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kirk Oct 2018
To impregnate a women, you have to feel the horn
Being soft is not much good, or if your ***** is worn
Many men they want a ****, but don't want babies born
It's best to avoid men like Boyd, because he's low on corn

If you have unprotected ***, and your cocktails on the prawn
Then pregnancy is immanent, unless a line is drawn
Wearing a sheaf is sensible, that's if it isn't torn
Make sure your rubbers in one piece, or watch some ******* ****

****** stimulation can be achieved, when there is a certain need
You soon had some excuses, when your rubber tore at speed
There's no need to lie, because it's just for your own greed
Suddenly your low on ***** after you had your ****** feed

You didn't mind your pleasure, when you layed and did the deed
Some consequences matter, when you know where things may lead
No mention of low ***** counts, you came and spread your seed
Pregnancies have happened, because low ***** counts can still breed

Hay now Boyd I wonder how, your ***** count is so low ?
It seems to me your capable, but you don't want to know
If you can break a ******, then it just goes to show
The only thing you can count, is a free cash money flow

Counting *****'s not easy, was it sitting in a row
Low ***** count is an excuse, for just another ***
Responsibility is not your thing, you want to ***** and go
You don't care you've had your ***, instead of going slow

Avoid Boyd because I think, his low count is a lie
It can get through rubber sheafs, and it doesn't even try
Destroying morning after pills, it looks like his counts sky high
His Low count cant be so low, to kiss pregnancy goodbye

He's implied the kids not his, its enough to make you cry
It didn't bother him before, when he layed in the pie
Now that pregnancies occurred, he's now done up his fly
Suddenly his ***** is low, and that's the reason why

Isn't Boyd just a boy, but with an added D
The laziness of proper names, at least to a degree
What's his parent's thinking of, are they completely of their tree
What's wrong with naming a boy, ben or pete or lee

Is it a bit like catchphrase, where you say what you see
Was there born a baby boy, holding brook bond tea
I don't think Boyd is a real name, but you may disagree
A better name I could supply, and I wouldn't charge a fee

Poor old Boyd his ***** is low, they must be quite annoyed
Their waiting for orders to go, but now there unemployed
Most of them are killed off, and the rest just get destroyed
Not one of those *****'s hanging high, unlike Harold Lloyd

He's claiming that his count is low, he must be paranoid
******* that rips rubber, that's some ***** you should avoid
Combating morning after pills, once his ***** has been deployed
If you value your own dignity, for **** sake avoid Boyd
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
I can say I'm sorry
But the truth is that I'm not
When things get dark and starry
You think about what you've got
I've got a lot to love
And a lot left to do
But I've had enough
I just fell out of love with you

When it all got started
I was happy and I was sure
But things fall apart
Things fluctuate and blur
I don't have a reason
And I don't have to explain
I can try to help you
But I don't care about the pain

Have you seen me since?
In a dream or on the street?
And by coincidence
You found someone to meet
I hope it's all good for now
Maybe you'll hate me less and less
And you'll understand somehow
How I avoided a bigger mess
MJL Mar 2
A stiff in the corner
A stiff in a pew
Watch the parade
Formality on cue

A choreographed dance
From station to station
First to the church
Then dirt destination

Like hospital corners
Clean little lines
Sanitized process
Dressed to the nines

Death can rub off
As every ghost knows
A sickness to catch
It seeps in your clothes

Orderly duty
Sterilizing the end
Except for our thoughts
Would never offend

The cliquing and pooling
People masking their eyes
The family alone
Will look to the cries

A lifetime of sharing
With nothing to say
Thoughts sprint to the bar
To silently pray

Bagpipes have started
It’s time to decide
Pay some respects
Or silently hide

Weak at the wall
Will flies to the door
Avoids every handshake
Just looks at the floor          

Dotting the “i”
Think neat tidy passing
A check box is ticked
Life’s not very lasting

A stiff well-dressed drink
A stiff well-dressed friend
Worth more than a nod
On cowards choice wend

© 2019 MJL
I should have said something, said the Irishman.
Inside out May 2014
Nosey people annoy me
Pompous people bore me,
Pretentious people irritate me
Whilst drunk people irrigate me.
Opinionated people grate me,
Cheating people forsake me.
Sly people irk me
Lazy people shirk me.
Judgemental people cast me,
Bigoted people blast me.
Most people avoid me!
We all judge each other
Tomorrow never comes
Today is always yesterday
Time is forever on the run
Becoming lost; Wasting away

Surrounded by the void
But darkness not why I am rattled
From this question, can't avoid
Do I belong amongst the shadows?

Back and forward I will peer
While staying blind to what's ahead
I am engulfed and filled with fear
Unsure what's real or in my head
Written: June 10, 2018

All rights reserved.
L B Jul 2018
I cannot pick a color
I love more
Each is thrilling
and some seem
the breath of life to all the rest
I loved my crayons
They became my escape
from misery
the contrast to any given day at school

Any excuse to use them all
or just one
to avoid that lowest reading group
the monstrosities of math
If I couldn't sing it
there were no letters in the alphabet
I could not tell you A from Z

But you see--
That day was
That was all that mattered
I loved its richness and its depth
its mystery
its royalty
King Midas would have liked it, I was sure
almost a religion
Vestments of the priest
in the times of expectation
It is the explanation for

the last of day

As a five-year-old
I drew my love for purple
and outside all the lines-- off onto the desk
I was so proud!

Miss Platt, so horrified

What is it
I was trying to do?

I didn't know....

I was suddenly ashamed
and frightened too
This may have been the first time I actually touched down in reality.  Been trying to take off again ever since.

The religious times of expectation were Advent for Christmas and Lent for Easter.
Sketcher Dec 2018
Frightful ******* aching feeling,
Fleetly filling till' it's full,
Soon to smack the central ceiling,
When she pushes, then I will pull,
Pull her right back into my arms,
That is right where she's meant to be,
Metaphorically, so no harm,
Will ever come to her or me,
Avoidance will heal,
Getting closer helps,
Avoidance will hurt,
Getting closer pains,
Duality exists,
And life persists,
Always a good side and a bad side,
And life goes, so live, I insist.
Rae Jan 31
Suspended, intoxicated,
Their faces spell out a word I can’t read
But I hear them, I hear them
And I let their ringing voices, their systematic joy
Lull me into another daydream.

They infect me, slowly,
Molten lava flowing to a standstill.

Have you ever seen hardened lava?
It’s dark, expansive, a plowed field ripe for sowing.
But it’s sharp, did you know?
It’s glass, obsidian razor blades that tear at your skin
Not only sharp, but silent, too-
You look down, and you’ve lost a finger.

You lose the point of your cheek
The slump of a shoulder.
Before you know it,
You lie there, disconnected pieces bloodied and pale,
In a field of expansive black.

I am shredded, pulverized
The words batter at me, hail and rain on a bowing windshield.
Between the crack of my lips
And the rats nest pressed to my faded walls
Is a numbed mass of slush
Protected by a barbed wire fence.

Sleeping Beauty’s castle in a wall of thorns-
But to keep out, or to keep in?
Protected, or jailed?
I slumber, curled and warm,
A feather to blow, a dandelion to destroy.

When the prince comes calling
When the clock strikes midnight
When they ask me to spin straw into gold
I swallow another pill.
I drift into another night of distraction, of
Reaching hands and wax lips that melt
A rainbow of crayons onto my lap-
Anything to avoid tomorrow,
Avoid the fists and knuckles of responsibilities
That press, suspended against my throbbing temples.
For Beauty's Maiden Name he can Compose
And hope that your Legacy will ever Live
This Shimmering Petal which he dares Un-Fold
Will by Clock's End endear with your Harmony.
Why in the Fifth Summer Month we Praise the Womb
Responsible for the Songs we hear Today
Whilst the Toll's Hand turns from Cradle to Tomb
Your Best Song can chant the Goblins away
And perhaps if I try to Improve my Lot
Then avoid the ****** Record of Defeat
He is your Story; This I almost Forgot
And the Name once-spoken will again Repeat.
With this I Commit, Beauty's Maiden Name
Your Feathers un-changing; Your Spirit Remain.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
v V v Jul 2012
If I were only me I would drive to San Francisco
and jump off the big orange bridge.

I might do it if I knew it
wouldn’t hurt them,
but I can't because it would
so I keep fighting all
this **** that haunts me.

I have eleven reasons not to do it,
eleven people I will not name,
eleven reasons

not to hit the water at 86 mph,
eleven reasons to avoid massive internal bleeding,
to avoid broken ribs and punctured lungs,
to avoid …telescoping fractures……
asphyxiation by blood and……
….telescoping fractures……..
Eleven reasons to avoid 4 seconds
of second guessing.....and telescoping fractures…..
Eleven reasons…… …....................OK twelve.
Eleven people in my life I couldn’t do it to.
Twelve including me because I know I won’t like
the sound of what it might sound like,
the difference in my mind between the sound
of fractures and the sound of telescoping fractures,
a terrifying sound, enough to keep me away from
San Francisco, not to mention the big orange bridge.

I lie awake at night with numbers racing around inside
my head, 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour,
4 seconds from rail to water, 220 feet to fall,
24 hours in a day, 86 miles per hour at impact.

I keep counting and sleeping fitful frightening sleep,
endure nightmares of falling, flying off the big orange bridge,
reaching upward, the bridge getting smaller and smaller,

and every morning I wake before impact still a martyr

for all of us.
So often we associate love directly with pain.
We accuse it of causing us

Irrationally deciding
To never engage
With another being
On this deeper level again.
We must avoid such harm.

But wait—
Is this merely a way
To justify the ways in which
We allow our feelings to hold the power?
Consume us
Confuse us and
Take complete control?

Strip down your hurt
Your anger and
Your bitterness.  
You may see clearer
It is not the presence of love that is hurtful.

The absence of love
The loss of love
The misidentification of love
Igniting these feelings within.

Truth is,
When love is open
Pure and
It is truly an invaluable treasure.
I need you, I want you, I love you
Now & forever
Can't live without you
Never wanna be alone again
Havin' you, as mine, to love
Is like a precious gift
You're all I think of
Day & night
I wanna be yours
Today, tomorrow, forever
But at times, it feels as if
You're slowly slippin' away
You're not helpin' to avoid it
Everytime it breaks my heart
And yet, you say, there's nothin'
I can do about it
Often I'm in dreamland
and I can see our life together
I wanna grow old with you
Can't bear the thought of
Not bein' with you
Baby, I need you... (Need you)
Baby, I want you... (Want you)
Baby, I love you... (Love you)
But at times, it feels as if
You're slowly slippin' away
You're not helpin' to avoid it
Everytime it breaks my heart
And yet, you say, there's nothin'
I can do about it
You've made me feel whole
Once again
We have such a strong connection;
You & I
I believe two people can
'Fall in love, at first sight'
Because that's what I've done with you
my heart was empty
'Til I met you
I had been missin'
The other half of me
And now... I feel complete
But at times, it feels as if
You're slowly slippin' away
You're not helpin' to avoid it
Everytime it breaks my heart
And yet, you say, there's nothin'
(Nothin', nothin')
I can do about it
So Baby, I'm gonna need you
(Need you)
Baby, I'm gonna want you
(Want you)
Baby, I'm gonna love you
(Love you)
Now & forever, now & forever
Now & forever, now & forever
(Now & forever)

Copyright;  Sabrina Denise Healey,
Truth a Stinging Bee Compassion promotes
Was ever by Chance I try to Avoid
But asking for such from your direct Mote
Was in fact Soothing as much as a Toy
Shelled? Yes as far as I have just observed
Those charmed Somniloquies your Voice expressed
In Art, why not? Mosaics are much conserved
Though tiled in Paradise of Colours concessed
Calming this haply your Passion consumes
Amongst Events the Water soothes and calms
Direct Object Happy; Go put out the Fumes
Which blinds Good Fish spitting Coins for their Alms.
Still this Summary chose you for your Grace
For me, next Spell, will adapt to your Face.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
Go ignore yourself, go be someone else,
Say it’s all okay, smile another day.
smile, inside you’re crying,
Laugh, inside you’re dying.
Say it’s just a moment, it’ll go in a minute,
hide away your feelings, bottle all emotions.
You keep hearing questions, questions you can’t answer,
You don’t know the answers, growing sick and tired.

Go ignore your friends, possibly the best,
watch em walk away, from this utter fake,
Doesn’t know themselves, doesn’t know what to say.
Smile, there’s no tomorrow,
laugh, there’s no today.
They don’t know you, darling like I do.
Ignore the silent voices, mute yourself you’re silent,
watch as you scream and shout, look there’s not a sound.

Go ignore you’re family, they don’t mean a thing,
No it’s all ok,  they‘re just everything to you.
Go avoid your father,
just cause he will hate you, if he only knew,
who you are today, such a disappointment,
Bad taste , bad excuses, god you’re really hopeless.
Go avoid your mother,
Yes avoid her questions, go ahead keep you’re distance,
Watch her sit in silence, watch it you’ll lose her too.

The world still turns and turns,
the worlds still in its orbit.
We’ve got a billion thounsand heads,
millions loosing their sleep.
And a billion thousand hearts,
millions of them hurting.
I am only one,
in billion thousand souls,
So insignificant,
So irrelevant.
Mohamed Nasir Jul 2018
To ill is scourge hazard of modern man;
The way of life which tricked you leaves you weak.
Before it pounced, prevent you must! You can,
Your visions blur, your limbs cut, your times bleak.
Avoid refined sweetness pure, you should know,
The more you love to eat the more you crave;
Your sweet tongue urged pleasures deals a cruel blow,
The more you indulge, closer be your grave.
This sickness gradual erosion of health,
Like shrinking pools merciless sun would drain.
A diabetic's woe: no amount of wealth,
Could stop the vines that binds and break the chain.
Without remedy and won't heal for good,
So sweat, please monitor intake of food.
Gemma Apr 2018
The thing is
I think if you're not thinking positively you aren't really thinking at all
you've already decided-
Your chose from that point forward is whether you let it free or choose to hide it
If you aren't looking for happiness are you ever gonna find it ?
You'd rather be lost in a moment than feel joy that is totally timeless.
The thing is
you aren't self absorbed but you definitely aren't selfless ,
you inflict pain open yourself then avoid help because you convince yourself that you are helpless.
The thing is
you are not mendable
since you are not broken,
I know it , you've shown it
Through all those genuine smiles but your happiness, you let go of it.
Next time it springs back remember to keep hold of it
The ones you love can't watch you suffer again
And if the self hatred returns I don't think you'll be able to cope with it in the end .
laura Jul 2018
America, she bleeds for a full week
fireworks, freedom, long sighs and holy nights
spend days with the couchless and meek
then light one up, sink between in her thick thighs

underage trickery, plastic cards
and daddies to sneak in clubs
lauv on the radio and fake love throbbing hard
forget ancient grudges, clean cars with new suds

party again, launching fire in the sky
avoid the cops and pray salvation
don't come around too soon, twilight and the sea
bug guts on my screen, drinking, repeat until the sun's return
This Heart of Life will always be Content
Avoid Dependents; And it would Respond
And who would a Poet's Charge to Comment
When all it could do is a sever a Bond?
This Lousy but Coveted Chain; Worn out by Claws
Whose Beast left unknown save only a scratch
My Heart's own Mystery untested by Flaws
Yet none but your Face can equally match.
Am I yet a Wing? That I need the Other to fly
For Icarus did in his Ignorance fail
So if Feathers can fall, how much more a Lie
When the Sun's Tongue hung my Deeds with a Nail?
How can I fill my Flight if this I Live
Unsettled by Claws, unwilling to Forgive?
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
Luz Hanaii Jul 2018
Changing our circle is helpful to advance.
Most avoid the naked truth, but dress it up.
They tell us what we like to hear.
"There, there..., you are so wonderful..."  
"Why, thank you!, so are you!"
We resort to ego stroking
We fib and stretch veracity
therefore we stagnate.

Sometimes life will push and kick us in the rear
specially if we're too comfortable,
that we may learn and grow.
jlf Mar 2017
there are things
i should burn for
but i won't
there are things
i should burn
but i don't
burn for you
i still burn for you
when i drink i still drink
but only in fiction
i try my best
to avoid looking at
pianists guitarists and singers they don't upset me
but i guess their art is too honest
for who i am
as it should be
i will never
understood anything done
for me out of love
me i
shouldn't be alive
last november i kicked
my friend in the face while
he tried to save my life
i'd forgotten about it and so
when he visited me
in hospital the next day
i asked about the bruise
above his eye
he looked at me real
funny and told
me he ran into a tree
Kim McCarthy Apr 2013
Stress will always be there
It's a common fact of life
Only focus on the important few
Like The Job, The Kids, The Wife

Avoid all insanity & madness
Ensure that it's made clear
You'll have no part of the drama
We find mixed in here and there

Although one can't avoid it all
One also doesn't have to get involved
Just remove yourself from the situation
And don't return until it's solved

You can not lie to yourself
Just like you can't make others see
As long as you know who you are
Who gives a (bleep) if all agree

Remember your freedom of choice
And that it's ultimately up to you
Some things may be worth the effort
If not, move onto something new

Weigh out the pros and cons
At times the cons just weigh alot
Allow yourself to walk away
Without guilt or second thought
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