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Cné May 2018

Today's my daughter's wedding day.
And a wonderful thing it is;
To see her so excited,
So happy to be his.

But once she was my baby girl;
My only girl, love of my life.
But now she is a woman,
And just became his wife.

Once she was my baby girl,
Loved her mommy, and her toys;
But then, I couldn't stop it,
She grew up, and loved the boys.

Today's my daughter's wedding day.
How fast the time did go;
From little feet, and Sesame Street,
To a wedding gown it flowed.

From pretty locks, and lollipops,
She grew up straight and tall.
From baby things, to a wedding ring;
How I loved her through it all.

And now she will go forward,
To enter married life.
To share the good and bad times,
The happiness, and the strife.

I wish them both, the best of luck;
With a prayer that I will see;
Him bless them with a baby girl,
Just like he gave to me....

Ryzeofthepoet Sep 2018
I miss seeing that cheeky grin you give me as you look down in embarassment everytime I call you 'My babygirl'.
The hands of a stranger
Exploring the hem of my skirt
To the heavy beat
Vibrating through my spirit

I'll move my hips
As slowly as is needed
To turn your flesh
To burning stone

Pressed against you
Like a proposition
Zero words spoken
Every promise broken

You may think of me
As a wretched tease
But it's the only advantage
I claim over you

So, touch me and squeeze me
Dance with me til midnight
I don't need a pumpkin
I've got my own car

So I'll leave when I please
To a chorus of pet names
Without even
Telling you my real name

We'll just go with "Babygirl"
M-PAC Nov 2018
Everything was better
we kept in contact.
Now I write the message
and I don’t receive one back.
Tell me babygirl,
what kind of **** is that?
When you were down and
Whose the one who pulled you back?
We done
went through some tough ****,
I truly thought we would last.
But I lied to myself,
Convinced that it would help,
Now I’m trapped in this room
And there’s nobody else.
Smoking on the ****,
Drinking on the lean,
I’m bold but I’m so lonely.
******* random *******
But I still don’t feel a thing.
****** healing,
No Marvin Gaye,
We were on the same path
then you went astray,
Like the blunt that I’m smoking
thrown into
the ashtray,
Like the smoke exhaled.
You faded away.
I never thought I’d see they day
when you up and left,
Everything was better
we kept in contact.
One or Two?
1.“****** Healing/ No Marvin Gaye”
2. “****** Healing/
Why Marvin lie to me?”
Mimi Oct 2018
My love
I'm sorry that we never got to meet.
I am to blame for that.
I was so afraid of the outcome and how people would take it.
I regret doing anything to harm you.
You were the definition of pure.
You hadn't yet be exposed to the toxins that walk this earth.
I was the only toxin you knew of
And it was i that ended your life.
I'm so sorry.
There are so many things that I wish I could have done  with you.
I wanted to hold you and feel you grasp onto me.
I wanted to be the one to stop you from crying.
To comfort you.
To nurture you.
To love you.
I never got the chance to look into you eyes and see you looking back.
To hear you say your first words or see you take your first steps.
Just the thought of seeing you run around and the way your curls may have bounced.
It is all a figment of my imagination.
Something that could have been reality but was not.
That reality was taken with the slightest thought of unworhtiness.
Please no negativity. The way my daughter was taken wasn't "normal" it wasn't a basic abortion It was an attempt I took on my life but in the end it was her life that was taken and it still haunts me every day
bebita Oct 2018
I can’t breathe sometimes when i think of you
maybe I shouldn’t think of you at all
but I have to,
only because you have damaged me so much
and tore me to pieces, skin and bone.
when someone mentions your name
I get reminded of how I failed in protecting myself,
how could you do that?
how could you use another person’s body
and ignore the soul within it.
What did it mean to you when I said, “NO!”
It meant nothing.
You didn’t show no remorse
When you ripped the last bit of innocence I had left
This was written by a friend and I wanted to share it with you guys. She has been through a lot and I know a lot of people are going through a similar situation.
jennifer delong Nov 2018
I never thought I'd meet a animal
as unique as you
The moment , I saw you
my heart just knew
I was gonna love every minute
being with you
You were not mine as of yet
But you came to live with me
and so happy I was
You had the most funny
most goofy attitude
and you were the cutest
babygirl !!
Everywhere I took you
People got such a joy
from seeing you
Having a hedgehog
But not any hedgehog
I had you
I watched you explore
cooked up treats for you
I now miss those time
you poked me a time or two
I miss being awoken at night
You running on your wheel
scratching and burrowing
I miss holding you
That was the best
loving you watching you
sleep on my chest
I miss you my sweetest girl
Today , I had to say goodbye
It was the hardest thing to do
I now am lost
I wake up there's no you
miss hearing you play
you scratching about
It's lonely here
but your with me always
I know we will meet again
So keep chasing butterflies
And I'll enjoy our memories
We were quite a pair
Have Pippy will travel
Now what am I gonna do
Cause there's no replacing you
Forever my friend
Forever My Pipsqueak
© Jennifer Delong 11/11/18
My beloved babygirl my hedgehog passed away on veterans day ..She choose to pass on the same day my dad did 17 yrs ago.
I miss her terribly. She was a pygmy & lived 4 yrs , She didn't want to leave so she gave me another year..Always w you Always w me

— The End —