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Lewis Hyden Nov 2018
Somewhere cold, a
Hot crimson balloon ascends
Amongst the concrete and rebar.

It rises to the glistening roof
Then bursts. The kids saw
It rise, but not its fall.
A poem about fame.
#5 in the Distant Dystopia anthology.

© Lewis Hyden, 2018
all I gain is clarity from the clouds
while adding more weight to my inertia
disordered thoughts only form orderly mounds
in order to confound the pin searcher
i know i can find my needle
if only i could find my haystack
Poking fun at my
Insecurities will pop
My helium heart

Like a balloon; I
Can only take so much, I
Have bursted open

The pressure killed
Mohamed Nasir Oct 2017
flimsy and flat
when I blow and I blow it'll grow
and grow
full and fat
fastened by a thread
full of air fat as a cat
bouncing in the wind dancing like daffodils
bumping one another never cease to thrill
never knowing each other and never will
when I let
a balloon go
it'll float up up far into the air
until I can't see it floating any more
I take
another one
and I blow and I blow it'll grow
and grow
as fat as a cat
then I let the air out
and watch it go
like a rocket
swiveling all around
swoosh hiss and shout
and fall on the ground
flimsy and flat
balloons are good at that
I love to play with balloons when I was a small boy I'll blow it and let it go
and I'll do it again and again

crawling from the crash
I couldn't have died if I tried

I had a son to save

spat in death's face

pulled him from the flames
I forbade him to die

he disobeyed
the car exploded

burning the edges
of the night

I survive
without him

a death in itself
my reflection

does all the talking
I just stare in the mirror

Christmas now

I feel like a lost balloon
sticking to the ceiling
Amare Leslie Dec 2018
When I first learned my relationship was a red balloon
A world of love previously unseen was revealed
Somewhere along those lines of love and **** and time
Our relationship couldn’t rise
But I made sure that I would remain the helium to our love
So we could be inseparable someday
Because that’s the most important thing for a balloon to take flight right?
I was 11 the first time we were dragged back down by a pain that lurked.
I remember thinking our love was gone and pain had moved in.
A rock tied at one end making sure that we couldn’t levitate past the sky’s limits as I sat at home thinking, “Why me, just let us take off and rise to new levels.” Swinging in the air with no where to go,
Denying that our relationship is suffering,
When the reality is all we have to do is untie the knot. Something so little but is the defining factor of our pain. So let’s untie the knot, and fly, fly away.
Chameleon Sep 2018
I hooked Sophie up to her red leash and we quickly descended the short staircase and out the door.
Up in the sky to the left was a hot air balloon.
The classic rainbow canvas.
As Sophie pulled me from grassy spot to grassy spot I kept my eye on the balloon and noticed it was going to land.
Because I'm a millennial I pulled out my phone and took a picture.
I watched it float steadily in front of the setting sun, cotton candy clouds behind it.
Must be nice to have a bird's eye view on a hot summer evening.
Chelsea Rae Dec 2018
My thoughts inflate into daydreams
The way air does to balloons.

Like a balloon seller,
I've got my vast collection, except
At times I blow up more balloons than I know what to do with.

There is so many they start to lift off
Without me.
I rush to grab on, only to find myself
going higher and higher.

This is often where I end up.
Up in the clouds,
Barely holding on
To the multiple strings
Attached to multiple daydreams.
Mercedes Sep 2018
we were like
water filled balloons,
from high buildings
in the nights

it was safe to say
january leave
a good impression
but luckily for us,
we haven’t seen it since.

december, please
give me your shoulder.

thirty-one/twelve came,
and we were waiting
for the ball to drop,  and
we were waiting for
the ***** to drop,  and
for boys to become men
and for someone to grab our hands
and for wrongs
to become rights  and
for the windows to be
for the fresh air to find us
amidst the suffocating smoke
and mistakes
that clogged up our lungs
so we couldn’t laugh how we used to.


deafening screams,
fifty-eight people with
two hands
on two cheeks
with two eyes closed
and two lips
on two others,
and where were we?
the fifty-nine and sixty
were on the roof of the
apartment building,
staring at the stars,
wondering which one
was going
to die next.

you and I,
we were like bin bags
overflowing with waste
in the kitchen
with broken glass.

our material was stretching
so it was thin and grew
clearer with the more
waste it took
and just like that,
one/twelve was here.

so I put my two hands
on your two shoulders
with my two eyes  
wide open
and shook you
until your eyes rolled back
and your hair was a mess
and your ears were burning;

and we were waiting for
things to make sense, and
we were still waiting  
for the ***** to drop and  
for men to grow up, and
for someone to grab our hands,
for those wrongs
to feel right
for the door to be closed
and for the fireplace to burn
our troubles away
so we could laugh like we used to.

by twenty-three/four,
we had made
our mistakes into those  
stars instead of  
and our
memories part of the  
full moonlight,
and on the  
thirty-first of each month,  
we’d remember  
the times where  

we were like  
water filled balloons,
bin bags, overflowing
with waste
and emotional baggage,
from high buildings
in the nights of december.
Mak Jul 2014
the anger swells inside of me like a balloon, ready to burst. Band of Horses blares in the background, and tears begin to fill my eyes, threatening to drop if I don't pull myself together.
stop it.
stop trying to break in
stop trying to make me let you in
i won't
won't won't won't
i won't let. you. in.
i hate you
i hate how my heart beats faster when
i'm by your side
i hate how you make me more of myself
i hate hate ha te hate you i hate you
but more than that
i adore you
Mike Hauser Dec 2018
Me and you
And the rest of the crew
Spinning through space
On a ****** balloon

Filled to the brim
With the hot air of man
Knots and screws coming loose
Out on the fringe

Without a clue
Of who let us loose
Busting a move
On this ****** balloon

As we flip and we fly
Slide side to side
This way and that
All along for the ride

Ashes to ashes
Space dust to dust
How much is enough
Before this thing busts

If not now
I'm pretty sure soon
Putting an end to
This ****** balloon
Egeria Litha Aug 2018
Hello, Waitress in the sky
So long her fear to fly
She throws the world a smile
bats her eyes in a wink she's gone
hurling through the clouds
calming others through turbulence
**** the corporate scene
Type A personalities acting mean
humiliating her in a board meeting
so she trades blue for green

Goodbye Waitress in the sky
trade her wings for a diamond ring
So long her need for speed
racing on the runway

She was flying with the birds but now
she's swimming with the fishes

Deflated dreams of broadening horizons
a-popped balloon and a rolling stone
nowhere to go but everywhere
Oh Lord, she won't get the answer tonight
Oh sky, give her the strength to fly
Oh Queen, find her a smart place to run
and that's why she took US 66 for a drive
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2016
I was your balloon,
You had me so high.
My head overflated, filled to max capacity.
You couldn't have possibly known just how you made me feel.
My neck attached to a string clinched tight in the center of your hand.
Then all of sudden.
You couldn't possibly have known how bad that hurt
Whit Howland Sep 2018
Back then
I thought the letter
you sent
was nothing more
than a kiss off

but today
twenty years later
sitting on Art Hill

your ghost
down at the edge
of the pond

and loving and
the words you
once wrote

and appreciation

I am knowing that
this revelation
didn't didn't come with
age or through prayer
which begat wisdom

but  from just
watching these
balloons launch
and soar higher
and higher

butting up against
the blue sky

and almost
breaking through
to the heavens
Cliff Perkins Jan 17
Keep your options open
Keep your self apart
Clear out the reminders
Never tie your heart

But I could never follow
Your truly sage advice
I would rather feel the feelings
Though one must pay the price

Even though the speech was spoken
Even though we have last kissed
Even though the door has closed
Your leather thong shall bind my wrist

Even though Xoxo is banished
Even though you learn the bass
I shall still look at your picture
With Maori on your face

Even though the cost of loving us  
Was more than we were able
Even though there is no fairy dust
Your bowl will grace my table

Even though the first half gain
And the second half was loss
Despite that wrong direction
I shall still lean when I floss

Even though we talked without our hearts
And only with our head
Even though I left not crying  
Your smile still warms my bed

Even though you do not tiptoe
So our hearts are breast to breast
Even though you say valediction  
Your compass claims my desk

Even though our love was ****  
Even though I am a mess
Your balloon hides in my closet
And I am truly blessed
dani Apr 18
Ever since I was a little girl
I have always wondered
Where balloons go
When we let them out of our grip
Surrounded by nothingness
In wide open spaces
We watch them float up into the air
So elegantly
They move so nonchalantly
Without a care in the world
They don't know where
Their final destination may be
But I wonder
Something I have always wondered
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