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Iz Oct 2017
Echos expand the ice crystals in my mind
Coronas of galactic dust feed into my pupils
My eyes are moons leaking white fire
My heart explodes into a supernova for it cannot bear the things I did to you
The guilt kills the sun inside my chest
The guilt is Jupiter and my vision is a *****, for auspicious moons have not gravity to compete with astronomical planets
Here my limbs are constellations that drift from one another
Here my fingers bend into uncomprehendable wavelengths
Here I float, empty, into space.
When I saw  what could have been
what would have been
and what is now
I became an Earthen Absense.
Jess Jan 2018
Loading "reality.exe." Please wait. (99%)

Around you, the vivid shapes ebb;
recede and reduce to a wispy gossamer.
Look there! By the horizon:
glitter (or dust?) dissolving upwards,
a pirouette at the astronomical dawning
of consciousness.
This "hypnopompia": an intermission.
An interlude.
The in-between of inter-netted eternities.  

How long have you been here?
And have you been here before?

You are nowhere. You are everywhere.
Perhaps it is time to wake up.
Ode to that trippy place between asleep, and awake.
Liliana Jaworska Sep 2017
I thought I love and then I saw you.
I love only You before creation of moon,
before light giving birth to mortal stars.
My past 'lovers' lost meaning
like a candle without taper waiting for a spark.
I never loved anyone.
It was just mind construct, dream of dead heart..
I always loved you and only you I will love.
I am God, fragments of morning kisses, every atom of your soul.
Creator is silent when He sees Himself in me.
As a result of my unconditional love
the moon will dance in the opposite direction
to the logic of all ascentors of centuries
in half-tons of my wistful soul full of unfathomable fondness.
And if the sun shines on man tomorrow with an unrelieved face
it's only when you and I unite in the love flames of our bodies
bringing God into the world, one soul of all Gods.
Trinity in two bodies will bless every human being
in every sacred touch of your kiss.
The etheric stars I will feed with heavenly light
of movement of your lips when you say 'i love you, art of my life'.
The breath of fantasts comes to the world
once in a million years, You.
God Himself gave me power
to bring the stars aglow under your feet
and burn with passion your heart and spirit,
the only one I adored, adore and will adore
in non-local reality of space and time, forever.
Ingenious Metaphysician of sublunary world I am
spreading astronomical theories of unconditional love.
No sun comparable to true love of your heart.
You are the axis of my universal soul.
You are the light inside black holes.
I am limitless love without concept of being loved in return.
God you are.
I am God.
Via Ricasoli Jul 2017
Part 1:

Eye contact held for a moment longer
Playful punches in the arm
A gentle touch on the thigh
A slow, soft kiss on sweet lips

Must. Focus.
Still. Can't. Focus.

Your hands running up and down my curves
Your hot breath on my neck
Your fingers wrapped up in my hair
Your body moving in time with mine

Trying to go about my day but,
I'm distracted by your love

Part 2:

Everyone needs a good distraction
Some bury themselves in work
Some turn to the bottle
Some say "**** it" and get high as the sky

I need a good distraction
No, I need an astronomical distraction
To get my mind off of you
After that last goodbye

Drink, drink, drink
Still remember

Swipe, swipe, swipe
No one compares

Work, work, work
At the same job you had? Ha!

Sleep, sleep, sleep
Dream of you

Everyday I see little things
That remind me of you
Funny how distractions change yet remain the same.
Sean Hunt Dec 2018
It's Christmas time on earth
as we reveal
our astronomical ignorance
Poets discuss
the movements of the moon
rhymes and runes
where we are
what we see
and the direction
of our
At astronomical dawn,
we met as suns, as
confluence of rainbow
love, discharging our
rivers of fondness into
each other in emerald gold.

Darkness came and *****
the morning. And deep gullies,
craters, hold-ups, pains and
numerous  sorrows on the way
of glory.

But I know the suns'll not die
'cos what is written is written!

... the glory of the morning
suns appeared again in rainbow
folds, bringing rhombus sheaves
in unlimited volume with sublime beauty.

And I told her, I am your poem
and you are my poem in all
Recite and I recite to the power
and glory of the Author of authors.
Steven Cole Nov 2018
There are a lot of feelings
Within the human heart
An astronomical number...
I don't know where to start
For I cannot paint a picture
Or make feelings come alive
By simply writing them down on paper
Words alone cannot survive
If you do not have an inner thesaurus built into your heart
The words will have no meaning
But from your memory soon depart
So as you consider all the words of the language that you have learned
Consider the language behind the words, and perhaps your feelings will be discerned.
alexa Nov 2018

my lips are soft lips.
buttery, smooth
the color of ballet slippers.
they smirk
and they pucker
and they curve up on the sides
when i'm trying not to laugh.
my lips are sealed lips.
they do not repeat secrets,
no, these lips are trustworthy lips.
they are still glued shut,
not letting me say the things i want to say, need to say...
there's a reason my poetry
is written down,
not spoken aloud.

his lips are soft lips.
buttery, smooth
the color of pink carnations.
they smirk
and they pucker
and they curve up on the sides
when he's trying not to laugh.
his lips are healing lips.
they heal mine, heal me
when my lips are too tired from telling the same lies i always do.
no, his lips are honest lips.
they are still always candor,
never afraid to tell me
what i need to hear,
whispered in my ear.

our lips are galaxy lips.
when they touch,
even the stars don't know what to do so they explode,
supernovas shattering the Earth,
as the Sun and Moon collide
in a cacophony of stardust.
our lips
are astronomical lips.
I was walking home last night
my focus is torn between
the road that I was taking and
of course you knew it, the moon
it is always the skies, the stars, the sun
the celestial and astronomical "buddies" that I'll always cherish
calling them buddies for they witnessed me
and how I was, who I became and why it is me
it is them that will always have a special place in my heart
and yes, of course, except you
my heart for you can't even compare to those
significantly no, there is a universe-far difference
you are my daylight in the morning
my sun, you remind me to shine with you and smile
you are my moonlight when the night comes
my moon, you shine a light amidst of inevitable darkness
my star, my constellation, I could adore for a lifetime
my sky, you are my favorite shade of blue :>
my world, my galaxy, my universe, my aurora borealis
and all of that beautiful phenomena...

I was walking home last night
I smiled because I realized, even my home is you.
feels like home to be back at writing poems again! <3
Bella Tanner Sep 2018
You can see the congregation, accumulation of lights,
Like a astronomical version of a jar of fireflies,
Waiting for hours to just see a slight movement of galaxies in the sky,
A city of stars for you to gaze at all night,
Keep your head up at the little lights,
You little stargazer,
Because waiting helps you to find the miracles in life.
You may be the size of stardust,
Surrounded by trillions of stars, and it might be too much for you at the moment
But remember that when you look down,
You might run into a wall, and you won’t be able to find your way,
As your ancestors once did,
The small specs of burning elements guiding their every move.
Keep your head up, little stargazer,
Because finding your way at night will help you know who you are,
Sail across the seas,
Walk through the deepest caverns,
Explore every nook and cranny to find your center,
Just keep your head up, and look to the stars for guidance,
Because they aren’t just a city of stars,
You name the stars in the sky to find your way,
To guide your life,
To learn more about the world and the existence of everything around you.
Just keep your head up.
They'll not let foreigners have it {sweet freedom} without sorties, cluster-bombs & humiliation. Once we're choked with the stuff {oil} and the price is astronomical, then we'll appreciate so much better the reasons for whatever we're told.
Kurt Carman Oct 2018
It was in this place, found in the southern sky,
That he was born between two bright stars, Spica and Antares.
Libra's scales of justice would be his destiny.
Articulate, creativity and truthfulness was his badge of integrity.

A southpaw that had hands of strength and determination.
An astronomical heart that pounded out an undying love for his family.
Your family is remembering you on your Birthday, and for those to come.
And this evening, as we face the southern sky, we'll signal you with our flash lights...

... so you know we love and miss you dearly.
Happy Birthday Dad - Love and Miss so much!
Chris Reed Oct 2018
If you take a standard deck of cards
And you shuffle that deck
And you look at the order that deck is in,
You have just seen a combination of those cards never before seen in the universe.
The amount of ways to shuffle a deck of cards is 8.06e67
That is an 8 with 67 more numbers after it
That number is astronomical
There are more ways to shuffle a deck of 52 cards,
Then there are seconds in the age of the universe (13.8 Billion Years)
There are more ways to shuffle a deck of cards
Then there are grains of sand on all the planets in our galaxy.

This number is difficult to comprehend. Let's scale it back

1000 seconds, is 16 and a half minutes.
10,000 seconds is 2.7 hours.
100,000 seconds is a little over a day
1,000,000 seconds is 11 and a half days

Let's make a jump

1,000,000,000 seconds is 32 years
Let that sink in

That number is huge. 32 years is a long time
But that number is tiny.

1 Trillion seconds is 321 millennium.

Funny how big things can get.
Think about this next number
A Googol.
A googol is a 1 followed by 100 zeros. We can do better.

A Googolplex is a 1 followed by a googol of zeros
That is 10^10^100

The point of these numbers is not to show how big things can get
But it's about how small we actually are.
We as humans think we are the leaders of the universe
We think we know most of what there is.
96% of the universe is unexplored.
****, 95% of the Earths oceans are unexplored.
We really don't know very much

We've got a long way to go.

— The End —