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Cuz I have some issues... I won't admit .. But I no ill commit to be bad to you ..I'm just bad.. ( No )....To you ... I'm good in bed but I'm just bad for you....

Uh what are these issues
What cause all this pain
You can open up and tell me mama I bet we both can relate
No we can't ) How you no
Y'all are all the same ) Well  I can't complain
Cuz these women are made to be fix
And we ****** are made to be broken
But y'all use ***** as a weapon
And get mad when we wanna just detonate

Cuz I have some issue ) I get it tho
I been there befo .. But I love it tho
Let me be the one to help you change your views
And how is that )
If I give a good channel you just have to be brave enough to watch the news

See bad girls are no good ( that's a lie )
And the good girls are no fun ( believe that)
Hood girls just wanna front (umm)
College girl just wanna **** ( haha)
It seem the ones who know how to roll always get a ring
But it's just promises
Just long resents
No wedding dress
No matter how much white you sniff
But what about my issues )
See I noticed it
I can take control of it
Even when your warm as hell
And cold as spit
I seen the broken heart but I can fix the split

She'll hurt your feelings
She'll  no why
She'll  play smart
To these dumb guys
Idk the game but if I'm playing man I won't be surprised

She smoke ****
She she get high
Best *** in the world this girl knows how to build up *** a drive
See your all the same )
No baby I went from bed ,floor, kitchen ( Hold up )
( That Quiet *** , disgraceful )
( Oh word up ) ( Word up)
Hold up forget it cuz all of the bad girls are always unfaithful
It's a remix I made from Wale ft Rihanna - Bad Remix

— The End —