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Madelynn Nieves Jun 2017
I went from a lover to a liar in a heartbeat;
the flip of a switch as soon as I heard I could get what I'd been craving.

The jolt of electricity through your bloodstream, the feeling of being alive with your senses on fire, the ability to seem untouchable: superhero like even...

Almost nothing compares in that moment, but in the afterglow, when your cape begins to lose its wind and your heart starts to slow, nothing feels worse than pondering it's destined finale.

Discovering your conscience, all the while knowing that no matter how much you love someone, the poison always comes first.

It's a terrible reality, the ability to choose.

And I always choose wrong, down the path of the chemical adventure, knowing that at the end, I always inevitably fall off the cliff.

But it's an obsession: being on top of the world, and no matter how much time passes, or how far I think I've come, she always wins.

It's the slow onset, the clarity, the peaks where everything seems far better than it actually is, but now the dream is over.

I need to let it go or it will consume me; living in a false reality, locked in to my need for perfection.

She used to calm me and make me godlike, but now I've fallen from my pedestal and upon looking up, I see she turns me into the monster I've never wanted to be...

Hiding, in shame, from the soul I love the most. I wish I could tell her, divulge all of my secrets, but the fear of the disappointment on her face is too much for me to bare.

Because I know she could help me,
if I would just tell her the truth.
SoZaka Sep 2018
a dove in mid flight
    good ideas come to light
     as my head rests on the pillow
in the depths of a dream

a clear eyed mind
a window to look within
newly grown wings
and so better
a view from above
better to be aware of the world around you. Rather than lost in thought
aquis Sep 2018
be your own island
surrounded with salt water
tears of joy
and pain, too

for there’s both
and darkness
in this universe

in the hiding sun
and in the shining night

in the sea of dreams

and in the new moon
of awakenings

to become whole
you need both

and darkness
in this universe

in your island, too
This is one of the first poems I ever wrote - After discovering my passion for poetry during the days spent near the sea, under the sun, wind blowing through my hair - one of the happiest times of my life that I will never forget...

Nature has the power to change everything, to make us realize what we always had inside us , but forgot long ago. And just like nature, we all have light and darkness inside us, and that is what makes us whole...
Stephanie Oct 2018
It was in those days
That I left everything I knew
And it was in those days
Peering over the lake of volcanos
That I sensed my first
piece of

It was in those days that I
up the cobblestone hills
No longer accompanied by
family and friends of familiarity

I walked amidst the shadow
Of the universe
I relished it's companionship
It's introduction to the people and experiences
I was meant to encounter

When I was afraid
It pushed me further
Showed me a thing of beauty
Reminded me
What it was to
Truly exist

In those days my heart smiled
Through the loneliness
Through the unknown
Through the broken hearts of a
World forgotten
I saw beauty in the ruins
Felt my body resonate with the
deepest pulse of the universe
In those days
I felt whole
there was no poem neath my pillow

no poem on my tongue, none from eye envisionaries, no dew gift from my grassy emissaries, parting residue of an unknowable finger touch

nothing stirring, the mother muses mushing their shushing noises,
only breathy quietude, an airy surround sound tissue,
the cadence of intermingled hearts, the mother and the child

two awakenings, one instantaneous, the other restless unhurried slow, but within an impatience to intersect,
the overlap is love stars crossing,
impatience weaponized to make
momma aware her companions refreshed status,
a needy for love’s suckling,
embrace of fresh baked smiles from hot heartedly hearth furnaces

thus a-born a new poem, a welcomed well coming, in words,
the alliance of alliterated words from the interlacing of the mother’s chest heaving and the sniffling joy of a five year old boy reimagining the dreams that crossed from mother to son, and back again, requiring composition and joint authorship of them

the only and only true authentic authorship,
mother and child, their owned unique
duality of singularity
Jen May 3
Surface fades
To empty space
Day breaks
Slices of moonbeams--  in half
To Dissipate
Like unreal magic
Frost effaces
What is left
Without a trace
Night drifts away
Without saying
Left to dust
Sleeping, dreaming, discovering
Subconscious awakenings
They revisit whenever they want
You're never alone
Travis Green Jan 2
I can hear the waves yelling in
the horizon, deep tightened
syllables swirling into darkness,
flooded and drifting, blistered
and sunken in pain, the collapsed
closed conjunctions crushing into
jammed underground cells.  Down
by the beach house the strong breeze
blows through the cityscape, a
haunting existence surfacing
around the twirling trees and power
lines.  I can see the shadows of a
love I once knew hovering in the
somber space, the same chalky
taste, smashed eyes and cheeks
smelling of burning liquor and
dingy cigarettes.  And as I
gaze into the face of his crimson
cloaked continent, viscous verbs
swelling and exploding into chaotic
awakenings, there was a salty drunken
thought rumbling inside my brain,
reminding me that as much as I wanted
to escape, his damaged love still
haunts me everywhere I go.
SN Aug 2018
Lost on white streets
Hanging in between buildings and the eerie
Afternoon air that holds a promise of the gathering dark

The young eyes darting over the place
A growing mind that goes bump in the night
On unsteady legs watching meaning colour beside the lines

Then a flash of lightning sets off a schism
A slash, division down to the deep middle
Pilot light blinking as it drifts of into neural space

Left to grow stunted in isolation
Animal protocol takes over
Unusual growth detected, quarantine affected parts

Discontinuing memory lines 0 to 13
Incoming sensory override
Reboot soul system

Initiating memory dump
Re-awakening neural connections
Re-routing discontinued channels



Systems online
Current memory line: 29
Review memory dump?



— The End —