Avantika Singhal Oct 2015
There's a virulent disease
inside him. It pervades every
where. It invades him. The
toxic cells exist in every nook
and crevice. He starts wondering
whether his soul and body will
suffice and live through the
brutal treatments that await.
Radiotherapy or chemo. A
part of himself could be lost in the
pomposity and elaborateness
of the machines used to do so.
He lies on the bed, surrounded
by the ostensibly loved ones
who mourn now and who hated
him once. He looks back at
his life and feels that getting
back to his healthy, strong self
is a chimera. Days pass and his
bed is his sanctuary. The reports
from the doctors arrive and he is
all but stationary. He finds the
concept of reports funny. They
determine life and death in a
second and after that, life could
be jubilant or miry with hopelessness.
The reports clearly indicate that
"cancer was not detected". He
scoffs at the elaborate medical
language and sits back and
relaxes, concluding his close
call with death and an emotional mess.
Not letting the intimidation and
sinister nature of the diseases get to him.
I see the sun falling down.
It reminds me of you now.
Of me and you.

Always far apart.
Trying to find your heart.
We chase each other, endlessly.
Still, you are always out of reach.

I see you.
I know you see me.
And yet our fingers don't intertwine.
Yet my hands aren't around you till we die...

Oh how beautiful are those times!
When you were in front of me.
The distance between us dwindled.
The time when you were in front of me.
When you were away from that Earth of yours.

But soon after, you leave again.
Pulled by the centre of gravity again.
We had time to spare.
But it seems that fate didn't care.

Still today we run and run.
Chasing each other's heart.
I await for a day...where I can finally meet you at the same side of the Earth.
Where finally we could see face to face.
Where we can be together forever,
to never leave again...
Brother and sister maybe, who has been apart for a long time and only meet once in a long while.
The problems of life are near, disguised in every tear
How I long to overcome, this emptiness of fear
All the problems get in my way,
And sometimes I wonder, how will I go through the day?

When I was down, discouraged and weak,
He spoke to me, tenderly and sweet,
"Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid;
For I am with you, even as the trials await."

When the problems got so great,
When I could barely face the day,
I felt His comforting presence around me,
As I heard Him lovingly say,
"Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid;
For the peace I leave with you, no one can take away."

Inspiration: John 14:27
Written on 1/6/18
God's always there with us, giving us strength and protecting us. Pray to Him for His wisdom and strength, be it in school, at work, or help with relationships! Amen
Written by: Chloe Keane Sapphire Lim
©2018 All rights reserved
Blistering thunder
Cracking asunder
Craters form
High ground being torn
Its ledges are sharp
Concealed in the dark
The rain blows in gales
—ancient prophecy hails

Blistering thunder
Fate pulls you under
Vows you made
Point straight to your grave
Death’s legions await
You fall through its gate
Your last moment burned
—no more chances to learn

(Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2018)
Ferns 1d
The pile of books
The array of papers
They long-await
that ink will pour
on their vacuous
void of emptiness
For the deadline
draws near
Yet I'm still here
Sitting on my windowsill
Lackadaisically waiting
Certainly expecting
For water to descend
From the firmament
surrounded by dullness
where no clouds
are yet to be seen
/              sohn! sie sind alle (ich) sehen!
   die nacht!
     ­                     die kerze!
                        mein licht!
                                      mein gebet!
          mein alle!
             da pacem domine:
is all that i could
                                   ever have!
              not this...
              as your mother called:
pitiable refrains of
a boy, that could not
fathom man....
                so let the world...
          and set a blind eye
to "mind" the future...
              i kneel,
     serve a prayer...
                  and await the churn...
let your shadow move
as my body once did...

   and all..
                         das haben
                              zu verwelken

   bruder schütz's murder in 2005,
the founder of taizé!
               aren't we all?

         at this point:
  it doesn't really matter -
   war, peace,
        peace, war...
                                 just do
justice to the guillotine,
  and still the gallows will be halved,
by the sparrows singing;

and then, i will hang.
LB 4d
Can I tell you how seriously I take this poem!
Could the sun be
    a hole up there—
    that if I could leap
    would enter that breach of light

   Throw me a line!
   Give me a reason
   There’s never enough
   in this life of breathing!

   Explain why dreams roll a soul
   toward the cliffs of day
   Wakes to ache
   then stuffs its mouth
   with necessary same
   button shirt—brush hair
   necessary glance in the mirror
   (yes, still there)    

A lifetime!
   in a shallow instant’s stiff clear water
   (Yeah— still there)  
   in endless caverns of tired eyes
   above mouth still trying
   to say SOMETHING!  
   from ever smaller eternities
   in the glass-flat empty....

Please! Someone explain!
   this draw of breath
   one forcing itself upon another's
   of beating —
   Violence in my chest!

Why hearts don’t sleep—

and I wind up watching
again and again—till
I am the voyeur...

...Morning lies
   in the mists of a humid whore
   who moans and sweats
   and boils her hips—
   and I wind up watching!?

“Will someone please…!"

   ...and I wind up watching
   bedspread, bed sore, death bed
   till you’re breathing easy
   when she sits and picks
   her collapsed bouffant
   damning the makeup
   that got crushed in the sheets


   with no expectancy
   both tired of knowing...

   ...The Devil lost his balance
   in my presence one night

...tired of knowing—


  ...walk away
   or continue to play

   I could open this screen!
   watch the world STEP BACK!
                                 SLAP FLAT!
   as trees and dwellings flush like quail
   to prop their tottering panic
   against the blue—

You—assume composure...
   compose assumptions
   Await my next—

Move like a spy


Take careful note:  

Why I don’t play chess or any other game
for that matter.
“...and when you're really out there
the windows all have opened onto nothing...
Death having long since-- left the scene.
When you get really out there
it's all--
and nothing…”
I think the flies are wising up...for now at least
My web has become lighter in the past couple days
Boredom sets in so i decide to venture back up to the cabin
As i peer through the vent i notice its quiet and empty so maybe its safe to go out and see what new surprises await
I feel a bit anxious today
I think it was that noxious smoke that i inhaled into my tiny lungs
It was so strong and burned my throat but for some strange reason i seem to want to expierence it again
The cabin is hot from the sun glaring through the glass
I wish she would leave her windows cracked when she got out
I know that would attract so many more flies and my feast would be plentiful
I crawl down to the seat and find these hairs everywhere
They are short but thick and coarse
Little coins set burning in the pockets of the seat and i avoid them so my little legs dont burn
I find a few bugs and chow down
What a great find!
As i decide to head back into my hole i hear a rattling and the door opens!
Im trapped!
My human slides in and sits down and puts her key into the hole next to that large wheel and the roar im so used to hearing sounds alot quieter back here
I guess i will just hide down here between the cushion until this ride is over or until she sees me
I know this seems childish and silly but it makes me feel good to play with stories.
Heart beats went slow
Tough days await ,because you never show
Yes, I know I told you to go away
But didn't you tell me that you will never let go long felt too long ...
Yet, those memories I live by are never gone.

— The End —