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Where Shelter Aug 2018
my second fight today with god

the first involves gods correctable errors of judgement

the second,
am asked to deliver a eulogy for someone
I never met and no is not in the range of acceptable answers

alone and misperceived as forsaken, despite calls and poems
glorious and galore, I was slow to realize, now fast,
was I meant to be
her here,
where shelter,
the first, will always now be
too late

you break off pieces for the needy, forlorn,
the ones you might of loved, it’s costly for
both the giver and the forgiven, but I am the unforgiven in giver,
a redeemer failure, the question mark and the short dotted flat line,
uniquely marked human,
the Cain marker forehead now forever a
carved minus sign, meaning I am lessened, lesser and
insufficient was

read out loud, an old soft tender, hers, a missive sweetness tinged with affection, writ by a human savior who did not
do a good enough job, nonetheless,
everyone slaps my back later saying beautiful bespoke,
and when you going home, stay a few days, she’d appreciate

a thank you smile but can’t, though the dead will follow you,
that goes unsaid, but you will know
grander grief yet, as guilt continue-us,
and the tune playing non-stop stop isn’t yours,
but you spoke it  to her once as a justification explanation,

it was true but a nile river-red-colored plague
that added to her dissatisfaction, come disastrous for one  
who didn’t ever get to leave egypt

guess i’m admitting its my fault not gods;
so I let the  ******* off the hook on this one,
but I’ll get even I swear, it/he just laughs,
but this will be one of life’s allusions I will recall and wonder when will that tune cease,
but get no answer from nobody

that tune?

Go 'way from my window
Leave at your own chosen speed
I'm not the one you want, babe
I'm not the one you need
You say you're lookin' for someone
Who's never weak but always strong
To protect you an' defend you
Whether you are right or wrong
Someone to open each and every door
But it ain't me, babe
No, no, no, it ain't me babe
It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe

Go lightly from the ledge, babe
Go lightly on the ground
I'm not the one you want, babe
I will only let you down
You say you're lookin' for someone
Who will promise never to part
Someone to close his eyes for you
Someone to close his heart
Someone who will die for you an' more
But it ain't me, babe
No, no, no, it ain't me babe
It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe

Go melt back in the night
Everything inside is made of stone
There's nothing in here moving
An' anyway I'm not alone
You say you're looking for someone
Who'll pick you up each time you fall
To gather flowers constantly
An' to come each time you call
A lover for your life an' nothing more
But it ain't me, babe
No, no, no, it ain't me, babe
It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe

by Bob Dylan
farewell babe

12:48 pm a blustery Saturday
Lucy Tonic Nov 2011
Do you ever feel down
Painted face of a sad clown
You tell me in secret you do
But out in the streets you wear sunshine boots
Am I the only one who howls at the moon
Who curses the day I was born
(Of course not, they all curse that day, sweet child
They all throw their scorn your way
They all adorn their walls with your picture
They insert a crown of thorns
They would never mourn if you left
But don't look so forlorn)

What they don't tell you baby
Is that insanity is insanity
Insanity is (In)-sanity
You're in the deep realms now, baby
You're in the deep, dark night of the soul
But don't let them tell you you're crazy baby
You're just immersed in it All
What's in a name?
Oh, the locking away of it all
But who's running your country?
Who's building those pillars, babe?
Who's offering discounts of faith at
Five hundred & fifty-five feet of the world
They're just acting sane, babe
Oh, like everyone else
To be sane is to maim, babe
You're above all that now
It's just ol' Babylon, opening the gates
The devil's coupons give
Cheap entry
But don't lose hope, babe
Say "night" but not "good-night"
Cause buildings rise like phalluses
But you got your own sweet palaces
If you only look right, babe
No, look left
But look left the right way
Drink it all up in a golden cup
But don't raise your pinky to heaven
Lightning will strike on your grave, babe
Beware the cruel duel sevens
Oh, don't trust in mood rings or moon-beams of old
You've got the might of the brave
Don't let them lock you in dungeons so cold
Filled with white sterile walls and beds
But if so, remember that dragon
Oh, that sweet dragon in your head, babe
He'll knock down the walls
And if you just want to give up
Let out one last heavy sigh and succumb
Know that you're not under anyone's thumb
The pen can beat the sword, babe
But these days they got smart tools
They'll try to write on your mind, babe
They'll try to bend all the rules
Slay you with pin-sized compacts, babe
Inject blind Braille on your skin
Insert a button to trigger your fears
Try and teach you a lesson
Always gotta be on your guard
Always gotta prepare for attack
No longer playgrounds and nursery rhymes, babe
There's some forces out there that don't slack
Sinister ministers and diamond jacks
You're just a sheep among the wolves
But they'll be there in another life, babe
Looking for handouts and handshakes from you, babe
And inside you'll feel a yearning of vengeance
A strange, creeping feeling of righteousness
But if you don't want to deal with the weak, babe
Don't strike them down, just turn the other cheek
I say now,
Just get out, just get out, just get out
Smash all your mirrors and don't look back
You're no one's marionette
Good luck, babe
Good luck
Sara Kellie Jun 2018
I spoke to my partner babe
at our place and everything's well.
I sure feel a lot of love babe.

I met with my friend babe
at the bar and everything's good.
I've sure got a lot of love babe.

I saw my partner and friend babe
in the street and everything's clear.
They've sure got a lot of love babe.

Spoke with my sister babe
at her home and everything's
much clearer now.
I sure hear a lot of lies babe.

Talked to my brother babe
at his flat and everything's
oh so ******' clear.
I sure hear a lot of ******' lies babe.

Listened to my demons babe
in my head and everything's clear.
I sure feel a lot of hate babe.

Met with my solicitor babe
in my prison cell and
everything's gone.
I sure feel ****** babe.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Revenge tends to come back around babe.
Some call it karma babe.
Sebastian Perez May 2012
Babe, while in your arms my thoughts could drift away, to a place all to ourselves on this beautiful day.

Babe, with a redish orange sunsets and skies so blue, it would be ours to enjoy just for me and you.

Babe, while sitting on my lap my only achievement would be, to make sure your kisses are for me. 

Babe, every kiss that I'd give to you would be in four, just to show you that no one could love you forever more.

Babe, pray with me that we would never grow apart, you're all mine as my love presses your heart.

Babe, while making love to you we melting together as lovers do, our passion and pleasure seems always new.

Babe, as you lay near me stare into my eyes, and know that I am yours and no more silly goodbyes.

Babe, know that all of our dreams will soon come true, you'd belong to me, and I to you.

Babe, I really appreciate you loving and caring for me while I am ill so until then, will our love last forever Only God knows when.
I'll be straight out. I don't care what yu think just critic my poems how ever yu want?
GC Dec 2013
my breath smells like whiskey,
my clothes smell like smoke,
you told me i smell like i could use a ride home.

driving, driving.
you passed my road.
no, babe, it's up here, I know where to go.
don't call me that, don't, don't.
where are you going?
then the car slowed.

my parents will call soon,
where is my phone?
you dropped it on the floor, babe, right by your toes.
i can't find it, where is it?
they'll think i'm alone.
you've got me with you, babe, don't fuss,
I'll get you home.

what are you doing?
babe, I’m just stopping for a smoke.
you light your 100s
but i just want to go home.
babe, it's hot, why don't you take off your clothes?
please, please. don't,


would you put out your cigarette?
i'm going to smell like smoke.
you were smoking all night, babe, I don't like your tone.
why are you unbuckling? can't you just go?
shut up, babe, will you? don't you want to get home?

my pleas, so muted and alone,
screamed at you to stop while i inhaled your cologne.
your body was warm, intentions hard as stone,
you unzipped my shorts,
your hands were ice cold
and sent paralyzing shivers down to my bones.
i wanted you to stop but how could you have known?
you never gave me a chance to tell you
that i just wanted to go home.
Someone Dec 2015
No really, it's okay babe I adore you too, you can keep breaking my heart and expecting me to pick up all the pieces. It's okay, because I like being told that I'm second best, and I like being reserved for sloppy nights. So let me dive between your legs babe, no, really it's okay, you can tell me you don't like me then call me at 2 in the morning to come ****. No, really it's okay, it's okay because I liked you but you only liked my skin, but only when it was bare, and really, it's okay, because I like being ignored and I like second guessing myself, and my life, and I enjoy being punished. So babe let me please you, that's all I want to do because dear god, I just want to keep you. God knows I want to keep you, and how ******* cruel of him to keep raking me over the same coals over, and over, and ******* over until my skin doesn't know the difference between fire and your touch on my thighs begging for more. (maybe it is my fault) But when they began to close, you began to retreat. And *******, you'll never know how much I wanted you, and you'll never know how badly you hurt me, and you'll never know how badly I wanted you to want me. But you didn't want me, I was too real for you. I was too much of a human being, and you couldn't ******* handle it. I did things not because I enjoyed it, but because that's the only way I could get your attention. So really babe, it's okay. Keep talking to me until 4 in the morning when I have to be up at 5, keep changing normal conversations into sexts you won't remember in a week. And please, babe, keep ignoring me because if that's what you have to do to tolerate me every couple of months, then for gods sake, ******* do it. Keep vaguely answering my pleas with "yep," "yeah," and "haha." Please keep hurting me. Because I ******* need it, babe. Really, it's okay, I'm fine, I'm not filled with anxiety and on the night you talked to me, I didn't spend it in the bathroom getting sick. No babe, it's okay, I like sleeping in the bathtub and waking up in a cold sweat, and I like lingering on the good feelings because it makes it that much easier to forget about the bad ones. I deserve you. I deserve to be with someone who is so capable of dropping me like a penny in a wishing well, only to forget what your original intentions were. No. Babe, really. It's okay. I'll keep skipping over the same songs, and driving past the same spots, and running away from what's chasing me, because really, we all knew I was going to do that anyway. All my friends say that I looked so happy when I knew that you liked me but I don't think you ever did. And I'm afraid to ask you. Because the variable is already known, and I don't feel like accepting it. So I'll keep looking for 'x' even though it's right the **** in front of me. ******* Vanessa, get your **** together. Stop drinking every Wednesday night and waking up every Thursday morning wishing you were somewhere else. The people are right, Vanessa, you feel way too ******* much and maybe you should stop letting your existence as a human get in the way of you ******* the people you want to ****, because we both know he's not going to wait for your ***. So really, babe, it's okay. I'll keep searching while secretly holding space for you in my bed. You said yours was bigger, but trust me, it's not. It never was. So really babe, it's okay. it's okay. I told you that the thing I hated the most was lying, but really. It's okay.
Dante Sep 2019
The silence which would come after
the breaking of that seal
was my babe in her being;
The dreading and the awe; The christening in God’s grand ritual.
She stands at the mouth of this awful plan
My babe, handing the trumpets with solemn apathy.

   And the rivers of blood are my babe,
       And the plagues that punish are my babe

And nothing comes of begging,
Of pleading for some undeserved mercy
Because my babe is the birth,
and my babe is the end.

My babe is the wing, the fall doused in sleep
And the euphoria of sin, ephemera of earth
The dying and rising of the tides, their gentleness and their bringing.
The silence and the peace as it turns to blood;
The wave’s wine-loved singsong.

My gentle lover, who held my hand and led me into the waters.
My muddied huntress
who would **** the woodland babes
with dagger and ruthless compassion
to feed me rabbit stew
those sickly nights.

God, God, Were you not all merciful and good?
Release her from your taking,
Drop her from your unforgiving claws,
You; Beast of my life, Slithering King.
There is no end truer than that which you’ve done to me–
Your measly bringing of the end times
shines dim beside the fires of my grief.

Take me to the end of the earth,
Take me into your everlasting loving
My sun, chosen thing of God
who looks at me from a dark cloud;
My babe, In her solemn apathy,
My babe, In the quiet glistening of
her wet cheek.

O Lover, full of grace,
Death servant and God-taken;

       I’ll die. I’ll die.

    My babe, the Lion.
  My babe, the Lamb.
Kassiani Oct 2015
Dear Food Babe,
I have seen you around
Perfectly coiffed
Grinning over a plate of
Carefully arranged food
A photo-op for the masses to see
How pretty people must eat and look and be
In order to be perfect and “healthy”
And avoid those nasty “toxins” those dangerous scientists cooked up

Dear Food Babe,
You have likely never seen me
This is because I spend all my time in lab
Growing cancer cells in Petri dishes
In pursuit of a tiny sliver of truth
To try to end human suffering
I come in at night to take time points
I work on weekends to take care of my cells
I analyze data until I’m cross-eyed
And sometimes
I take a break
And browse the internet
And there’s your curated image telling me how evil I am

Dear Food Babe,
You seem to think that my colleagues and I are all part of some big conspiracy
Let me be the first to tell you
We are far too underpaid for that
While my peers went on to get nice jobs making $60-$70k a year out of undergrad
I slogged on to grad school
With the rest of the poor schmucks
Who have it in their heads
That the advancement of science is a worthy pursuit

Dear Food Babe,
While you are posing for photos
Extolling the benefits of juice cleanses
I am busy skipping lunch because I have too many experiments to run
And the data is really exciting
Because it’s showing us insights into cancer we hadn’t seen before

Dear Food Babe,
While you are angrily blogging
Decrying the Starbucks PSL for its allegedly dangerous chemical of the week
I am studying harder than I have in my entire life
Trying to learn as much as I can while I’m still in a university
Hoping I’ll be able to turn that knowledge around
Spin it all into a breakthrough
An insight
A tiny glimpse of the truth of human health

Dear Food Babe,
While you are vying for the glory of a savior
Without any of the work
Preening on a shining pedestal of scientific inaccuracies
I am wading through peer review and evidence
Checking and re-checking the data
Because the easy way out was never a consideration

Dear Food Babe,
While you are profiting from people’s fear and ignorance
Indoctrinating them in chemiphobia and mistrust of anyone but you
My colleagues and I are trying to teach people to think
To learn for themselves
To evaluate information
To use logic
To take in the vast wonder and chaos that is the universe and make some sense of it all
And we see this as our duty because we are scientists
We soldier on quietly in our labs
Covered in chalk dust and red ink
Hoping someone
Is listening to us
Because we do not have time to carefully pose for pretty pictures
Nor the means to play the martyr on the internet
Nor the amoral audacity to scare people into submission
We are busy gathering the evidence that will help save the world

I cannot say the same for your blog
Written 9/16/15
Nat Lipstadt Feb 2014
Dedicated entirely to and for Marisa White

So many human cells,
trillions, not billions

staying alive, a constant balance
between losing and making more.
when young and growing,
like you babe,
like you babe,
making many more new,
than we lose.

when we "advance"
to advanced ages,
like me babe,
like me babe,
when old sick,
either body or heart,
starting to die,
losing more than we make.
new cells, no more,
yet, still have colorations of all kinds,
streaming residues inside yet thrive.

the youthful biologist,
you, know all this,
yet still needy seemingly,
for gentlest reminding,
by an inexorably dying man,
prime declining,
so care for these words well,
they won't come again.

for you to imagine a grain
inside you,
so wonderful envisioned,
that the yet uncorrected words
limbo, stasis,
are deleted from the textbooks
as yet unwritten,
on and of you,
writ by you.

but one cell,
of your DNA,
freshly birthed this day,
a canvas of only you,
unsullied by pernicious infected hopelessness,
where, under the microscope electrifying,
I will paint with scalpel and brush,
away the limbo,
injecting the blue dye of
to course through your red veins.

how cannot you see,
the potential vastness of the trillions
that awaits, so in need,
needy for coloration by a scientist~poetess,
when a lover good and true appears,
you will birth trillions
new cells in a new body, imagine that,
using only the brightest hues of your untapped potential.

which cell?

so many choices,
so many possibilities,
why that I leave that
up, to you babe,
up up up up up,*
up, to you babe.
The science is from:

The inspiration is from:
Amanda Kay Hill Jan 2017
I look up at the sky and
wish you where here with me
I know you are here with us
In spirit and you are celebrating
Your birthday up in heaven with
The angels babe I love you so
Much and miss you my love
And I feel you by my side
You never left us you are
Still here with us in spirit
And you are my guard angel
Babe you are watching over
Me so happy birthday in heaven
© Amanda Kay Hill
Arcassin B Jun 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

With a dose of energy,
Searching for your sick and twisted ways,
But you have nun,
The sweetest angel I've never known,
Don't become a nun,
So instead I'm searching for the real you babe,
That's what make me so a..ttracted to you babe,
If we ever see the sunlight distracted by the rivers gaze,
With a dose of energy,
I hope your into me,
Beautiful eyes,
I could gaze into them all day,
Swigging my way,
Putting your consequences and concerns all behind,
But instead I'm searching for the real you babe,
That's what make me so a..ttracted to you babe,
I could replace all of the bad memories from your head,
With a dose of energy,
Like solvable patterns,
I got the vaccine,
I'm your doctor,
Injecting you with that....
You know the word.
You ******, exotic,
Beautiful creature.

I could not be more intrigued by you.

I drove,
46 miles,
just to meet you,
you screamed at me for being late.
I wasn't.
I just live farther from your perspective than you can imagine.

I saw your face,
then I saw your eagerness,
Then I played this game,
Where I googled every word you said,
became an expert on it.
Throwing back refferences to things
i've never seen.

When I rolled in with my cigarette lit,
Sporting my badboy leather jacket,
you asumed I was this rebel.
This dangerous,
amazing creature.
Dropped onto this earth to entertain you.

That's exactlly what I am.

I'm 46 miles away from my home town.

My foam swords,
magic the gathering cards,
Dungeon and dragons playing self
Packaged tightly in the lockbox at my bedroom door.

The daddy, I became years ago
because I wanted too.

The lover I was raised to be,
watching nothing but romantic comedies my entire childhood
like some sort of propaganda to be the perfect boyfriend.
Tucked crisply into my bed.

My smolder is a gas mask.
you are the poison gas.
It was invented specifically for me to survive when I'm in the trenches with you.
My attitude is an army.
I hold myself like a commander shouting orders at my mind like it needs a leader.

“Stop calling her beautiful, maggot! She wants you to take charge.”

“Sir, yes sir!”

...So uh...
What do you wanna do today?

“What do you think you're doing?
Don't give her options!
Tell her where you're going!”

“Sir, yes, sir”

We're getting coffee.

We go to her favorite coffee house, I guessed.

She gets a nutella mocha.

I get a 16oz almond milk maple syrup latte

She calls me a hipster,
I laugh, I don't disagree.

I give her the radio,
“You pick the music”

“What do you think you're doing maggot!?”

“trust me,
we need to find out what music she likes before I play my music.
It's very important.”

I can pull brilliance out of any genre,
bands she's never heard of, but she'll fall in love with.
She plays show tunes.


... Jackpot!

I start the conversation, you ever heard of Rocky Horror?

You ever hear of
Doctor Horribles Sing Along Blog?

You ever hear of
Little Shop of Horrors?

You ever hear of
Repo, The Genetic Opera?

You ever hear of
Hedwig and The Angry Inch?

She has.
All of it.
Every last word.
And she knows all of the words.
In fact,
every song I sing,
she sings along.
Word for word.

I  crack the whip,

you ever heard of Bo Burnham?

She has.

This girl might be the one.

“What do you think you're doing maggot?
Don't fall in love with this girl already,
Don't fall in love with this girl at all.”

“Sir, yes, sir”

We walk the beach,
Every word of every song either of us start the other knows all the words.
She's breathtaking.
I can't believe it happened myself.
We chase each other in the sand.

I confess.

“You're actually the first person i've seen in real life from tinder...
I hear all these stories of couples meeting people for threesomes online and then murdering them.
I was half expecting you to **** me.”

She says:

“Well we didn't get to the end of the beach yet.”

I laugh.... wait... is she serious?

She laughs. “No really, i'm a sociopath.
My boyfriends waiting at the rocks down there and when we
Start to **** he's gonna jump out and slit your throat.
The redness of your blood spilling on the rocks is going to make me so,

This sounds like a great Idea.

She texts her boyfriend and asks if it's okay to kiss me.
When he doesn't reply she spams him.



C'mon Babe.

Really, Babe.




It starts to rain,
We stay and get soaked together,
We don't care that we're wet, we keep singing.
The rain stops.
We get in my car.
I drive her to portland,
We park in the parking garage,
because i don't understand...

I buy her dinner,

Not because it's the polite, gentlemanly thing to do,
I'd do that without the leather jacket, no.
because her sugar was low
she was having a panic attack
her boyfriend and her were probably breaking up and I felt bad.
Her boyfriend finally texts her back.

“Yeah, do what you want.”

I kiss her.

She asked me too before he gave permission, and my colonel said to do it

But I've been on the otherside of that text messege.

And even knowing what she wanted, I was waiting for that reply.
I don't know that boy.

But he deserved that

We go back to the parking garage, and she does not waste time,
My belt undone,
Her mouth eager,
Did I mention that this was the mission?
After awhile She asks to go to the back.
We do.
She removes the leather jacket.
this is her chance to wear
The leather jacket.
I make her ***,
I have this brief thought that maybe she faked it for me, but then
I can taste the truth,
I'm proud.

“Good job, maggot.”

“Sir, thank you, sir”

I drive the 46 miles back to kennebunk to drop her off.
She keeps my shirt.
I get home and find her phone charger in my backseat.
“Looks like we have a second date,"

I text her. “you forgot something, beautiful.
And I think you might want it.”
A true Story.
Jade! I ain't got you babe.
Babe! I ain't got you Jade.

Galaxies thru infinity falling;
baby crawl in wormhole, come out old man crawling.
Rainbow deathrattle of all the gods
ain't got jack on heartbreak's musicbox,
that ******:

Babe! I ain't got you Jade.
Jade! I ain't got you babe.

I was gonna save you from Johnson & Johnson,
& all the spiders in North Walsham.
Live by the sea, duck the government,
ring our family w/ your 6th sense
& my rage,

but I ain't got you Jean Grey.
Jade, I ain't got you babe.

The bittersweet reheated:  freezedry foreveryoung
Jade & I sharing an Egg Foo Yung
under the jade moon in the Jade Garden
(highly aptonymic Chinese restaurant).

On my toast I spread jade marmalade.
On his head Granpa spread jade pomade.
Who heldup the stagecoach? Jesse Jades!
Doublestake or split -  Ace of Jades, Ace of Jades!

If your immunesystem had the kissofdeath,
so the tables were turned in terms of pitysex,
O for a night with you, babe, I'd court disease,
chance advanced Jade AIDS off thee.    

Jade! I ain't got you babe.
Jade! I ain't got you babe.
eileen mcgreevy Apr 2010
Is it always so dark inside of you babe?

Do you really feel so lost and alone?

Dont you know that i'm here babe?

No matter what's going on in there....

I'll give you a torch, so you can see babe,

I need for you to trust me, from the inside,

You know, way deep in there, where its dark,

The darker it is, the bigger the torch babe,

Let me be your torch babe?
Santiago Apr 2015
"Don't Matter" Konvict
OhoohwooeOoohOoohhwooNobody wanna see us together But it don't matter no' Cause I got you babe babe Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter no' Cause I got you babe' Cause we gonna fight Oh yes we gonna fight Believe we gonna fight We gonna fight Fight for our right to love yeah Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter no' Cause I got you Nobody wanna see us together Nobody thought we'd last forever I feel 'em hopin' and prayin' Things between us don't get better Men steady comin' after you Women steady comin' after me Seem like everybody wanna go for self And don't wanna respect boundaries Tellin' you all those lies Just to get on your side But I must admit there was a couple secrets I held inside But just know that I tried To always apologize And I'm a have you first always in my heart To keep you satisfied Got every right to wanna leave Got every right to wanna go Got every right to hit the road And never talk to me no more You don't even have to call Even check for me at all Because the way I been actin' lately Has been off the wall Especially towards you Puttin' girls before you And they watchin' everything I been doin' Just to hurt you Most of it just ain't true Ain't true And they won't show you How much of a queen you are to me And why I love you baby Oh oh oh oh oh'Cause I got you' Cause I got you Oh 'Cause I got you babe' Cause I got you Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter no'Cause I got you babe Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter no' Cause I got you babe' Cause we gonna fightOh yes we gonna fight Believe we gonna fight We gonna fight Fight for our right to love yeah Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter no' Cause I got you Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter no 'Cause I got you babe Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter no' Cause I got you babe' Cause we gonna fight Oh yes we gonna fight Believe we gonna fight We gonna fight Fight for our right to love yeah Nobody wanna see us together But it don't matter no' Cause I got you
Aladdin Aures H Oct 2018
Deep Drops Falling From The Sky
Such Amazing Diamonds Shining Bright
From A Dark Cloud Writs Goodbye
Opens A Crack In The Dark To See Light
Goes Far Beyond Life And Thousand Of Lies
The Light Collids With Darkness In Such A Fight
The Battle Begins, Then The Battle Cries
There Is No Line Between The Wrong And Right
It's A Promise I Gave You Till I Die
I'll Keep It Till My Heart Sees The Darkest Night
Till I Stop Asking The Same Question -Why?-
Till The Last Breath To Lose My Might
To Meet Your Face With My Closed Eyes
When My Spirit Holds My Body Tight
But He Hears The Words He Should Fly
Losing Weight, To Look Around From Hight

Babe The Whole Life With You Was Just One Sight
Then I Lost It For Another One To See Your Eyes
Babe The Whole Life Before You Was Just One Sight
Then I Lost My Soul When You Killed Me With Your Knife

The First Part Of The Picture From Your Humour
Babe, I'm Bleeding So Hard, And I Will Be Gone Sooner
Acting Out Fights Every Second With Your Lover
The Second Part Of The Picture, Is A Mockery
A Pause For The Relation To Cheat With An Uber
Sorry Words Won't Heal, And This Situation Is Over
But Make Sure After Death Everything Will Be Smoother
Your Angel Face Was The Best Cover For A ******
But I Will Always Love You On This World Or Another
Even If I Was Still In The Womb Of My Mother
No Choice For Me If The Heart Choosed His Slaughter
You Are Just Like A Drug, And I'm The Consumer

Babe The Whole Life With You Was Just One Sight
Then I Lost It For Another One To See Your Eyes
Babe The Whole Life Before You Was Just One Sight
Then I Lost My Soul When You Killed Me With Your Knife

Such A Dark Sky Covers The World Hard To Hit
The Storm Blows The Air For The 1st Time To Speak
While The Thunder Is Just Another Element To Fit
Falling In Hell, On My Eyes All Gone Bleak
Stone Cold Heart As Harsh Ice While Fire Lit
To Dissolve In Seven Days To Make The Week
There Is No Chance To Fight Or Try To Resist
It's Just A Poison, Was Made Well To Be My Drink

Babe The Whole Life With You Was Just One Sight
Then I Lost It For Another One To See Your Eyes
Babe The Whole Life Before You Was Just One Sight
Then I Lost My Soul When You Killed Me With Your Knife

Author/ Aladdin Aures HAMDI
Broken Heart Sad Love
Kevin J Taylor Sep 2015
Roses are red and wood violets are blue
I love you, Babe, like the dawn loves the dew
Oh, I love you, Babe, like the dawn loves the dew
I'm bringing home roses and violets too
I'm bringing home roses and violets for you

I'm sorry I left, that I never came through
I'm bringing you flowers— seems all I can do
I just had to walk. I just had to think
I just had to find my way back from the brink
And now I'm coming home with the smell of fresh dew
And rosebuds I've stolen, like I once stole you

These roses are red and sweet violets are blue
I love you, Babe, like the dawn loves the dew
Oh, I love you, Babe, like the dawn and the dew
I'm bringing home roses and violets for you
I'm bringing home roses, wood violets and dew
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle and in paperback. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry by common means.)
You ******, exotic,
Beautiful creature.
I could not be more intrigued by you.

I drove, 46 miles,
to be screamed at for being late.

When I rolled in with a leather jacket
my lit cigarette,
you asumed I was this rebel.

adventurous creature.

Dropped onto this earth
for your entertainment

That's exactlly what I am.
46 miles away from my home town.

My foam swords,
magic the gathering cards,
Dungeon and dragons playing self
packaged tightly in the lockbox
at my bedroom door.

Today, I am a persona poem.

My smolder is a gas mask.
you are the poison gas.

It was invented for survival
in the trenches with you.

I hold myself like a commander
shouting orders at my mind:

“Stop calling her beautiful, you maggot!
She wants you to take charge.”

“Sir, yes sir!”

...So uh...
What do you wanna do today?

“What do you think you're doing?
Don't give her options, Maggot!
Tell her where you're going!”

“Sir, yes, sir”

We're getting coffee.
her favorite coffee house

She gets a nutella mocha.
I get a 16oz almond milk maple syrup latte

She calls me a hipster,
I laugh, I don't disagree.
I give her the radio,

“What do you think you're doing maggot!?”

“trust me,
we need to find out what music she likes."

Show tunes.
Light bulb.
Rapport jackpot.

you ever heard of Rocky Horror?
Doctor Horribles Sing Along Blog?
Little Shop of Horrors?
Repo, The Genetic Opera?
Hedwig and The Angry Inch?

“What do you think you're doing maggot?
Don't fall in love with this girl."

“Sir, maybe, sir”

We walk the beach,
Singing showtunes
we know all the words.

“You're actually the first person
I've seen in real life from tinder...
I hear all these stories
couples meeting online
Getting murdered
I was half expecting you to **** me.”

“Well we didn't get to the end of the beach yet"

.... wait... is she serious?

"My boyfriends waiting
at the rocks down there
when we Start to ****
he's gonna jump out
slit your throat.
The redness of your blood
spilling on the rocks
is going to make me so,

"... I

She texts her boyfriend
asks to kiss me.

C'mon Babe.
Really, Babe.

I drive to portland in the rain
We park in the parking garage
There was free on street parking
but I don't
Parking Signs...

“Good job, maggot.”
“Sir, yes, sir”

I drive the 46 miles back to kennebunk to drop her off.

She keeps my favorite shirt
because it smells like me.

when I get home.
I find her ******* in my backseat.

“You forgot something, Maureen"
when do we Tango again?

"When you pay my Rent,
You smug *******."
Folah Liz May 2015
Pangako yan at totoo. Hindi ko alam kung magiging gaano kahaba o kung kasya ba sa isang piyesa,
ilang pahina, ilang minuto ang ihahaba, itatagal nito at posibleng hindi ko agad makabisado pero pangako yan,
ito na ang huling tula na isusulat ko para sayo.

Itaga mo to sa bato, abutin man ako ng umaga dito hindi ko ipipikit ang mga matang ito..
uubusin ko ang lahat ng salita na posibleng tugma ng pangalan mo o anumang tawag ko sayo,
mahal, sinta, irog, pangga, babe, bbq, bae, beb, asawa ko, mhine, kulet, kapal, kupal, hayop, pa, p*ng ina ka ano pa ba..wala akong pakialam kung abutin man ako ng ilang talata dito,
pero hindi ko na pwedeng patirahin lang dito sa loob ko ang mga salitang ito kaya pangako,
ito na ang huling tula na isusulat ko para sayo.

Magsisimula ako sa umpisa, sa kung paanong nginitian mo ako at tinanong kung san ako nakatira.
hindi mo nga pinansin ang mga agiw sa dingding, hindi ka nga natinag sa ipis na biglang dumating sa iyong pagbisita..
pero hindi mo rin man lang din tinignan ang mga libro na nasa tabi ng kama kong natutulog din, at tangi ko noong kapiling.

Magsisimula ako sa umpisa, sa kung paanong niyakap mo ako nung sabihin ko sayong "mahal kita.."
sa kung paanong hinalikan mo ako sa noo sabay sabi na "mahalaga ka.."
at ako naman tong si tanga, tuwang tuwa na hindi pa nalinaw nga na
ayaw ko na maging mahalaga, ayaw ko na maging halaga..

Hindi ako antigong salamin na matagal mo nang pag aari
na tinitignan mo lang para ipaalala sa sarili mo na maganda ka, ayaw ko na maging mahalaga..
hindi ako telepono **** dudukutin lang sa bulsa kapag kelangan mo ng solusyon sa kawalan mo ng koneksyon sa mundo **** masyado ng malawak para bigyang atensyon ka pa, ayaw ko na maging mahalaga..
hindi ako kuwintas na isusuot mo lang sa piling-piling mga okasyon
kapag meroong mga sitwasyon na pakiramdam mo ay kulang ka pa
Hindi ako para ibalik sa loob ng isang kahon kapag matutulog ka na sa gabi sa takot na masakal ka sa yakap ko kapag mahimbing ka na,
o ibalik sa loob ng isang kahon at itabi sa sulok ng isang aparador
sa takot na manakaw ako ng iba, ayaw ko na maging mahalaga..

Ang gusto ko ay mahalin, ang kelangan ko ay mahalin..
kelangan ko na mahalin mo ako gaya ng kape mo sa umaga
tanggap ang tamis at pait, kelangan para sa init
pero hindi isinasantabi dahil lang nanlamig na..
kelangan ko na mahalin mo ako gaya ng sarili **** opisina
kabisado kung para saan ang ano, kabisado kung saan nakatago ang alin
kabisado ang mga tinatago kong patalim, silbi, dumi, lihim..patalim, silbi, dumi lihim...
kelangan ko na mahalin mo ako gaya ng unan mo sa gabi, niyayakap sa ginaw, sinasandalan kahit na mainit, binubulungan ng mga pinakatatago **** panaginip
ayaw ko na maging mahalaga, ang gusto ko ay mahalin, ang kelangan ko ay mahalin..

at nagsulat ako noon para lang mahalin mo ako, kaya patawad pero magsusulat ako
hanggang sa maubos ko ang lahat ng salita na posibleng tugma ng pangalan mo
patawad pero magsusulat ako para patawarin mo ako..
dahil minsan may nakapagsabi saken na ang taong hindi raw marunong magpatawad ay hindi makapagsusulat
kaya mahal sa pagkakataong ito
sa huling pagkakataon na magsusulat ako ng tula para sayo
gumawa tayo ng kasunduan, patatawarin kita pero patatawarin mo rin ako.

Patawarin mo ako sa hindi ko pagtahan at patatawarin kita sa hindi mo pagluha
Patawarin mo ako sa hindi ko pananahimik at patatawarin kita sa hindi mo pagsasalita
Patawarin mo ako sa hindi ko pag alis at patatawarin kita sa hindi mo pananatili
Patawarin mo ako sa hindi ko sayo paglimot at patatawarin kita sa hindi mo saken pagpili mahal
gumawa tayo ng kasunduan patatawarin kita pero patatawarin mo rin ako.

Patawarin mo ako sa hindi ko pagbitiw at patatawarin kita sa hindi mo pagkapit
Patawarin mo ako sa hindi ko paglayo at patatawarin kita sa hindi mo paglapit
Patawarin mo ako sa hindi ko pagsuko at patatawarin kita sa hindi mo pagsugal
Patawarin mo ako sa hindi ko pagkamuhi sayo at patatawarin kita sa hindi mo saken pagmamahal, mahal
gumawa tayo ng kasunduan patatawarin kita pero patatawarin mo rin ako
para sa wakas ay matapos ko na itong tula na masyado ng matagal na nakatira dito
at patawad kung magiging masyadong mahaba at marami masyadong bulanas
pero pangako huli na to, huli na to, huli na to...

Magsisimula ako uli sa umpisa, sa kung paanong nginitian mo ako at tinanong kung san ako nakatira.
Magsisimula ako uli sa umpisa, sa kung paanong nginitian mo ako
Magsisimula ako uli sa umpisa,
Magsisimula ako uli...
Magsisimula ako....

Ito na ang huling tula na isusulat ko para sayo, mali...
Ito na ang huling tula na isinulat ko tungkol sayo

Iniibig kita, at ubos na ubos na ako...."
Thanks for the inspiration to this poem, isa kang makata Sir Juan Miguel Severo.
Dante May 2019
Where's my babe?

Where's the turning of her head
and the flying of curls
like waves—
The ocean in all its terror
And the winged pests of the earth;
From soil you came—
My babe, like a true devil, she.

Where’s my babe
Call me and I’ll come
To hear your command,
To fall in prayer
and kneel before your word.

Your wet blade in morning dew...

And goddess grey sky
Show me the moaning of your thunder
Pour yourself on me
and stain me with your sweet rains.

My babe, my devil sweet,
Godless love of the earth
Crack me with your Quaking
so that I may be blessed by the nature of you;

Unleash unto me
all that you may be—
The howling of the wounded dog
The singing of the morning bird

And like the earth to its mother
and to the Devil who came from its soil
I will love you with each measly part of me

My babe, My devil sweet
My holiest of troubles—

I’ll love you so.

jeffrey robin Sep 2010
i carry your baby, babe
where are you going?

can i maybe
move on ahead?

i hold your dream, babe
what is it?
can you tell me?

it isnt so bad, babe
i carry your baby
across all deserts, babe
i carry
your dream

can i maybe
move on ahead?

can i maybe
move on ahead?

can i maybe
save the dream?
I used to love the way
You would stand on the tips
Of your toes to kiss me
I remember the days when
I would leave and you were upset
Because you would miss me
I recall the night of our first kiss
Something I’d been dreaming of
A chance I wouldn’t miss
And I remember thinking
That for me to have found you
Was the fulfillment of my wish
But then in time you changed,
You forgot all about me
I hadn’t done a thing though babe,
I wish that you could see
I wanted nothing more
Then to see you smile
To stay by your side all the while
Time just changed you though,
Made you a different person
A couple should grow closer babe,
But your feelings for me worsened
I just wish that I could understand
The reasons that you did it
You slept with him,
You lied to me,
And all this time you hid it
You cheated babe and hurt me bad
Left me beat, but I’m not broken
I just wish the words you said to him
Were words that you had spoken
To me that is, because I loved you
But you just never cared
I would have been there through anything
But what you’ve done is
Unforgiveable to me
There’s so many reasons I should hate you
But it’s just not in my heart
I cared for you so dearly once
And believed we’d never part
I shouldn’t want to speak to you
But that’s just not my way
I can’t just cut you from my life
What else is there to say
You held a lot of meaning to me
Represented all things true
I thought you were my gift
To make up for the bad in the past
I believed you were the best thing
That’s happened to me but
Now those feelings have passed
The fact that you could do those things
Doesn’t sit with me to well
I hate myself above all else
For just how hard I fell
I thought you were the one for me
And our relationship would mature
There was a time when I believed
That you were the perfect woman
Both beautiful and pure
If only I had known the way
That you would change before
I don’t regret meeting you
But I would of stayed just friends
And never wanted more
The time we shared was fun and all
But sadly it was time wasted
I’m so upset you did this babe,
Just can’t understand why your
Feelings for me so quickly faded
I guess I’ll never understand
And I should let it go
But leaving you is just something,
I wasn’t ready for
I tried to change and be perfect
But that wasn’t enough
I’m trying hard to stay strong babe
But **** you make it tough
The things they say are all so true
Life and love can all be rough
But how you let all of this end
Just really wasn’t fair
Anytime you needed me you knew
I was always there
I’ve always been far too nice,
You know it’s been my curse
And you knew that from the start
I thought you wouldn’t take advantage of it
But then you filled the part
I spent my time and money babe,
I worked weeks just for you
So you could see the world with me
What else was there to do
I thought that I could keep you
But I was all so wrong
You never cared a bit for me
And loved others all along
To top it off you slept with him
When he’s already hurt you
I would of never done a thing like that
And you know that it’s so true
You made the choice and did it though
Didn’t even seem to regret it
Why you chose him over me
I’ll never get one bit
I’ll analyze this for so long
But I’ll still never understand
Why you lusted for all them
But pushed away my hand
I guess all of this had to happen
Eventually you were bound to get caught
But the way that this is ending now
Is one hundred percent your fault
I’m trying hard to remain calm
And I want to stay your friend
But the things that you have done to me
You don’t even try to amend
I don’t know if I can talk to you
Once I finally leave
It’s hard for me to see you now,
I still just can’t believe
You lied so much, and used me more
You were just so deceiving
But if that’s the person that you
Truly are, then I’m happy to be leaving
The kinder I got, the worse you were
I knew I could do better
I guess I had just made myself believe
That we were meant together
I was wrong once again,
I’m sure you’re happy to hear that
But after what you did to me
Just know I’m never coming back
I caught you late, wish it had been sooner
But there’s nothing I can do
I’m just happy now that I have seen
The person who’s really you
I wish you well and hope you change
And that’s all for your sake
Losing me in time you’ll realize
Was the worst mistake you’ll make
Insane Reverie Aug 2014
Oh yes! i love you babe
all my senses and my heart react to ur love
"oh my heart,how do u feel in there?"
slowly it respond"IT *****"
oh no-no-no,it wasn't me babe
it was this heart
hey heart,u can't be rude,not at least with my love
oh my mind speak " u my lady,u r crazy.that guy u love doesn't even worry"
hey mind,have u seen scars on my skin?
skin exactly knows how much I love him
preety were the pictures of our said eyes
but mouth said "how ugly is tht guy"
but babe,I didn't say that
oh,ur smell,its way toxic & lungs complained
but I never did babe
your voice was husky,I prefered tht way
but later ears started to worry
but trust me babe,it wasn't me
oh,how u touched my hair and now it falls
is it because it misses u or u that poisonous
ya,fine ! Wish no more babe,wish no more
I did love you once
ignorance is a bliss& now m satisfied  
enjoying the fake pie,saying I love you
just to make me high
oh yes,babe now I  realize how " Love is a lie"
This poem actually is dedicate to those so called "love".
Äŧül Nov 2014
Yes I have been through it,
Our situations are similar,
They're different just a bit.

Tides of time are testing us,
We do not ever bow down,
Yes we will be strong babe.

We're together & we'll be so forever.
Words tried to strengthen our relationship but it all failed in the end.

My HP Poem #693
©Atul Kaushal
Martina Oct 2015
Rock me babe
wild and hard
move me fast
never stop
Rock me babe
wild and hard
Close your eyes
and see the light
shine so bright
in your eyes
sweetest smile
Rock me babe
wild and hard
Link to the song: Rock me babe
Terry Collett May 2012
She knows these are her
Last moments with her still
Born babe knows they’ll take
The babe away and leave
Her arms empty like the
Cradle at home standing
In the nursery especially
Prepared with the wallpaper
Chosen and the new carpets
Laid and she hugs the babe
Close to her ******* tries to
Bring warmth to the lifeless
Bundle wrapped in a white
Blanket and we’ll be back in
A while the nurse had said
and she left the small room
and the door clicked shut
With a small click and she
Walks the room rocking
The babe feeling the weight
Sensing her child there her
Flesh and blood and she
Wants to breathe life into
The tiny lungs want to see
Movement wants there to
Be a miracle to shock them
To say look there is life you
Must have been mistaken
But no matter how hard she
Breathes or rocks the babe
No life comes no movement
No miracle of miracles and
Out of the window as she passes
The trees have that winter
Bareness the sky the greyness
Of cannon smoke and a little
Way off a woman laughs a
Vacuum machine is turned
On and a baby cries but not
Hers for hers is silent unmoving
Becoming cold and stiff and
She kisses the pale cheek the
Forehead seeks out the small
Uncrutching hands the tiny
Curved fingers and holding
The babe up tight against her
She doesn’t want the separation
To come doesn’t want the nurse
To take away the babe in her
Arms but she knows the minutes
Tick away and the nurse will
Come and the empty arms will
Leave her broken and numb.
Donna Bella Jan 2015
Oh babe! You're so beautiful" he said
Oh babe! Can I get some pictures" he said
Oh babe! Can I use your heart" he did
Oh babe! This is not going to work" he said
Oh babe! I crushed your heart" he did
Oh babe! I still love you" he said
Oh babe! *******" I said
ryyan May 2011
Once upon a time.
In a land far far away.
Their existed a rhyme,
About the greatest game ever played.
This is the said rhyme 
preserved from the acclaim the game has gained.
Passed on to generations about the game at it’s prime. 

A game that should be reclaimed from the fame its gained at the present time.
This game came from the brain of a person
who aimed to have the time of his life. 

Town ball was for all. In any season: spring, summer, winter, or fall.
Town ball was a ball for all: no despair, grief,  or strife, could spawn.
The rules were simple
Hit ball: bases touch all. 

Teams were never full. 
And the field could sprawl.
Everything was in play just like everyone could play.
No obstacle was in the way, no direction out of play.
Yet, according to the natural law of capitalistic America,
An evolution began to make money.
**** you Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet!!
You may have nothing to do with baseball, 

But you spawned the evilest idea of them all. 

That evolution is caused by natural law, 

and the evolution of baseball is the downfall of all that is America.
Baseball was at one time a game of fun; 

good times shared with one another under the sun. 

Eventually they agreed to decree the official rules, 

And it was not Abner Doubleday who would have the last say in history,
for that story is a myth that we should flee from like fools.
Instead it was Alexander Cartwright who penned the knickerbocker rules.
These rules spread to the rest of the clubs,
and eventually it was coined the New York game. 

No longer could anyone play but only the ones who could slug.
If you wanted to win, it would be a sin,
to put in the has been who brought the game shame.
This game spread during the civil war. 

In down time to escape they played for fun instead of being bored.
The game spread like never before,
and soon the game covered the entire eastern shore.
The N.A.A.B.B.P was formed and by 1867 four hundred teams were born,
and in 1870 the Chicago Cubs actually won!
They actually were good before 1908,
heck some people might even say they were great. 

I don’t mean to taint their slate or bait your hate.
I just wish to point out that its been some time since that date,
and you Cub fans still must await.
Meanwhile these gentleman clubs would compete in the heat,
for they wanted to prove they were the ones to beat. 

Yet promoters wanted money so they charged the food you eat.
Then they fenced in the meet.
No longer could you watch the teams compete from the street.
If you wanted to know who would defeat you must enter with a receipt
to show that you payed for your seat.
There you would meet, eat, and greet,
and keep track of the game on your score sheet
Eventually the wood frames turned to concrete

in order to hold more people inside their games.
And the players started to earn fame.
And eventually everyone knew their name.
No longer was the game a game for games sake,
instead it was meant to entertain the fame-craved.
All that matter was the money made at the gate,
and since then the game has never been the same.
Before players would score more and their would be less of a bore.
Fielders caught with their fingers the stingers thrown,
but for catchers that was absurd.

Before, fans would abhor to the idea of a fielder with a glove adorned,
but eventually the planted seed, grew steadily, and the fielders glove was born.
At first their was no web extended between the finger and thumb.
Because that would make it so easy to catch it would be just dumb. 

Yet, somehow the web spread and eventually it won. 

Now any *** could catch between finger and thumb
and the hand would not become numb.
This lead the dead ball era dread at the start of nineteen hundred.
And ego went to Owen Wilson’s head as he lead the league with triples.
Thirty six triples the record was set
and will never be broken it has been said.
But instead its embed into the unread
record book for others to go ahead and try to break with dread.
There were several reasons that lead to the dead ball.
First of all, the same ball was used until it started to unravel.
Second, was that you would draw a strike for every foul ball,
And lastly was the spit ball which would dance to any squall.
All these reasons made the pitchers un-hittable. 

And batters seeing their batting average fall
would take a bar crawl and bawl.
But then a savior came to us all. 

This man hit the ball so far that it would fall somewhere past Senegal.
The claims were esteemed that this man was best of them all. 

Yet, he was traded for money to fund a curtain call. 

This man’s name was George “the Babe” Herman Ruth. 

A pitcher turned outfielder because he was a great hitter is the truth.
The great bambino or Sultan of Swat,
nothing could stop him when he was hot. 

And he hit the dead ball era out of the park and it was forever lost. 

He had more home run’s as an individual, than any team,

Except for the Phillies who were good it seems.

Babe was the hit man

Pitcher he was no longer

The same change came

With this emphasis:
Babe Ruth symbolized what was

the rest of the game. 

They said pitch no more.
Sluggers are what fans adore
outfields became small. 

Power was the talk

Every team must have a guy
who hits with power. 

George “babe” Herman Ruth
and Lou Gehrig, the Yankee’s
became the very best.

Then the depression came and rained on the parade of the baseball game.
Yet, families with radio’s would listen to the games as a sort of hope. 

To escape from the world that they known. 

To escape to a game that reminded them of better days.
Then WWII came and stole away the players. 

Baseball’s talent level was now in multiple layers. 

and because of lack of talent Ted Williams batted over .400 percent
and Joe Dimaggio hit the ball again and again. 

for 56 consecutive games he hit the ball back to where it was sent.
Yet, eventually the players would return and baseball would mend. 

But not before the ladies got their own league. 

and men it did intrigue.
Is this for real?
Or a joke?
They would laugh.

Then they would choke. 

When they saw that this wasn’t just an act.
The girls continued,
“Everyone used to be able to play the good old town ball game!
“This is no longer town ball,” the men said, “the present game is not the same,
Instead its now played for money and fame.”

Oh how the good old days always change.

“Give us money” the women exclaimed,
“We’ll take your fortune we’ll take your fame!”

Some men said, “you complain! Its not the same,
you have to be good to play this game,
you can have your separate league if you need,
But this game of fame is only for white men of age!”

Oh how problems never change
Instead they always stay the same.
Yet, it wouldn’t be long
Before the trumpet would sing its song. 

That segregation would possibly end. 

Not for women but for African Americans. 

Segregation had always gone on. 

***** leagues rose up, but finally segregation’s time was gone 

due to a man named Jackie Robinson. 

And in 1947 he broke through with the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Because his team was convinced they’d make more money by Lou Durocher
Yet it came with its troubles because Not everyone on the team was happy 
And some fans were just down right ******.
Some teams such as our beloved St.Louis Cardinals even threatened to strike. 

They were not going to play if Jackie played because they had that much dislike. 

But Jackie and the Dodgers pushed through all the hate that spewed. 

Other players, managers, and fans  were rude, crude and would start feuds. 
Then they would brood every time Jackie’s name the roster would include.
But after awhile people would conclude that he was actually very good.
And after review others would start to include rather than seclude,

But this integration was long over due.
30 years till segregation could be totally subdued.
The lessons we learn are hard ones that is true. 

And it takes awhile for an entire nations perspective to take a different mood.
Now with baseball integrated the game be televised. 

This allows the money in the game to rise. 

The league now expands west; 

New markets they must test.
But hey! the players want some of this. 

They want to start a free agency. 

But this is the last thing the owners need! 

But the players want to be able to move between teams.

The players want money. Oh how things never change.
But the players got what want. 

They now can negotiate and the owners this does haunt. 

The game now is wrapped inside this twisted shame of money. 

Thats all any body wants so they find ways to scheme. 

Thus steroids came to the scene. 

Players now could be payed more if they played well. 

This meant that to hit the ball far, big muscles they would have to build.
In order to get that edge over everyone else. 

These players used steroids to get their help. 

Yet that was not cool with the public 
Because steroids put you at risk. 

They are dangerous at best,
and the league didn’t want to run the risk. 

Plus what about records that have stood the time test?
Are they going be broken now and no longer exist?

All because someone drugs themselves to have a bigger biceps and chest?
Someone please lay this all to rest! 

Baseball today is such a shame. 

Its boring with all of the commercial and pitcher change breaks. 

Something needs to change. 

Because its been turned into a sideshow. 

Thats the only reason why kids even go. 

To see the park, get hot dogs,
and baseballs that when put in the dark they glow. 

Then when you get home. 

you ask them what they remember about the game 

and they say, “I don’t know”. 

This game used to be interesting. 

But now I find my channels flipping. 

Even Golf is more fun to watch. 

at least they hit that ball a lot!
Baseball should but I doubt ever will, 

Get rid of all the pitchers it has to refill. 

No more pitching changes; That would increase the thrill!

Maybe players could hit the ball if wasn’t coming 100 mph every throw. 

and instead of pure talent pitchers had to use strategy,
of when to and not to throw 

That 100mph hour fastball.
Get rid of the sideshow. 

Then maybe kids would go. 

Maybe then we’d go back to being enthralled. 

Back when Baseball was actually Baseball. 

But I doubt it will because money is what matters now.
Sideshows make money so its always going to be allowed.
But I’d like to disavow
I’d like to dropout. 

I never really watched it much in the first place. 

but now I know of a better game.
Oh and one final thing to say. 

We should just go back to town ball. 

That game sounds so much cooler than baseball. 

You could really make some unique obstacles

Put in a fountain or maybe even a wall.
It just sounds like a lot of fun. 

I plan to play it this summer some. 

Everyone will be welcome. 

And we’ll have fun under the sun. 

And it won’t really matter who will win. 

Because its about having fun, building character,
and growing relationships
The end.

— The End —