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fyodormatveyev Sep 2018
Really upset for what comes across me lately
Had to keep my mind busy

Because solitude is the real friend
Rare people use to get along with it

I came with myself
To the place I love
  without a bunch of friends

I experienced it myself
Solitude means enjoy yourself feeling alone
  but not to feel lonely

I played it myself
To be dumb and pretend to understand nothing
  while the world is crumbling down

I watched it myself
The place to stay for a while
  in all of sudden got burnt
   that left pieces of memories

I felt it myself
Having the loudest minds
  always do something to limit their circle
   and keep their feeling out from sight
    while pain cut you off in an unorganized way

I did it myself
Meant to be good and somehow hollow

I listened to it myself
After words that come from the mouth are nonsense

I buried it myself
Guilty feeling that always comes up
  and it keeps pushing up the ground to the skies

I said it to myself
This must have come to an end

Seems like having a different personalities
But, I can assure you it's not

It all full of stress and bliss simultaneously
Wish you to get well and blessed really soon
Piotr Sordyl Dec 2017
Remember me, please,
When the last sliver of light ceases,
When the sound of the last sigh slowly dies,
When my hand no longer caresses your chin.

Those lips curving in smile, tenderly pressed against your chest,
The single, crystal-clear tear that would never leave my eyes,
And the laughter you would always break free from my sorrow.

Caress those memories:
The warm assurance of unwavering bond, the calming embraces,
The reason to be and the reason to withstand,
And that sweet melody when I called your name.

Do remember, and smile.
As all of it had happened once, I assure you,
however unreal it seems, like an illusion or a dream.
I promise, I will remember, wherever it may be.
If I ever had the opportunity to say the last words to the only person that has ever truly held my heart and has seen the deepest ends of my mind, I would certainly do.
Dylan McFadden Jul 2018
My eye is never satisfied;
My ear is never filled...
By the beauty of a mountainside,
Or songs that give me chills

Every sight – a hollow view,
I look for more and more
Every sound – an empty cue,
Nothing to answer for
My eye is never satisfied;
My ear is never filled...
Ten thousand times I must have cried,
Then smiled – lied – with skill

Everything I see today
Will be, tomorrow, gone
Every sound will fade away –
A shrill inside a yawn
My eye is never satisfied;
My ear is never filled...
Does Meaning ever coincide
With life, and hope, and thrill?

I dream this dream, within a dream –
No substance, light, or power
I sing this song, without a sound –
My voice, the wind, devours
My eye is never satisfied;
My ear is never filled...
I might as well be groping blind,
Deafened – senses killed

I long to see that final sight
And hear that final word,
To show me Something in this night,
And assure me that I’ve Heard

Maybe, I never, seeing, See
And never, hearing, Hear
Because the problem is IN ME:
This heart of death and drear...

This heart, it must be satisfied;
This heart, it must be filled!
For, we all see from deep inside;
The heart always distills...

Inspired by Ecclesiastes 1:8.
Eloisa Jul 26
He loves her even on her darkest days.
His tight embrace shows her that flowers can still bloom
even  under the rain falling from a threatening storm,
and even under the pale light of the moon.
His kisses remind her that
even wildflowers blossom on a desert floor.
His words assure her that she is not alone.
This is how he shows her that
he loves her more.
Vierra Oct 2014
She misses those around her when she is alone,
slowly, her mind drifts and attaches to something inside of her that wants desperately to leave.
Can she travel the distance to see those who notices her absence?


There is a jet plane leaving soon, about in a month or less.
2,352 miles away from me, she will land and enjoy the rest of her life with other people.
Enjoyment will come for her. Rest assure she will live a life full of excitement and company.
I on the other hand will live, barely but I will live. I will never see her and will wash the sheet where we used to sleep together. The smell will leave. As everything in this life does.
Will I notice her absence?
Will I miss her drool on the cool side of the pillow?
The water will never drip from the faucet anymore because I will remember that no one will be home when I get here.
It will be tightly shut.
No noise at night, no deep breathes when we awake, just the other side of the bed.
I will miss her bras hanging from the office chair in the room. I will miss her work schedule on the cork note thing, I will miss the one side of the slipper because that is the only one we could find.
But life will prevail, the honesty of this poem is unprecedented to my nature.
I am a liar; I am someone who cannot hold her here.

I am sorry, guapa.
A  perfect reflection of your own , it's your own mirror image.
You write your own story on your life's page .
Yes! It's a imperfectly perfect life!

Why search for a perfect moment ?
You are already living one .
Find reasons to discover yourself and give answers to none .
No ! You are not a saint or a sage .
Because you are writing your own story on your life's page.
Yes! It's a imperfectly perfect life!

Don't dwell in the past ,don't worry about the future .
Live in the present , assure yourself of being a perfect creature , because you are writing your own story on your life's page .
Yes ! It's a imperfectly perfect life .

Create good memories that you will cherish , for one day you are going to perish .
when they walk down the memory lane , they will picture your life full of joy which overcame all the obstacles and pain , because you are writing your story on your life's page .
Yes! It's a imperfectly perfect life.

When hard times befall upon you and life tests you more and more ,
Get onto the life's boat  and row yourself to the shore .
Take the reins in your hand ,
master the courage to gallop through the hot sand , because you are writing your story on your  life's page .
Yes ! It's a imperfectly perfect life.

This poem was a outcome of frustrated thoughts during my son's exams times and the pressures of it all....22.12.2018
Devika S Feb 4
A ruffled heart, an unsettled soul
The Almighty's kept her off the dole
'Why are you silent, mighty Lord?
Assure me, the universe acts per your accord'

She sauntered slowly down the street
Smiling at her loved ones, keeping life's misgivings discreet
She could feel the pain gently seeping in,
A scathing body, and a dubiety-clenched heart within

Of lost love and dead men they talk
Her agony of vacillations is why then put in a dock?
‘Smile, my dear heart’, she cried
There ain’t no world for the dreary-eyed

As the achy moments turned into uncurious days
Like mayflowers, new truths radiated
In her anxious ears, He gently whispered
‘Told you so, my dearest; T’you I shall always give the best’

Her heart triumphed, as His misty aura slowly unblocked
And slowly she rejoiced with every new truth unlocked
On fresh green lawns, she now runs
Ahoy! See there - a fortress of faith and new spring suns
I wrote this when I was in a semi-anxious, semi-delighted state. I haven't written any poem since this day, but when I read this again today, I realised the power of my own thoughts and words to lift me up, and remind me to keep faith.
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
Tell me a lie

Try to convince, it's true
Try harder with evidences to prove

Tell me a lie

Change the expression to assure
Hide the vibration to prove

I will be amused by
The act
The subtle effort, and
The precious wasted time

Ha ha
Tell me
More lies.......more
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Vibes never lie
Traveler Sep 2018
I can’t believe you could be so  extremely unfaithful to me
You’re almost my brother
Is my wife up for grabs on the side

Something I never told you buddy oh pal
Once when I was working with your wife (My sister in law) she questioned me about her attractiveness  and how **** I Rated her to be
I knew right then your beautiful wife wanted a kiss from me
I’ve watched her for so long, after all she is my sister-in-law. Yet I’ve seen her clear,
And because of you I kept my distance
A gentle man
Gives no resistance
If you do have my wife
I assure you
Your beautiful wife is mine!
You can have her back later
And one of my future rhymes.
Traveler Timothy

Drunken brother-in-law
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