Just Melz Jun 2014

Like superman to your batman
I actually got power
Power with ink,  
Power with flow
Don't even blink
I'll make your mind blow

Like my cape to your batmobile
How does it feel?
Knowing I can fly,  
You just spinning your wheels
Throwing around money
While I'm saving the world

Like my Lois Lane to your Robin
I'll actually get the guy
You sitting there cryin
Cause money don't but happiness
Neither does fame
Just writing what I feel
And you'll never be the same

My Clark Kent to your Bruce Wayne
Might as well just give up
Cause you'll never be me
I'm just made of stronger stuff
Its the end of the line
Especially for you
Maybe it's time
To figure out what else you can do...

Was a poetry challenge to write about a superhero,  this is what I came up with.  Tell me what you think?
Johnathan locke May 2015

Bulbasaur, charmander, pokeball,
Eevee, pikachu, got to catch em' all!
Kanto, johto, adventure calls,
Sinnoh, hoenn, this world ain't small!
Mewtwo, ho-oh, masterball,
Groudon, xerneas, as a trainer, I stand tall!

N ever
E nding
R esidence of
D efinitions

jonathan valonis Jun 2010

Pop, Pop pop, Pop, Pop, Pop pop, Pop,
Boom, Boom boom, Bfff, Boom, Boom boom, Bfff,
Shsh, Shsh Shsh, Ffwka ffwka ffwka,
Five, Four, Three, Two, Oooooonnnnnneeeee,
Boomdth, Boomdth, Boomdth, Chwochit, Chwochit, Chwochit,
Boomdth, Boomdth, Boomdth, Chwochit, Chwochit, Chwochit,
Chwochit, Chwochit, Chwoooooochhhhhhhhitttttt,
Now get down, I get down, Now get down, I get down,
Bwahhwow, Bwahhwow, Bwahhwow, Bwahhwow, Bwahhhhhhhhh,
Vooooooooo Booom, Dtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdt, Boff, Da, Dede,
Dtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdt, Boff, Da, Dede, Dtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdt, Boff, Da, Dede, Dtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdt, Uuuuuuhwaaaaaaaa

Ms Levinson Apr 2015

A beautiful cover of silk and sky
I could almost die
It reminds me of the sea
And a tiny flea
It reminds me of a bee
Which fills me with glee
It reminds me of the blue bonnet
Just like the glue gonnet
I think of a blue smurf
Which likes to surf
I know a blue emoji
Just like a goji
The color of magic
Which is created by hagic
It is the color of a kitty's eye
And a fly
It is the color of the cowboys sign
But not the color line

I like blue
Eleanor Rigby Dec 2014

I met someone today and he was awesome.
He wore a leather  jacket, almost the same as yours.
He had a neat haircut but a funny beard.
Do you remember when
I used to always pester you
About trimming yours?
I did it all the time and you never listened.

Anyway, he told me a joke;
One that I've heard before and that still
Made me laugh like the world was about to end.
I think I know where I heard it the first time.
He also ordered your milkshake, I mean ours.
And smoked the same brand of cigarettes
You always did.

He was awesome because he took me for a ride
On his Harley Davidson and gave me his helmet
The way you always did.

He was awesome because he winked
At random girls and smiled at me
The way you always did.

He was awesome because he listened to the blues
The way you always did.

He was awesome because he reminded me of you.
Baby I think I still love you.



i finally feel ok with who i am

so yeah, i am awesome, and dont tell me otherwise.

Being confident and loving yourself in NO way means you are conseded. Always keep that in mind, you are awesome and so am I. Stay confident.

Apollo, Apollo
The God of poetry
I'd also like to learn archery
And a song or two
On the lyre from you

XD lawl...
HotSauceMcPoetry Sep 2015

Le Booty Quest

Glasses up, Hair down
Ass up, Face down
Ignore the sisters, I’m after the cousins
The catholic approved crevasse to bust in
I wouldn’t say im obsessed
But the booty demon has me possessed
I’d call you blessed, its what you guessed
I’m hard pressed to bend you east and get at the west
I’m on a booty quest with a lascivious request
to admire the caboose cleft
I can’t repent the intent of this unspent cement
But I’ll give up hemp for lent
Embark on a posterior pilgrimage of preposterous proportions,
Devoted to the search for thy voluminous bloons for which I swoon

Pamela Rae Nov 2014

Each time I find myself
on the brink of discovery
of self
I look around
and find that so too
I feel this awesome awareness
of all that is
of all that was
of all that will be--
and it almost takes my breath away.
For in the knowing
and in the learning
and in the discovery
there also is YOU.

Almost everyone
wants and needs and desires
someone to journey with
someone to explore
and someone to share and discover
the many adventures that await.

I am ever hopeful that you, my love
will continue this fantastic journey
of awesome awareness with me--
for what is to come
is going to be monumental and grand
and beyond our wildest imaginings of fun.

Just watch and see and be and do
and know. (Yes, KNOW)
that I am here enjoying this ride
and I love it that you are too.

Awesome Awareness.
Dare I say: "WOW!" ?

Brent Kincaid Apr 2015


Excited about our vacation
We knew it was going to cost some
But since it was to Hawaii
We were sure it would be awesome.

We went whale watching
And guess what, we saw some.
They were leaping up high
Out of the water, it was awesome.

The captain shared his tobacco.
I had always wanted to chaw some.
I hated the taste, but he didn’t.
He really believed it was awesome.

We went through a garden
And looked at each blossom.
They were beautiful to see
The colors were pretty awesome.

And the hospitality staff too,
We didn’t even have to boss ‘em.
They anticipated our wishes
They were all totally awesome.

We ended the trip with snacks
And we couldn’t wait to go nosh ‘em.
They call snacks pupus in Hawaii.
What can I say? Sort of awesome!

Brent Kincaid

Pamela Rae Mar 2014

I wish
I could always Bloom
for you--
I wish so much
that somehow
lives inside of ME
for YOU
would find a way
to solve
all the problems,
all the woes
all the cares
that cross
your path.
I would LOVE
being your bloom
of JOY
and finding some way
to ease
all that troubles you
to make the outside world
be always kind
and good
to you.

my love,
are a beautiful
and wondrous soul
who brings delight
and love and joy
into my heart
(all I need do is think of you)
So many smiles,
so much love,
so much gratitude
and boundless blessings
fill my life, my heart
because of YOU.

Thank you...
I wish
I could Always
for you
and make you smile
and KNOW
how very AWESOME
and how very LOVED
you truly are.

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