby " she said in her cooing voice " How are you?"
"Got a job at Dannerlans ... Part time" I proudly engaged
"Don't let it interfere with" ...she couldn't stop and she knew...
I guess my ****** grin finally clued her in as she trailed off
"Half a world away and I'm still mom I guess. Dad musta.."
"He did ... Same thing.. And I won't. But what are you...."
"Don't you dare Trent " mock rage crossed her  face
As a few octaves fell out of her voice and I already knew
Here it comes.....a tsunami all the way from Japan
Putting my nose right to the camera and pushing on
I repeated "tsunami mommy  tsunami mommy  san
What can you do about it . you're way over there and I'm..."
" Gonna get it so bad .. When I get home mister "
:You're gonna look end up looking just like your sister"
"Oh ....Kay...  "I haltingly bounced her words round my mind
Then I saw it... Set up and now....
Confusion and pride had my ammunition... just the facts
Dad arrived at that second with a coke for me and his beer
"Did you hear her ?" I asked him
" threating to make me a girl"
As I gave up the chair I heard that cooing soft voice sorta ....
..........GR OO ooowl ?!? While still softly cooing  "oh no no no...
Too good for you Bud...Buuud...Buddy?   You'll just disa..pear!"
Dad laughed first - drawing me in as I reluctantly let go.
"Nice try dear.... but you lost it coming round the outside corner"
What do you mean outside corner was right over but too low
"Bye mom"  I said "got some homework to do " they were merged
Gone now for three month and three more to go .poor dad
His staunch had wilted within forty eight hours of her departure
But let's all pretend that you
never noticed the droop -a bit sad
Poor poor  dad ... Poor poor dad  I chimed as I climbed the stairs
He won't make it another three months . .. Very easy
I  haltingly caught my words as the downer that they were
As I scooped the elegant Taps  from the floor " but they'll make it "
I whispered into her ear. "Won't they girl? "Her answer was a purr

I'm thinking of joining the red cross
That's good...gets you out and about....
In the ...nei..bor....
"Okay .. Whats yet to be told ...spill
"They asked me to run the admin office" She
So you'll have to travel for a while  that's ok" (He)
"The whole admin office for foreign.... "  She let it trail......
Allright so you come back weekends
Ain't that (He)
      .......... ...Japan ....(She)
Dad........didn't  have any words to say
And the staunch started peeling away...right then and there
The love they shared
Might be compared
To historic qualities
Romeo and Juliet  sans tragedy
Bogie and Bacall  for longevity
Tracy and Hepburn for loyalty
Burns and Allen for ..for the comedy
So I knew.. as..  anyone else who  
Saw him day to day decline
That she was on her way home
By seeing the force of nature
He suddenly became
A human dynamo in preparation
For the reunification.

I walked through the front door
Sharon at my side and lacey in tow
"Go tell your brother to get in here "
So she yelled out the front door
"Trenton Dean Robertson get in here!"
Sharon and I met eye to eye
Bossiest little Seven year old....
"TRENTON now!"  I  yelled  out
"You better do what sis said"
He was now ten and tended to wander about
"I'm here "he said as he appeared
"Come on sis I'll beat you in...."
The last bit muffled
As they closed the basement door
And descending down the stairs

We both glanced into the closet
For that's what it really was
Dad sitting at the computer
And mom was on the screen
So I toted my load of groceries
As Sharon leaned in to say" hi "
And once we had supper going
I went to mix a drink and as I passed by
Dad said "son come here
Your mom wants to talk to you "
Besides we've been chatting  forever!
Then he whispered "I gotta go to the loo"
"Hi mom "I said as he departed
Leaving me to warm the seat
I'm not talking to your crotch
She said for at least the millionth time
There on the screen was the face
Of someone that I loved
Who never made it home that year
The flight was destined for history
Crashing into the Himalayas
Taking everyone on board
And the staunch became so rigid
And reality was simply ignored
He handed me a coke and opened his beer
Before resuming his vigil at the computer screen
That was his reality....his fantasy... and his hex
Some might say an old adage to sum it up

AS I drifted from the room they were merged.

“the pleasuring words”

are not of necessity singularly complected or of one nature

know them by many other names, colorations, languages,
throat growling purring, pretty soft and stern, singsong,
begged borrowed stolen, barked and pleaded

but when the eyes quietly say,

come to me darling

in manner unspoken,
the pleasuring of the silence
greater than if sullied by a vocalization,
the wild sounds my heart commit
pounding mounting ever louder
requiring no translation, repetition,
though they grow louder
with every heart throbbing

the pleasuring words are spoken
by silent eyes when you

call me by my other name
CeilingStar Jul 2018
I am Autumns baby

my bones align every Autumn season
I come alive, rising from the earthy soil
I'm Summers poison,
my blood all hazey sunsets and leaf mulch

It's just something about the way the dawn and dusk shaded leaves flutter delicately onto my bronze barked skin
and the way the forest breathes, shedding it's summer shroud of green, canopy now thin
anticipating the snarling undertow of winters frosty bite
how the branches twist their arms and fingers,
reaching up to the light,
sky as blue as my doe eyes

the sunsets are all for me, low and piercing,
using her fiery fingers to ****** my face
I dance ***** with the birds, the trees and the sun, a blur of grace

I'm all variations of brown, with the occasional pop of green
my lungs house my earth and its flower children, in my rib cage built of twigs with a magic sheen
my hair cascades like a molten copper mess
I'm a reflection in a lake, beautiful crystal but a construct you cannot caress

luke warm, barren branches and burning peat
crows, shimmering sunsets and crunchy leaves under your feet

I am Autumns darling

Its something about the earthy air, I feel it deep in my bones
Eryri Oct 2018
The boy and his dog,
Went for a walk in the fog,
They got really lost,
Tripped up on the frost,
And ended up deep in a bog!

The boy shouted for help,
As his dog barked and yelped,
Still nobody came,
And so they remained,
Up to their knees in the bog!

When the fog disappeared,
They suddenly cheered.
"Soon we'll be seen!" said the boy.
Within the hour a girl did walk by
And rescued them both from the bog.

The two arrived home,
To soup and a bone;
The girl they forgot,
For her help they cared not,
So she plans to push them back in the bog!
Realised halfway through writing this that no one, let alone children, really uses the word 'bog' anymore! Oh well.
Tap Water Mar 12
I have murdered your dog
Which you loved
and cared for

And which I
Stole from your
Last birthday party.

Forgive me,
It barked at my 10-year-old.
Inspired by entitled parents.
Based on a poem of the same name by William Carlos Williams

Wrote this for a school assignment. My English teacher is now questioning her life decisions.
Diamond Flame Jan 18
She hurt me again.
It was a dumb little fight.
With my dumb little sister.

She got in between.
She got really mean.
Like an animal
She took out her claws
And bared her teeth.

She started to yell.
She's not all there.
I could tell
As her angry dead eyes
Started to flare.
A flame you could hear
In the ***** of her voice.

I was upset.
I was being passive-aggressive.
I told her she wasn't fair.
She spits in my face.
Then she got aggressive.

Sharp pain.
The left side of my head.
Ear started to ring.
Wanted to be dead.
Wanted to disappear.
My brain felt like it was vibrating
From getting hit in the ear.

Down to the ground.
Fetal position.
A thing I practiced
More than other children
I knew they were yelling
But not what they were saying
Mine was pounding.

Could finally hear.
Obey to stay safe.
I try to get up.
Attacked again.

Pulling at my shirt
My hair
Claws digging in.
She wanted to hurt me.
I forgot she was human.
I forgot everything
And tried to escape.

Finally got away
Someone stood in.
She barked in their face.
They went down the hall.

I wanted to hide.
I was afraid to move.
I ran.
I ran to the backyard.
I found my sister crying.
Curled in a ball.

I took off my sweater for her
In it, she hid.
I twisted my limbs around her
This will traumatize her
When she grows out of being a kid.

Later we were found.
Pulled back into the monster's house.
"**** it up and go to bed"
Without another peep
We silently cried ourselves to sleep.

My eyes burn.
I'm weak.
I'm sore

Why don't you love us anymore?
I was abused as a kid by grandparents.
My mom has anger issues and cant control herself
SJG Jan 29
(The wind is whistling
Hear it now)

Did you see the ship float in unweathered?
Did you see the ocean solid, baby?

Did you feel Mercury rising?
Did you see it shine upon this priceless junk?

I saw blackstar projected upon the white wall,
Ascending like the happiest man.

I saw his writer's room,
A birdeye's view upon a rocky coast.

He asked me for a lighter.
He asked me for some light, baby.

He told me he was simply dying.
Dying to twist the knife, baby.

What's this Hollywood?
What this Hollywood do
That you and I can't?

Why this arrangement?
Why these stars on screen?

I could have grown up a killer.
I'd have barked the truth at ivory rooms.

I should have stirred things up somewhere.
I should have been an unhappy man.

The wind is whistling,
The song is sowing,
The tether has snapped loose.

The dog is dying,
The actor is crying,
The tether has spoken loose.

Oooooooooh. (Oh.)
Oooooooooh. (True.)
(This ****** house.)

Oooooooooh. (Oh.)
Oooooooooh. (True.)
(They think with their mouths.)

The novelist curves (True.)
Back upon himself (Tru-oo-ue.)
And the work reads like a cave painting.
True. (True.)
They've occupied the stage
Like improper little maniacs. (True.)
(True as blue.)

I saw him cry in a music video
And that's the truth, I guess.

True. True. True.
I read such monotonus verse
From a critic dying to be heard
And begrudgingly respected.

"Truth is true!"
– (A hobbyist seeking a star
And a second verse.)

I saw blackstar on the bay.
I saw blackstar from a passing train.

I saw him on a talkshow,
Grinning like the unhappiest man.
I saw him on a lifted stage.
I saw him slip out from the ether.
Well, that's great,
So you killed the ****?
Did it crow or miss the dawn?
Did you get out in your shoes?
Or limp bare-footed across the snow?

It's been forty weeks of this **** and schlock.
Dogs barking at some kid in management frock.
Five cameras, four lights, a backing track,
Your agent's sat on the line:
"It's the season to be talking smack."


Nice going, kid. Six star reviews are in.
Journalists are clapping and looking thin.
Such amusements. Duh.
Such amusement, begging beliefs. Duh.
Boo. I've got your shirt.
I've got your shoes.
I've got your house.
I've got your past.

I've got your grace.

But I'm too dumb to form the words.
Like you, I am dumb.
It's a fallacy. It's a comedy.
It's a tragicomedy for some.

I shot a deer
Then I shot the deer's son.
No loose ends – a real professional at work.
I built a shrine.
I burnt the shrine.
I fell asleep in my jeans.
I woke up at 2am.
I wrote a song. It went:
"Hey, genius!

Hey, genius!

Hey, genius?"
I stayed in and I wrote a song.
I stayed in and I wrote a song
From here to the heavens.

I swan around, feller,
Like a priest in a cashmere sweater.
Like a dog on a diamond chain.
Like a bullshitter with an acoustic guitar
Singing to you about the night.

And here, love, is God's love.
Three chords, a golden voice, and a muse
With an *** like a mule,
And a face like a slapped arrrrrrr

I swan around, feller,
Like the wine spoiling in your cellar.
Like baby's first love letter.
Like a classically trained actor
Phoning through Lear each night.

History, as they tell us from above,
Was a circus of love;
Performed by malcontents in search
Of a bridal suite, a night of sweat and smoke,
Panicked horses going for broke.

I swan around, feller,
Like an off-form fortune teller.
Like a joke at the dinner table
Which b-b-bombs.

I followed the ocean all the way to the river.
I panned a hunk of gold.
I shivered.
I froze beneath the rain:
"There's good work if you can find it, son."
"There's good work if you can find it, son, son,
son, son, son, son, son."
Amy E Mar 9
I must tell you of when Bridezilla came
But beg, please repeat not of this true tale
She had a dream, anyone she would maim
If they stood between her white fairytale
A gasp, a screech, her eyes went wide as wells
A maid’s bouquet lost, bride began to melt
Her skin flushed red, her eyes could only swell
A lovely wedding still be born, maids felt
She barked for them to leave the room at once
Hushed whispers rose throughout the dainty church
Such small matters could cause her to denounce
Finally, the bride at last emerged
Of course, the union came to be, oh yes
But not before creating undue stress
First time writing a sonnet. This was a challenge.
Rita B Aug 2018
You came to me in my dream
You hugged me tightly
I felt the warmth of your love
Radiating all around me
I wanted to stay there forever
My dog's barked and reality dawned
But the feeling lingered
I floated around all day
Basking in the aura
Blissfully unaware that dark days were looming
Maaz Dec 2018
“Look into the ball and see your fortune come true”,
said the lady with eyes of emerald blue.
“Be wary of those who aim to maim”,
our fair maiden then exclaimed.
“Be careful of life, it wants you dead”,
our lady with flowing black hair then said.
“Survive the curse of life or you shall receive no reward”,
our lady with the twisted, red lips then warned.
“I have seen men on this path falter and die”,
our lady with cheeks of gold said with a sigh.
“Live your life with no doubt”,
our lady with a jaw of steel then cried out.
“Use your love as light in the dark”,
our lady with wrinkled, brown skin then barked.
“Live your life this way or you shan’t succeed”,
our lady with the forked tongue began to plead.
“I have told you all and now you must pray”,
our lady with hunched shoulders began to say,
“You have drawn life out and it wants to play,
The demons of life are here - keep them at bay”
The story of a woman who told of bad fortunes

— The End —