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lmbf Jul 2018
Her touch is warm like a fuzzy blanket. She wraps one around in the cadence of her voice; it's like an old song one had forgotten about, quietly humming in the foreground. Her smile beckons, both as a siren and as an old lover. One listens to her speak and wonders about all the galaxies whirring around in her mind.

And when I look at the curve of her spine and the ***** of her chest, for the first time it makes me want to explore that place. It is the sacred place where kings and queens are written into existence, where love and pleasure and sometimes even pain collide with an unending force. I wonder what she could do to take me there. And I think of what I could do to make her escape this broken universe with me, if only for a few moments.
// Summer Freewrite Sessions 2018
Alyssa Underwood Feb 2016
Awakening will find me
through the daily mundane
faith's step in front of tiny step
for the sake of Christ's great name
Even David the brave did not set out
with a lofty ambition to see the giant slain
but walked forth instead with a servant's heart
obediently for his father, carrying cheese and grain
and as he went in faithfulness about this simple errand
God raised him up with sling and stone to champion His fame
*Inspired by this morning's sermon from Doug Rutt
Cné Feb 2018
What's gone has made me what I am
So I shall not fear what's ahead
But put trust in what will be, will be
And choose to live instead

I refuse to live in the now, worrying
What may or may not be
But take this moment in time
And live it totally

There's no time like the present
To breathe deep and feel alive
Living in the here and now
In each moment as I rise and thrive

Now is all there ever is
It's the only time that's real
So as the future takes its course
I’ll leave the past to heal
Cné Jun 2018
Eyes speak of
Impulsive thoughts.
Combine together
As one, our lust and love.
I hear my name unspoken
In your warm unwavering gaze.
Pressing kisses taste of surging need;
Awakening wild passion within me.
Etheree, consists of 10 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 syllables. Etheree can also be reversed and written 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Hadiy Syakir Nov 2017
So you want
to solve a mystery?
tell me, tell me
with all honesty

"Do you want to solve a mystery?"

I could tell you all the pain
darkness, sorrow, eruption
of eternal gloom
but we will become
nothing less than just
dust in this room
our souls will collide
as if there is no end to it
our bones will crumble
one by one,
shoulder to waist
waist to toe
oh, this is all just for a show!

the suffering, the awakening
give me a run for the money
rain on my parade
I know nothing but
we are all slowly sinking.

Mystery, mystery
what good will that bring?

So if I ask you,

"Do you still want to solve a mystery?"

What will you pry
out of your lovely cemetery?
zuMee May 12
Last night
I dreamed
I woke up
from this one
Cné Apr 2016
The truth is ...
Life is perfect,
With no problems that conflict.
Though naturally, improvements take effect.

The truth is ...
Nothing needs to be different,
Although everything in moment
Constantly changes and becomes different.

The truth is ...
Nothing is lacking in me.
Every moment is as it should be.
Evolving into what I am, paradoxically.

The truth is...
My life is fragile,
As my body a mere vessel.
Although, I am eternal,
Divine consciousness in spirit.
Although, I am not always aware of it.

The truth is ...
My nature is goodness.
Although that is not always my experience.
God made me always lovable.
These truths are immutable.
jane taylor Oct 2016
as you awaken
from deepest slumber
as amber dawn
opens your eyes
with whispers of lavender
remember the sweeping stillness
allow it
to continually cascade
washing you
with hints
of autumn’s rising sun

i place many of my poems over my photography
to see the poem/pic combo go to
jane taylor May 2016
in the heart
of the night
a slice of moonlight

i rouse
its mesmerizing lure
gently stirs
a hazy

from shadows i emerge
hearkening its echo
you’re dreaming

its shimmering light
engulfed me
prying open my stubborn eyes
in the onyx

its silver glow
enticed me outside
i stood silent
whilst glistening dewdrops
danced on my toes

a sterling lunar crescent
enlightening midnight

wake up
life’s a trance

in an ocean of emptiness
i heard
a celestial orb
and ne’er slept again

jane taylor Jun 2016
waves of peace

flow gently over me

and fill me

ground to dust

then born anew

life glistens

Aharon El Dec 2015
The time has come for the chidren of Israel to awaken
We are living in the written times of the End

Though I may not know where this life will lead me,
I know that Allah has a place for me in Her kingdom

Wake up, children of Israel.
You ought to know where you come from
Qweyku Oct 2018
in sleep i saw something
beautiful in your eyes

no doubt you have regenerated
my awakening

                    © Qwey.ku
Sometimes I write what I see within the night
Hayley May 2016
There's an apocalypse coming
And we get to choose which kind
Just listen to the meanings and open your mind
One means revealing
One means demise
Are we gonna keep stealing
Or are we going to open our eyes
We're killing the earth inside and out
Instead of trusting our hearts, we are living in doubt
We can love each other and change the path of the planet
We need to grow our own food, raw and organic
We can't just manufacture everything, process, and can it
Stop the GMOs, pesticides, and factory farming
What it's doing to the planet is absolutely alarming
They create lakes of blood and an earth of toxins
If you read the clock then
You'll see that it's time to change, this isn't how it's supposed to be
We should be living together in a sustainable community
One that helps, nurtures, and loves
One that plants trees and gardens and shrubs
It's time to bring about our utopia of the future
We need to get rid of the lies, the hate, and the torture
Wars, jealousy, and competition have to end
It's time for us to forgive, it's time to transcend
To our new world, our kingdom of heaven
Just read your clock its 11:11
tinhearts Aug 2018
In retrospect of the day
The sun did arise
Thunderstorms stray
Finding this little Light despised

In the balance of the temple
To be elect and precious
Freely given to Light up the soul
Does this elate truth or religious

Nobody listens to fruition’s
Spoken through insight
Clearly spoken in Wisdom
Unjustly is darkness’s right

Speaking in tongues
“The breath in our nostrils is smoke
Speech a spark
to move
our heart
Let us crown ourselves with roses
Before they are withered
Let no meadow escape our riot”

Clever how death covets its prey
Words spat
Dispirited wafts of wind play
Blowing favoritism in chitchat

“For we are born of nothing
After this we shall be as if
we had not been
for the breath in our nostrils is smoke consuming”
.....words devoured to move our heart’s whim

“Why is light given to him who is in misery
......and life to the bitter in soul?”

God is not a respecter of persons
I Will have mercy on whom I choose to have mercy
Do you have to be knocked off your high horse on the way to Damascus
Blinded by the Light personally

Praying on a street called straight
Guidance in your darkened state
To realize natural man is blinded to Heavenly Estates

No natural eye can partake
Of the treasury
Only in Christ does He open the floodgate
No imagination can fathom a Higher Memory

Satan’s so subtle keeping the whole world in the dark
People pumped up with pride
Never humbled enough to hear Hark!
While death overrides

Jesus said,”Your poor, blind and naked”
Throwing pearls before swine is useless
Lord allow the souls to be awakened
Before Satan demands his recompense

On your deathbed
Do you have any requests?
Will your pride comfort you instead
Or are you ready for repentance

“By the envy of the devil, death came into the world
And they follow him that are of his side”

How does a man swallow his pride?
Lord, please open up their eyes
to realize
Forgiveness is a gift of Life inside
Can you bare to accept the compromise

“These things they thought and were deceived for their own malice blinded them”

Bowing my head
In retrospect of the Day
Silence beheaded
Ignorance passes  away

Fate is a rude awakening
Giving alms to subside
Death waits undertaking
Last breaths of souls that die


“It is in Light that Light exists “
The unfolding of your words gives light
GraciexJones Sep 2018
A journey of uncertainly,
To-and-fro through star-crossed events,
She grasps onto her faith,
In this world of hurt,
To make her feel safe and heard,
She prays to the man in the sky,
Who disguises himself as the shining stars,
He is full of light and beacons of hope,
Beaming and shining throughout the night,

Ceaseless prays whispering through the air,
Drifting under the gleaming moon,
A glory rain begins to pour,
She feels his words start to fall,

She held in respect,
The words that he said,
Wrapped in the warmth,
A glisten of promise,

He made her realize she can’t have it all,
But she can be brave and faithful,
For the people she adores,
To provide a helping hand,
For the friends and family,
Who need the love and care the most
Val Vik Mar 29
I deeply care for you, even
with the scarring pain...

with your hypocrisy,
unnecessary outbursts,
sullen moods...

Please forgive me for my anger
I still love you most
midnight whispers, tears, and soul consciousness

*Anger don't mix well with love, either you forgive or forgive and let them go. Some people need to accept an apology they will never get, or it will slowly diminish the light inside them.
Arianna Apr 16
"Lava consumes the city
with incendiary kisses,
toppling the wooden bones of a thousand-plus-year life affair.

Somewhere behind
we join hands, and
I realize
just how lucky I am
to have met with a lionheart so pure.

A notion strikes
of heartache
as a symptom of needed healing.

My heart seethes, primordial and volcanic,
at your words of hope for a better world
waltzing 'round an axis of Love.

This, your vision, resounds through caverns,
echoing back with a certain despair
I didn't realize lay waiting there,
feasting on hollow magnolia trees...

Incendiary kisses,
swaying down the street:
     a fire-breathing,

Fear manifests fury
at hopelessness,
whispers foreboding
at Time slipping through sand,
and the possibility that the magma
oozing towards us
might petrify you
just as it has done me."
a.k.a. "A Little Love Letter"

Still, the skin remains rosy and soft beneath igneous scales. :-)
FreyaXO Feb 18
Walk with confidence.
Keep your head held high.
The hate in your heart
Is all based on a lie.

You’re not like them, my love.
One day you will see.
The pain in your past is a gift.
It will set you free.

Use it to speak your truth unapologetically.
To those who manipulate you.
Use your intuition.
You know what to do.

Teach them how to treat you.
Don’t take their crap.
They will learn the hard way.
When they poke the beast
They are sure to snap the trap.

Bite them with your words.
Bring them to their knees.
Make them beg for forgiveness.
Do it for yourself.
And walk away with ease.

Leave them speechless,
Their jaws on the floor.
Spit the truth like daggers.
Cut them to the core.

Watch them stare in disbelief,
As your inner goddess shines through.
This is your awakening.
You are born anew.

Leave them in your dust.
No apologies, no regrets.
Start living for you.
And see how good your life gets.

No one can tell who you are.
But one thing is for sure.
You are a beautiful goddess.
A warrior to the core.

You have overcome so much;
More than you know.
Those who once doubted you are your haters now.
Shake that ***** as you go.

They love to hate you.
Hate to love.
Let them talk mess.
Spread your wings and rise above.

Achieve your goals and dreams.
Let nothing hold you back.
Where you once were a follower,
You are now the leader of the pack.

The world is yours,
The moon and stars too.
When you can’t see the light,
Remember, I believe in you.
Dr Peter Lim Oct 2018
Brushing off
not others
but my old self
my true calling
I found
how my past
did confound
in ignorance
and futility-
the next chapter
would just be:
no strife
nor contention
but life
stripped of
its artificialities
and false images-

why hang up
a mirror
(so well-kept
polished and precious)
yourself to admire?
smash it
you aren't a little child!

ah, what dross
that needs to be separated
from the grain!
self and self-occupation
is the most grievous pain-

cast away your books
leave your study-room
remove your sun-glasses
sweep away the dust
with a self-made humble broom
forget your Visa or Master-Card
(do you really need such?)
a cup of coffee
or a piece of bread
it doesn't cost much--

throw away
your pack of ***
(smoking causes cancer
it's really bad)
don't get drunk
just because
you are sad
you are still alive
be glad-

ride your old bike
it's dusty in the shed
it will bring back readily
happy memories
of growing-up years
when life was never frets or tears

do without
your mobile phone
the Frankenstein that plagues
and would never leave you alone-

go out there--it's spring!
in the glorious green
flowers are bursting
more alluring and enticing
than a Renoir or Monet's painting
the birds are chanting
the trees are dancing
birds are at full-throated singing
gentle breezes are caressing
lovers at the quiet corner are kissing
old couples hand-in-hand
they are walking and talking
in the park as the sun is shining
children are one another chasing
while their mothers are watching
the world seems well and thriving
and nothing seems wanting--

there I am
by the tranquil stream
not thinking
not contemplating
not reminiscing
an experience
in a half-dream
as though
in the cosmic scheme
of things
I have come
to my own being-
my awakening.
* amended a bit
My eyes   flutter
Flicker over a lack of sleep
My muscles ache with grief
I toss turn
To the left
And too the right.
I batter the pillows with my fists
My brain is on a all night high.
I can't win this restless flight.
The clock ticks on
Soon the birds will chirp with song.
I won't appreciate them
Because of the lack of sleep.
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