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Lizzy Apr 2014
when my hands turn to claws
and my eyes burn red
i sometimes cant hold back
the things that i have said

the fear of unrequited love
of losing someone so dear
is always so present
always so near

and im still learning
to push these delusions aside
to just breathe and be with you
and let the seas have
a calmer tide

its these past fer days
i'v been under so much weight
the bad thoughts cant hide
from everything attacking me from the outside

so i attack myself
and i didn't mean for you to feel the shrapnel
for you to see the blood
but i'm drawing a treaty of my sides
the irrational and logical
logic is in charge now
irrationality has surrendered

now we can be happy again
we can be like we were before
you made me fight even harder
fight this war for you
my anxiety makes things in my relationship really hard but im not going to let it ruin something that made me so happy. im not gonna let it push him away. so im letting go of my anxiety, so i can embrace his love. and im praying he'll embrace mine
Anecandu Sep 2014
Saturday I was the happiest knight in your kingdom
Sunday I extinguished loves burning embers with mere chewing gum
Monday I answered your call..... to muster arms, your period enemy.
Tuesday I saw my purple sky fall around me like attacking dragons.
Wednesday  I cried bitterly making my own wailing wall.
Thursday I built a trebuchet, to catapult me back into your life.
Friday I lost my sanity when I heard only the Pied Pipers fife

I wish there was another day, I need another chance.
Big Virge Aug 2014
(Pt. III)

After the 7/7 bombing ...
This is part of a Trilogy of poems to remind people about
where some of their, " Anti-Islam Rhetoric ", started from ....
(BTW ... I am NOT, Pro-Islam)  

Well …… They've made ....
A ... " REALLY " ... Good Start … !!!!!
They've Shot ... A Brazilian ... ?!?
Straight through ... His Heart ... !!!
Of course ….  " Those Words " ...
are ... NOT ... Quite Right … !!! ? !!!
He was ... SHOT ...
... FIVE TIMES ….. !!?!!
At ... Point Blank Range … !!!!!
They got ... " REAL CLOSE " … !!!
Putting ... Guns in his face … !!!!!!
They CLAIMED ...
"He had a bomb !" …
But Alas ...
They got it ... WRONG ... !?!
They made a ... " Slight Mistake " … !!!
Well ... " Apologies " ...
Won't ... Mean a lot ...
when friends are at ...
….. HIS WAKE ..... !!!!! …..
There is a ...
" PROBLEM " ... here ... !!!
They've given the ... ALL CLEAR ...
For Policemen ... to ...
... “SHOOT TO ****” … !?!
SO ….
" Who now  " … Has To Fear ... !?!
Is it ... " WHITES " ... ???
It would seem ... NOT ... ?!?

“It’s Muslims and,
The other lot !”
The ... " OTHER LOT " ... !?!
means ... those Like ... " Me " ...
Young Black Men ...
on ... London Streets ...
So much for us ...
Being ... FREE ... ?!!!?
" Freedom " ... NOW ...
is .... " Obsolete " ....
Those with ... " Colour " ...
WILL ... Now See ...
Much more of ......
Those ... " NICE POLICE " ... !!!!!
Those who work ...
for these ... MP's
Who ......
Claim to ... " REGRET " ...
Such ... " TRAGEDIES " ...
But still ..." WON’T CHANGE " …
Their ... " Policies " ... ?!!!? ...
This is now ...
A ... " Horrid Time " ... !!!!!
cos' ... words like ... " These " ...
May be ... " Defined " ... ??? …
As ….. ” INCITEMENT ” …..
When it's just ... " Rhyme " ...
This ... " it seems " ...
is ... " Their Design " ...
to the ... " Following Lines " ...

“We wil imprison, or, deport !
Anyone attacking, the values of The West !"
That's … " Lord Falconer " ...
Our … Lord Chancellor ... …
He'll bring ... DISTRESS … !!!
to me .... " I guess " .... ?
for things ... I say ...
Against ... " THE WEST " …
Like ... " Freedom of Speech " ...
will soon be .... " DEAD " .....
Now ... I Don't own ...
A ... " Bullet-Proof Vest " ... !!!
But ...
Who needs one ... !?!
when they're ...
Aiming at ... HEADS ... !!?!!
Instead of ... " Arms " ...
or ... BETTER STILL ... " Legs " ... !!!
These people are ...
Humanitys' ... “ DREGS ” … !!!!!
Their ... " TERROR LAWS " …..
are like ... ” FISHNETS ” .… !?!
with .....  " NO FISH " ..… !!!!?!!!!
But ….. ” HUMAN DEAD ” ….. !!!
What they say ...
Makes me … UPSET … !!!
” Muslim ” … THIS … !!!
and  … ” Muslim ” … THAT … !!!
I’m ... NO MUSLIM ... !!!
That's a ... FACT ... !!!
Of course it's ... WRONG ... !!!
to ... " Suicide Bomb " .... !!! …
But ... " Two Wrongs " ...
Don't make things ... Right ... !!!
We're in ... DARK TIMES …
Without ... " Much Light " … !!!
When ... ALL WE DO ...
is ... " Incite Fights " ... ?!?
Just because of .....
This is why ....
Innocents ... will die ...
Tears will ... " Flow " ...
while many ... CRY … !!!
Tears of ..... " SADNESS " …..
from this ... " MADNESS " ....
MADNESS ... On ...
Your TV Screens ...
MADNESS ... On ...
Our City Streets ...
Madness ... that ...
Will slowly ... " Creep " ...
YES …..
Close to ... You ... !!!
And ...
Close to .... Me .... !!!!
Don't ... DISMISS ...
cos' you've been ... " Missed " ...
At ... ANY TIME ...
You ... Could get ... HIT … !
by a ... Policeman ...
who holds a ... GUN ... !!!
and has the ... " OK " ...
to ... Make You ... RUN ... !!!!!
Just like ... “ REDNECKS ” ...
Run from ..... “ SUN ” ….. !!!!!
Or ... I Do ... from ...
..... ” RACISM ” ..... !!!!!!
That's something .....
I’ve Always ... ” SHUNNED ” … !!!!!
because I like ...
This Word ... HUMAN ... !!!!!
If you ... Shoot Me ...
with a .... " Gun " ....
When I Bleed ....
It's ... BLOOD ... that runs ... !!!
KILLING …… is ……
NO ……. SOLUTION …….. !!!!!!
They've just ... KILLED ...
Somebody's ... SON ... !!!!!
That's what comes from ...
Using .... GUNS .... !!!!!
Rise like ... " The Sun " ...
While Peace Now ... " Sinks " ....
Into ... " OCEANS " ...
This ain't making ....
Life ... " Much Fun " ...
Actually .....
I'm getting .... ” VEX ” ..... !!!
cos' ... I’m thinking ...
Maaaaannnnnnnnnnn ……..
WHO’S NEXT ….. ? !!!!!!!!!! ?
People, as much as it seems,
disconnected from, the 7/7 attacks.
One should recognise,
The ****** of Jean Charles De Menezes ...
Yeah ... Remember Him !!!
whether you believe, 7/7 was a Muslim,
Islamist attack, or not ?
What  has transpired since,
has shown that Terrorist actions,
are not something that, Muslims
have total ownership of ...............
Hate, leads to terror, and
******, is an act of ... TERRORISM.
Brent Kincaid Sep 2018
Nobody marching toward us
Their guns making us die.
No tanks are come clanking
No bombers in the sky.
But our Congress and generals
When oil or bases seem needed;
We appear armed and threatening
Peace and love talk not heeded.

No country has attacked us
With troops and lethal artillery.
But our leaders expect us to
Go open up their arteries
And **** their women and children
And laugh while they all die
And we are expected to do this
And never think to ask why.

It’s almost like big companies
Were sad when WW2 ended
So they started attacking countries
We really should have befriended.
We let Russia have free reign
To **** and ****** and steal
Almost as if their aggression
Wasn’t really true or even real.

We looked around and made them,
Those evil old warlike excuses,
That some country threatened freedom
And we pretended they weren’t ruses.
We attacked Korea and Vietnam
We were just supposed to observe
That they were yellow people there
And think they got what they deserved.

We didn’t stop there, as Reagan took
A duly elected leader and put him in jail.
If any country did that to our country
The conservatives would howl and rail.
Then the Bushes tried their best to take
Iraq to steal their oil and punish them
And created an era of stronger hatred
And anti-American outrage and mayhem.

No foreign country has attacked America;
So, the point bears repeating once again.
We need to stop acting like bullies here
And start acting like decent statesmen
And women who have the bigger picture;
The growth of peace in our battered world
So, other countries will not take their guns
And shoot our flag when it’s unfurled.
stefan badham Nov 2017
out of the shadows they appear
eyes narrowing
poetry gangs
The Cliques
and The Obliques
clicking their fingers
like in West Side Story
but on keyboards instead
loving or hating each other
shouting it from the rooftops
or in silence
all dancing together
or attacking
with the finger
stab! stab! stab!
the biggest gangs
that fawn and flatter
the smallest gangs
that really matter
better to run with the latter
But the lovebirds turned into ravens and heart warmth into heartbreak. The pain felt inexplicable as I crumbled to the floor, face scrunching up to let out a gasp through the heart-wrenching sobs. It was as though someone ripped my heart out of my chest and bore a hole in my mind and soul with no hopes of repair.The future we painted was tinted and washed with the tears that scraped my cheek, that once used to blush. Our love didn’t have a Disney proof happy ending or of the star-crossed lovers that fought by one another’s side.
Visiting areas where we spent time dragged me through memories, attacking my nerves and ravaging upon what was left of my being. The home we built and leveled with intimacy, trust and love reduced to ruins, crumbling and collapsing. It’s like my heart is dying a slow death, shedding hope like leaves every day until there is none. Our love sailed for some time but only to end up shipwrecked. Fragile like the glass that awaited to broken until the shards fit no more.
Defeaned by the repetition of the melancholiac rhythms that soothe my spasming and scorched heart as the beat resonates with my heart and lyrics echoes in my skull. The wound that was cut bleeds deep for there was no scab to heal; endless anguish and agony. The pain felt like a constant ache, a constant stain on the floor and the pillow. But then it came in waves, crashing and enveloping me in its depths, stealing appetite and sleep. Drifting away from the shore where the people lie, I find myself drowning in isolation. Inhaling the heaviness that made me one with the sea.
The echoes of your words in my skull send pulsating self-doubt questions that make me question my worth. “Was he not the one?”. The world seems like it’s going to end and that I will never find love. But instead live with a heart yearning your name and the broken, hollow vessel that I have become.
You changed the way I thought of myself and now I don’t know who I am without you. The world seems to ripped from my arms for I didn’t have you to turn to. No one to catch me; to caress and to soothe. Your face is engraved in my memory, without you, everything seems meaningless. Saturating myself further in dreaded apathy. In a shattered state, I am further tortured in dreams if I were to find sleep in the darkness that consumes the night.
Plastered on a smile and laugh occasionally, when deep down I am longing, drowning and gasping to breathe with your name on my tongue.I mourn the unspoken words while my head hangs heavy in the thought of you, every fiber and cell missing you.
Pagan Paul Oct 2018
Tam had cornered the little ******* in an alley,
his detestation of small people teased his mind,
taunted him to ever more sadistic exterminations,
he considered child killing to be no real crime.
His method of death was pain and tortures,
make them scream until they breathed no more,
he knew nor cared not from where the hatred came,
he just enjoyed murdering the children of the poor.

The globe shone and took her far
through and between space and stars,
along time lines ever changing fast,
vacillating betwixt the future and past,
a trip that so few had made or survived,
but in point she found she had arrived.

A yellow glow cascades around
from street lamps aligned in rows.
A feint hint of oil in the chill air
perfumes the night, assaults her nose.
Cobbled streets with carriage ruts
are quiet with few walking abroad.
The Seers Sphere travelling in Time
lands her in a place to be explored.

Tonight Tam felt the cold like never before
shivering hard as he scowled at the kids
herded underground to his special prison.
The chill sinks deeper and deeper
attacking the bones from the inside out.

Her instincts bristled, advising caution,
as she strolls along the cobbled streets,
homing in on her victims location,
just at the moment the rain turns to sleet.

Tam had been mutilating the boy
in full view of the other brats,
scaring the little ******* shitless,
feeding pieces to his pet rats.

It was then the cold gripped him,
rattling his teeth, freezing his spine.
The children sat rigid as statues,
as a ghost appeared from out of Time.

The door frame shattered.
An unspoken command to depart.
Out the children clattered.
As ice took hold of Tam's heart.

Unseen frozen fingers gripped his throat,
he ****** himself as he is dragged out,
his bones snapping likes sticks of ice,
throat to dry to scream and shout.
And he feels the rain turn to sleet,
it was time for him and Death to meet.

Death came a'calling with intense pain,
frigid blades slice through flesh real slow,
at the last he feels one of his pet rats
as it starts to nibble at his ***** toe.
Flies lay eggs in cuts on the near deceased
ensuring their maggots a royalist feast.

The last thing he saw as he died
the strangest of women walking his way.
Ice blue eyes of fire and malevolence
tinged with the anger of dismay.

She approached the scene like a stalking cat,
had felt her victims life drain away,
someone had got there before her,
she looked at the body with spiteful dismay.

A thousand lifetimes away
in another Time and place,
Grimly looks at two empty cradles
a sardonic smile upon his face.

Ice blue eyes of fire flash raw power,
she turns to see the shadow stop dead.
Fighting the cold creeping up her spine,
staring at the darkness straight ahead.

The shadow moves out of him,
lamp glow revealing his form.
Fire green eyes of malice show
he is the heart of a storm.

She looked at him with interest and disdain
but her Sphere sang out a greeting song.
Somewhere in history Time and Space shifts.
She glances at the shadow, but he was gone.

Yet … She knew his name ...


© Pagan Paul (13/10/18)
Friend or foe? Enemy or lover? Cliffhanger ;-)
Poem 6 in Judderwitch series. All at
Levi Kips Jul 2018
I know this country whose Russia strong, neutral like Switzerland but constantly terrorized like Afghanistan both the inside and out. All she wants to do is be happy, be loved.
That's why she stays attached to her North Korea love as if she couldn't like she's South Korea. I've been on my fair share of rescue missions with her and showed her that there are shores that don't look like Normandy, that there are paths without a trail of tears, or war, that looked more like paradise like Jamaica but she still returns to him as if she's his jurisdiction.
She's blinded by her by the bullets and bruises from him. Mistaking her ****** vision for red hearts around him.
I feel like America. I give her what she needs despite the embargos he sets, i mean the boundaries she sets for herself. I try to fulfil my Truman doctrine promises I tell everyone, I tell her, I tell myself, but she keeps coming back to him no matter how much he pushes her away like California to America.
One of these days when he throws her away from his clutches I want her to stay freed like Hati. But that's a war she needs to fix from the inside like Syria with no outside interference just support and supplies.
But for how long do i have to watch this process of nuke and reconstruct, nuke and reconstruct with no blast shield, no guard up held, just defenseless attacking from her hands and his.
I don't want to wait until 9 / 11 to strike back, I don't want to wait for pearl harbor for a turning point . Is there a way for cold war. A way for change with no fighting, a way for her to break down the walls they both build, A way for her to free herself, a way she doesn't have to worry about her life on vacation, a way for her to stay free and most of all happy.
This is a poem about my friend whose in a abusive relationship and I can't do anything about it.
Holly Bromley Jan 10
I shot a man once.
Not with bullets, but words.
I never meant to take his life, just his heart.

I take a deep breath, steady my hands, focus my aim, then I take my shot.
Attacking him where it hurts worst.

A bullet to the head first, twisted words meddled with his brain.
The first shot did the most damage, he was now under my control.
I was in his head now.

Next bullet hit the centre of his hand,
his long, soft fingers, shattered.
Impossible for them to caress another's skin the way they did mine.

Followed shortly by a shot to his foot.
Slow steps into the future cut short.
Those steps were meant to be for us,
but you didn't want that.

The final shot to the heart, this one's fatal.
my words shatter his heart in seconds.
Merciless, I left him begging at my knees.
Ben Tol Dec 2018
Straight borders,
Carved by former rulers,
Hidden treasures,
Disparity and deserts,
Majority poor,
Civil war,
Super wealthy,
Mindsets unhealthy,
Transatlantic bombs,
Landing on the wronged,
Once an oasis,
Now no go places,
Oil worth billions,
Starving children,
International villains,
Attacking civilians,
In constant crisis,
Lack of human kindness.
Andrew Oct 2017
I have secret skeletons
That haven't seen the Sun
From things supposedly fun
Now all they do is make me run

Skeletons exit my closet
And enter my jury box
All of whom I've met
Then put behind locks
Now they throw rocks
Or find ways to mock
They are ruthless
Until I'm toothless

I face a skeleton jury
I face the skeletons' fury
They seek vengeance
Or perhaps repentance
I play lawyer in my mind
This job has become full time
And I must laboriously linger
Through skeleton stingers
Until my mind is rattled
By skeleton saddles

They come from my past
To shatter my glass
The skeletons are attacking
My bones are cracking
Under their weight
They are my freight
They judge me
And begrudge me

I made many moronic mistakes
I left laying at the bottom of lakes
Now they are at the surface
Of my fruitless furnace
Skeletons remain
Like a stain
I look across the plain
To see skeletal rain
Precipitated by my dumb decisions
Droplets make numerous incisions
Each one callously cutting me to the bone
Until the skeleton jury is my humble home
Donall Dempsey Aug 2018

in this constellation

of a kitchen
that exists

only in its own
long ago

I create

bravely going
where every boy

has gone before

the clothes horse
becoming my Starship Enterprise

clothes turn into

the roar of the range
my engines

that "canna take it Capn'!"

the whistle of a kettle
enemy fire on my starboard bow

whilst in the other dimension
of an attic

my mother misses her step
as first one leg and

then another
crashes through

the ceiling
Warp Factor 9

plaster and debris
attacking my clothes horse Enterprise

as her yelp
of help

opens on
all channels

and me Da
quick as Mr. Spock

rescue her
just as

Star Trek

on our little
black & white


Sara Buzz Sep 2018
Open your eyes,
put down your disguise,
humans may fall for it but God will not.
Haven't you had enough?
Of running to keep up,
with the lie you told yourself?

Don't you know you're beautiful?
Don't you know you're worthy?
Don't you understand that He wants to let you feel free?

And when will you realise
that each time you hide,
a piece of you dies?
Just let Him come home,
into your soul
so you can feel like you finally for once belong.
He will never leave you even if you leave Him.

Things can be "fine"
but depression always lies.
Maybe the goodness only feels wrong because of something bad attacking your mind.

You can't see the invisible, but still, it betrays you.
Isn't it about time you tried putting hope into something new?

It's alright to pray, to give in, scream, to cry all day,
but don't let it hold you there forever.
If you do nothing, depressions chains may hold you as a hostage for your whole life.

There's things you can do,
I promise, its true,
take a look at all you've been through, all you know, all you've seen.
A happy life isn't just a dream.

I know how it hurts, I've been there before,
many times I wasn't alright.
I went through years of being alone
but one day God told me I am welcome in this world,
and it gave hope to last each night.

I've got scars, I've been burned,
I've felt hate and thought I'd learned.
But if you keep letting it consume,
the better life you could have will fall into the tomb.
Along with you, and everything you could have become.

And it just seems so endless,
walking forever on the same road,
but that's not where you must continue to go.
Even though you have told yourself it is.

So let in hope, wave out the dark smoke, let in a light through all the cracks.
"It's only chemicals"
they all promise that you lack.
But it's seriously so much more,
we know inside you theres a soul,
and souls can't be touched by medication nor poison.
It takes something deeper,
something unearthly, to give life or take away.

When He reaches inside you,
what He needs to complete your heart can't be obtained through a syringe.
So look deep within, and just give your control,
He who heals all things, please look upon my soul.

Don't forget why you're here,
You'll change the world someday, my dear.

Do what you can to make it alive
He already sees what you'll do,
He already knows the truth.
He understands what must be done to survive.
Andrew Aug 2017
***** is the only language I know
Burning brightens anguish that grows
Like the blinding light the sun shows
A star providing life
While simultaneously burning me
As I dream of turning free
Floating here I sail a sea
Of words that hurt
And kick up dirt
Of actions that keep stacking
Of factions that keep attacking
Of agency that I'm lacking
To change any of these things
Or the sorrow they bring

The sun's assault through trees
Scorches the dirt off of me
In a world on fire
Incinerators are the cleanest places
In a hateful empire
Interpreters are unwelcome faces
And we continue to count the paces
Until we master mudslides
And we continue to erase the traces
Of our humanity under dirt

We live in this sandstorm
Brought by man's scorn
We attempt to grow corn
But the dusty fields remain barren
When the sun that used to activate photosynthesis
Now burns all the young seeds to a crisp
The seeds are now manufactured
As people wait for the rapture
Unable to see salvation starts here on Earth
And it starts with us cleaning up dirt
Pricers Feb 12
The lies covered my earshot to deafnotes that were read counted times hatreds authentication procrastinating puritanical eyeshadow diluted from candor noise woke her sweltering the feats quickly attacking of life's genuine spellings to host no weekly that the fact was facetious quek drew certainly rose down the caterer which proposes thorn merks foxed a face so the drops adhere till dust the answered questions remained questioned answers flashes of an told tell of the Gods to kind keening haunting caresses sinisters honesty wallowing together your unheard stares
I just wrote that and read it to my daughter she said not too shabby
Janek Kentigern Oct 2016
it's strong stuff...
I've had so much I can't walk
without falling
I can't talk
without stalling
And slurring
Can't think
without blurring the lines
between problems
and mere actualities.
Lacking the faculties
to sort factual reality
from the masochistic fantasies
that lurk at the back of me;
Passively, I watch them attacking me
ransacking stacks of ****
that once brought me happiness
laughing mirthlessly, cursing the birth of me,
tormenting, caressing,
augmenting the worst of me,
Cementing self pity, bitterly nursing the urge
to revel in misery. Rolling in muck
and mire of recent history,
desiring nothing.
In anger I pander to these base demands,
Mistaking mere sickness
For something more grand
Avowing the charge of my own propaganda,
Allowing this world that I loved
to be slandered
My friends are pulled down to an
unflattering angle. From here they appear
(no matter how dear)
to be traitors and thieves,
with knives up their sleeves.
I'll believe every lie my sick mind can conceive.

Don't give me the keys
'cos I'll drive off a cliff
Don't give me a pen
Cos I'll only write this
There's nothing unique in the words that I speak,
and this piece is nothing but
mixed metaphors you've met before
similes sing of sick malaise.
Tongue out of cheek,
I'm released from policing
my verse,
Sad soul knows no quality Control,
As the heart beats crazily, I proofread lazily
sentimentally, hazily.
Without a **** to give
I chuck away the voice that says
“Don't write if it ain't great.”.

Days achieving nothing
but self inflicted *******
Gouging self-inflicted chasms
between loved ones and I,
apoplectic rage in spasms,
fits of fleeting normality
Bridge defeat, despair and insanity.
Weaponised hatred for all of humanity.
A small inconvenience
becomes a calamity.
Then revert to intertia perverted by vanity.

Next, corner a companion and
complain away the pain and drain your glass again and again without restraint

Explain the ways that your to blame, oh the shame the shame,
Dissect regrets, reflect until you've bored yourself to death,
(let alone the poor sod who kindly nods and slyly checks their watch, before they stammer out excuses,
Hints which I'm too hammered and useless to hear,
Too wrecked to check myself. They've done their duty as a mate, but remember,
steer clear of the fate,
Of getting ****** down into the vortex, of depression and regrets.
We've all got our problems. He's out of cigarettes.)
Whilst here I  reading aloud
still sore texts, to detect traces of affection.

Sad ****, sad drunk, alone again,
Get my coat, forget my phone. The inconvenience provides some light relief,
From the background grief.
Now tomorrow's replete with distraction s and tasks to complete.
The horizons' brightened with the prospect of splashing some some cash, and so much to choose!
Afternoons busy spent perusing reviews,
Megapixels, memory, which brand do I trust?
But I know I'm just
buying time,
Before the consumption high subsides
and I'm back with this background mosquito pitch whine saying "maybe I'm better off dead".
Bite you lip, hold on, its temporary. and whilst it feels scary, remember
Your not sick, you're not dying, your just heartbroken,
trying to move on, and maybe occasionally crying.
And that's healthy.
The weeping ain't that bad,
It's the cold light of day. It's the misguided logic. That's says "you had the best time of your life, now you've lost it,
All that was worth having,
Is behind you, and may I remind you,
You ain't getting younger, it's starting to show,
And times flowing towards the end, the time you spent on earth was wasted, getting wasted, not facing life head on and you'll never change. It's not strange that she's found someone better"
etc etc

You've been here before and each time it gets better. If you could write a letter to your younger self you could share a wealth of knowledge about Dealing with horrors from within.
Emotions invade us, but we can repel them. But you have to embrace them before you expel them.
So whilst it's not fine yet
And whilst I still pine, yeah, I'm resigned for the time being,
seeing the bigger picture.
And we're designed to recover then remove the stitches. No plans go without hitches. At last, whilst they might not go as fast as we like,
In the night take respite cos
Like the drunken high, and this ******* Hangover
This too shall pass
And one day you'll wake up sober.
A future with you should excite me.
My future and past are attacking my present.
I want to be with you,
But because of my past, Im afraid to.
My mind is filled with
"What if"

My past haunts me
Makes the several possible outcomes for my-
Our future

It's something I can seem to overcome
Because I'm overwhelmed.
It hard to admit..
But I'm...
I'm scared.
I'm lost.

You say to take a leap of faith.
But I need to see
Where my feet will land
I have no wings.
Dont expect me to fly.
I think you have too much faith in me..
Andrew Sep 2017
The ground connects us through our feet
We connect the Earth through our minds
And connect our hearts through our hands
Until the ground beneath our feet
Begins to crumble
We dig up hatred and then repeat
As we stumble
Attacking the planet to cut our connection
And severing our stability
When the ground is filled with holes
And the ground is filled with those
We chose to dispose
For what they know
Or what they show
We told them no
And dimmed their glow
We feel dirt between our toes
As the quicksand embraces our ankles
We let a malicious mudslide flank us

The Sandman continues to introduce us
To our own eternal rest
On his endless conquest
For minerals in his midst
Sentiment unable to ******* his sediment
The dirtiness in his heart becomes evident
When he drowns us in dust
And colors us rust
He feels he must
But he made a fatal mistake
Not realizing we are attached by soil
As the soil becomes a lake
We find relation deeper than oil

The Sandman seeks our species' slumber
But the power of our tears
Are strong when shared
And shower us with love
That runs through our blood
Moistening man
Soaking the sand
Once we see life grand
Donall Dempsey Sep 2018

I follow the road
of my father’s voice

journey with him
along white roads...over green fields

to school & back

(shoes if at all...worn only to church)

picking up the cuts & scabs
stubbed toes

his going to school
would entail

in the early years of the 1920’s
only so much history to me

to him

his toes
knowing the wind
in the grass

for what it is

his toes
clasping a rock
fording a stream

Irish & poems
bubbling through his head

babbling along
the tongue

words thrown to
those lost summer skies

startling a blackbird
spouting his poetry

with poetry
of his own

(3 miles to school...3 miles back)

his mind a skimmed stone
dancing along a river

over unforgiving

thorns attacking his feet
with undisguised relish

the vehemence of glass
glinting greedily

for the next footstep

the menace
of the twisted rusty nail

& its treachery
betraying the next footfall

as he walks over
the unremitting years

into my eyes
wide with wonder

listening to him
tell of himself

as a little boy

to his little boy
the me of then

my eyes now

following the road
of my father’s voice

as it wanders
There's three ways of fighting.

Agressive-Using attacks and offensive maneuvers.

Defensive-Blocking and deflecting attacks.

Controling-Using your enemy's attacks and defenses against themselves while not aggressively attacking them nor defending against their attacks.
Andrew Apr 2018
They keep ratcheting up the pressure
They keep hatcheting for good measure
They keep laughing at their leisure
They keep blasting guns for pleasure
Creating a series of tubes
Where every which way I lose

There's an existential
From my potential
That's unintentional
For I want to be better
Than the scarlet letter
That's my resume header
And my pain embedder

But there's a series of events
That keep happening
That leaves everyone incensed
They start attacking me
Until I take my mask off
They uncomfortably back off
Get in their rocket and blast off
Until it's humanity I'm the last of

There's a pattern
That gives me purpose
So I climb a ladder
Of fruitless searches
For a freedom purchase
From a shame merchant
Who offers the joy of fantasy
At the price of a crushing reality
So I can hear Satan answering
As a doctor trying to cure my malady

I feel shame
Then humiliation
This repetitive game
Provides inspiration
To avoid every friendship
Because my love will end it
And bring a torture endless
So either way I'll be friendless
After I reluctantly ask
And they say no
Am I still expected to bask
In their beautiful glow?

I see a range of emotions
From pathetic pity to anger
Always leaving the notion
I live in a city of strangers
And walls of concrete
That can't be beat
One must take a seat
And accept defeat
Then repeat
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