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SJG Feb 24
Don't let them see you shine tonight.
Don't let them needle their bland ray of auctioned sunlight.
Don't hand them the killing floor, alright?
Don't make a sound.
Don't sing your spirit so high,

And flying.

God is an emergency anchor.
God sits at the end of a frayed telephone wire.
God is the fury and the cancer.
God awaits your love.
God waits a long time.
God knows the truth.
God wants us all to be right.
God says you're free tonight.
God sees you're trying.
God sees you try a thousand more times.

God is your darling aviator.
God is the simple pure pilot.
God knows how to fly.
God is your secret benefactor.

God likes your antiquity.
God doesn't want you to die.
God likes your friends.
God likes your enemies.
And God hopes you all play nice.

— The End —